"No More" Machaye Shor

An extract from Natwarlal ‘s blog “Mere paas aao mere doston ek kissa suno” somewhere in the blogosphere.
– ———————————–
I miss the good old days. Siyaram Kasturi used to do the groceries, R Dhanbaan used to cut the onions , Moonekay Gandhi was a model in a towel, and Indura was India. Television was under our control, the PM used to be the RJ-in-chief on Akashvani and I used to sit, legs curled up behind me thinking of 20 points for the latest garibi jamboree program.

There were two superpowers in the world, the people who took money from both of them called themselves the “Non Aligned Movement” and all our conversations consisted of the “North South dialogue”, “the have and the have nots” and ” Get rid of poverty”.

Committees were called Politburos and “Gimme Red” meant another suitcase full of cash had arrived from the Kasturba Gandhi Briddhashram (which the world used to know as the KGB).

You needed a license to scratch your balls and red tape held the country together. And most of all, there was respect.

Now everything is different. It’s still possible to steal money like we used to do but now the pesky press just keeps head butting. Aaah in the old Emergency days we would have just shut down the power and then we would have seen where all this blogging-shogging would have been.

I mean what the f*** is wrong with people? Focker report… my foot? It’s just an insidious plot hatched by my bete noire — the Chutiya Intelligence Agency in return for all the money I took from them and never did anything. They have always hated me because they know of my influence among NAM and CHOWGM and ASSHOLE member countries and my open support for that what’s-his-name Cuban guy who gave Indura-ji a bear-hug and Condom Hussain.

I have never seen a barrel of oil in my life. How could I have stolen all those millions? Suitcases full of cash— I have seen. But this? Gimme a break.

Fact-finding committee my foot? I remember that WMD thing also was produced by a committee. I also remember that a committee absolved my dear friends Bharwah Singh, Jack-This Tightass and “Dekha Hain Paheli Baar” Sajan ” Ki Aankhon Mein Pyar” Kumari of all culpability in the 84 Delhi riots. And after this anyone takes committees seriously?

This was all a friggin set-up from the get go. And that Focker claims that he didnt even know I was a f***ing minister (FM) of India—-I mean god damn it man….the whole world knows who I am.

Of course I have not taken it lying down. Being a huge devotee of the Ponytail Guru, I took a hair out of his mane and have threatened to sue the United Nation for 175 crores if they don’t take out all references to me, my son and my party from the Focker report. I got it duly notarized by email and sent it to the devil. In the good old days, he would have been pissing in his trousers.

Not now.

He laughed at me even after I threatened his boss that I would burn a hundred copies of the UN charter. Of course his boss and his son Cujo (wasnt that the name of a Stephen King book?) or Mojo …keep forgetting the name… had been let off in his report—-no honesty there of course.

Now that got me real pissed. I threatened to side with Iran on the atom bomb thing if the US threatened a great Indian like me—-I mean isnt that an insult to the whole country?

Today I got a call. I was no longer the Man. I understood now why Khrushchev had slammed his shoe in the General Assembly (a most fine man who you used to send a few rubles separately to me as a token of appreciation or what the Soviets called a tip–God bless his soul). The Chutiyas had tried for so many decades to push me out ever since I replaced their dollar-filled suitcase with a suitcase full of Bangladeshi currency. And that too during the 1971 war. Chutiya banaya. Still gives me the jollies to think of it.

Anyway I am still a minister. With no work. I know that’s true for everyone but now it’s official. I have no work but I still draw the perks and everything—-so in that sense it’s all good. And it’s during these times that I appreciate the smaller things of life.

Like the fact that they never found out about the huge shipments of Havana cigars I used to get from Castor Oil (yes I remember his name now) in return for my support to his noble regime. Oh yes, they never found out about those.

This will blow itself out in due course. I shall lie low for a while and in a month or two shall be the head of some government thinktank with all the perks, trying to look deadly serious and talking rubbish with a straight face.

Those haters who think they have ruined me can just take a hike.

20 thoughts on “"No More" Machaye Shor

  1. Amazing. I literally have fallen off my chair laughing……

  2. Rockingly amazing! Someone has to come gather the split parts and put me together!!ROTFL.

  3. Absolutely awesome !!!
    Someone please forward this blog to Notobor Shingho (pronounced in the true bongo fashion) and CC to the entire Congress party and the Comrades. That will give the old hags something to think.
    Heard it on some news channel yesterday “Tel ke daag asaani se nahin chhootte” (Oil stains do not wash off easily). The BJP is basically playing tit for tat. You-did-it-to-our-external affairs minister (George)-we do-it-to-yours…
    What say???

  4. >>>There were two superpowers in the world, the people who took money from both of them called themselves the “Non Aligned Movement”

  5. words fail me. *sniff*

  6. Know-It-All-Indian November 9, 2005 — 5:53 pm

    Terrific post, GreatBong. Couldnt stop laughing. Keep ’em coming, dude.

  7. @SD, Priya, Sunil, Know-it-all-Indian….Thank you.

    @Abhishek: Notobor reminds me of Pranab-da who refers to Haryana as Horiana. And yes tit for tat..we stole coffins you stole oil.

    @Pankaj: Sadly that was what NAM was all about.

  8. You mean Porno-da? The same one who’s from princeton? 😀

  9. Checked for consistewncy, humour, clarity of thought and all fucking three by the daily unusual (TDU). Way to bongo!

  10. Natty and Jaggy won’t be ‘appy…. Good one….

  11. What to say, we are like that only! but honest, this goes pretty well with Natwar’s case of early alzheimer’s…!

  12. You make me laugh and laugh. Even after I am done with the reading , I still keep on laughing – people think I am crazy . Your adaptation of gimme red, KGB,FM (the list goes on) is just outstanding!!! We needed this change of mood for laughing after your blog of one down and a million to go.

  13. ha ha ha .. This is so outright hillarious GreatBong! You have got an inherent art at writing satire 🙂

  14. @Nirav: No that’s Parnab-da. The guy who claims that the first person to take 4 wickets in Maidan cricket in Calcutta was none other than Vivekananda.

    @The Daily Unusual: :-)….

    @Subhendhu: I would be grateful if my email address is not publicized on my blog…and also you got it wrong. I shall definitely write about this…when I get around to it.

    @K; They sure wont.

    @Shivangi: Early??

    @Gypsynan: Always.

    @yourfan: Thank you. Not only for your kind words but your words of support on “that post”..

    @Piyush: Thank you…and read on…

  15. This is Subhendu’s comment…I have removed it and reposted it here to remove my email address.

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    I Class Honours….boss…not only are you a great blogger….but a great student too…In fact you are a Capri too….how nice.:)

  17. A sreach on your name in Google is enough to find your email address! That’s why I thought that it is public domain info. I guess I was wrong. Sorry about that.

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  19. This is THE most favourite post of mine by you.outrageously funny.hats off!

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