Price of Treachery

What’s the price of treachery? 30 pieces of silver? Well that was the going rate in the age of Christ. With inflation in 2004 it comes out to 240 billion rupees. Yes that’s what our beloved Prime Minister gifted to the state of Kashmir. The reason is known to us: it has been repeated ad nauseum by the liberal jhola crowd: Kashmiri Islamic terrorists are misguided youth—let’s create jobs (hand them money) and they will come back to the mainstream of society.

For successive generations we have been throwing money at the Kashmiri Islamic population hoping to buy their loyalty. We have given them privileges way beyond anything provided to Indians from other parts of the country. They have rewarded us with death and disloyalty: from celebrating Pakistani Independence day to the organized massacre and property-grabbing of Kashmiri Hindus their “misguided” efforts have shown no signs of abating.

Even as the Prime Minister doled out unbelievable sums of money Kashmiris by and large stayed indoors boycotting the Indian PM. But not his money !Oh no…on the contrary some Kashmiris (who I suppose were failed the physical endurance test at terrorist training camps) complained that they wanted “call centers” to be set up in Kashmir and desired a share of the development pie. In addition to of course the small amount of 240 crores.

In contrast, a year ago, the President visited refugee camps of Kashmiri Pandits where he went through the rigmarole of mouthing platitudes and promises. Of course he did nothing. It should be remembered that these Pandits, despite having lost everything, were proud enough not to ask for dole. All they wanted was justice.

And well this is justice for them. A gift of gargantuan proportions to their tormentors. Being a permanent member of the UN Security Council won’t make us a superpower. Being able to stand up to terror will. But for now we are bootlicking the Fidayen. India is shining ! Yes sir it is !

6 thoughts on “Price of Treachery

  1. Even I was appalled at this sum being doled out to those beggars.

    After all, is´nt Pakistan used to take its begging bowl to its Islamic brethren all the time? What a surprise, this alms coming from India? A rich naion threatening to overtake the US in the next 6 months in terms of economic conditions in the country?

    We lack the guts of Israel which will tolerate no violation on its land, US pat on the back be damned. We are a bunch of servile yes-men taking commands from an Italian import. No balls,no guts, always eager to please and thumping our generosity as we starve back home. Is´nt the PM answerable for doling out taxpayer´s money just like that?

    Musharraf gave us a punch on the nose by refusing Indian Army into enter PoK, but wanted our copters! Lets be thankful that we did not accede to that command too!

  2. y shud the PM be concerned abt the kashmiri pundits plight? they dont threaten him with jehad after all. headlines r made when the kanchi seer is arrested but we dont have the balls to arrest the imam from the jama masjid even though it has been proved that its sacred precints house terrorists or at least provide shelter & support to them. double standards, eh?

  3. first of all nice opinianated article
    now i dont want to be the odd one out but what other option does the PM have?
    i mean us Indians have a history of peacekeeping. we fought for freedom using ahimsa. non violence. we have always tried to compromise.not once have we attacked another country for their land or resources.We have a very proud history of peacekeeping.

    i am not gonna say what they are doing in Kashmir is fair. infact it is racism.Its disgusting that even after 101 years after freedom we still havnt made a succesful peace pact with Pakistan. and its also disgusting that we have to pay money to the people who are promotin g violece in Kashmir (i dont want to name religions or names).

    Instead of giving away money, it would have been better if the government used half of the money to promote equality among the kashmirians. The source of violence comes from lack of education. as we all know most Kashmirians do not get proper eductation. instead they are brainwashed by some religious or terrorist leaders. This is indeed disgusting. if half of the money was used to promote education and equality. maybe in one or two generations we can hope Kashmir to be peaceful.

    One more thing. we are not above the pakistanis. even now we still abuse them and call them names. They might have separated from us but still they are our siblings. India and Pakistan may never reunite again but it doesnt make a difference that we were once together and these people we are so used to abusing and discriminating were once our neighbours and friends. If they are too blind to see that, then we should be able to realize it. Crush the violence with love. wasnt that Gandhiji’s and Jesus Chrit’s motto? the thing we have to understand is that just because Indian gained freedom from the British and just because gandhi died it doesnt mean we should ignore ahimsa. I think thats what the PM is trying to do. Maybe the PM thinks that we can regain peace by trying to pay for it.

  4. @ Sharon

    Why do you feel “Kashmirians” do not have education?

    Also, what makes you think that “Kashmirians” resort to violence because they are undeducated and dont have equality?

    By extension, what is your definition of “Equality” vis-a-vis “Kashmirians”?

    Why shouldn’t one not consider a more plausable reason for violence, like, say, BELIEF IN THE KORAN AND ITS HATEFUL IDEOLOGY (islam)?

    There is enough empirical evidence to make that connection.

    Would love to her more from you.

  5. @Sharon: we are watching decade after decade what the asha aman bull crap has achieved till now.terrorism is their masters rozi roti n i dnt feel they have any reason to ditch that.till we do a sunny deol hindustan tha hai aur rahega on them.

    @gb:imo ur blogs on pakistan n kashmir give a solid analysis of the truth behind the actual kashmir problem

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