The Dhamaka Never Stops

I had vowed not to write about the DPS Dhamaka thing again. But everyone knows how good I am with promises and secrets. In any case, the recent happenings triggered off by that infamous” romp in the hay” is too significant not to be commented upon. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would already have known that DPS Dhamaka has been sending people to the slammer faster than you can say “Delhi Public School” —-first an IIT kid who tried to peddle the smut on (an e-Bay India affiliate), then the guy who was in the tape and who distributed it in the first place and then the tour-de-grace — the CEO of, Avnish Bajaj. What began as two schoolkids experimenting with each other (sounds very “researchy”) has now snowballed into an international incident with Condy Rice taking up the case of the jailed CEO with the Indian government.

No wonder India has become an IT superpower—sell smut online on an auction site and the cyber-savvy cops will round you up in the blink of an eye. However if you go the “bricks-and-mortar approach” and sell the same thing at Pallika Bazar the cops cannot touch you. Well let me correct that: raids are often conducted at Pallika Bazar —it’s just that the shops open the next day a few rupees poorer. However none of the sagacious law-enforcement officials think of arresting the Delhi mayor or the local corporation councillor for the smut sold at Pallika Bazar; after all if the CEO of Baazee is arrested so should they be. If he was making money off smut, so is the Delhi municipality by taxing the shop selling smut.

Don’t the cops in our country have anything better to go on a arrest orgy for something that is ultimately nothing more than a morality issue ? When will the government learn the difference between parenting and administration ? If the cops have nothing better to do or are just in the mood of arresting people let me show them something that they can do.

An issue which is far more alarming than any Dhamaka or Dhamal or whatever they choose to dub the whole sordid mess—-25% of government school teachers do not go to school (except to draw their paychecks obviously). This is the second worst teacher-truancy percentage (after Uganda) and is far worse than the truancy rates in Bangladesh and Zambia. How about a few arrests there –eh guvnor ?

1 thought on “The Dhamaka Never Stops

  1. I suppose arrests depend on whats they construe as national news

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