Saza-E-Kala Pani

The Shankaracharya is in chains. And what a triumph for democracy in India to be able to see one of the highest office holders of the Hindu order being made to walk the walk by the cops. If we could only now extend this concept of justice to political leaders and to the Islamic clergy in India then well that’s ramrajya for you.

If you follow Indian politics you know the deal. His Holy Lordship has been accused of plotting the murder of a Muth (his holy order)’s adminstrative official who threatened to expose him. It seems that the last time the Shankaracharya tried to visit China the said man filed a high court petition against his visit and in the ensuing controversy our Lordship’s trip got cancelled. The reason the official filed his complaint was one worth noting: evidently as a lead figure of the Hindu community he should not cross “kalapani” else the Shankaracharya would officially no longer be a Hindu. Well I don’t endorse murder or anything but any person who could come up , in all sincerity, with a such a ridiculous objection in this day and age deserved a lobotomy at the very least.

Of course I totally expected the moral indignation and fulminations of the extreme right VHP/RSS on this affront to Hinduism. What I couldnt fathom that this has been dubbed as a Dravidian conspriacy—-whats that? A conspiracy hatched by Rahul Dravid… wonder his batting has been under the weather of late. Take on a Shankaracharya and no wonder the ball gets between his bat and pads onto the stumps.

4 thoughts on “Saza-E-Kala Pani

  1. hahahah!! this writer is confused that Dravida means Rahul Dravid!! Amazing general knowledge. I am unable to stop laughing!!! O, my God. there are such people in India. My dear, Dravida means the race, like Aryans!! Dravidas were the original inhabitants in Indus valley , and moved to south and south west India and few other parts of India. Tamilnadu had a big dravida movement, and ever since that, Congress is not able to win there. Both DMK, AIADMK and other parties in TN are originated out of Dravida politics.

  2. hahahah!! this commenter is confused whether Greatbong does or doesn’t know the meaning of Dravida. Amazing sense of humor. I am unable to stop laughing!!! O, my God. there are such people in India.

  3. In all fairness to jk, Arnab really doesn’t make any statements that suggest a thorough understanding of the Dravidian movement (not that I’m saying he is unaware of it), but it’s not difficult to come to that conclusion, especially if this is the only post of his that you happen to read. Apart from this, of course, we South Indians are a tremendously insecure lot who always feel we “haven’t got our due” and are subject to complete neglect by the rest of India, and who better to attack with that rationale than a “Great Bong” ? 😀 .

    While I’m by no means on the side of the Shankaracharya, it’s undeniable that the anti-Brahmin sentiment in TN is strong enough for a conspiracy to be at least plausible. And with MK at the helm, it can only get worse.

  4. the first comment here surely deserves an ipod

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