Jo Bole So Nihal—-the Disaster

Jo Bole So Nihal—-a horrible piece of putrid trash like so much of muck that comes out of Bollywood every Friday. Sunny Deol saving the world, bashing up the baddies, romancing girls half his age, screaming like a bull undergoing castration——standard staple tripe that does decent business in the Northern distribution belt but goes belly-up elsewhere. Zor, Ziddi, Farz, Jaal-the Trap, Maa Tujhe Salam……..the list is endless. And forgettable.

But this is one Sunny caper we cannot forget. Or ignore.

Because at the time of writing, 8 people (subsequently revised to 1) have died and many more injured in simultaneous bomb attacks in 2 Hindi theatres showing Jo Bole So Nihal. The reason—JBSN has come under fire from Shiromani Gudrwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC) for the title of the movie (which is a holy phrase in the Sikh religion), for using a song from the Granth Saheb, for showing women in skimpy clothes …….(the standard stuff)….and these bomb blasts are believed to be as a result of this outrage.

This is not the first time that religious loons have objected to titles and sequences of movies. The song “Mustafa Mustafa” from “Aatish” which had Raveena and Karishma cavorting in revealing attire had to be changed to “Dilruba Dilruba” following protests from Muslims. Mani Ratnam had a bomb thrown at him for having a Bal Thackeray-lookalike in Bombay.

Usually these things are solved by the producer/director going to one of the self-styled defenders of morality and making some discreet payoffs euphemistically called “seeking blessings/clearing misunderstandings”. The morality police get their dues, the producers get the free publicity and everyone is happy.

But here for the first time, people are dead and things are not so win-win anymore. What queers the pitch even more is this.

Various Sikh bodies have condemned the blasts at two cinema halls in Delhi, where the film ‘Jo Bole So Nihal’ was being screened, saying it was the handiwork of some “naxalite groups who wanted to malign the Sikh faith.” “Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC) had already sorted out the controversy with the movie’s producers, who had agreed to make some cuts and even change the title. The blasts in no way show the protest against the movie as is being portrayed in the electronic media,” said Kuldeep Singh Bhogal, member SGPC Amritsar.

“It rather appears to be the work of some naxalites who want to malign the Sikh faith,” Bhogal said adding “we fully condemn the blasts.”

So that means they had kissed and made up–money had exchanged hands, sins had been expiated, everything was right with the world.

And yet people wind up dead.

What the hell happened ?

I am not buying the Naxalite shit cause this is not the jungles of Telegana.

Could this be the handiwork of Pakistan-backed Kashmiri terrorists with the fact that both the theatres were showing the same movie just a coincidence?

Could this be a result of turf-war between sections of SGPC and Akali Dal ? A very plausible reason could be that the producer had “made peace” with one section and the other section was grouchy at not getting a share of the forgiveness pie .

Could this be a weird publicity stunt gone awry ?

I just cannot come to terms with this bit of senseless violence. You go to a Sunny Deol movie, the worst that can happen to you is a bad headache. Not this.

Something is very very wrong with the picture.

10 thoughts on “Jo Bole So Nihal—-the Disaster

  1. Nice thoughts bong. But methinks suspecting Pak-backed Kashmiri terrorists(as if all of em are Pak-backed) for anything which makes a BOOM sound, is a bit of a stretch. Whatever happened is very bad and disgusting and must be condemned in strictest terms. However for once, I would say, lets start looking at enemies within rather than jumping to place the blame on the neighbour’s door.
    Reminds me, in my native, few years back a Shivaji statue was garlanded with chappals, (allegedly) by ShivSena/BJP folks overnight; and then next 2-3 days saw all mango orchards owned by Muslims charred black. Infact if the fencing was shared by Hindu owner, it was taken care that the firespread didn’t touch them. Just like that. But all saffron colours were available in shedding croc-tears. To any layman, it becomes obvious, who is doing that. I think it’s the same case here.
    Whoever was behind this Delhi blast, may he die a thousand deaths, right here…right now. I hate it..every bit of it..I hate it!! …Already you can see the aftershocks, of all places, being felt in Gujarat…I don’t know how this incident will play out in the coming days, but it’s looking bad and we have to fear the worst…All this for some run-of-the-mill movie..

  2. Well it was one plausible reason. Kashmiri terrorists are frequently caught in Delhi planning this or that and this very well maybe one that slipped through. Again it’s just a conjecture. And Pakistan does support them—I have never found any cause to doubt that.

    If it’s the Hindu right wing trying to foment trouble I just don’t see the wisdom in bombing two movie theatres where Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs have equal chance of dying—-why not plant the bomb in front of a temple?

    My strongest conjecture is that it has been done by some disgruntled people who may not have got their share of the spoils.

    Gujarat will always be volatile as long as Narendra Modi is at the helm and at large. This is one person I want to see in a dark hole at Guantanamo. He is a blot on the face of Indian democracy.

    Again Suhail all I said was just speculation—time will tell hopefully who were responsible.

  3. I am not denying any of your suspicions. Infact you are spot-on when you say:
    My strongest conjecture is that it has been done by some disgruntled people who may not have got their share of the spoils

    For this very reason, I say, if right-wing saffrons intend to derive political mileage out of it, it is the perfect alibi that they can create for themselves by hijacking this movie controversy and piggyriding on it rather than blasting a temple.

    What is discomforting for me is that, the very first thing we do as collective voices, is lay the blame on ISI. Godhra trains ? ISI. Gujarat temple blasts? ISI. Parliament attacks ? ISI. Best part is that like you and me, we don’t just suspect, but rightwing goes ahead and concludes it comprehensively the very next day. What is the need for any investigations then ? Let’s start polishing our war-heads. That’s the next logical step. Infact, this kneejerk pronouncement robs us of any decent chance we might stand in cases where ISI was really involved.(Fake wolf cries)

    This same mentality lands people like SAR Geelani so close to the gallows. Come to think of it, we still don’t have any official report on the Parliament attacks. After all, it was the single-most imp. event, which should have shaken our political establishment out of it’s collective idiocy.

    Check my blog. BJP spokesman already knows the culprit.

  4. This post has been removed by the author.

  5. Well i think we all missed here one possibility. MAYBE it was some sikh extremist group trying to revive the long died fire against 1984 or even as a protest against the movie.

    Or IMO it can be the usual ISI promoted terrorists who had nothing to do with either movie or with religion of people sitting in those movie theaters and all they wanted was to use this opportunity to bring a bad name to sikh community and ignite communal tension once again.

    Hindu right wing is a very distant possibility but i dont understand why they would do it in delhi considering the fact that they mostly create mess in western india namely gujarat and bombay rather than delhi.

    Anyways its indeed very sad that something like this happened and just on the name of a movie. Nothing is wrong with the movie, if there is anything wrong than it with those lunatics who cant accept the idea of right to free speech.

  6. Well,Arnab..I agree wid your views..
    Nice post on current affairs!!

  7. New Jersey Raj from Princeton NJ, USA

    As a Non Resident Indian, I’m somewhat removed from the raw sentiments re Jo Bole So Nihal – notwithstanding that, I watched the trailers of this movie on the local Indian channels and I gotta tell you that this movie seems like a real crappy movie with third grade humor

    On top of all that Sunny Deol looks kinda desperate in this movie – I guess, his Border days are over – he is happy to act in any masala movie just to bring in some dough

    I must say that if Jo Bole So Nihal is a religious chant for the Sikhs – the producer should have never marginalized this chant

    I’m a Hindu and I’m sure as hell wouldn’t like a stupid movie titled “Jai Jagadish Hare” or some such title

    At the end of the day, this controversy does not justify terrorist attacks and killinfg innocent people because no religion in the world would condone that

  8. Incidentally, Mr Raj there IS a crappy Hindi movie called “Om Jai Jagdish”

  9. And noone died watching that movie…..ok some people came close to dying seeing Abhishek Bachchan as a “hacker”

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