Tu Mera Superman

Came across this amazing picture when I was doing some googling for a song I once heard called

Tu Mera Superman, Main Tera Lady, Ho Gya Hain Apna Pyar Already

(English translation: You are my Superman, I am your lady; I have fallen in love with you already)

for my Bollywood Bakwas community on Orkut.

Is it a man ? Is it a bird? No it is San-sanan-sai-sai, esteemed Member of Parliament Govinda Ahuja as SUPERMAN.

Even more shocking, the radioactive spider got its lucky fangs into the voluptous Kimi Katkar……the same lady who took Tarzan (Hemant Birje’s) innocence. She is now SPIDERMAN err SPIDERWOMAN err SPIDERTHINGEY.

And they are in love—Superman and Spider(wo)man. And no they are not flying over rooftops or “swinging”————they are dancing 80s style with overweight back-up dancers.

With my Spidey sense tingling, I listened to the profound lyrics:

Spider(wo)man: Hamdard hain tu kamzoron ka hain sahara ( English: You sympathize with the weaker sections)

Superman: Tujhe mere liye ambar se gya hain utara (English: You have been plucked from the skies for me)

I encourage you to listen to this rare meeting of superheroes here.

And the killer factoid. Bollywood rehashes the superhero romance in 2004’s Gayab which has the following song.

You Are My Superman
You Are My Spider Man
You Are The Only One For Me

I reach out for my bottle of Kryptonite with 3 Doors Down echoing in my head.

“If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?”

10 thoughts on “Tu Mera Superman

  1. haha. The day cant go wrong if you start it with some thing so hilarious.

  2. Wait – I heard another one where this guy was dressed like He-Man (of Masters of the Universe fame) and this woman who was dressed like no one in particular was crooning to him. The song went something like this.

    Woman : Chahiye-e-e-e-e He Main, He Main, He Main
    Man: He Man, He Man, I am He Man

    There was a Skeletor too who was swiftly dispatched.

  3. Arnab I bow my head to your Bollywood knowledge.

  4. Hilarious! That really made may day!

  5. Mr.Bong..you are awesome! Most impressed with your abiity to come up with such loud garish Bollywood posters 😀

  6. oh thats hilarious..!

  7. Pingback: Xenical.
  8. you guys can watch this video on youtube.
    absolutely stunning. words failed me

  9. The music is absolutely beautiful

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