India Under Attack

We are again under attack. As all of you must know by now, 6 militants tried to breach the Ayodhya disputed structure and all were killed, 5 from CRPF bullets and 1 by his own hand (he blew himself up).

Washington Post reports:

The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) called for nationwide protests over what it said was the Congress Party-led government’s failure to provide adequate security for the temple complex, which is known to Hindus as Ram Janmabhoomi. Hindu nationalists associated with the BJP have long campaigned for the construction of a Hindu temple on the ruins of the mosque.

“Tomorrow all over the country we will protest and express anguish over the incident,” BJP president L.K. Advani said at a news conference. “Ram Janmabhoomi is a very sacred place, and the response to the attack over it should be equally fitting.”

The response should be “fitting” ? The response to whom ?

Well one thing for sure. Advani is back to his irresponsible, rabblerousing self. Something about Ramjanmabhoomi just does it for the man.

No words of condemnation are enough for this statement——–menacing and pregnant with meaning yet vague enough to absolve the speaker of all blame should something bad happen as a result. On the lines of the Rajiv Gandhi’s “The ground shakes when a big tree falls” rhetoric. We all know what that led to.

And why does he feel the need to go out tomorrow for country-wide protests? Protests against whom? The Congress? Pakistan?

Or is it just an excuse to gather up some excitable people, make incendiary speeches, provoke some “direct action” and amidst all this happy providence, put himself back in the good books of the Sangh ?

Let me repeat, we are under attack. And not all our attackers are men in black commando suits with bombs tied to their belts.

4 thoughts on “India Under Attack

  1. If communal riots break out (and I am hoping they wont) its blood on Advani’s hands

  2. This exactly why religion puts me off. Not just advani, there are scores of them from all religions…and religion and politics is the worst concoction ever…

  3. Aparna, no truer words ever spoken.

  4. Reminds me of the lines of a sumon chattopadhyay song that I heard long ago:
    “ami chai B.J.P netar salma khatun putrobodhu
    ami chai dhormo bolte manush bujhbe manush sudhu…..”

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