Hottie Hottie Bong Bong

While doing some blogsurfing, I came across this somewhat catty vitriol on someone’s page ( a lady’s)

Now the one who really stood out was this woman called Vijaya Balan (think that was her name). Apparently, she’s Mallu, but she really looked like a quintessentially Bengali woman. Wore her sexuality on her sleeve. You know what Bengali women, especially from Calcutta, are like? Overtly sexual — it’s not like they dress like Mallika Sherawat or something. On the contrary, they’ll wear these rather ethnic saris and big bindis but then then they’ll arch their bodies in this overly seductive manner and speak in this low breathy manner. It’s like a perpetual come hither look on their face. And this woman got that so perfectly — her champagne voice, the quiet drawl, the swing of the hips. Yikes! And to think men are suckers for that kind of crap!

Wow ! Here I am, a Bong guy who grew up in Kolkata and I must confess, I never knew that *all* Bongo ladies walked with a seductive swaying of the hips and talked in hushed whispers while arching their backs.

Now it very well maybe that because of my personal charisma and drop-dead good looks, Bengali ladies, who would be overtly feminine in front of other guys, adopted their most masculine traits in my presence.

Truth be told….I understand the blogger’s point. The problem is that she makes a gross generalization which is interesting mainly because this is not the first time I have heard it. From more than one non-Bengali friend, I have heard this “Bong babes are hot” refrain——–I remember watching “Aye Uri Uri” from Saathiya amidst a crowd of desis at Stonybrook when a guy from UP, no doubt inspired by Rani Mukherjee’s bedroom antics with Vivek Oberoi, whispered to me (without any come-hither arching of his back may I add) that

“Dada, I have to hand it to you. Bengali girls are the BEST.”

I sighed. Growing up in Calcutta, we had a similar fascination for Punjabi girls—–according to urban legend, Punjabi girls had figures to die for, knew the art of seduction, had malleable morals and in general never said “no” to anything.

The reason I pined for Punjabi girls was because historically the Bengali girls I interacted with were unfailingly brusque, boring from a hormonal standpoint, stand-offish and about as hot as last week’s leftovers. They were good friends and nice people…..but came nowhere near the ultra-feminine Bengali lady stereotype.

But again this was just based on my limited interaction with girls (My batch in Computer Science at Jadavpur Univ had 55 guys and 1 girl)——mostly girls whom I knew from high school who were also doing their engineering at JU.

And then I got introduced to some girls from across the jheel (rivulet)—-the Arts campus. Immediately, I noticed the difference. Intensely feminine, lispy smiles, a curl of hair falling seductively on the forehead, whisps of perfume and yes sometimes the arching of the back, the slanting of the head, and the entire-damsel-in-distress-waiting-to-be-rescued-by-knight-in-shining-armour routine.

Coyness. And boldness. But the boldness was not obtrusive enough so as to be considered vulgar —a kind of subterranean well of passion which you knew would gush out only if you knew how to press the proper buttons. In other words—– “I am game for anything if you know how to play”.

At the same time, my female Bengali friends who were studying for engineering wore outlandish glasses, sneakers with salwar kameezes, wanted to discuss Morris Mano’s digital logic and thought that seduction was a special kind of conduction.

Litmus test for hotness. Watch them dance.

The engineering girl would usually sit it out. The ones that liked to dance would do so with the grace of Sunny Deol stomping out cockroaches in “Yara O Yara”( from Jeet), their arms pointing heavenwards like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and their bodies moving up and down like turbines producing hydel power. The true embodiment of “Dance like noone is watching.”

The “arts” girl. Different story. Sinuous like a snake, rhythmic like heartbeats with a tossed glance to see who is watching and a knowing expression when her eyes meet with an attractive member of the opposite sex. These people don’t just dance with their bodies, they dance with their smiles.

And they know the “power of the sari”—-the sexiest garment ever invented.

Which brings me to my verdict on the whole hotness issue.

Bengali girls cannot generically be considered as experts in the art of making men mad with lust. It’s only girls who come from specific backgrounds, who attended specific educational institutions and who have similar-minded friends that satisfy, to a certain extent, the stereotype. And I suspect that girls from other parts of India, who fit into the same cultural-moral-educational context, are equally “Bong-ish.”

However there is another grain of truth in the statement of the blogger above. Bengali girls from outside Kolkata, called Probasi Bengalis, are very different, by and large from the Kolkata Bengali girl. Without resorting to simplifying generalizations, my immense experience (yeah right !) dealing with both these “tribes” lead me to conclude that Probasi Bengalis are far more conservative (not politically of course…this conservatism is in reference to issues guys really care about) than their Kolkata sisters.

A typical Probasi Bengali girl has a rather low opinion of the Kolkata girl—-according to them they are “neka” (ie artifically feminine and intentionally asinine), they are fashion disasters ( overtly made up, put oversized flowers in their hair) and they are usually overweight and at the same time comfortable about their extra pounds. They also shamelessly play upto guys.

In response to this attack, I defend my fellow Kolkatans by pointing out the difference between the Science/Engineering girls and the Arts girls and the dangers of typecasting.

Now wait….am I not making the same mistake about Probasi Bengali girls—-surely I cant paint them all with the same brush. Yes perhaps you are right—-but in my experience even Probasi Bengali girls who have had an “Artsy” background are quite a bit more reserved that what I would like them to be.

There can be several explanations for this but I will not attempt to explain anything that relates to the “female character”. Because I live my life by a simple code. And that is:

“Striyascharitram deba na jananti kuto manushya”

which roughly translates from Sanksrit into

“Even God does not understand women……what chance do mere mortals have?”

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  1. ok….my break from labwork was worth it! haha :-))

    I’ll agree with every thing you said, and this can also be transported to any part of the country (replacing the local girls with girls from “stateof choice X”).

    I’ll take offence to only one part….Vidya Balan is not Mallu, she’s Tam (Palaghat Iyer, part of the large Tam community living in Kerala….I’m just standing up for a fellow tam, especially one who’s gorgeous…:-))

    1. what do u mean by the statement

  2. It was the blog (from where I extracted the first part) that made Vidya Balan a Mallu.

    Of course I did not know her origins myself and now am suitably englightened.

  3. Though I dont possess an iota of authority on analyzing and adding to the research done, must confess that being a Probasi myself, it is mostly to do with the atmospehere one grows up in.

    Arnab, its high time you have a female alter ego.

    Among the blogerati, isnt there anyone to paint the other half of the picture !!!


    Aniruddha Dutta

  4. This was really well put and I couldnt help but laugh while reading it :)) and I also couldnt help but remember few of those JU arts girls we knew in common and their “nekami” as you put it.. πŸ˜€ (which by the way we did cherish a lot at times πŸ˜‰ )

    And from my own experience of bengali girls (and yeah.. i did have my fair share) they were far from the stereo type, or at least they used to be. Finally, I do agree that its the upbringing and the environment one grows up in, more than the mother toungue factor that defines one’s cultural traits. So bengali or not, in calcutta or not, “hot” girls shall stay “hot” πŸ™‚

  5. lovely read…vidya balan hmm ..she did do a good job in the movie.didnt seem like a first timer at all.Also I didnt know which side o defend since iam part of both camps…I can pick holes in both kinda women πŸ™‚

    two observations I have:
    1)this world is full of sterepotypes
    2) Hotness is hotness …is hotness !!!Its not governed by looks alone or where one comes from ..its got to do with attitude(with a captial A) u said:P

  6. I too have heard this refrain: “Bong women are hot” innumerable times from non-bong colleagues here in Bangalore..tho’ I haven’t been able to figure out what is it that makes them so. Simply coz here,in B’lore, even the most pati bangali (the mashimas,pishimas and their offsprings/offsprings in-law — those who are domiciled and those who come avisiting) sheds her 12 yard cloth that supposedly keeps her izzat under wraps, and dons the bare-all-dare all western outfits (with a bindi,shakha,pola et al). This, irrespective of their vital statistics, mind you. And believe me, not all of them look “hot”! Definitely not with those accessories!
    The only time they again remember their so-called roots is during Durga Pujo…out come the best saris (apparently, the only dress that make them “hot”, according to the non-bongs), all the gold jewellery and other accessories that go with the 12 yards and all their love for the probashi Bangali community. And they do walk with a slight sway of their hips and talk in the naeka singsong tune and pout their lips(uufff Oshojhyo!). So is this hot?
    Of course, I won’t complain about the “hot hot” luchi mangsho or the malpoa that they kindly bring for our palatal delights, only during the pujos! For poor souls like us who don’t always get to go home during pujo, as they say: naimamar theke kanamama bhalo !

  7. its not the saree , the bindi , or the jelery , but the way the bong women speak , even metrocized women will still carry a slight bong accent , the way they speak seems so very very mishti to non bongs, so childlike , so innocent yet calling towards them , ah the moon moon sens & the mousmi chatterjees of yesteryear & the rani mukherjees of today have created a deep impression on the minds of nonbongs

  8. @Ani—my female alter ego…working on it πŸ™‚

    @Joy—you are in the unique position of having known and observed, first hand, the sample points I used to deduce my hypothesis.

    @Meenal —-yes as I said πŸ™‚

    @Gangadhar— Thanks.

    @Priya—Oh god…those horrifying images of behenjis trying to be modern….with fat oozing out like “moida”.

    @Anon—Oooh so thats why Ash says “Isshhh” at the drop of a hat in Devdas and Rani Mukherjee does the most horrible recitation of Jibananda *ever* in “Hey Ram” with the “dheere dheere dhuke jacche” coinciding with an unfortunate visual…….and Rimi Sen interspersing her Hindi with Bengali words in a sing-song voice in “Dhoom”

  9. GreatBong ruminating over other bongs…makes for a good have a way with these topics..don’t you?

    This reminds me, that I had written you a long mail, eons back, which went unreplied.(*just wondering whether you got it or not?*)

  10. Came here from Amit Varma’s! hmmm.. good analysis, if I may say so. And what you say is true. In Tam land, we have this saying that roughly translates into it more better known equivalent – Grass’s always greener on the other side! Where I come from Mallu gals are the “ultimate babes”!

  11. Came here via India Uncut…

    An important topic analysed with full academic rigour. My salutations.

  12. awesome post…

    Somethings non-Bong guys would do well to remember is that Sushmita Sen and Kajol and Rani Mukherjee are all Probashi Bongs…while only Bipasha , Riya and Raima from the current lot of Hindi heroines are Kolkata Bong girls

    Another thing I remember is that “neka”-ness of Bong girls that non-Bong males happen to find “oh-so-seductive” …and Bong guys (whether Probashi or not!) always find so turn-offish !

    Blogged about your post here

  13. Hilarious post, O Great Bong ! Nearly fell of my chair laughing at the “dance” descriptions !!

    Honestly, I had no ideas that guys find girls froma specific state hot … ahem, anyone think oriya girls are hot ?? πŸ˜‰

    I would say that”hot-ness” definitely has to do with the attitude of the women, which in turn is tied in with up-bringing education, and culture…and the fascination with “hot” women from far lands has a lot to do with xeno-philia

  14. As long as we are speaking in generalizations, i can sort of relate to what your friend says. maybe not “hot”, but certainly “interesting”.. and in this sense, probashi girls tend to be even more so. (Cal-bong girls are sometimes too neka).

  15. lol πŸ™‚

    So artsy girls hot / engineering not isn’t a stereotype. Hmmm… πŸ™‚

    BTW, I am copy-pasting an email regarding IIT guys:
    > but seriously… iit?
    > If shabby, unkempt and testosterone-high is your idea of a cool guy, good
    > luck to you.

  16. The reason I pined for Punjabi girls was because historically the Bengali girls I interacted with were unfailingly brusque, boring from a hormonal standpoint, stand-offish and about as hot as last week’s leftovers.

    Poetry. Nearly priceless.

  17. since we are into generalisations, I must it is not only Bong guys who find ‘neka’ girls irritating.
    they can be quite…what was the word asinine, yes GreatBong- though “intentionally asinine”? please elaborate….

  18. During my college days in Kolkata, I was told all it took to ‘floor’ bong ‘chics’ was a invitation to have a plate of chowmein…when that didnt work I tried other cuisines but alas the results were the same…thus due to my ‘in depth’ knowledge of bong girls all I can I add to the discussion is that it will take a few more centuries to figure bong(d) girls out!

  19. Oh so hilarious, Arnab! But whatever you say – Bengali girls are hot!

  20. All the Bong girls I know are quite beautiful – dark spotless skin, doe-like eyes, thick hair; obviously, I’m quite jealous of them all. πŸ™‚ Perhaps, when people say that Bong chicks are hot, they mean that they are good-looking, not that they are the “come-hither” type. Just a thought. Nice post, btw.. πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks Amit Verma

    Good analysis man,

    My opinion(as i m from Assam) Go to Siliguri ,malda,vardhman, then one will come 2 know how Bongs Invite guys with gestures.

  22. This blog’s got a subtle way of being funny, but the part about ‘Probasi Bong’ girls being conservative…naah…
    Why do I say so?
    ‘Coz am a ‘probasi’ Bengali female myself. And Great Bong, you probably need more to back up this view of ‘probasi’ alias conservative, because I also happen to regard this term labelled upon us as politically incorrect.:P
    Living in canada, I have known Bong girls here, and ‘probasi’ ones back home in India to be anything but conservative. Infact, they sometimes are way too much of the stuff on the other side of the scale!
    I have met some of Kolkata’s Bengali girls,and personally, I have never found anything to look down upon in them. They are better versed with Bengali culture, and
    on the contrary, I found much of their outlook to be far more orthodox than any ‘probasi’ Bengali girl would ever have.
    Also,you suspecting that “girls from other parts of India, who fit into the same cultural-moral-educational context, are equally “Bong-ish.”(“the ultra-feminine Bengali lady stereotype” reference, that is)may not always be true. Having attended an all-girls’ boarding school in the Doon valley, where girls spend eight years of their malleable lives, I noticed an interesting fact that, among a potpourri of girls from various states in India, (where the major chunk of girls from a particular community in that school were Punjabis)the Bengali ones always did stand apart from the rest; if not from the ‘hotness’ point of view, (my standing in this category is questionable…haha)it would almost always be an exceptional musical or artistic talent. And ofcourse, the ‘typical Bong face’ could always be made out by our non-Bong counterparts. It was always, and forever will be, the eyes… πŸ˜‰

  23. Hey, quite humorous. Particularly, the bit bong males’ drooling over Punjabi females. ho ho ho …Quite hilarious. Anyway I object to your general comment “catty vitriol” in the beginning. This is quite of a profound encomium for the breezy bong babes. Ain’t they? Rememeber “banglair bodhu ..buuk bhora d***…”, a parody not composed by any mallu or gujju…

  24. @priya:Yes!! It is (to the Q “Is this hot?”). I presume you did not yet reach your teens. When you grow up like those pishima masima you will find the answer yourself)

  25. @Akash…it is banglar bodhu buk bhora modhu…and it was composed by Rabindranth in “Du Bigha Jameen”

  26. @greatbong: I was a bit disappointed. I did not want to be explicit. A rhyme with “modhu” …dudu..Please donÒ€ℒt ask what it means. I remember that the full parody of the original poem, written and subsequently revised, modified and extended by an unknown number of admirers of bong beauties over a period of time (in the same way as ‘mahayan’ caught on), used to buzz around the campus. Of course this is a cheap example of the culture of bongo-bodhu-bandana. The jokes and the obscenity apart, from my personal experience, I could say that the bengali girls some how captivated the fantasy, imagination and, of course, the respect of menfolks in other parts of India too. On the other hand, in general, surprisingly, bong boys rushed across the border of bengal only when they have been titillated by that ‘oomph’ factor. Indeed, punjabi gudi’s often filled this bill in this regard but never beyond. This is solely my personal unsubstantiated opinion after rubbing shoulders with many Indians in various parts of India and abroad. The plausible reasons for this positive bias, among many others, may be the worshipping of many female goddesses such as Durga, Kali, Saraswati etc. across the entire India ( I am very curious to know the mythological take on how much bengalee they are) and also some of the female fictional characters being immortalized by many bengali writers, (for example, Parvati in Devdas) . In conclusion, I fully agree with you that, even if there is any bongo-nari mania among a group of people, this is simply because of some myths being created slowly over a long time. It is ridiculous to swallow this phenomenon as something endemic.

  27. @Akash,

    Neither did I and nor did Rabindranath want to be…its just the way you interpret it. And yes you did not have to spell it out..I understood. The only reason I mentioned it was that the d..part may be the parody but the entire line is not.

    Now Mahayan…yes thats explicit.

  28. Yo greatbong!
    like m visitng ur site agn…how about a new blog dude! Ur humor in ur writing is awesome!

  29. Yo Ananya…there’s a lot of funny (or I think is funny) in the archives….and a few have found
    this funny

  30. well this is cool. u got one part very very right abt the engg girls, since i drink from the same well, i have a idea what its like… For u to meet others it was across the jheel, while for me, its 15 kms across to the north campus

  31. Greatbong, I bow to thee and your definition and categorisation of bongs vs punjabis; engg girls vs arts girls.
    I found the dance description especially funny and can’t stop laughing over it. and i am at work. help!

  32. I think its a stupid writeup !!!

    Humor is not visible to me and the he has no point in the whole thing except for “Plz do not generalize” against the statistically very true statement he is trying to prove wrong !!

    Bong babes do all that is written. They do it all the time !

    If this guy is a guy .. i think he is just another one of the frust engineering grads .

    If its a girl.. then ofcourse its explanable. None other is hot for them .. lesbians apart.

  33. Yes you are amazingly perceptive…I am a frust engineering what amazes me is how you came to this startling conclusion which everyone else seemed to have missed….

    And no Rohit I am not a girl….though some may say I am a lesbian


  34. But greatbong (excuse the hip-hop english in my last comment),a lesbian is a gay GIRL

  35. IMHO…a hetereosexual man appreciates heterosexual sex.(ie man and a woman)

    A “lesbian man” appreciates anything involving *at least* one woman.


  36. Really loved the descriptions being from Cal myself and could so identify with all of it.

    Yes, have heard the “Bong women are so hot and sexy” so many times now across geographies that have stopped reacting to it now.

    Just wanted to add to that with a story from Bombay which I heard from a colleague; “Bombay me baarish aur ladki se bachke rehna.”

    All wide-eyed:”Kyo?”

    “Kyunki kabhi bhi aa sakti hai aur kabhi bhi jaa sakti hai”

    Again, someone mentioned it but the dangers of stereotyping would be clear to all those who have discovered diamonds in the morass of stereotypes and left to marvel about how such uniqueness could thrive amongst such ubiquity.


    Arjun Chatterjee,

  37. Now,now..I am sure me and many of my other bong sistah’s (the probasi variety as well as the rest!) would only be too happy to bask in the glory of such a distinction such as “Bong women are hot”..and so on.I happen to belong to the same clan (the Bong clan I mean), and can be narrowed down further into Rani Mukherjee’s clan as well, however, strictly by virtue of my last name that I share with her ; I feel indebted to the lovely lady for undoing (even marginally) the harm that her other famous Mukherjee precedents, namely the Joy and Pranab variety have inflicted, by a painting gorgeous picture of Bengali women and bringing about a very welcome myth about them.
    That said, I am not one for generalizations..I do agree that certainly not all Bong women are hot or attractive or can be expected to exhibit any Rani Mukherjee’ish traits..that would be too much to live up to and a very tough act to follow ! I do beleive however that Bong girls
    are more open about their sexuality and this could be restricted to the artsy kind, I dont refute that, but that is precisely what gives statistical truth to my claim.
    I lived in Baroda for a (painfully) long time and met many Bong women from Shanti niketan at the Baroda Fine arts faculty, they were more open about their sexuality than most women from other parts of India, and I can vouch for that being a Probasi Bong myself.I met more non-bong women than bong.Being open about your sexuality,India or not, is more about independence and guts than beauty;Now I know my MCP buddies may wave off that truth with an air of indifference, I feel greatbong’s experiences with “hormonally challenged” Bong women comes from a smaller sampling of Bong girls..Infact I have often seen that regardless of their conservative upbringing (which by the way Bong parents are particularly good at!My dear Greabong will happily vouch for that),many women from Calcutta look forward to sexually open activities.Now lets extend this,(I am trying not to make this post a porn write up!),if women are sexual, they would find ways entice an audience, of their choosing ofcourse !So for the not very genetically endowed bong ladies… one expects, that more often than not, with the correct accessories ,little bit effort and a lot of will,the overtly sexual lot might actually make it,get it all,the sway,the come-hither glance,the works !

  38. Alright! Bubli pulls herself onto my blog for the second time. And who better than you to comment on this post—having once heard the “Probasi” line during a pickup attempt….

    many women from Calcutta look forward to sexually open activities.

    Where were these women during my college days…argh…possibly in the Fine Arts section at Baroda…double argh

  39. And your qualifications for making such asinine comments are? Most of my male classmates — yes, I am one of those engineering girls — were not even worth looking at, let alone worth talking to. Shy to the point of being rude – if you ask them which direction the classroom is, they would be too shy to look up and answer; no sense of humor; extremely full of themselves, not to mention sexist to the extreme degree — that just about sums up almost all of my classmates. Very few exceptions. For once you dudes need to turn around, forget the ridiculous ideas of yourselves that you have, and look at yourselves from the view point of other people.

  40. Anon…dude…lighten up and get a life….

    and look at yourselves from the view point of other people.

    Nice words to live by…now apply it on your anonymous self. Since *all* your classmates seemed so horrible, maybe the fault lay with you…remember to a madman the entire world appears mad….

    Sucks doesnt it?

  41. funnny post….
    n thats true bongs (babes or not )know how to wear the sari…achha i dint know this…we walk with a swaying movement of the hips?????? n bong women talk in whispers????? i thot no other people had such loud voiced women?????
    well yes engg men ar rather terrible looking and slightly perverted not all but many …( i have reason to now being a third yr engg student…)
    i agree about bong women being more open about thier sexuality tho … an that applies to both artsy as well as engg types….i have to say most of us dress more conservatively than the typical punjabi or marwari girls but v are much less orthodox than they r abt their sexuality ………n well if v r subtle y so much the better… by subtelity i dont mean nyakamo…..i cant honestly blive men find moon moon sen type nyakamo attractive…

  42. Great post, O great bong – being from the JU arts campus I must say it is immensely flattering to know that one was supposed to look like one had a ‘subterranean well of passion’ around the place somewhere. From our point of view, it was always more interesting to go for a walk across the jheel (for a perfectly legitimate excuse of course!) and the engineering guys always scored over the arts and sciences variety.

    What really puzzled me though was why guys who seemed perfectly normal when seen from afar became tongue-tied, wide-eyed, drooling-at-the-mouth (ok I’m joking!), sub human species at closer proximity…it was a constant case of anticipation and deflation.

  43. Rather interseting to notice how the bengali women are now days.
    the sari i never would have believed it could be synonymied with sexy.
    Well I suppose with the kind of modernistic sarees, indeed some glaringly attractive, others on the marge of vulgarity sometimes, and sometimes depending on the person wearing them lustful and seductive, the women of bengal have come to be considered the hottest.
    But personally in my youth well i am not very old yet, but still those days of vigour are long gone as i sit idle in an office, i found beauty in the long and slim figures of the punjabi girls, and bengalis were rather sweet looking, never of gorgeous kind, as their face were round and thie hair curling behind them as they occasionally opened them letting it free for a few delightful instances form the wind to amuse itself.
    i haven’t been to kolkata for a while maybe that’s why i am not aware of the changes in the youth of bengal today

  44. Whoa!
    hahaha. Mate, you’re God~ (I’m sure bong girls are very religious, or are they πŸ˜‰ ).

    I’ve spend a couple of years of my life in cal.. and i agree on evthing you say! (my interactions, though, .. that’s another story πŸ™‚ )

    keep blogging!
    bhuvan. (as opposed to bhuboun).

  45. hey man!!
    landed on your blog thorugh the bollywood bakwaas community..
    I definitely agree with your point and being here at IITK i am one of the 400 sufferers of the great art n science divide in the feminine section of the scoiety.
    The only reprieve we get is during $ golden days of Antaragni our cul fest where our main motto is to invite as amny DElhi+girl+arts colleges as we can for the eyes of the junta here. The success of teh cul fest is solely dependent and is measured in terms of quantity and quality of fairer sex present in the campus.
    thank god the phenomenon is universal.

  46. Fun article, mostly generalizations…being a probasi bong myself I choose to disagree with the author, not all probasi bongs are conservative, in fact, some of them are brought up in rather liberal households (mine is one amazing mix of conservatism and liberalism) and some end up being super liberal like me(now I am not here to argue abt the merit/demerits of being so). Now abt Bong men, I have dated a few of them, they are mostly short- moderate height (comon 5’8″ inches is NOT tall) and if you are unlucky will sport an ungainly moustache! (In fact, I have seen Bong rock bands with all its members sporting a mile high traditional “Dada” moustache — Rock & Roll sex god image!)
    A bengali male might eventually be a victim of alopecia, but the moustache will persist unless pursued relentlessly by females (crushes, girlfriends, wives genre) important to the Bong male. Some of them, will be nerds and the others the will be “not-going-anywhere-much-in-life” type. Regardless of their catergorization, they are bound to sexually “frustu” The nerd will not have time to take you for time consuming dates, because he will have to get into IIT or die. The loafer will take you to the movies more than willingly. So, what is a Bong girl to do? Basically adopt the simple strategy which many have used successfully in the past — date a loafer kind (the one who is not going anywhere much in life) and finally when Mr Nerd has gotten in and out of IIT with flying color…marry him. That way you get the best of both worlds, all the nice dates and a nice IIT husband for arm candy! πŸ™‚

    This advice might seem a little too mercenary for some, so feel free to ignore it.

  47. Now abt Bong men, I have dated a few of them and lived with them all my life, they are mostly short-moderate height (comon 5’8″ inches is NOT tall) and if you are unlucky will sport an ungainly moustache! (In fact, I have seen Bong rock bands with *all* its members sporting a mile high traditional “Dada” moustache — Rock & Roll sex god image!)
    A bengali male might eventually be a victim of alopecia, but the moustache will persist unless pursued relentlessly by females (crushes, girlfriends, wives genre) important to the Bong male. Some of them, will be nerds and the others the will be “not-going-anywhere-much-in-life” type. Regardless of their catergorization, they are bound to sexually “frustu” The nerd will not have time to take you for time consuming dates, because he will have to get into IIT or die. The loafer will take you to the movies more than willingly. So, what is a Bong girl to do? Basically adopt the simple strategy which many have used successfully in the past — date a loafer kind (the one who is not going anywhere much in life) and finally when Mr Nerd has gotten in and out of IIT with flying color…marry him. That way you get the best of both worlds, all the nice dates and a nice IIT husband for arm candy! πŸ™‚

    This advice might seem a little too mercenary for some, so feel free to ignore it.

  48. Now abt Bong men, I have dated a few of them, they are mostly short- moderate height (comon 5’8″ inches is NOT tall) and if you are unlucky will sport an ungainly moustache! (In fact, I have seen Bong rock bands with all its members sporting a mile high traditional “Dada” moustache — Rock & Roll sex god image!)
    A bengali male might eventually be a victim of alopecia, but the moustache will persist unless pursued relentlessly by females (crushes, girlfriends, wives genre) important to the Bong male. Some of them, will be nerds and the others the will be “not-going-anywhere-much-in-life” type. Regardless of their catergorization, they are bound to sexually “frustu” The nerd will not have time to take you for time consuming dates, because he will have to get into IIT or die. The loafer will take you to the movies more than willingly. So, what is a Bong girl to do? Basically adopt the simple strategy which many have used successfully in the past — date a loafer kind (the one who is not going anywhere much in life) and finally when Mr Nerd has gotten in and out of IIT with flying color…marry him. That way you get the best of both worlds, all the nice dates and a nice IIT husband for arm candy! πŸ™‚

    If this advice seems a little too mercenary for you, so feel free to ignore it.

  49. why bong girls have to smoke cigerette…go to nandan or watch any bong serial u will find cigerette smoking girls…do they want to show that they are challenging the world…kind of I care two hoots..jamane ko dikhana hai…hum bangali auro se age hain…bachoo bidi pike koee age nahi hota..

  50. bong women have shorter necks/throats, when compared to women from other parts of india. and the hiss like snakes ( sometimes with even a smile on their lips). dangerous creatures folks! beware!

  51. Great Bongis right generalisations r rife! I m from JU, Frustu Engg JU infact. I thought Gujju gals r hot, and also Maharashtrian gals, but few years in Gujjuland & Maratha land made me realise gals r gals, some r cool, some cold, some warm and some definitely HOT!!!

  52. I’m pretty probashi… don’t think I’m so conservative. But yes, my years at JU tell me Bong girls are nyaka. Too many of them. And the men have mother-complexes. I dated the only two who didn’t! πŸ™‚

  53. Nice, especially that touch of inferring the types of Bong femininity through the JU prism. I’d worked for 1 year after my MCA in a project at the CSE department of JU, and I remember going over to the Arts department with my colleague during lunch-break for some much-needed eyeball-flexing.

  54. Nice, especially that touch of inferring the types of Bong femininity through the JU prism. I’d worked for 1 year after my MCA in a project at the CSE department of JU, and I remember going over to the Arts department with my colleague during lunch-break for some much-needed eyeball-flexing.

  55. If we’re done analyzing the feminity of the Bong woman/girl, it may be worthwhile to turn to analyzing the feminity of Bong men! Seriously, why are so many Bengali men growing up to be like Biswajit and Ajit Panja?

  56. It’s a real good thing to discuss
    about the fig of indian women considering today’s MTV culture.

    Yes, it’s true about bipasa bose/rani alll are bongs, but all bongs are not bipasa .

  57. Awesome! You are the king !

  58. i would rate the marwaris of howrah at numerous rungs above the bong women, when it comes to seductiveness.

  59. hey check 16.4.2006’s anandabazaar patrika.

  60. “The engineering girl would usually sit it out. The ones that liked to dance would do so with the grace of Sunny Deol stomping out cockroaches in Ò€œYara O YaraÒ€( from Jeet), their arms pointing heavenwards like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and their bodies moving up and down like turbines producing hydel power. The true embodiment of Ò€œDance like noone is watching.Ò€ ”

    :-)) Boss, single piece of engineered mayhem designed to get the sides aching,
    darn, how do you get the laughter smiley

  61. GREAT BONG…and all the others who have replied…this topic seems painfully researched for both sides…me, a bong guy completed engg and working and already had a mini tour of india. what i have seen is that girls, bong or not, always size up the guy in front of them and behave accordingly. Though all over india, there is a general trend(dunno why) that better looking girls always go for the ARTS department. maybe for engg , they decide on brains and decide to forego the beauty [:)]

  62. Hey,
    I’ve been hearing a lot about this “Mahayan” poem. Could someone please send the text across to me? I am meeting some old bong friends this weekend and it might be a great way to kick off the jalsa.

  63. Dude, as someone who has lived in Calcutta for a year and a half (picking up enough of a smattering of the local lingo to impress non-Bongs at least) and someone who seriously considers Bengal his spiritual homeland, your post was hurtful to me. BONG WOMEN ARE HOT!

    Case in point: Moon moon Sen. She could wear a nine yard sari and an entire garden in her hair, but every time she opens her mouth and utters a throaty syllable, just the right balance between a moan and a word, my pulse skyrockets! Her children unfortunately haven’t inherited any of her sexiness, sigh….

    As much as I agree with you about the engineering shemale crowd with their buck teeth, soda glasses and quizzing fetish, in my brief period in your homeland, I met enough Oinkies and Kamolikas to have a favourably high impression about their sexiness. So be warned!

  64. like to make girl for friendship

  65. Interesting discussion! As a Bengali girl born and brought up in London, I’ve heard about this fascination with Bengali girls increasingly through my avid watching of Zee TV and the like! Personally, I do think there is something uniquely beautiful about the eyes of Bengali girls and the sort of curvaceous physique and effortless elegance that we seem to inherit! I’m not putting us on a pedestal altogether – I agree there are some rather butch and well-fed girls out there too! – but in terms of modest femininity, there is something to be said about Bengalis. Here in the UK, Sikh girls are often the most lusted after (chiseled face, good figure, etc.). In my opinion, however, Gujurati girls here best fit the parameters of classic Indian beauty – fair, slim, religious, traditionally glamorous, etc., but I suppose no group can have it all! Bengali girls have their good share of appeal.

  66. Nice read, pretty hilarious too. Yes, some of the places seem a triffle stereotype, but then the whole idea is not a research paper dissertation, so what the heck. Particulerly the litmus taste part-make them dance. Haha.
    The Science and the arts division is definitely a stereotype, but true. Nasty guys in my dept used to call it the ” beauty being inversely proportional to brain” thoerem. But boy oh boy, our English Dept girls were hot, till they opened their mouth. Once they did, it was catastroph! These girls used to speak with a particulerly affected accent, somewhere between the English they speak at ‘marica’ and at Honduras. But then what the heck. We loved and admired and bitched about them.
    But now, with the opportunity to know the girls from other states and countries, Bengali girls do stand apart. They stand apart in their modesty, in many a cases in their simple unaffected demineur, and in their care for their menfolk. At the end of the day, the truth in the buuk bhora modhu part glares in your eyes…. and the Bengali girl blinds you with her soft shimmering incanscence. You start loving her all over again. Cheers.

  67. Hey, why give the poor engineering girls a hard time? I used to teach in an engineering insti where there’d be two-three girls in a class of 90. Classrooms were too small so everyone would be practically sitting in each other’s laps. The guys would have their arms around each other in that chummy way they have, but no matter how crowded the class was, there would be a cordon sanitaire around the girls of at least two feet of bench space in all directions. Oh I beg your pardon, there are no girls in techie brainshops, only ‘females’. These two ‘females’ would bear the brunt of various casually-sexist remarks, body language and observations from the 88 guys. Do you wonder that they opted for protective camouflage? Some of them however went the other way and turned into raving nymphomaniacs. I’d like to report that they had a better time of it, but no.

    I kind of buy the theory that our Bong goddess-fascination leads to more sexual openness among Bong women, but I also think a lot of credit has to go to Bong men. Although I’ve met plenty who, like Brighton rock, had ‘chauvinist’ written in them all the way through, quite a few were also civilised, tolerant and unchained by gender in a way that most other Indian males would find disastrously ego-dissolving. Sadly, this wonderful character trait sometimes showed up permanently linked to mother fixation.

  68. i have never been to the south , but bong girls we have seen and met , man i dont think they are anywhere near that “hot” ,
    srry that sounds rude ,
    i think why ppl say that they are hot is maybe coz of the bong actresses onscreen who in real life are look nowhere near to what they look onscreen ,
    and bout punjabi girls , i think u visit north and u’ll find girls to die for , really , no biased comment this ,

  69. whats the hulabaloo about nyakamo hain? as if we bong girls are the only chalu item on earth…staying in maharastra for 5 yrs now i have found maharastrians far more neki than us. On top they would behave as if they are still unknown to the concept of male body…but inside..ek ekta paka bel. I just mean to say…nyaka meye sara prithibi jure ache…only the way they present their nyakami is different…and to a point u guys fall into the trap….come on…would u like your friends to be devoid of feminine charms? then wudnt that be a defiance to nature? feminie grace and nyakami go hand in hand…only thing is it shouldnt eclipse your intelligence….and make u look like some headless dumb bimbette…and banglar bodhu bukh bhora modhu?…it defines both our sexuality(i am sure nobody is aversed towards it)as well as our compassion towards all our loved ones…bengali mothers are still considered the best in terms of bestowing maternal love…SO WHY COMPLAIN…

  70. Start:

    They were good friends and nice peopleÒ€¦..but came nowhere near the ultra-feminine Bengali lady stereotype.

    and then:

    Bengali girls cannot generically be considered as experts in the art of making men mad with lust. ItÒ€ℒs only girls who come from specific *backgrounds*, who attended specific *educational institutions* and who have *similar-minded friends* that satisfy, to a certain extent, the stereotype.

    Thats jumping from one generalisation to another isnt it?

    Nice post nonetheless. as always that is πŸ™‚

  71. A neat work done by the author, at once analytical and scrappy.
    Still I am happy that a Bengali (I personally hate the word “Bong” to describe a “Bengali”, as much as a Sardarji, Marwari, Oriya or Bihari would hate to be labelled a Paiyan, Mero, Urey or Khotta respectively) gent has tried to work on (no pun intended) Bengali women.
    For all the popular impression conveyed through their ethnic saree wearing, putting on big bindis and arching their backs, I ask the author straightaway if Bengali women are really that sensuous or hot or sexy? Simply put, are they as hot as they appear? Or hotter than their counterparts from the other states?
    I seriously doubt it. That part of an woman’s nature can only be understood by cohabiting with her. Not through casual sex or a one night stand or some time spent dancing wildly at a party. Thousands of married Bengali males will vouch for the fact that their sex lives with the so called hottest tribe of Indian women is nothing out of the extraordinary. And the rate of decline in performance from the women folk is alarmingly quick as the years progress. No wonder a majority of the married Bengali males lead unsatisfactory sex lives and have covert extra marital relations.
    But let me agree that Bengali women do come across as a sensuous, uninhibited and bold lot in a very cultured sense who would exact her pound of flesh of physical satisfaction from a “go bechara Bangali purush”. Alas, if only the product matched the billing! But all credit goes to them for selling an image which contrasts widely with the reality. Pity the large number of gullible non Bengali men who look at the package and not the product.
    Finally, the “probashi Bangali nari”. There was a time when they were indeed better than their homegrown counterparts. They lacked nothing and didn’t advertise small qualities on huge advertisement billboards. Post independence they held a beacon to their Kolkata sisters. Unfortunately they too have sunk into decadance and are glorious copies of the tribe of vacuous Bengali women from Kolkata.

  72. The “bong women are hot” may be a myth, but I remember reading some survey results that said percentage of married women having (physical) relationships outside the marriage is highest in the eastern states (Bengal and Orissa) of India.

    As far as I remember, that survey did not cover the North-Eastern states. I find the people there less hypocratic in their morality. And the Bongs more willing to accept their sexuality than the remaining parts of the country (other than north-east). The female idols of Goddesses made in Kolkata, for instance, are nude even now.

  73. ok….so i’m an art student…literature, poetry, painting and drawing have been my life so far…but i plan to be a civil engineer…i wonder if that take away from watever hotness i have…

  74. “The engineering girl would usually sit it out. The ones that liked to dance would do so with the grace of Sunny Deol stomping out cockroaches in Ò€œYara O YaraÒ€( from Jeet), their arms pointing heavenwards like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and their bodies moving up and down like turbines producing hydel power. The true embodiment of Ò€œDance like noone is watching.Ò€

    man this really had me in Splits… [:)]

  75. Hilarious! But I doubt all JU Arts girls are the back-arching type, being one myself.(JU arts, not back-arching type)

  76. Sorry! Sent the last one as anonymous by mistake.:) I just wanted to add that some of my female classmates wouldn’t have been able to arch a back to save their lives.

  77. Great post! I’m not a bong but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  78. that was a fantastic read! though i think i can safely add most of my classmates to your non-back-archer list, ushasi. πŸ™‚ must watch sunny deol’s ‘yara o yara’ again…

  79. fantastic effort. the stitches are finally healing now – three days after i first read the article.

    i was lucky enough to spend five wonderful years in the department of english and can vouch for the authenticity of arnab’s point of view. the arts faculty ladies have always fascinated me… and one still does – i’m married to her.

  80. good article. entertained. U E faculty guys ca’nt care less, right?

  81. Good article.Got to know a little bit about Bongs(gals).I completely agree with Sugato.It would be a tremendous mistake to generalise about anybody for that matter.”All punju girls are hot and all bongs are not” is a quite a funny statement.But then,beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder πŸ™‚ and as you would also remember love is blind ;).Apply your thought too :).All the best.

  82. Bengali men hav’nt got the least idea HOW MUCH Bengali women hate them,…………and God knows why!

  83. perfect observation !!!

  84. hmmm…interesting…

  85. I am a 56 yeras old Bengali, Barendra Brahmin, an architect. Definately a prabashi, growing up in Delhi. College is done for the summer and iam at a coffee shop, bored. I was randomly looking up all things Bengali.

    I lament that I never had the opportunity to experience romantic company of a bengali woman that are being described here. Perhaps it is true that Bengali women are sexy. I say this from experience here in Minneapolis, USA. We have a American history Professor who was seduced by 2 married bengali women in 2 occassions(or the women were seduced by the american professor?)

    If any Bengali woman wants to know me, write me.

  86. I loved Pryank’s quote – “Banglar badhu, book vora modhu”, I wish I had the previlage to “pan kari book vara modhu, modhu jaminite”

  87. well, i do agree being from JU arts myself. but its nice na? how we have learnt to play the game? its a very true observation and that is because ju arts has so less of guys. we have good observations about engineering guys. waiting for them to be posted too. well, yeah…we bong gals are proudly “hot”

  88. Basically I like what you say!! It is good adda material and like the stereotypical bengali, I must also have an opinion on everything. At the end I guess what matters is not arts or science but the substance. One would want to hang around with a bunch of hot dumb bong babes but I do not know if I would like to be wedded to one. Typically, in India intelligence is linked with pursuit of matters related to one or the other forms of science and its related less intellectual siblings, i.e. engineering and medicine. Ultimately it depends on you and who you are, eventually you would like to father a child and naturally you would subconsciously try to seek out the best genes, thats nature speaking by the way. Now those genes you seek may be found in any woman but then you would covet something or the other, and that may be either physical or intellectual or a combination of both. At the end, God is trying to fool you into fathering a child. The natural progression and preservation of the species depends on you, and you will have to do it one day or the other. Generationally, species will have to advance, the bad genes have to be weeded out and the best genes have to survive. So artsy or not, its natural selection anyway!! The fact that is alarming is that bongs are being weeded out, which is very evident from the comparison of the percentages of bongs in national and international institutes of repute at the time of independence and today. So the future of bongs depends on you. GO AND FIND THE RIGHT GENES(ASSUMING YOU HAVE THE RIGHT ONES!!)

  89. dude, i must say -you rock……….its the same way i feel about bengali girls,but i could have never expressed my feelings in the way you have…..KEEP IT UP….

  90. Mahayan – can anyone provide me the full text of this epic parody?? Or point me to a link that has the full text??


  91. After reading through this deeply profound discussion, with a helluva lot of research on the sexiness, hotness or sensualnes of Bong girls, their nekami, their Aijo,..their big bindis and arched backs in sarees…heres what I have o sya. I am married to a Mallu looking Bong man, (becoz he is taller than 6 feet, not very fair and very handsome), I know for a fact that every Bong man lusts after a Punju girl (preferably Sardarni)while most Bong women adore Punju men (WOW…so masculine…and look at amar shontu???) . Why is it that the epitome of attractiveness is always across the border???
    Me? I am a part of the rest of the universe – Obangali

  92. I love the backs of all bongs. Its so sexy and inviting. Their eyes, their lips.. wow.

  93. Funny. Rather sexist for an ugly guy, but funny too.

  94. now this was good. πŸ™‚

    forgive me for discovering your blog so late? Btw, what do you do for living and how do you find so much time to put in your thoughts?

  95. Have been hooked to your blog for quite long now…..This post had attracted my attention on the first day itself, but today when i was re reading it that i found it all the more hillarious. kudos to your observation. Well am from JU arts myself and so could perfectly identify myself with all the JUisms. Dont know if it works that ways outside JU also. But still you made me feel nostalgic about the good ole AC canteen days(many a engg guy-arts girl love story began here) or the AFSU sanskriti where engg guys used to come in troops just to get a glimpse of the sari clad arts girls…..Just wanted to say a big thank you

  96. hmmmm.
    Dear GB,
    I cant help but feel sorry for you who did not have a chance to meet a bong siren from science and engineering background. Me being a bong IIITian (a girl too, but of course not as hot as Vidya Balan ;))has ample opportunities to interact with them. Bengali girls are very famous in IIT campus. Most of them have got a special aura. They are extremely talented, very intelligent and yet sizzling hot. only thing they lack is a razor sharp sense of humor like yours.:)

  97. Re-read the entry after ages, and found it as hilarious as I had found it then.

    Been in the Arts faculty for years without realizing what the Engineering guys thought about us. Did see those raised eyebrows and open mouths in the AC canteen somethimes though. And felt those stares when we went to pay the fees and tried to appear nonchalant in the middle of 1000 engineering blokes sitting around.

    @Ushasi & Diya: Truly, how many of us could arch our backs and look seductive at the same time?

    @db: Am flattered. And grateful.

  98. Oh, absolutely agree with you! Excerpt (annoyingly repetitive):

    Mr. X: Bong girls are bloody hot, I tell you!

    Me: Right.

    Mr. X: Oh, you wouldn’t appreciate it; you’re a girl yourself. Don’t know how you stay in Calcutta and disagree with me, though. Even if you’re a girl, you have to accept this.

    Me: Right.

    Mr. X: Oh, wait a sec…I completely forgot! You’re a Bong, aren’t you?

    Me: Right.


    The other side (equally repetitive and *smirk* not-so-annoying):

    Ms. X: Bong men are such wimps! Utterly useless!

    Me: Right.

    Ms. X: Are you a girl or not? And you live in Calcutta! You should know! Do you even associate with Bong men? It’s pathetic, isn’t it?

    Me: Right.

    Ms. X: Oh, wait a sec…I completely forgot! You’re a Bong, aren’t you?

    Me: Right.


    Stereotypes, cliches. Where would we be without them, eh?

  99. hey !
    im a girl…
    im a bong…
    im probashi…
    i shud be offended by every single thing in this post…
    better yet, i have a thesis to submit tomorrow….

    so y have i just spent the last twenty minuites checking ot your desibaba post and then reading all kinds of derogations against almost every single societal group i belong to??

    and y in the h*** am i laughing so hard !!!????

  100. We always thought engg girls were not just few but also nyaka, ghaaNti and unrelentingly desperate for male company.
    Isn’t it also true that most women from arts wouldnt want anything to do with anyone belonging to the “lech zone” , seperated from the rest of campus by nathuda’s canteen? Ok…maybe one girl…from philosophy.
    Were we all wrong all this time? who can say, u guys are the scientific types after all.

  101. Some people in your comments section are asserting that engg girls are “sizzling hot”!!! This might be a sweeping generalisation, but havent’t they all portey portey dried up?
    Non-males bolto na? ermmm…I am so confused now.

  102. wow!!!GB now you have matrimonial queries to solve too!!!

  103. Pretty impressive writing style by the author with a good sense of humour on such a funny yet debatable topic.

    Being in Calcutta/kolkata for years and familiar with its people (several Bong friends…both genders), culture, food habits, literature and history and belonging to its neighbour state had plenty of opportunity and experiences to relate to and understand all these expressions by all.

    Following are my observations about Bong beauties. I care it less if they are typecast as ‘myths’ or subjective analysis. I leave this to you all to examine and analyse.

    1. Majority of Bong girls/females are voloptuous/sexy with their well-endowed body (hence, the song, banglar bodhu buk bhora madhu…) particularly a heavy and rounded top. Large eyes always inviting in silence.

    2. Extra marital affairs is rampant in West Bengal (the others being Tamilnadu & Kerala).

    3. Mother fixation. Women dominated family. Husbands are mostly henpacked. Wife dominates the husband. The common sight on the streets of Kolkata…Lipstick washed wife, swinging the vanity bag followed by the mismatching hubby following her with the kids in arm and a vegetable bag. (in fact, this was a cartoon appeared in the local daily also).

    Alone, the hubby characters behave like tigers with a ciggy in the mouth and talking politics and literature and ‘jatra’ on the street corners or tea-stalls/shops and ogling at all types of ‘meyes’.

    4. Bangali girls/ladies are very good in cultural and literary activities (song/dance/drama/poems etc).

    5. Their unique physical features make them identifiable in a crowd like their male counterparts (mostly with their unique pronounciation/smoking & paan chewing/typical moustache/hair-style etc). And the married females with sankhaa, pohlaa and sindoor/bindi.

    Well, with utmost regard and love to Bangla naari/boudis/meye/maashi/peeshi and all bangla bodhu with buk bhora madhu…I must say that, they are quite fascinating and enjoyable company. Freedom of expression or what but, sexuality is pretty much overt and borders on exibitionism atleast inside Bengal even now. The British legacy is still evident and runs through the ‘bhadralok’ in the affluent society. Open sex is rampant in the rural areas.

    Still, I love to have a Bengali girl by my side as a companion.


  104. Myself arts background only, but begging to humbly not concur. My MA class 31 strong okay? Twenty-three gerls, rest boys (I am guessing!) Popular notion was that boys had choice, girls had competition. Nice try! Not one decent piece! Okay da, make that two decent pieces. Art chicks my indelicate well-shod heel!! Oil and waat-yaa and bore. Prate not.

    Of the aam aadmi and saris, Richard Crasta q.v., says, and I nearly quote: “Indian men love their beauties wrapped in saris. It does wonders to their imagination.” Amen to that!

  105. Axtually, this fascination for the opposite sex is universal and a way of God to get us engaged in this world. Innumerable debates and reams of papers have been devoted to such issues unending. Ditto here on this platform. Yes, ladies in general are an interesting species and attarcts the attention of the males. Sometimes, a specific species hailing from a specific geography are more andowed with their inherited genes. Bong beauties are in that league. More voluptuous and wearing their sexuality on their nimble sleeves with doe eyed looks that differentiates them from the rest of their brigade. Take this as a complement and adore these females. Unfortunately, more often than not, this gets generailised on the border of cliche. But with due respect to this clan, I must say that, Indian ladies are similar in nature and are more sexy and alluring in sarees etc than their much exposed counterparts across the globe.

  106. The unfortunate fall out of this fashion mani is the disturbing emergence of size-0 physic. Hope, the females in India atleast, understands the repulsive nature of such a figure, which is not desirable and definitely takes the shin out of such natural beauties. Ms Kareena Kapoor is one such pathetic example (like several others). The so called ‘fashion trends’ with media backing is creating such disturbing phenomena and influencing the nubile minds across the globe. The Indian women is also a victim of this deplorable trend and should stay away from it as far as possible to retain its natural charm. This doesn’t prescribe to the ‘thunder thigh’ syndrome still prevalent in the south side of our country with gaudy dress sense and colour combo. All those ‘beauty pagents’ are futile exercises at enhancing the ‘real beauty’ and freedom of women. The presctibed diet regime is just restricted to this timeframe during such pagents. Stop this cruelty and remove the gloss over such psudo-practices to go against the nature.

  107. Thanks for this post!

    Brought me back to those days of the OAT and Sanskriti! A small trip down memory lane. Come to think of it, somehow colleges like Presidency or JU has a greater concentration of this peculiar combination of cultural-moral-educational background. Maybe it is a reinforcing cycle that has reached critical mass. Others places are yet to follow. πŸ™‚

  108. hey there im bong from SE asia! glad to see that u think im hot! i think so too! and im tall and handsome and very humourous. yay this is the internet and im so serious. thank you you. come SE asia visit me sometime k? thanks! shake ur bong bong every night and think of me in the mirror wooot

  109. Sneher Dada,

    Dukkho holo jeney je tomaar blog etodin podhtey paarini…knot knowing someone’s existence will do that to you, sadly enough.

    Btw, you’re Bong on (do not excuse the pun)about the way we Probaashi women look at the Kolkata counterparts. Or rather the way we used to.

    But the kind of currency Bong women hold just by being Bongs is a discovery I’ve made very recently. Again, bheri sadly enough.

    We too lusted after Punjabi men since “bheto-gento-aar teto bangalee” men did not ring our bell. But knowing Punjus, depilators were also kept in mind.

    But having invested in human resources primarily down south, one thinks back that maybe ekta padhaa’ar chheley hoyeto kharap hoto na.


  110. Must say Bong women are great.
    I know this lady who is very attractive, successful and still maintains her vulnerable sweet looks despite being at a senior position at a very competitive firm. All the men, either working with her also say she is very smart, intelligent and at the same time really sweet and well mannered.

    How do they do have all great traits in one person.

  111. great read!
    People say “bongs are hot” instead of “most of bongs are hot”. But I doubt whether rani is hot πŸ™‚

  112. great read!
    People say β€œbongs are hot” instead of β€œmost of bongs are hot”. But I doubt about rani being hot πŸ™‚

  113. Hi Arnab

    Absolutely agreed on the “pro-bashi” vs “bashi” Bangali part… πŸ™‚ pun not intended…

    … and so much laughed about your comments about the Punjabi etc girls…

    … and also couldn’t resist agreeing with Ananya’s observations…

    On the whole great read… I have been inviting my friends and families to read your post… really good… keep writing…

    Smiles πŸ™‚

  114. The blog was fun reading mostly coz i loved the creative metaphors and the satire.
    As of the generalizations , you’re correct upto certain extent and yet, its flawed too just like all generalizations πŸ™‚

    Being a Probashi Bong i have to agree we really look down upon the typical kol babes. They are NEKA , the idiotic PDA’s turn me off bigtime. The feeling is similar to have been locked in a lab suffocating with H2S and you have to finish your experiments even if you are dying !!

    We also dislike the kol guys for the following reasons:
    1. Their van is bhan , five is phive , gaadi is gaari and so on.
    2. They are pseudo-intellectuals. They have a logic for everything and since they also have a mouth, they’ll express their super idiotic opinion on everything. For a state teeming with such *addabaj* intellectuals i wonder why the focus is on protests than creation?
    3. Either they are super boring intellectuals or fun individuals who do not have an iota of intellect!!
    4. The pride of being a bong , bitchiness and yet the art of getting jealous and backstabbing that very bong best friend.

    Believe me for all of my cousins who have tied the knot, one of the top most criteria to short list the spouse was that he/she should be a probashi bong.

    Men who have enough brains to be stimulated intellectually by women of substance would appreciate and look for more than how women gyrate to rhythm in their female friends πŸ™‚

    This isn’t a rant, just took a leaf outta your book to chip my generalizations.

    All said and done, I am a huge fan of all the intellectual bong beauties [ sush , konkona, nandita], refined male actors , directors, artistes.
    I am proud to be a part of the clan which brought feminism to the fore ages ago [Vidyasagar and Vivekananda] and i like to believe despite the occasional MCPs , bong men in general do understand women and know how to give them space. But I also understand that non bongs are no lesser mortals than we’re.

    I also will not deny that i have been time and again compared and dubbed mishti just coz i am a bong. [i am sure after reading this comment u’d have realised i am nething but tht] and people around me have picked up the language from me because apparently to them no other language sounds as sweet but bangla.

    The non bongs are simply awestruck most of the times how a bong- academically inclined can also be good at several other arts and sports.

    neka gets boka after a while and that femininity and overt sweetness might kill! BEWARE πŸ™‚

  115. probashi bong gal April 25, 2009 — 1:21 am

    I have read this article more than once, and each time it just made me laugh so much:)
    Lops, where did you meet 5’8″ bong guys? They are usually around 5’5″ to 5’6″. Anything beyond that is considered tall among bong guys.

  116. Bengali girls are indeed beautiful, charming and intelligent.
    They have morals and a sense of right and wrong. I am a Marathi guy with a lot of Bengali friends (men and women) and I can say that Bengali girls stand out amongst a crowd of women in terms of beauty, grace and intellect.

  117. I am a bengali and yes most of the bengali girls are neka. So I prefer non-bengali girls in that respect.

  118. Feminine charms are okay but overtly feminine charms which come out as nyakami is unwelcome whether from a bong girl or for that matter from any girl…Its irritating.

  119. “Nyakami” definitely works its magic when the girl is pretty, otherwise it’s just a major turn off. Hell, if the girl is pretty who’d even care how “nyaaka” or “paakaa” she is!

    But that’s me speaking, a probasi Bengali male. Most of my non-Bengali friends would date a piss-pot if it spoke “Ishhh” in a saccharine sweet voice and somehow swayed its hips wearing a ‘shaadaa lal-pare’ sari! The mystique of the Bengali girl lives hale and hearty.

  120. u guys r all wrong it is otherwise. HOHOHo Girls other than bengalis r so tempting that all our patis r leaving for them. So get out of ur dreamland & go for the actual temtation & stop harresing us.

  121. well must say arnab da great piece of work. hailing fron ju arts faculty it self i must mention that “nekami” is a skill we girls posses but rarely harness……… works wonders often specially when the girl is pretty.
    on the context of whether bengalis girls are hot or not..its all in the eyes of the beholder. bengalis girls most of course are god gifted with the art of seduction . nowadays the scenario is different because they look seductive in everything they wear. its the oomph they have which none possess and which is cumulatively increasing by the days.
    also i beg to differ Bengali girls no more say “no” .
    its of course what i know about ju arts faculty ………and is not that generalized.

  122. I chose this post as my Mind Blowing Monday Post – II !!! Congrats πŸ™‚ Read more at

  123. no offence but bengali girls wid arched bak is a myth the truth is bengali girls are dark wid thin arms and legs and a pot belly. the beauty of a bengali girl is being hyped out of proportion. i have studied bong grls closely( no pun intended) but they have a habit of bitchin about ne n everythin under d sun. but mostly d victims are oder good lukin grls who happen to cross their path, abt how bad she luks, how bad her figure is , the way she walks. d bengali grl puts up facade of sweetness and politeness which many misjudge as innocence and it wears off after sumtime, people often confuse the overt feminism of a bengali girl 4 seductiveness which can actually be quite a turnoff. lastly sumone should let dem know dat skin huggin tight fittin clothes does not go with excess fat n lovehandles. they should either join a gym or stop wearin such dresses which they cannot carry. i must also say that they are not what they luk on the inside

    people who are under d misconception that a benagli girl is innocent and has an arched bak n all that stuff, beware

    sorry 4 bein so blunt cannot help it

  124. Faisal:

    Bitter much?! Had a bad break-up with a Bengali girl? LOL
    I have a non-bong friend who had pretty bad experience dating couple of Bengali guys, and she holds the whole Bengali clan responsible for it. You exactly sound like her – just that you are a guy.
    Get over it, dude!

  125. I had a lovely read. Never did I think that Bong guys could also go gaga over Punjabi babes (sorry to hurt the Bong – testosterone sentiments) πŸ˜€ Being a Bong (that too Probasi), all I could gather about the non-NRBs (non non resident Bongs) was they are bespectacled,with their heads dug into thick books,breathing only when their “Maa” asked them to do so and with an air of superiority that they are the BEST. πŸ˜› Bong dudes (well, I don’t know how right it would be to categorize them as “the dudes” ) have Rabindranath Tagore , Satyajeet Ray, Amartya Sen and what not at their finger tips. If you talk with them about anything in the world, they would suddenly , from nowhere, broach up the topic of a Tagore or a Ray and digress in such a manner , that you won’t be able to remember what you were actually discussing. Politics is their cup of tea. With endless rantings and speculations on would win the upcoming election and with a characteristic heavy sigh, the utterance of this expression “Poshchim Banglar kissu hobe na” shows their expertise in Politics :D. Same goes for Cricket. Even if Sourab Dada scores consecutive ducks, he still outperforms a Sachin or a Ponting any day! πŸ˜›

    Whatsoever, I too, seemed to digress from “Bong gals” to “Bong guys”. I sincerely admit, Bong girls (the non NRB damsels) are “nyaka” (no wonder, why Bhansali asked Aish to ape that characteristic “issh” in Devdas) , “phooler ghaaye murche jaava” (Injured at the slightest touch) , nauseatingly romantic with emotions flowing in wild gushes.
    But, they stand far (may be some light years away) from others. They are brainy, literary sound and with good aesthetic tastes. Quite unlike a Punju gal, who throughout her life would read a Chetan Bhagat and think that she has now registered herself as a proud member of the intelligentsia. Punju girls, by default and by God’s immense grace, are high pitched. They can never handle a Guitar or a Sitar, they are well with those “Belan” and “Jhadoos” πŸ˜› (no offence meant) .

    All in all, had an interesting read! ❀ you Great Bong (does this shoot up your hormonal levels?) πŸ˜€

  126. @Prerna:
    An avalanche of stereotypes. Hope your tongue was firmly in cheek…:-)

  127. Nice Read,
    What is that thing that Bengalis call Punjabi and Punjabis call Bengali?
    Kurta Pyjama.
    BTW in all my interactions with Bongs, one thing i can say is they are never boring (generalizing but just my opinion).
    And Bong girls are indeed beautiful, it is the whole package i think, but mostly their lilting manner of speaking. Something to do with the diet maybe, is it all the Mishti or the Macherjhol.

  128. We all, with all our intellect firmly held between our legs, went ahead and did exactly the same thing. We came out of the closet into the launch pad and were catapaulted into first world across seven seas.
    One did not. He hated oogling at women on the jheel side, he was not in short supply, ever. JU just happened, so he could quit easy. Women came to him mostly because he was not busy chasing them down in breaks between his selfish personal endeavours to realise his ambitions. And when he fell in love..he really fell.
    Hotness, bongness, seduction and repulsion are essentially personal. But for that we need to qualify as persons, individuals with unaffected ideologies, not a pack of donkeys going the way all others go and ‘rising’ to the occasion when a female of the species is in sight.
    My fellow JU engineers and bongs, I admit you are NRIs now..but you do disappoint me…and you always have.

  129. I totally agree withu on probashis. they are nekas, and fat and ugly, although not w/o brains.
    iam from ju cse myself, i always fell for engg girls. donβ€˜tkno w why. there is a combination of scholar and regal in them, i guess thats what attracts me more.
    i have to admit the arts students are far more proficient in publisjing their feminine ends, i guess that what repel me a bit. engg girls knowing they have a much better market b4, can afford t be thir natural self.

  130. A nice observation from an Anglo(half Irish) who lived in Kolkata-I’ve heard many of your Bengali women get married with Other Indian while Bengali boys/men from upper caste claim they are very intellectual and have produced many luminaries.

    Then why Bengali women go for other community?That’s mean other Indian male are less intellectual/low IQ and due to their low capability Bengali women prefer them on whom they can rule(sigh!).

    While Bengali boys/men are pretty much westernized and they even call their women primitive,dumb in front of international people

    Please read this blog_Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle

    comments of Bengali from post 890-902.

    So is it because of their superiority complex many of your women go for other Indian while many famous Bengali men probably go with western women as they were talking there.

  131. The major difference between a Probashi Bengali girl & a Bong is…even after 6 affairs a Bongs would always vouch for her ‘Wash Tulsi Leaf’ status…..unlike Probashis.

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