Blog Day

It’s Blog Day. Why so? Because 3108 looks like the word “blog”……the graphic to the left shows how that works out.

The point of Blog Day is to link to 5 blogs which you find interesting. In keeping with the general tone of this blog (which is almost never very serious—-except the times I get into my rants) and stretching the definition of “interesting”, let me give you 5 tongue-firmly-in-cheek recommendations.

1.Mangal Pandey’s blog: Unquestionably, the oldest dude in the Indian blogosphere, Mangal Pandey is living proof that blogging is for all ages—even the 1700s.

Of course, age has been kind to him—-he looks surprisingly like Aamir Khan, India’s cerebral filmstar. Some critics of course claim that this blog is ghosted—-of course duh ! Mangal Pandey was hanged by the British—so yes it is being “ghost written”—-god some people want everything spelt out to them.

Favorite line: However I don’t agree with you when you say that Indian Cinema is not for me and that I should go to Hollywood. I am very happy and proud to be an Indian. And I am very proud to be part of Indian Cinema. Do not underestimate our power and value, and do not be unduly enamored by the west.

Which explains why Mangal Pandey never attends Filmfares but canvasses for an Oscar. Oh I am sorry that was Aamir Khan.

2. Bipasha Basu’s blog: Just what men all over India wanted. A peek into Bipasha’s most sought-after asset: her brain. Of course there is not much on the blog except one post which critics say reads like a promo for her future release “Apaharan” and a tag-board (the bane of all serious bloggers).

There are of course a bunch of well-thoughtout comments like :” pls stick to western wear..u look funny in traditional indian dresses” and ” bips i love you(more than john)” and “well bipasa u only tell the one theing to the indian world that body fitness is the current mantra to get excel in the most havoc creating bollywood industry i or every indian must feel proud you of being an indian atleast i do” .

Needless to say, there are losers with vulgar suggestions and people who think that giving their cell phone number in a comment will tempt Bipasha to give them a call.

Favorite Line: Initially, I was hesitant, since I am familiar with the kinds of film PJ usually makes. All the big words were coming to me — socially relevant, gripping social themes, hard-hitting.In short: Serious cinema. It would be a first for me.

The mind of Bipasha….fascinating.

3. Hawk’s Blog: Accept it. You have, in the course of your life, at least once craned your neck to see a car wreck or a thief getting beaten up by the public. Hawk’s blog, for those of you who don’t know it, is India’s premier trainwreck—–a hate site whose constituency is Westernized, liberated women for whom he has nothing but the most sincere scorn.

Hold it, you ask, aren’t you driving up this guy’s traffic by linking to him ? Yeah why not ! He deserves to be heard and laughed at.

Favorite Line: Of course, more than the women these certain type of men are to be blamed. They should all be collectively nuked for shaming men in general.


4. Parimal Sondawale’s Blog (Save Maharashtra) : A gem of a blog which competes with Hawk’s blog for undiluted vitriol—-Parimal is the shoo-in for the national integration blog award for this year. What Hawk thinks of “chick bloggers”, Parimal thinks of everyone.

According to him, Bongs are irritating Marxists, Tamils are sex-maniacs, Kannadigas are pimps…….

Okay so another hate site—-but what makes it unique (besides the incessant rape of the English language) is his manic style of writing—-you can just feel the froth emanating from his hate-filled lips hitting you as you read through the blog. Which you have to accept is a stylistic achievement.

Favorite Lines: (from a post titled; Bangali pocha!!!!! Sabaka Dadhi Nocha!!!!! )

Some persons(not all) thinks that they and there culture are best among the world.Therefore it should be preserved(There is not even a significant achievment or development in West Bangal since Brtisher left India because they want to cherish the Memories of English culture). In the past we are very much aware that Marxist Bongs have welcomed the attack of China on India! People protest in Kolkata if Tram leaves the stations by time! Forget about the industry….Haratal is there main slogan.Sona kachi -Kolkata is Asia’s largest red light area. Philips is not doing well because the top Management which handles it are all …..Again…i am not saying that all Bong… are same….but some .are……..

You know what, besides the spelling of “Sonagachi” being wrong and the fact that it is not the largest brothel in the world, I think I am basically in agreement with our friend here. Once you forget Satyajit Ray and a few other luminaries that is.

But of course there are a few factual mistakes and weird assumptions —-as one commenter on his blog points out, he seriously should not assume that Shyam Benegal is Bengali (and so favored by Bongs) just because the ‘Benegal” sounds like “Bengal”.

5. Intentionally Left Blank: There were many other “interesting” blogs that I thought would be worth your time but as I mentioned in a previous post, I consider “pointing out” specific blogs to be not exactly cricket. (The first 4 are definitely specific blogs—but celebrities and hate sites are the exception to the above mentioned rule) .

I shall keep this space blank till Parnab Mukherjee or Jackie Shroff (he once had a website) or Mayawati start blogging—-think of this as Rama’s empty throne on which Bharata put his slippers—a place holder till next year.

Happy Blog Day!

(PS: As per BlogDay etiquette, I am supposed to email each of the referred blogs. Alas ! Mangal Pandey, being a devout Bramhin, does not open emails delivered across Kala-Pani, Hawk has mutliple identities and personalities (so do not know where to write to him) and Parimal’s spam blocker blocks all senders with the word “Bong” or “Bengal” in the name field.

Bipasha Basu’s email— I am still looking for)

20 thoughts on “Blog Day

  1. big day indeed
    dint know what the big fuss about BLOG DAY was all about, guess i have a way to go

    nice post as usual, if there was a ISO rating in blogdom, i think ur blog would cross all possible limits and set new ones in the process….

    keep it goin

    PS: leave a hyperlink to parnab’s antics, much talked abt in blogdom i guess

  2. Hilarious! How on earth did you manage to unearth the parimal guy’s rant blog BTW?

  3. haha!!! this was good..The Hawk’s blog i think takes the cake..will have to check out parimal sondhewales blog needs some entertainment in ones life after all 🙂

    happy blogging

  4. Oh man, Arnab!! That Marathi manus (Parimal Sondawale’s )is awesome. It can not get better than this. Pure Chauvinism.

    Hilarious is not the word for it. How do you find such funny links?

    Needless to say, another top-notch post.

    PS I unite with him on his calling Tam ‘sex maniacs’. My sojourn with Tams made me believe that they have hyperactive ‘glands’.

  5. GB
    WTF…h’come I didnt get a mention with these greats. Im miffed man.
    I not only thinking of Saving Maharshtra but thinks save world and entire world. All these non-Marathi people also thinks and so does Marathi.

    Now with the Bollywood types crowding the blogosphere, I’m worried about my blog traffic man. Instead of 4 people reading it now (including me), I may be left with 2.

    Jai Bheeru…Ye dosti hum nahi todenge…


  6. @almost_useless: thanks….Blog day is actually a nice concept.

    @Ambar: Credit due to Aniruddha of fame who brought it to my notice a month or two ago. After that, I have become hooked.

    @Ron: Happy blogging to you too !

    @Ritzy: “Hyperactive glands”….gee whiz !!!

    @Chappan: Once Blo US takes off, you will be da man—love the name

    @Neha: Thanks…:-)

  7. wandered in from somewhere (someone’s bloggers day post). just wanted to say that the bong-rant quote was really hilarious! though im a bong myself – its is at times sad and sometimes funny and ofetn maddening to see the bong-attitude, but ofcourse you can generalise. all bongs arent dont die for maachh and all bihari’s dont talk funny and all maharashtrians dont sing (when they think they’re talking). there are some awesome bongs around (like me) but yeah the majority paati-bangaali is a pain! but one thing i am a little biased abt is Cal … 🙂

  8. there was some blog written in hindi.. run by amar singh.. campaigning for his party.. but it’s already been pulled down I believe..otherwise he could have filled that empty space..

  9. @Prerona..Amen to that…cant say I am totally objective towards Kolkata either.

    @Twilight Fairy: Dang ! I would have loved to read that.

  10. although i think bengalis are quite more good ppl if compared to gujjus and northis but why did u criticize Parimals blog.
    why u asshole,dont love ur mother tongue and ur state.i can say that about 50% of todays marathi youh thinks the same way as parimal.

    and plz ‘angrez ki najayaz aulad’ keep ur rubbish comments to urself.
    FUCK U.

  11. YOURFAN writes:
    @rcmpost: Your comment to GB which comprises of your choice of word with F**** is despicably shocking. I won’t stoop so low to use that word to you. I pray for your better wisdom and better usage of words. By the way, the use of the ‘F’ word in a public domain does not denote that you have mastery over English language nor mastery over anything remotely associated with any culture or family heritage or family value. I am sure you value at least the good name of your own family and its heritage so don’t bring it down with the usage of such ‘f’ words in a public domain which is visited by so many decent men and women. Use it (if you are so desperate) in your own private world.

  12. Dear Anon,
    I think there was no need comment on Parimal’s blog.GB shouldnt have used this sarcastic language against that blog.If he has right to comment about his blog then why shouldnt I?
    Anyways anon,please gather some courage and use ur id to post the comments.Or perhaps it is GB who has commented on my blog.Stop being anonymous.
    Let me repeat myself again,i dont hate bengalis as such but seriously ur bangladeshi counterparts are good for nothing.And not to forget ur firebrand Mamta who is ‘not comfortable’ when we throw out those creatures.
    Jai Maharashtra

  13. YOURFAN writes
    @rcmpost: Yes, you have every right to comment but all I said is that you should not be using the f*** word in public domain.

    It was me who left the anon comment (the only comment on your latest post!!!) on your blog but I could not identify myself as Yourfan because I am not your fan but GB’s yourfan. In your reply to my comment you wrote: “Dear anonymous a.k.a GreatBong, please write your comments using ur id. Dont be anonymous.” This is pure form of insinuation which is obviously not backed by any fact and this shows your attitude and suspicious mind.

    Your last comment regarding “bangladeshi counterparts” are so biased and so full of hatred that I think the fitting reply to your unfounded hatred would be just to keep quiet. Had it not been to defend GB (who did not post a comment on your latest post and besides he is too busy to care about a person’s post who is full of hatred and suspicion) I would have ignored you all together. People with so much hatred to a particular class of people are not worth my time. I would never consider a Maharastrian (I use Maharastrian as an example only because you sign of as “Jai Maharashtra”) who stay in WB to be “good for nothing” nor will I ever say that we should “throw out those creatures”. Just think about this point – it will do a lot of good to your mind and attitude.

  14. The reason, Yourfan, why I did not reply to this freak is simply because I have better things to do in life. Note how he throws a bone at me by saying that he thinks Bongs are good unlike Gujjus and “Northis”. His hero, Parimal is more creative: Kannadigas are pimps, Tamils are perverts….

    Now RCMPost this is my first and last reply to you. You have every right to comment—as long as you know how to talk like a civilized human being: which by the looks of things is a word that is as alien to you as tolerance. So Jai Maharasthra to you. And trust me, dear friend, I would NEVER, even in my most insane moment, ever comment on your blog……so dont kid yourself okay?

  15. Oh my god!Ur calling me insane.I think the heading of ur blog itself speaks about u.So dear please dont throw ur ‘random demented thoughts’ to us.If u dont subscribe to our views forget it.anon and greatbong,ur sarcastic comments are extremely hillarious and guys,please stop being snobs.

    i dont know why u got so anxious after reading Parimals blog.Dont u bengalis have love for ur state?ur language??Dont u sing amar shonar bangla???In fact the obsession for Saurav Ganguly is like if u throw out of Indian team ur insulting WB.Parimal,i think just wanted to point out that hypocrisy.

    Hatred?I think u will know why we think that way when ur own rich bangla culture and language will die in ur own land,when u will become minority in Kolkata.Do you know history?105 maharashtrians were gunned down in Mumbai,why because they wanted a Marathi lingual state.Who killed them?No they were not Pakis but our very own brave Indian policemen,who was responsible?Chacha nehru!From 50 years maharashtrians from Belgaum-Karvar are been opressed from Kannadigas,the mayor’s face was blackened just because they demanded inclusion of Belgaum with Maharashtra.In Maharashtra,the real son-of-soil is being marginalised,opressed in every way possible.I think the rage which has caused between maharashtrians is absolutely justified and so is my using F-word.

    So dear ‘civilised human beings’ u r the biggest hypocrites who never faced problems and dont know facts.U have no right to pass comment if u dont know the reason behind the hatred.Your sarcastic lingo sucks big time.No body hates anyone without valid reason.And btw Indian govt. has realised that bangladeshis are infact a major threat to NW India and unity.Mr.Thackray has been telling this from long back.But isnt he bloody fascist fellow to u?Truth has finally came out.

    and yeah thanks for ur time spent on countering my post;as if u r as busy as pranab mukherjee or buddhadeb bhattacharya!

    Jai Maharashtra.

  16. No bong i have not thrown any bone at u.I wrote it because ur not in significant numbers here and hence there is hardly any question of conflict.And my bangladeshis i mean bengali muslims i didnt refer it to bengalis..
    As if we dont know dear,once Mr.nandy said ‘Kolkata’ is capital of Rajasthan.This statement makes it quite clear that unrest exists there too.

    This problem arises due to economical-imbalance.Northis and gujjus are us what u r to assamese.I hope it will get into ur demented mind.Amen.

  17. It is quite convenient to quote a certain Mr. Parimal and take potshots at his English. But, the crux of the matter is your apparent ignorance at the richness and depth of Marathi culture and literature. So, for every ‘inadept at english parimal’, there are thousands of maharashtrians who are proficient in English. Not tht it is a benchmark, but apparently, for is!
    Anyways, certain groups of daft people including the ones on this blog fail to comprehend that you are staying in Maharashtra with no compulsion whatsoever to assimilate Marathi language and culture except when you are sweet-talking out of trouble with a traffic policeman.
    Go to tamil nadu, bengal or gujarat to name a few truly ‘linguistic’ states and you woulnd’t survive a week without trying your hand at the ‘local’ lingo. Even the marwadis in the pseudo-capital of rajasthan-calcutta, which for some incognizable reason is changed to kolkata (mumbai was the original name to begin with), have developed the peculiar bengali twang as the local language is gutted down their throat anyways.
    So, analyze and fathom your surroundings and privileges before having a peurile laugh at some one.

  18. You are doing very good work…. continue..

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