Skeleton in the Wardrobe

Chunari gayee Sarak sarak sarak

–Devdas (2002)

Shocking. Simply shocking. Unless you have been living under a Stone, you should know by now about the cataclysmic attack that was inflicted on Indian culture and our traditional way of life during Lakme India Fashion week.

Yes I am referring to the wardrobe malfunctions of Carol Gracias and Gauhar Khan which lay bare to the watching eyes of millions a set of female breasts and a woman’s derrière.

Of course the debauches will try to convince us that these were accidents and there was no foul play involved. The pseudo-logicals and the apologists will put forward the argument that if people are already 85% naked, how does 87% make it any worse?

To the first group, all I shall say is that lightning does not strike twice in quick succession. Even if one has 15 girls showing off 35 outfits in 20 minutes. And to the second group I say that it is that 2% which is the titting sorry tipping point—-why even Carol realized it when she slumped on Marc Robinson’s shoulder and cried copiously after the event.

And why do you think she was crying? Well I think she realized that it is going to be tough to get her married off after this horrible event. If it really was nothing, then she should have been saying “Gracias”—right?

So yes—yes it is a big deal. That 2%.

Indian culture cannot and should not tolerate the display of naked breasts, even for a blindingly brief nanosecond. We are addicted to the boob tube. We have old boobs for politicians. Any more will surely rupture the country’s moral fabric and expose the junk in our trunk.

And that cannot be tolerated.

This “wardrobe malfunction” thing has always been an euphemism for the worst kind of vulgarity. Its origins are in the infamous Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson rumble during the Superbowl half-time when the entire US population were treated to a gratuitous display of breasts as Ms Jackson’s top was torn away by Timberlake. According to Justin, he was expecting something underneath it, Janet claimed she did not know Justin was going to do that– in short, it was all an accident.

Did anyone buy it? No. They however did buy a shitload of Janet Jackson CDs after that—-in the process giving a huge boost to her sagging career.

And why did they not buy the “accident” theory? Maybe because Mr Timberlake was performing a number that had the line “Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song” in it.

In the Carol-Gauhar case, things are not so open-and-shut. Correction: they are open but not shut.

Which is why I welcome the initiative of one of my favourite politicians: Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil who, in a transport of immense sagacity, has directed City Police Comissoner AN Roy to check all video clippings of the slips and investigate if this was a deliberate act.

A brilliant use of our policeforce’s time and taxpayer’s money as roomfulls of hyperventilating men shall watch and rewatch (in super slow motion) the offending video clips late into the night and try desperately to find hidden clues, exercising the mythical “kanoon ka lamba haath”. (long arm of the law) for the good of the people.

But I am not sure that merely watching the clip a 100 times will be able to solve such a delicate case as this. Clues may be revealed but the case will not be solved. In order to make the case “stand” we should have re-inactments of the act in front of an audience comprising of politicians and other eminent beings who have the total interest of the country in hand.

The models should be made to recreate the scene over and over again while the Patils and the Thackerays compare notes so as to get a grip on the situation. Fingerprints should be collected from the exact “scene” of the crime and for that special agent Amar Singh should be brought in so as to get to the bottom of the case pronto.

What is worrying for me is that if this goes unpunished, it may start a new age of copycat malfunctions. What is there to prevent Laloo Yadav, who like Carol Gracias reportedly has an aversion for underwear, from stage-executing a dhoti malfunction during a Janata Dal rally to win back his Yadav support ?

Is that the kind of open government you want?

I do not think so.

And to all those slaves of the Western world who say we are over-reacting over a small issue, I have one thing to say:

Zip it.

[Update: The case has been solved. It was an accident. A cover-up if there was ever one. Disgusting.]

69 thoughts on “Skeleton in the Wardrobe

  1. I was in India when this happened; surprisingly there is more halla online about it than the public down there – I dont know why – general lethargy or lack of any care; but I am glad atleast ppl are making the right noises online about such “maldrobe walfunctions” LOL – I missed the show though 🙂 tch tch! Else I did offer my “expert” and “ubiased” analysis.

    Great post here…


  2. But …there were no breasts. As I said in at TCP, it is more about malnutrition than malfunctioning wardrobes 🙂 This is a case for dieticians and NGOs, not the police/moral police

  3. GB, you are absolutely right. Why just your favorite politican? I am so glad that there is someone in our defunct government who cares about the sentiments you and I value so much. But why just him? I think it is our duty as cultured Indian’s to raise our voice against such obscenity, such travesty of our morality. We should take to the streets and call for a bandh. This is our responsibility as bloggers. Let this issue unite us all! We must use our influence to effect change !!!

    Hahaha… Was just about to publish a post on the same. I’ve got to hand it to you. This post was simply brilliant… simply fantastic! It’s so sad that our politicians are so pro-active on such trivial issues, when far more important things are simply neglected. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Something is dreadfully wrong.

  4. Ho Ho Ho,

    Superb post GB. Well the Durex sex survey last year confirmed what many suspected to be true- Indian men have a fascination for breasts more than any other part of the female anatomy. I dunno if this was a deliberate act or not as I have seen several wardrobe malf. videos of Jessica Alba and many FTV models. But the order of an inquiry into this episode is nothing short of madness. I was also amazed at the report of the girl crying after the incident. Maybe shes new or she has not been subjected to casting couch treatment yet but this “accident’ will definitely stand her in good stead carrerwise. I think she just got lucky. Anyway here is the Gauhar video. If I find the Carol one, ill send that also if you wanna act as 3rd umpire. By the way this paragraph was superb:

    “A brilliant use of our policeforce’s time and taxpayer’s money as roomfulls of hyperventilating men shall watch and rewatch (in super slow motion) the offending video clips late into the night and try desperately to find hidden clues, exercising the mythical “kanoon ka lamba haath”. (long arm of the law) for the good of the people.”


  5. Carol Photo. (Blog admin warning: Not work-safe) Now I completely agree with what Comic Project said.

  6. @Suyog: You were doing the right thing by not watching this mess…the popularity of the whole thing is quite amazing (at least by the coverage online)

    @The Comic Project: Hence the “skeleton” in the title of the post.

    @Sandipan: The thing that is wrong is that fulminating against such debauchery is the surest way to get brownie points from fat aunties and frustrated uncles.

    @yourfan2: Durex needed a survey to say that ! I always thought it was patently obvious. And you are truly the king of links…where do you get this stuff from? Incidentally these links of yourfan2 are not work-safe: caveat to click-happy readers.

    @Mahesh: Seems like nothing much to do in North Carolina.

  7. Maybe – wouldnt know!

  8. @Mahesh: Maybe you should…or this IP business is totally bogus…

  9. Ok, if you say so 🙂

  10. Yes it does…blame your Massachusetts comcast provider for that 🙂

  11. Sure will do – saaala! – BTW love the Mithunism post

  12. @Arnab: Next time I add a link Ill definitely add a content warning. Im sorry about that.
    And Arnab, as much as I like and admire your unmoderated comment policy, if it crosses the limit as in one of the earlier posts, please delete it.
    Ar keu jodi bhabe game khelbe, he will face the music from the rest of us. But I hope that situation does not arise.

  13. Loved, just loved the title, though was almost missing the point 🙂

  14. Nice sarcastic post, Arnab. I must admit that apna RR Patil certainly thinks that mumbai crime is waning considering that he has asked the Commissioner to “look” into the matter. Damn!

  15. “What is there to prevent Laloo Yadav, who like Carol Gracias reportedly has an aversion for underwear, from stage-executing a dhoti malfunction during a Janata Dal rally to win back his Yadav support ?”

    (Mental Note : Not to watch Laloo rallies any more.)

    Thanks Arnab for the tip 🙂


  16. The TV coverage was disgusting but most appalling was the utter callousness of the designer, who in his interview just laughed and giggled about the faux pas. What’s with these cheap thrills guys?

  17. good point by The Comic Project and an even better rejoinder from you..haha you do have an answer for everything, don’t you?

  18. btw i too missed the point in the title initially like Patient Portnoy

  19. Good. You seem to like my suggestions for your topics 🙂
    The best part of this post were certain useful links provided by yourfan2.

  20. And the worst part was channels like Aajtak and NDTV put an hour long show on the same and were keeping on showing blurred pics of the incident! Shitty…

  21. When I first read ‘exercising the mythical “kanoon ka lamba haath”.’ I laughed. But then it somehow reminded me of Sunil More, the Marine Drive rapist ex-cop, and somehow, it stopped being so funny.

    I appreciate your humour. But occasionally I wish I could avoid the links it makes in my mind.

  22. @ Arnab : great post 🙂

    Don’t know why but actually I was expecting something of this sort to happen in the Indian fashion scene sooner or later. After all, who can forget the kind of publicity Janet Jackson and our ‘first imported, then exported’ Nigar(Negar) Khan got by means of their accidental Wardrobe Malfunctions? May be, these were merely accidents and the designers, organizers or the poor models didn’t have any hand in these. Still, to see these happen I wasn’t the least surprised or shocked.

    @ The Comic Project :
    Point taken. Very very well said. It was more of an exposed ‘chest’ than two exposed ‘breasts’. May be it was an truly an accident that the top slipped because of her flatness ;). But the same thing can’t be said about Gauhar Khan…..her butts are so voluptuously curvacious that may be the skirt was too tight for it and the poor zip just gave in. 😉

  23. YOURFAN writes:
    @GB: My life is so hectic that I don’t get to see the hour long program as mentioned by Ritesh Nadhani!! I did not even know that there was one such program!! Anyway, first I agreed with The Comic Project’s and dEbOLiN (previously ‘Dev’)’s view that it is more of a malnutrition problem. But thanks to yourfan2’s prompt link I got to see the pic. I should say (since being a woman I have the authority to make precise comment on this topic) that if that pic is the actual one and not a doctored one like so many in Net then with the structure she has got, she definitely is not malnourished – she is doing fine (of course I have no idea whether she is fine with or without silicone implant)!!!

    On a serious note, by looking at the pic, I am convinced that it was preplanned. If it were truly a malfunction, then with womanly instinct any woman instantaneously would have turned around and showed her back to the camera and public instead of her front. I am not going to buy the argument that her (or anybody’s) professionalism goes way over the instantaneous womanly instinct – it is just not possible unless it was orchestrated.

    How about Laloo’s dhoti ripping/snatching in Holi party – that is also some sort of wardrobe malfunction – isn’t it?

    @yourfan2: Your prompt link completely changed my opinion. Thanks. This is what I call discussions on blog posts make the difference in peoples’ opinions!!!!!!

  24. she cried 😮
    just a week back everyone saw her shedding clothes in Being Cyrus. yea that logic that her b**bs were visible only to saif and crew members can go a long way 😉

  25. YOURFAN writes:
    @GB: Apoorva’s comment made me convinced that the wardrobe malfunction was orchestrated. The way she was walking after the ‘accident’ shows she gives a damn about anything – she was just doing what was expected of her since she got handsomely paid for that. Then why did she cry –because it was a stage act – she wanted to give the impression of her embarrassment at the ‘accident’ as any traditional Indian lady would -so that those pathetic corrupt investigators could say it was an ‘accident’ after their ‘investigation’!!

  26. “They however did buy a shitload of Janet Jackson CDs after that—-in the process giving a huge boost to her sagging career.”

    The career was not the only thing sagging! lol

  27. I agree with yourfan that instinct dictates that if a piece of clothing on you falls exposing a part of you that you dont want exposed(this rule need not be limited to women and may apply to men too), you either cover yourself up or try to catch the piece of cloth so as to prevent it from falling. Both of which Carol didnt seem to be doing.

    Even Negar Khan to her credit had a stunned look on her face and was looking down when she was rendered topless.(just goes to show how even a mediocre actress could show flashes of brilliance when least expected)

  28. why do men get turned on by such starved pigeons (A)

  29. Much reassured, saar, that we think on the same lines. Great minds and all that. Only you develop the theme so maach beytaar.


  30. Hi Arnab,

    Listen to this – (Latest Update from India – 5:47 pm April 5th)

    The govt. thinks it is not possible to solve this case till everybody has had a look. The case has been opened again because the govt. feels that the mumbai police have not taken the case seriously. Hence, it has been suggested to form a committee comprising of old judges and people from the fashion world to look “deeply” into the matter and models (oops!)

  31. You see suckers, I got to see the pics and videos as much as I like. And I got the hi resolution footage from jholawallas – and promptly distributed to the rest of their comrades – not the low resolution pissy MMSes that you guys have. I’ve even burned the videos to DVDs for later watching on the huge 40 inch plasma tv in my home. Photos too! We got 8 feet tall blowups from the organisers to check exactly how the top fell off.

    If you see any such happenings again, let me know. I will immediately and personally do a thorough investigation.

    I am particularly interested in half or fully naked beggarwomen who are too poor to have anything to wear. Can’t find any footage of those babes. That is also why I am pushing more bar girls to roam the streets naked, get raped. I get off really well on that sort of thing. You see, Abu Salem might agree to confess to his sins once he sees all that footage, gets horny but finds his hands are tied to his back.

    We are going through the law books to check if Janet Jackson’s titties can be investigated in India. All that organised crime and corrupt police can be taken care of later. In fact, we plan to punish all corrupt pandus by not letting them investigate such goings on.

    So you see, there is method to all this chutiyapanti. I am a chutiya myself, but thats something we will investigate later.

  32. Great post arnab!
    Even though what happened was unfortunate, the media coverage of the whole episode was pathetic. Channels kept on rolling the blurd images of the show thru’ out the day…and it looked very cheap!
    And yes, the politicians in india have all the time in the world to look into wadrobe mal-functions rather concentrate on getting the infrastructure problems rt!

  33. Looks like the junta missed the point…Don’t be surprised if you happen to read:

    Lakme to launch see through Bra’s & Panties !!

  34. I think we are over-reacting. Our society has come under so much influence of middle-age Roman catholic culture and invader muslim culture that we have forgotten our own original Indian culture. Wake up guys, we are from the land of Kama sutra and Khajuraho. We were definitely having a healthier sexual environment in that era. We should get rid of this taboo about sex.
    This foreigner culture has taken so much control of our timid minds that we can not even face a pair of bare breasts.

  35. Funniest part was on aaj tak. They were showing clips constantly (ofc blurred) and simultaneously interviewing some fashion designer in mumbai. The host was asking him, isn’t that a bad sign because such shows are being showed on every home, children watch etc. etc. When fashion designer mentioned that it’s media’s responsibility not to blow out etc. etc. the host was blaming fashion designers and organizers for spoiling generation. Ironincally, this interview was going on in background and video of carol. The paragon came on Times Now. they didn’t even blur it and showed “directly” on the TV!!! :O Bold media eh?

  36. I kinda agree that Right is Right! I think the media and everyone is overreacting to the situation. IF this had happened in the last decade, maybe my view would have been different, but the situation is different now. ok, it again depends on the women whose tits are seen as they may feel uncomfortable, and that is normal everywhere in the world, and not only in India. But I dont understand why the Indian government makes such a big fuss about showing breasts when they have no problems with all the new remix videos which show “almost” everything! if there are issues regarding children, let them broadcast the blurred images itself. But I feel all the police case and the “investigations” and not needed as they are only meant for the police to exercise their long arms like Arnab says! (That was too good:)). Same applies to the censor board as well!! Enjoy all videos and then cut all the scenes and give an A certificate! Its Bullshit!! I feel its time the Indian goverment changes its mindset about this issue..

    Great post BTW, as always!

  37. Great Bong it is clearly the case when everyone is trying to gain as much mileage out of the whole incident. IFW got to the headlines of papers. The sabzi wala knows Carol Gracias’ name. The news channels have maala to air at prime time. AN Roy is fanous.(i wonder how his wife would have reacted when she got to know her husband would be viewing the tapes again n again to ascertain the intent of the fiasco)

    Who knows its staged or not. But if the intent was to gain publicity, everyone got more than their fair share.

  38. God, I have been living under ‘the’ Stone–hadn’t a freaking clue!

    And “…try desperately to find hidden clues, exercising the mythical “kanoon ka lamba haath” for the good of the people.”. Not to mention ‘junk in our trunk’ and other suchlike gems. Pari na! 😀

    Oh, also, er por theke ami aar comment korbo na. Nothing to say at all but congratulatory exclamation marks. Makes commenting most boring. How about you do a ‘real’ bitchfest for a change? Now THAT would be fun…

  39. Really vicious, biting post. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read about the probe into the whole affair. People have really interesting jobs. Sigh… wish I was on that panel too. Why not me?! (Bawwwwwlllllll)

    Also agree with Nishit there. Times Now really outdid outself when it showed the whole video ‘non blurred’. Insanely bold. Scarily so. Really ‘felt’ the news that time. Heh Heh.

  40. I dont think its a big deal. Women have breasts. Breasts look good on women.

    Besides, Carol Gracias is pretty beautiful. It was probably “bhagwan ki marzi”. I din find it sleazy. I’ve seen the unblurred vids too. I don think in an imaginary situation where i’d pass by Carol Gracias i’d point at her and say, “hahahaha! shame shame puppy shame.”

    The Gauhar Khan thing was hardly anything. We’ve seen them in bikinis n stuff so whats a small opening in the skirt?

  41. Yes, they do have breasts. And as homo minister, I certainly have the right to peek a boo into people’s homes to see women’s boobies. And so I did with Lakme Fashion Week too. Whats wrong with that?

    Investigations into Janet Jackson’s titty show are in full swing. Chief of Censor Board and myself are going on a foreign junket…oops I mean fact finding mission to inspect her tits. It is imperative to check if they are really the ones that were exposed on US television, thus corrupting the Indian American youth.

    A new bill to be passed as an ordinance in the assembly goes like this: Anyone caught exposing their titties or butt will be stripped naked as punishment. In my office, ofcourse. Amendments will later consist of clauses banning people from showering naked in their homes.

    Jai Maharashtra!

  42. when i was a commuter there was a policewomen (yes, she was no lady but she was great fun) who used to travel in our part of the compartment. she was a part of upen biswas’ team that raided Lallu’s anne marg house.

    during the raid, everybody (rabri, 9 chillun) could be accounted for but Lallu himself.

    the search team spread out, investigating every part of the complex.

    our policewoman discovered him in the a.c. cowshed, clad in the briefest of loinclothes which left nothing to imagination.

    her reaction was “no wonder he had nine …”

    if indian women are fascinated by male genetalia, we ought to be watching every lallu rally with malfunction on our minds.

    i wonder what do indian women like. if you see how shivratri is celebrated, you would think that we all liked tigerskin clad drug addicts.

    only once in my life i did meet with a tall, dark handsome man, impeccably clad, but he turned out to be the electricians help at a studio. he also said “abeey saaala…”

    you could hear my dreams cracking up.

    except that marblified david, would men look that desirable in the buff?

    if they did, then how would this suiting shirting jermyn street stuff survive?

    that is the SAD truth. most of us do look better with clothes on. i s’pose that eve and adam got blessed with aesthetic sense after that fruit eating episode and voila, the fashion industry was created.

  43. Let it go, guys! We are reproducing the same media frenzy that we are opposing!

  44. @Patient Portnoy: 🙂

    @Patrix: I am sure he does…after all the bar girls thing was last year. He needs some act of tomfoolery to make 2006 memorable too.

    @HP: Eyes wide shut…

    @Priya: Well why wont they smile? Think of all the publicity they got.

    @Radhika: Thats something I dont have an answer for.

    @DeepThirdMan: Yes very revealing links.

    @Ritesh Nadani: What was shitty? The 1 hour devoted to this crap or the pixellated images?

    @Sue: At least we wont see him for another 12 years.

    @debolin: The Negar Khan fiasco…yes of course…quite forgot about that.

    @yourfan: Implants? If they were she should ask for her money back ! And no those are natural—I cant believe anyone would pay cash for them. I agree with you: I also think she fully knew what was going to “go down”—after all it is she who has gained the most from this. And the Bharatiya nari crying business—-a load of hoohah.

    As to Laloo, he fortunately does not do this stuff in front of a camera.


    @Apoorva: Oh Carol !

    @Shan: I know. Pun was intended.

    @Radhika: LOL. True.

    @Bonatellis: Lucky Kabootar……I do not know the answer to that.

    @JAP: Appreciate that saar.

    @Voice Within: Aur Kaya Bhi.

    @Shashank: Ullu Divas for me? You cant be serious.

    @Anirudh: Well its good fun….much more fun than roads and octroi.

    @Amit: Aaah.

    @Right: We can face a pair of breasts—cant we ! Aww.

    @Nishit: Just like so many softcore pondy movies have this recurrent theme of how bad the pondy thing is.

    @Vikas: Exactly. The censor board…another organization of old men who get their thrills watching “uncut’ movies.

    @Lalit: Which is why the fashion designers are laughing on TV.

    @Rimi: Dogfest? Here? No man……I shall leave Caninefests to the expert.

    @Tapan: Breaking news indeed.

    @Sriram: Carol is beautiful? Ahem…

    @Swati: That’s some story. Now I shall go to sleep trying to get that visual of Lalloo’s jewels out of my mind.

    @ Voice: But we are having so much fun…………

  45. It boggles my mind that there are people who are willing to shell out thousands of rupees for a piece of cloth that would fall off with out prior warning!! No wonder most fashion designers are gay they just love to screw these gullible people on the backend.

  46. outstanding post!!

  47. @yourfan: Thanks.

    @GB-Err…gb…off topic but im sure uve followed some recent developments like Robin Uthappa in recent times. Now asslickers of Drav and Chap were saying the other day that Saurav in the test side meant much pressure on Rahul to open…on how it was a great sacrifice even though Saurav had volunteered to open…etc…but today Drav will open ….but then now Saurav is not in the side…so its pretty normal…its ODIs bla bla etc(after all the series has not been won yet and hence “youth for the sake of WC 07” can be freely said but cannot be actually risked on the field of play)….oh and not to mention Agarkar who in one of the greatest displays of fast bowling ever seen wiped off nos 10 and 11 in last one day. Also read here.

  48. hi,

    🙂 .. nahin nahin … ullu divas nahin … check this out ordered into wardrobe malfunction&id=86582

  49. even bloggers like you are to be blamed to pick up this incident and mock it. why cant ppl just ignore it ?

    marketing sucks!

  50. thank god W M of men not happened.
    zips over natal clefts..wat a fashion statement!..makes WM least likely.agree totally with TCP my neighbours National institute of Nutrition have rushed to the next research arena..LIFW
    Madhu sapre had gr8 difficulty, like u say getting married after doing an ad in the nude with a python and a naked milind soman entwined.
    @ Swati. interesting comment Madanotsav included

  51. “The Gauhar Khan thing was hardly anything. We’ve seen them in bikinis n stuff so whats a small opening in the skirt?”

    Incorrect. The point was that Gauhar Khan was NOT wearing panties. Now I have seen my share of FTV, and even the foriegn models on world catwalks at least wear panties. Why would Gauhar Khan abjure their use in India? That too under a black skirt? That incident is rather fishy, and might have been stage managed…

  52. Goodness Gracias Gal has got International recognition now. Her pic (unblurred) was there alongside an article by Harry Potter author JK Rowling in today mornings Metro (a free London Publication).

    Bhalo, khub bhalo in Kolkatta…Jhakaas in Mumbai….Enjoy Maadi in Bangalore…..Chumma in Chennai 😉

  53. “A brilliant use of our policeforce’s time and taxpayer’s money as roomfulls of hyperventilating men shall watch and rewatch (in super slow motion) the offending video clips late into the night and try desperately to find hidden clues, exercising the mythical “kanoon ka lamba haath”. (long arm of the law) for the good of the people.”

    What do you think the Anara Gupta case was all about?

    I believe this will be more helpful:

  54. Agree with AmIda1 and stand by my original comment – Yaaaawn.

  55. Those were Frankentits (not as Framnkentitty Tit’s as Tara Reid’s Frankentits but…) I don’t understand how an entire nations English media can go titty-freaking-nutty over a three second titty show.
    Is something wrong with India or is something wrong with the media in India?

  56. @Anil: LOL

    @yourfan2: Yes saw that one before. I had never any doubt as to the type of man More was—a total sleazebag if there ever was one.

    @Shashank: Amazing.

    @amIda1: Yes yes surely. We are to blame—look how much money I am making of this event. You forget this is a personal blog—I write about things that occupy space in the media and about things which I have an opinion on. However that does make this” the media”.

    @Shan: Ahem.

    @Ashit: Marvelous know that we have all seen her sorcerer’s stones.

    @Shobhik: Already have seen thank you

    @Mahesh: Yawning at your comments too…

    @K: Well as you say—don’t trust the Indian media.

  57. Great Bong !

    Had been tracking ur blog and u change the flavor of topics like the autorick drivers change the lanes in India !

    One never know how much meticulous planning goes into this ‘Accidental Wardrobe Malfunction’.So much effort & practise is required in this.They have to always fight the fear what if instead of malfunctioning, it functions properly.

    And to investigate this, a squad of police..holy wardrobe!
    Do you any idea whether the squad includes some super-cops like Dayanayak,Sangleeyana.

    I recommend that along with this squad, as you pointed out,they should form an all-party-fact-finding committee to look ‘deep’ into this matter.

  58. LOL!! So people didnt get an opportunity to make the case “stand”.. Solved already eh?

    So, Gracias cries because no one will marry her anymore and at the same time she meticulously planned all this?! Hm.. unless I’m missing something..

    I agree with the Janet/Timberlake cover-up (or lack thereof) but this one seems a bit hard to digest.

  59. hi this is cena well ! anyway she was exposed

  60. I know why Carol was crying after the accident. It is because everyone now knows that she has really small tits and it has ruined her chances of concealing them she with padded bras!

  61. models all over the globe appear topless on the ramp if the outfit requires it.. in india itself v get exposed to that via FTV. so its part of their profession to be like that.. even if one argues that the indian ramp is conservative, our models are just as nude back stage in front of 50 people.. whats the big deal about.
    atleast something more exciting than the clothes happened.

    Anybody got pix of gauhar’s butt ?

  62. ‘Wardrobe malfunction’ indeed ! cant we just say ‘their clothes came off’ so that eveybody understands what happened.
    Those words itself seem more fashionable than some of the clothes. And will anybody want to buy clothes that come apart so easily on the first time they were worn ?

  63. You should have seen the expression of Maharashtra CM, when reporters asked about it. I never saw anyone so casually claiming “han lekin enquiry mein keya problem hain?” I expected him to be more serious and say “yeah I am personally looking into the matter”.

    @marc: (not safe for work)

  64. Hi Everybody, would just like to let you guys know that it wasnt so easy for Carol, and she behaved as a hardcore professional when she salvaged the situation, i was there when this incident happened and she did what was instinctive to her first covering her self up with the malfuncioning piece of wardrobe, and then she went on to do the what she was getting paid for- complete her walk on the ramp. This kind of presence of mind and professionalism she has gained from sheer experience, She is one of the most senior ramp models india has! Infact when for the same designers show she came back in another outfit she was applauded by the audience. there have been other instances of wardrobe malfunctions across the world there was one where Ms.Universe lost her skirt. It might be fun for the audience and the junta but i shudder to think what the person involved would be going through. not just at that moment but whenever they would be thinking about it.

  65. arunavo chatterji April 27, 2006 — 12:05 pm

    Surely we have better things to talk about.

  66. i dont know why this ho hall is being made by people. in other countries all models have to go topless in the ramp sooner or later and even if they are asked to remove panty too they do it . its profession and in profession none is left . indian models too do it as their profession and they must be ready to do it if any designer asked them to do it . they take money they get fame they are not doing it for social so this fashion world will not go according to them they will have to go according to the demand of the fashion show . if you dont want to do it dont come on fashion industry better you sit at home .

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