Jaye Jaya Lalithe

Jayalalitha has a raaga named after her—-Jaya Jaya Lalithe composed for her by the Carnatic music guru Balamurali Krishna. As Telegraph notes: not even Tansen has the privilege.

Pity that there already was a song for Jayalalitha— “Amma Dekh” sung by Bali (not Bala) Bramha(not Krishna) Bhatt for the movie “Stuntman”

The height of sycophancy—-if there is one.

10 thoughts on “Jaye Jaya Lalithe

  1. Jaya He Jaya He Jaya He
    Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya
    He He He He….:-)

  2. Jayalalitha is such a sexy gal after all.Compare that with Tansen and you know why who came up trimphs!!

  3. Balamurali has always had a reputation for being a little eccentric. He seems to be able to live up to it.

  4. You rmr Amma dekh from Stuntman. Damn! You rock!!!

  5. I think a greater height (newer depth?) of sycophancy was displayed by the artist Shihan Hussaini whom I interviewed in Chennai on Amma’s birthday. He painted 56 portraits of her with his own blood. Uh, restraining order anyone?

  6. @Pratyush—-Are you the ghost of MGR by any chance?

    @Srikanth—This seems to be expedient rather than eccentric.

    @Anil—I still remember the opening lines and part of the Mukhra…

    @Chamique– Ok that’s the height. But what I cannot gather is that why such a well-known personality like Balamurali Krishna has to stoop to this level.

  7. Balamurali Krishna claims to have created a few hundred “new” ragas…….almost all of them are sung only by him

    “What’s another one?”, he must have thought.

    “I don’t have anything to loose by pulling one more out of the air, but amma might just give me another award or something, so I have every thing to gain.”

    So…..Jaya Jaya Lalitha….:-)

  8. Given the situation in TN, the genius may have composed the raaga with Goddess Lalitha in his mind and told the chief-mister(!), this is for you. He softly saying to himself, that the raaga is for The Lalitha in her.

    Or am I expecting too much?

  9. @Sunil…I am sure that’s exactly what he thought….

    @Amar Very Yudhisthiran…..Ashwathama incidentally was a white elephant…wonder why I said that in the context of Amma.

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