Admin Update

A small update. Right now in Kolkata where my net connection is erratic. So do not know when next I shall be able to post. I shall reply to all the comments once I return home. Or hopefully sooner.

17 thoughts on “Admin Update

  1. Ah …Kolkata during Durga Pujo – oh how I envy you 🙂 Have a great time !

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  3. Use Microsoft Word. Copy the file onto a floppy. Visit a broadband cyber cafe. And publish! But PUHLEEZ,don’t make us wait…

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  5. Dude!! When did you go to Calcutta? Didnt know you were going to.Awesome!
    And umm, among folks we know(Prem etc.)…does anyone blog?
    Have been dutifully reading your posts,just been to lazy to comment.

  6. In case u read this column again, I’ll be there very soon too…Sat’day morning!! Sharadiyar antorik preeti o shubhechha! Khub moja korish!
    May be once ur back home, we can exchange notes…from a probashi perspective;)

  7. Wow,that’s happy!Home for the Pujo.

  8. 😦 i wanna go to cal too 😦

  9. you’re here? good good. have a fatafati pujo!

  10. Hello Mr Bong…thats great news. Enjoy yr trip and durga pujo festival (as I gather frm other probashi commenters). And while you are at it, also to pliss to get some lowdown on Dada.

  11. And we are practically neighbors.

  12. So how was Pujo this time?

  13. @Jatayu….yes did have a great time. It is the best time to come to doubt.

    @Harsh: Well a new one has been posted…thanks for the enthu.

    @Bubbled: Ms Congeniality, nope SB junta that you know of blog…unfortunately have to be here alone as mita cant travel out.

    @Priya: Sharodiya preeti and subecha and subhyo bijoya. Yes look fwd to exchanging notes…

    @Srin, Rimi: gracias…hope to see you guys at the blog meet.

    @Prerona: Do it !

    @Suhail: Dada is inaugurating Pujas left and right…..his elbow has been sore from cutting ribbons. He also batted to Buddhababu—our Chief Min…seems thats the only kind of bowling he is comfortable facing.

    @Ph: practically? where are you?

    @Anon…Pujo was a mixed bag…shall post on that.

    @Kaushik-Bidisha: Subho Bijoya.

    @all: Subho Bijoya again.

  14. Hmmm…I’m in India too right now, and although Kolkata is my base, I’m at home in Orissa, and the connectivity has been a bit of a challenge…

  15. Try BSNL Broadband, Alliance Cable or use any internet cafe equipped with them or even sify.

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