The Passing Of a Friend —Desibaba

[Originally published November 13, 2005. Reposted because of technical difficulties experienced by many in accessing the old post]

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the death of an old friend.

Desibaba is no more.

Desi Baba Desi Babes
Is closed till further notice.
Copyright © 1998 – 2005

For those who came in late, Desibaba was the original Indian porn site. But it wasnt merely a “porn site”—it was a landmark in desi pop culture.

Let me explain.

The cable revolution of the early 90s came as a blessing from heaven (or hell) for the raging hormones of my generation who were henceforth liberated from the oppressive censorship of state-owned television. The “Chosen One” was Star Movies which served up an intoxicating feast of “After Dark” movies—“Lake Consequence”, “Wide Sargasso Sea” , “ Blindfold—Acts of Obsession” —amazing feasts of carnality whose charm never decreased with multiple viewings and where sound was not necessary for understanding the plot.

For those with a more earthy, daughter-of-the-soil preference, there was Sun TV’s late night adult programs where ladies with Sachin Tendulkar shoulders and Ramesh Krishnan waistlines heaved and thrusted away. As a result, Silk Smitha, Nylon Nalini and the other goddesses of the wet sari pantheon became part of our nightly vocabulary. Watching TV late at night with the sound off became a national obsession.

This was too good to last. In the north rose a fell presence, an evil Eye that never slept; whose sole purpose was to take us back to the Dark Ages.

In other words, I&B minister Sushma Swaraj—the hysterical lady who admonished DD newscasters for wearing transparent saris and showing cleavage, launched a war against flesh tones on the airwaves! Soon she was passing one dictat after another —-Star Movies censored all their sugar and spice, Sun TV followed suit and a dark shadow of depression and KLPD-ness swept the land.

The Net was making its presence felt then in India and the tech-savy section of the country focussed their attention into tapping the vast potential of the cyberworld. It’s well known that porn drives technology—it drove Net commerce in the early days just as it is doing for the multi-media part of the cellular phone business today. But therein lay the problem, smut was a business. Every damn site needed a credit card and we were poor undergrad students with” not a penny to our names” even though we wanted to see others “without a shirt on their back.”

Plus firang models got boring after a while and we could never associate ourself with the hot stories set in the context of the decadent West.

It’s always darkest just before dawn. And when things are at their worst, guess who should come alawn (poetic license)

It all started with a whisper campaign. Hey guys, a new website has come up whose theme is desi. Best of all, it’s free. No credit cards (supposedly used for “age verification” by respectable sites—my foot), no passwords.

The name was

Suffused with the spirit of Swadeshi, we started the “Danda March” where we vowed to free ourself of the shackles of government censorship. In the process, Desibaba created a whole generation of libertarians impacting the future political landscape of India in an unforeseen way.

So what was this catalyst of social change? It was a Pakistani website (reportedly) that inspired by the vision of the new dot-com economy had a revolutionary business model—fully advertising-revenue driven , free-for-all porn site primarily built on a South-East Asian theme but with enough international pizzazz to please those among us who considered themselves citizens of the world. No dead links, no unbounded opening of pop-up windows and again most importantly no credit cards, Desibaba truly brought honor to the world of smut.

Chock full of content for every man’s taste, it was a pioneer in many respects. For example, it was the only website that would close during the month of Ramzan. But if you had an emergency and had taken the precaution of bookmarking “into” the site, you could still get access. Such thoughtfulness combined with piety and morals.

Yes of course there were some ugly critics who carped that most of the stories were badly spelt, had no grammar or thematic structure and were extremely perverted. But of course, one man’s perversion is another man’s daily routine—-most importantly Desibaba promoted a culture of non-judgementality and acceptance. The only crib I had was the repeated misspelling of the Bengali word for “brother’s wife”—-it was invariably spelt as “bodi” while it should have been “boudi”. A small blemish.

Desibaba preceded Orkut as a social networking center….so many of those badly spelt, barely coherent stories ended with lines like “Any hot aunties in and around Chennai who would like to pay for massage and …..” . I have often wondered what the success rate for these attempts at networking was. Guess I shall never find out.

Desibaba greatly impacted the Indian media—for instance they were the first to come up with the idea of “Babe of the month” —-a concept later adapted with slight modifications by certain other more mainstream publications. Desibaba also pioneered the art of digital picture manipulation —-in a bygone age where actresses used to keep themselves covered up, it was Desibaba’s view of the bold new future. I read with alarm, that the Desibaba technology is being applied to the reticent and shy Meghna Naidu to make her expose even more than what she usually does. Which just goes to show how much impact it has left on our popular culture.

There were spinoffs and copycats—Desimama mounted a challenge before it became a pay site called Chalugirl. Indian porn portals came out and soon Western porn conglomerates were eyeing the lucrative Indian market. The dot-com industry went bust and the model of advertiser-driven businesses was discredited. Desibaba was swamped with Western competition who, very slyly, started using their old stock photos of Hispanic/Latina women and passing them off as 100% desi. Young Indians, on the crest of a BPO boom, had more credit cards than ever before and were increasingly getting more comfortable using them on the Net and elsewhere.

The death knell for Desibaba had been sounded. People stopped going to websites for their porn—instead they started making them themselves armed with tools hitherto in the hands of a privileged few—camera phones and webcams.

School kids in respectable institutions were shooting their own sex videos and marketing them through auction sites. Desibaba suffered.

Consider this. Who would go to Desibaba to watch digitally morphed pictures when people like Tanusree Dutta were going topless in songs in reality (reference: Aashiq Banaya Aapne)?

Indians were being sexed up too fast and Desibaba was now a relic of a more innocent bygone era—-an anachronism, a giant who had not been able to keep pace with the times. Somewhat like Sourav Ganguly.

It spluttered on for some time before its inevitable death.

Weep not. A website may die but an idea does not. I would like to believe that Desibaba is still alive—spread out over thousands of hard drives where pictures and stories from it have been downloaded over the years .

Indeed I would like to believe something even more powerful. That there is a little bit of Desibaba in each of us—-in the memories we carry. Memories of mammaries, of innocence, of shared secrets, of careless whispers, of the thrill of discovery, the whiff of heaven, the hours of unalloyed joy and most importantly the ideal that Desibaba embodied, an ideal many of us bloggers have been inspired by :

” Real pleasure cannot be bought. It is free.”

Desibaba. 1998–2005.

Rest in peace.

186 thoughts on “The Passing Of a Friend —Desibaba

  1. GreatBong:
    Im so glad youve heard of “Blindfold—Acts of Obsession” was the first ‘adult’ movie I ever saw in my rather illustrious career;)

    Ahhhh the Star Movies “After Dark” days….


  2. Great stuff!

    Oh boy,the red hexagon in the top left corner with ’18’ written inside it..those were the days.The movement was carried on by ZeeMGM but I guess Desibaba was too well spread for that to be noticed anymore.

    And shouldn’t it be Tanushree instead of Tanusree? (does not matter I know ) She’s from my hometown Jamshedpur BTW and I honored her achievement by doing a post on her,and even providing footage.

    Let’s start a movement to make a sequel of ‘Chamiya’ as a tribute to this dead friend and maybe have Miss Dutta for the lead role.She would have to take just one step more,better placed than most.

  3. Boss…what to tell…you can revive such subtle and fantastic images of the past; stir up such poignant memories with magnificient posts like this one. I mean what a classic choice of topic…desibaba….those ‘after dark ‘ movies…Basic Instinct …Khanna cinema hall..also one of those umpteen halls of North Calcutta where the film started with a different title and then …a blue flick started….those film festivals where its unbelievable how the audience rationed sleep ,always wide awake when the steamy scenes came. Those visits to Boubazar and Free School Street.

    Uff Sushma Swaraj…how we cursed her …what a bitch. Then for a while there was the some Russian channel named K-something which was the coveted one..that got banned too….Jain Tv I think showed one sat night flick.

    What awesome words” There is a bit of Desibaba in all of us.” Im sure that Kajol , Madhuri etc looked at their morphed photos once in a while(and then had a peek inside to see wheather there was a match or not?:)).

    Sometimes I think…in our generation…those late night movies and debonairs(another nostalgic one!) and penthouse diaries were such big things…just like video killed the radio star…the net killed them…and if the MSM thing is anything to go by….nowadays a youngster in a place like Delhi (where there are more horny girls per square mile than anywhere else in India) would just do it rather than watch.

    But thanks for that trip down memory lane. Those fond memories have a charm of their own.They are evanescent yet perpetual ; dim and yet they shine like bright stars , and they continue to warm the heart like a slow burning stove from time to time.

    But sadly, like those lines in Floyd’s Comfortably Numb,

    “When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse,
    Out of the corner of my eye.
    I turned to look but it was gone.
    I cannot put my finger on it now.
    The child is grown, the dream is gone.
    I have become comfortably numb.”

  4. but desibaba closed in late 2004 itself.

    you represent our entire generation.

    a much needed post it is.

  5. A very sad loss for all of us, sob sob. Maybe we should start a desibaba-lovers community and unite all the thousands of hard-drives , I will miss all the boudi stories though..

  6. Like Sergei Bubka, you are surpassing yourself every night. “Danda March” 😀 by far the funniest phrase of this century! Good stuff.

  7. WOW!! Amazing account of the rise and fall of the desi porn culture.
    With competetion from real life sequences, courtesy mms and the likes, and dare to bare one film wonders, it was a disaster waiting to happen.
    Nevertheless, with hope in our hearts we will wait till the desi ‘rise’ again.

    Till then it is
    Tata..See you soon..

  8. True. Such a moving eulogy. *sniff*

    What a generation that was…;)

  9. Hey! I recently came to know that desibaba has re-incarnated itself as desipapa. Just the name, everything else is same. ooo it rhymes

  10. Honestly, I had tears in my eyes by the time I reached the end of the post. Tears of nostalgia.
    I still remember my 10th standard days in 1996 when Star TV was still the ‘Star’. A friend of mine who had a VCR used to tape the nightly masterpieces and we used to enjoy the ‘plots’ playing them back the next day. And Desibaba…..sigh! All those night of huddling in front of the PC screen looking back furtively to see if the parents were awake.
    Uff…..I am in tears again.

  11. ‘wide sargasoo sea’. ahh..the sweet fragrance of memory. the russian thing was called tv6 I think. am eternally grateful to it- helped me pass those nights of terrible ennui before the HS. Amazingly poignant post :). Thanks arnab.

  12. Desibaba shall be dearly missed.
    Oh where shall we go to see overgrown breasts meet freakishly deformed male organs…..
    No wait.. there are the torresnt sites.
    However, Desibaba was the original.

  13. This is the first time EVER I have seen ‘KLPD’ being used on a blog 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Was reminded of the days when downloading a single page in desibaba would take ages because of the innumerable images on the page and slow and unreliable dialup connections…

  14. Check out desitorrents dudes..

  15. Aficionados can check out Debonair Blog – (presumably) not connected with the magazine, but pretty easy to read because of its weblog format.

  16. KLPD.. never knew that the word has global reach. To show more profound effect “Danda” in the above can be replaced with “kamchi” or “Hathoda”. 🙂 .

    Thanks for entertaining all of us.

  17. Good job bongda. I still find it difficult to believe that desibaba has passed on from our lives.

    He was a good baba and we will all miss his hospitality in times of de-stress.

  18. Yeah, Desibaba … but I wonder how the hell they managed to pay those chicks who posed for them. And the funniest thing I ever saw there was Salman doing Aishwarya doggy style:)

  19. Those wonder years… u bring back the memories dude….
    Maybe we can have a or fans of Long Live desibaba comm on Orkut…. Hold on !! How about “Desibaba Amar Rahe” monmthly newsletter in which patrons of the site share their collections.

  20. Oh now I now what the hell those search words “Desi Baba” mean which would land users on my site. Sigh too late too late…and yes we didn’t need the volume to understand the “complex” plot.

  21. Loss of an Indian icon. It was the website that introduced most Indian male to the wonders of internet.

  22. desibaba is dead. long live desibaba!!

  23. Loved your choice of words… KLPD.. Danda etc.
    I think I first went on in 2000 I think… and that was my 1st inro to porn… aah what memories. And yea Zee mgm used to show some lesbian porn and bdsm stuff from time to time.

  24. greatbong, you are great. only you could connect desibaba with blogging ethos!! klpd! never thought i would come across that word once i crossed the college boundary. wonderful!! thanks for the bucketful of nostalgic tears.

  25. hehehehe! i spose desibaba was among the very first sites that every indian youngseter found his way to – rediff, google, yahoo and DB. 😉 cool eulogy.

    PS: noticed ure a member of a blog on calcutta. wud luv to be a posting member. can ya do some PR on my behalf? 😉

  26. I’m sitting in my brother’s office in conservative Jaipur and they don’t want to know that I surf pr0n.

    Someone in a more discreet position please load and submit GreatBong’s post, nay, TREATISE on postcolonial des-erotica.


  27. My heartfelt condolence at the loss of a dear friend who shall be dearly missed.

  28. @Naveen: Oh yes that session with the evil shrink…

    @Nikhil: I stand corrected. Just dont tell Mamma.

    @H Miers: Welcome back ! Khanna cinema hall…what about Pradeep—the greatest of the great ! And that red hexagon used to send hearts aflutter with promises of decadence.

    @Samit: Thank you

    @Dipthought: Sigh !

    @DD: Its only a few days ago I heard of its demise. It seems you have been following the Baba very closely…:-)

    @Anthony: Okay so next time at Bhojohori manna..lets drink to the memories of boudis.

    @Subhendu: Yes running with a pole in my hand…very bubkaish.

    @Hutumpacha: Yes they shall rise again. Surely.

    @Melchizedek: It was the golden generation–it was our time.

    @gvenum: I looked at it. Some of the new stuff on Desibaba has been copied to this site but not all. Not the legacy stuff. And this has a pay component—so the ethos of Desibaba has been compromised. Not interested in Desipapa at all !

    @Soham: Exactly ! We did the same thing.

    @Kaashyepeya: TB6 was the proper name and it was Playboy…oh Playboy.

    @K: A lot of people climed Mt Everest. But we only remember the first.

    @Varun: But think of the anticipation…as the images slowly loaded…the ultimate tease.

    @Anon: Yes shall surely check em out.

    @Ritzy: KLPD should be included in the dictionary…honest to God.

    @Traveller: He was a good baba. Indeed.

    @Anon: They posed because of the pleasure of giving pleasure. lets leave it that.

    @Lalit: A dozen of those yahoogroups already exist….

    @Oz: Sometimes words are irrelevant.

    @Anon: True. So many kids in the 90s took to technology because of it.

    @Puja: lesbian porn. Yes now thats art. Pure art.

    @Babumoshai: You are welcome sir.

    @Living High: I am not an admin on the blog…why dont you write to Rimi (she is one of the contributors on the blog)

    @Fads: Welcome back after a long time. After the death of CSF have sorely missed your presence.

    @Mallroad: Amen.

  29. Aha.. Bongda… you have made me nostalgic again… those days of After Dark Movies on Star (wide Saragasso Sea was one of the favourites then) and subsequently Jain TV, MGM and TB6… have to say that TB6 was the best of the lot, but nothing compares to the initial excitement of STAR.

    Also, I had no clue about Tanushree Datta’s heroics… will have to watch the movie now 😀

    Oh… and Pradeep and Khanna :)) Just that, I guess Pradeep was a bit of a challenge in the monsoon season. They even had a flashing screenshot in Bong : “Dada, paa upor kore neen… jol aashchhe” Lol!

  30. hey…whats klpd ???

  31. Arnab,

    I share your sentiments, to an extent. Desibaba was indeed an important site in the dotcom days. But here are some porn surfers, to whom Desibaba was just a beginning. They graduated to Kazaa, then Bittorent. Having been the sole ‘quality’ porn (read downloaded porn as against bought porn) supplier amongst a group of friends for long, I don’t think desibaba was that important. Yes, it was a phenomenon definitely – but people grew out of it.

    BTW, in DesiBaba’s heydeys I also came across sites such as desimama, desidadi, desiabbu and desibhai. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

    VK, you are a bit thick aren’t you :p – It means ‘khade l*** pe danda’

  32. sad indeed, what do i say

    Except u stll are numero uno, and we still must read this space, for spicy and interesting insights, and something hatke, which tanushree and koena mita fail to offer 🙂

    keep writing and cheers

  33. LOL! I visited desibaba once, the stories were so campy I couldnt stop giggling! the one I read had some guy in Chennai who was sleeping with his aunt, who had blonde hair!! :P:P

    Your post also had me in tears- of laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Lol…Yeah Desibaba was the original pornster. It was apparently run by an Indian grad student in US who had enough horsepower to run the server and enough porn stashed up on his hard disk to cater to the carnal needs of a million desis. Too bad that the site had to go down.

  35. The post and the outpouring of nostalgia that follows brings tears to one’s eyes. Though you did miss out on the Asianet and Surya latenighters. They usually ran parallel to the Sun Midnight Masala if I remember right. That glorious age of Indian Television.

  36. @Nirav: Oh yes…memories of Pradeep and the old poster of Jai Santosi Ma which used to be outside and the pondy stuff they would play inside (on public demand)

    @VK; Vulturo has spoken.

    @Vulturo: Desibaba’s significance lay not in the quality but in the kind of “open source (clothes)” philosophy it promoted.

    @almost_useless: 🙂 thank you…I am honored at being compared to Koyena Mitra and Tanusree Dutta.

    @Pyxie_queen: 🙂 Thats because many of the “original” stories were copy and paste jobs from firang sites where Mandy would be replaced by Mridula …somehow the blonde thing escaped the “writer”.

    @Jax: I heard it was run by a Pakistani guy.

    @Rhyncus: I did not know that…being a Sun TV addict.

    @Tushaar: Jab taak suraaj chaand rahega…

  37. Real pleasure is really free, for it is NOT what you ‘look at’ but what you ‘see’.

    It takes a bit of thoughtful imagination and a lot of patience.

    If you walk down this path, the term ‘eye candy’ can take on a new meaning for you. But to start walking in this path, you have to look for something new in eveything you see. Not something absolutely ‘aggressively’ bizarre but from a ‘harmlessly’ different perspective, if you want it ‘sexual’ then that will do as well. Only then, with some patience, will it flow through you naturally. Dont just see it momentarily, but ponder on it as if its a third eye viewing what you ‘want to see’. (It does flow through me, in fact, I see it simultaneously as I see what everybody else sees. Thank God, its still under my control and I not a hallucinating zombie or a visual pervert).

    Anyway, with all that ‘theory’ over – Once you are well, onto your journey, every common feminine form may seem anything from the smouldering beauty of earstwhile Hollywood actresses like Greta Garbo to sexually aggressive European supermodels like Linda Evangelista. Even Julia Roberts, in the ‘Pretty Woman’ sense, if that is ‘what you want to see’.

    Once you’ve seen all the options before your eyes, you might even start liking the average Indian woman – its like those film enthusiasts who have seen too many blockbusters and live to find thrill in the relative boredom of intellectual films, trying to find some iota of meaning in what the director tried to say while suddenly panning the camera in a certain direction when all it might have been was a ‘novice cameraman’ due to limited budgets of such films. Dont get me wrong there are films with meaning – and then there are films best not spoken off without generating flame mails.

    Anyway, having said it all, I’ll finish by saying, Firstly, nowadays I find the average woman much more fascinating(Yes, I do mean sexually). Secondly, for the ‘unintiated’, never judge a book by its cover; that translates to, looks never tell you how good a woman is in romance or in bed or ‘wherever else she might lead you’.

    And, never, never, never ever any inhibition stop you; atleast not in thought atleast…there is no political, social or any other correctness of any hue in thought…your thought and your fantasizing is your last free domain, so enjoy it while it lasts.

    For those of you who really are mentally deficient for the above, there is a new genre of sites, dedicated to pure feminine beauty. Just Google ‘simple nudes’ or go to to start with. I think it will serve, Desibaba guys enough purpose for a long time. Pick up some erotic art aesthetics as you go along.

    When these run out, I’ll put you in touch with the next level.

    Till then, Bye……

  38. Why simplenudes… we must keep the desi bandwagon rolling.( dont ask to where )… so rises from the ashes of desibaba.. and u can tell its born from fire! hot hot hot 😀

  39. but most of desibaba’s pictures were of indians shot in the us… there are ofcourse other sites that cater the need.

  40. bongda – loha garam hai, maar diya hathora!at a time when da nation mourns this vacuum, here’s your nostalgic masterpiece.jai desibaba,jai bong da.

  41. DESIBABA IS NOT DEAD AND IS STILL ACCESSIBLE (I’m not sure whether they update, but the old stuff [good stuff] is still there). YOU CAN RELIVE THE LOST GLORIOUS PAST (as you may….) (It didn’t go anywhere in the 1st place)

    Just type and in the google search bar type desibaba (or any of your favorite categories). Now click on the search results. If you find the index page, you can navigate from there also.

  42. If you need more info….post here itself.

    Also , are there still some ppl who think Khanna and Regal show porn? In the heart of Kolkata?
    I remember Regal showing Anaconda.
    For that crowd, even Pearl Harbor may be “panu”.

  43. great post indeed!

    dunno if you know but your ‘desibaba’ writeup has been featured in the Telegraph newspapaer (calcutta) sunday edition as a must read..the papers do get it right sometimes

    will send you the clip if you havent seen it as yet!

  44. Too great and moving a post. Nicely written and truly heartfelt.


  45. ki likhechho dada. TOP!!! you have captured the sentiments of each one of us … all the things you have mentioned here were such integral part of our growing up.

    As you said – Desibaba – rest in peace

  46. is still alive if you guys didint know its got lot more stuff then the old desibaba

  47. To Desisensation:

    From their website:

    DesiBaba have no relation with desibaba of yesteryears we are a independent entity …and are no way realted to

    Read the fine print…dude !

    [GB, Desibaba have no relation—note the rape of the English language. And oh you are the GREATEST blogger of India…am a HUGE fan.]

  48. Wonderful!!
    A classic!!

  49. awesome post….!!!the raging hormones of the early 90s…!!!”wide sargasso sea” and “lake consequnce”…fond memories evoked..or should i say mammaries evoked..:-).!!!

  50. Sniff…sniff…

    “Watching TV late at night with the sound off became a national obsession.”

    Oh god!! I did that 🙂

  51. “wide sargasso sea” Finally, I have the name of the movie I was searching all these years after a peak on star movies, had to hastily shut down due to parental apparoach and after all these years !

  52. Desi Baba is back. All new and FREE. Desi Babes and Desi Sex.

    Desi Baba

  53. 1991 – middle of the night, I am walking downstair – tiptoed to switch on the TV. Somebody moved along the corridore. I completely loose it and go running back to my room. Couldn’t sleep the whole night. They were showing “Lonely Lady” that night.
    What do i know down the line after 14 years I would working in media and Broadcasting – designing and VOD (Video on demand system). I have HDD of XX tbytes which servers up x rated porn to test our products. I hardly watch any.

  54. hehehe! good one. actually i also discovered this site long back. i used to browse in shady web cafes that sprung up everywhere when internet first came to india. didnt know the site has closed.

  55. This came up as one of the first hits when I googled, to find out what had happened to the site which had carried me through my all boys school years.

    Never realised that my story was shared by so many people as was my dislike of Sushma Swaraj for her policies.

    Was anyone else pissed off when she took FTV off the air?

  56. drama said…
    Great obituary!
    I was shocked to know that those movies were all morphed! I thought they were real!!!! Such fine work.

    All good things come to an end.

  57. thanks for all the mammaries

  58. Your post made me feel nostalgic. Those “after dark” movies were first adult movies i saw. i still remember ”Lake Consequence” , ‘mafia docks” were my first ones……the best part was gearing up for the start studying maths at 11:00 pm and continue to study it late night…:D..

    great one…..

  59. Awesome post man!..i have recently come across your blog and may i say that it is simply awesome!…keep the good work going on!…
    As far as this post goes…man desibaba was the first porn site that anyone accessed in our times!…’Lake Consequence’ was one of my first ones too!

  60. I am moved to Tears. 😀

  61. a nostalgic article. brought back a lot of memories

  62. I think the article has been very well written to reflect the sentiments of the whole of our generation,
    Another channel was TV5.
    Good job.

  63. Hi there ,
    I still remember how we used to gather a group of friends and go to cyber cafe so that we can occupy 2-3 PCs around us and no one intervenes or disturbs us. I still remember there was a channel called REN TV which showed XX movies on friday nights , after which a PLAY BOY program followed , it was fun ,gone are those days…………DIN WO BADE HASEEN THE………….. isnt it?

  64. So its closed huh… Anyone of you visiting the desibaba dirty chatroom? I use to have a lot of friends there, but I visited once a month.

    All gone now, no contact left 😦 I miss them already 😦


    PS: I used to be there as “skyhigh”

  65. Ahh nostalgia…
    I recall those days .. We used to go to a cybercafe with partitions to browse through the images. But then, you do get bored after seeing the images for 10 minutes. So, unless it graduated to better quality, or to video clips, it couldnt have survived. And after some time, everyone realized that the pics were mostly morphed. Another KLPD 😉

    AFAIK, it was run by an NRI (dont recall his name), thats what was said in the online forums that time around. But desibaba did have some nice pics of paki babes too. 😉

  66. Still remember the first time I happened on it.. beautiful does not begin to describe it


  67. Perhaps its called “boudi” in Bangladeshi-Bangla. Pak-Bangladesh, easy to see the connection.

    “the whiff of heaven” hehe.. There was no way desibaba could compete with the elaborate full fledged videos that have swarmed the cyberspace and with chaning times. Peace be with it!

  68. simply awesome…. i couldn’t access the earlier link.. thanks for reporting it.

  69. HEllo!!!! Greatbong, can you please setlte the KLPD issue? I always thought it stands for Khare l*** pe dhokha. Someone reckons it should be danda??

  70. The opening paragraphs ring so true! Dude, you could have been me!

    But surely, you do DD an injustice. The “Friday night movie” at 11.30 on DD was a major draw in 1989-90 when I was studying for my SSC exams (and hence had a convincing excuse to be skulking about the house, muttering to myself “where’s my algebra textbook” and then lingering near the TV in the living room. Shutting my parents’bedroom door was my thoughtful considerate gesture to ensure they did not accidentally walk in on me)

    I even remember one of the titles- a French movie called The Lacemaker!

    Sadly, desibaba passed me by, but even without the reference, this post is an absolute joy to read (big surprise huh).

  71. What does “desi baba” exactly mean? Is it a made up word or does it a commonly used term?

  72. Desibaba was THE source of nourishment those days in the mid 90s. A bunch of us who had started working the same time in a large Indian computer company got seduced by its morphed charm & the IT guy used to download the images for us. We used to wonder how all Indian actresses had pink nipples, but soon we got wiser. Wise enough to know that it doesn’t matter 🙂 I really enjoyed Star’s midnight movies, all in Arabic subtitles (after 11pm, the hindi sub-t’s would change to cater to the middle eastern population). Wide Sargasso Sea & White Mischief were big favorites, as was a Russian tv channel that allegedly showed soft porn stuff at the middle of the night. We were living in Delhi & a friend who worked in a newspaper in Calcutta called us at 3.30am to tell us it was on! So next saturday night we were again awake, ready to pounce, but that show never came on. We woke up this guy in Cal all the same & he claimed it was our local cable wallah who removed it. I distinctly recalled in a drunken stupor at 2 in the morning watching something with topless girls in a car wash. The power had just come back & I was trying to watch some TV to lull myself to sleep. Maybe I was dreaming… Star stopped showing the nudity later on, after going with digitization of the naughty bits for some time. Regarding the midnight movies on DD, Lacemaker was definitely one of them. They also showed Swann In Love with Ornella Muti & Heat & Dust with Greta Scaachi.

  73. Hi,

    The site is still UP there .. to access u need to go via google search

    hve fun….

  74. Yeah! i was exposed to desi baba 6 yrs before. Those years were heaven man! But as grew i stopped visiting that site and concentrated on other sites. But desi baba will always remain in my mind till my death.

    I vow a lot to desi baba, i dont think i would have been matured without desi baba.
    I repect the author of this article for paying a tribute to desi baba
    Hats off to you bong!!

  75. there were those days when we stayed back in the office – 3 boys – that was our first job – and when it was way past 11 in the night, we would get on the “internet machine” – the only one connected to the internet and have our first peek at a world we could only imagine! Thanks fellas – all of you. It was great reading this blog.

  76. Kwisatz haderach May 31, 2006 — 9:24 pm

    btw, another modification of klpd – klplc, where ‘lc’ stands for ‘lathi charge’..

    all the males – proceed to cringe in agony..

  77. great post!!

  78. Man! you are a genious.

  79. GreatBong-GreatBlog.

    I Share your feelings.As i,who (like many bretheren) was a regular visitor to the DesiBaba temple.And at one time i had the full collection of the website in my archives.

    The first day I saw the doomsday message, i could not believe my eyes.Never in my life i felt so cheated and devasted!!No amount of snubbing by girls generated such feelings of hopelesness.

    It was like being turned out of a temple!!
    The stories,the ‘Devis’ all was lost.I swore revenge upon whoever was the cause.(And if i ever find out.. GOD HELP THEM….)

    To this day I wonder.. is there any way of reviving that epitome, that colossium of happiness and joy…? ! Is there?

  80. Waooo!….Glory Days! gone by!…

    True it was a great work of genius which my generation lived and got inspired by…i miss it to this day…great tribute to us all!…

  81. jab teri yad aayegi.

  82. When I came to know that this site has been blocked, I got shocked. First time I saw this site and surf Indian Actress on the site. It was great but now all have gone it is like Khade par HATHODA MAR DENA. What can be said.

  83. man this is so called an havenly idea to tribute desibaba i was daily user of desibaba chat room i missed desibaba alot and all my friends and enemies…….. klpd stand for khade lund per dhoka …… lub desi baba chatroom bye

  84. man this is so called an havenly idea to tribute desibaba i was daily user of desibaba chat room i missed desibaba alot and all my friends and enemies…….. klpd stand for khade lund per dhoka …… lub desi baba chatroom bye

  85. ya, I am still searching for a site like Desibaba, Still to find a site with desi babes no fake links, no pop ups, no credit cards……………

  86. Myself Jatinder & i m persuing B.Tech.Making friends is my hobby.My favourite picnic spot is Switzerland.

  87. Top writing mate. Absolutely hilarious, but akin to what pretty much everyone else was thinking but never managed to essay on their blog.

    Love your work.

  88. you can relive some of the good old days. a website called thats will has caputured. look at the pics with glee

  89. Ah, you just brought a tear to my eye! I miss desibaba so much and sadly, all my pics were lost in the great Hard Drive crash of 2005 and so all the memories I have are solely in my head…sniff…come back to us Desibaba!!!!

  90. what ever you have about silk smitha please send me on my mail.

  91. markland the hunter November 3, 2006 — 4:39 am

    Desibaba, what can I say…
    It was an Epoch making chapter in Desi porn.

  92. i actually had a KLPD because i cant access desi studs like hrithik and shahrukh on desibaba

  93. What wonderful composition which has transpired into such exemplary art form… Really u reminded me of those khanna,society,regal and that hall at maniktala( don’t exactly remember its name)days with friends… all those ‘panu’ magz bought not exactly cheaply from meagre earned pocket money.
    lopamudrar moto bolte ichhe kore “shoishobe aar phera jay na to, kothai aaj hariye gache se desh”[:(]

  94. What wonderful composition which has transpired into such exemplary art form… Really u reminded me of those khanna,society,regal and that hall at maniktala( don’t exactly remember its name)days with friends… all those ‘panu’ magz bought not exactly cheaply from meagre earned pocket money.
    lopamudrar moto bolte ichhe kore “shoishobe aar phera jay na to, kothai aaj hariye gache se desh”[:(]

  95. Reminisces of the cafe day……
    The remotest / corner comp,hidden by everyone and then the feast for the eyes.Ahhhhhh.DesiBABA ki jai…..
    Visualizing ur neighbour aunty while surfing through this temple was nearest to the reality……….

  96. anisha-abu dhabi-bit December 8, 2006 — 7:15 pm

    i will miss u!!u wer like my 2nd dad!!!

  97. very very well written.. yes totally agree with you.. i was just curious as to where desibaba had gone..

  98. What wonderful composition which has transpired into such exemplary art form… Really u reminded me of those khanna,society,regal and that hall at maniktala( don’t exactly remember its name)days with friends… all those ‘panu’ magz bought not exactly cheaply from meagre earned pocket money.
    lopamudrar moto bolte ichhe kore “shoishobe aar phera jay na to, kothai aaj hariye gache se desh”[:(]


  100. desibaba i dont think site got much except stories. is much much better then any one except providing us high class indian video which are rarelt available any where.

    Just tell me honestly have you see the current videos recently uploaded in main website or in premium area before. NO WAY i bet no one have seen it before… is much better then desibaba specially there video area

  101. woh beete din yaad hai woh pal chin yaad hai.
    beetiya tere sang jo pakad ke apne land ko.
    woh tharkana tera woh aajana mera.
    abhi bhi dil me mere woh babe of the day……..

    loved the site and it will always have a special part in my life.
    for all the fans here is the link to desistories from desibaba

  102. Desibaba lives on in our hearts and minds, desibaba can never die……

    I am moved to tears, it’s like the ” day the muuuuuuuuzik died……”

  103. Too good a description and so relatable. This is the first blog of yours that I read and count me in your fan club.

    Hats off!!!

  104. It was a good read.. I agree desibaba will live in peoples hearts and will always be remembered.. well atleast amongst my generation who has been a fan of desibaba when the site was up and running.

  105. really i am missing desibaba stories and daily pic.thanks 4 the friends who r giveing ideas to find the side.

  106. Seriously man, i miss desibaba…those old days..alas… rightly said by you, Ideas never die…greate one..May desibaba rest in peace and its memories give us peace while resting!!!

  107. No dear Vulturu

    It is ‘khade l*** pe dhokha’

  108. I luv u 2 Arnab. This was the best. You are the best. No other blogger comes even close to u.

  109. hi……………………………

  110. wow..awesome post and great choice of words…Long live Desi Baba!!! U said it right, there is a Desibaba in all of us!!!

  111. hahahahahahahahaha……….that’s one hell of a read……it’s the story of our generation….watching movies at night without sound…..LOL

  112. Could properly identify with the sex starved adolescent generation you talk about… my experienes are somewhat similar. I remember going to a friends house to watch a steamy movie for the first time on a VCR… the Debonairs and Playboys that we used to sneak in, the small booklets in German and French with revealing adult education materials.
    Then came the internet age, and I persuaded my parents to buy me one for academic purposes. The internet was a manna from heaven… thousands of eye popping models with bountiful bosoms a click away. The only problem was the speed.. waiting with baited breath for each page to open up, I spent hours with my eyes glued to the screen. The credit card was a problem… but there were a lot of free sites and a few days of assiduous search yielded rich results to harvest on.
    The CDs had started coming in by then.. with voluptous beauties engaged in simple harmonic motions, it was a treat for the eyes. The best thing was the CDs were easy to copy and store.
    And then came the big daddy of all… rapidshare and torrents, with dedicated internet connections at the institutes of higher learning, they were a powerful tool. With an increasing variety and broadband speeds doubling everyday, running with the pole in your hands will become a more oft seen sight.
    Extremely nostalgic… and close to my heart.

  113. Desi baba is still online btw….the only Indian site with decent looking women in my opinion….(though I know you Indians like ur women a bit…thick)…

  114. Reminded me of the good old days…….

  115. Wasn’t the Baba immortal??? AAILA.. Loads of magic potion the BABA has flowed from our fountains ….

  116. i love desi baba

  117. it is avery good site

  118. Omg, its been ages since I read u and this was truly fabbuulooous…loved it 😀

  119. I love so very much desibaba dirty chat. I lost good friends from here. Nebody known to me pl mail me dhk underscore 2007 ad hotmail dot com, thanks.

  120. awesome work.. u just echoed my feelings…

  121. I just came 2 c this entry after 2 years of its posting…..

    Its so moving.. I nearly cried reading it..
    it was as was posted by me..
    I feel so nostalgic(well..honestly not..coz now there is lot more porn,high quality and full length movies on peer-2-peer nets)
    Anyway..its a fitting tribute to our beloved…jai ho baba..baba amar rahai!
    -Guy from kerala

  122. Jo beet gayi
    So baat gayi[:)]

  123. also to remind u,zee mgm(now zee studio) used to have a late nite slot……
    i still remember hot bubblegum….has any body seen that?

  124. I wish if can again come online like it was earlier. It was really a pleasure for Indians.

  125. I am craving for good quality sex which can take away my extra energy and enable my lightning arrestor discharge fully. If it is polarized danger is for the near ones

    Oh Baba , Ali Baba, Oh my desi babaaaaaaaa

  126. A few years too late to realise that desibaba does not exist……but I salute your eulogy and confer on you the title of Desi Rum Bandit… whatever that is

  127. GB

    Thanks for this article and bringing back those dial-up memories. Believe me this site used to be our measurement standard to check internet speed (of course dial-up)

  128. hey boss,
    it’s amazing. this article made me and my MBBS batchmates cry [ we finished MBBS in 1998].
    the hostel TV room used to be crammed to capacity on saturday nights to watch TB [ or ws it TV6].
    we hated sushma swaraj-the evil w[b]itch , she cut off our sex diet.
    now we all batchmates have laptops/computers and easy access to loads of porn but given a chance, we all would gladly swap these times with the good , old past TV room and TB 6 and star movies.
    one thing more- this article should be either published in a widely circulated newspaper or posted in a wider read forum. It’s elixir for my generation.

  129. Desibaba dead?,,its heart breaking…where are my friends AARM, KAM..and some other enemies?

  130. Great post !! Brings back a lot of mammaries to my mind !! ROTFL !

  131. I shed a few erotic tears while going through the obituary. The death(read Samadhi)of desibaba is a severe blow to the midnight mayhem of umpteen desibaba fans across the globe.

    Thanks Arnab da for the joyride down the memory lane..

    Joy deshibabar joy….

    A rustic & gramin bongo-shontan…

  132. Worry not……………….

    there is a site called desipapa which is trying to maintain the desibaba tradition alive……….

    try it out…….

  133. Fantastic post!!!!!!!!! It was really walking down the memory lane. That Star Movies -era of ‘after dark’ was awesome. I still vividly remember the day in January 1997 when I caught the glimpse of a boob for the first time in my life. After the film, I searched all my house for that day’s newspaper to know the film’s name & track it for future telecasts. Sadly enough, I discovered that it was the 27th of January, so no newspaper! (Later though, I came to know it was ‘Max Mon Amour’). My first lesson in female anatomy was however the Star Movies film ‘The Lake Consequence’ (which shocked & delighted me to infinity!). Other favourites in this slot were ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’, ‘Blindfold Acts of Obsession’, ‘Stripped to Kill’, ‘Go Fish’, etc. And then Swraj took over. How I wish I had a time-machine & had the right to change something in history,…Hitler & Pol Pot would’ve escaped my hands, but not…!
    So inspiring these films were that after my Madhyamik exams when I joined a typing school in my vacation, I used to practise typing the names of these films (giving myself a high of doing something ‘forbidden’, & when the old instructor wanted to see what I typed, I used to smartly say- not today Sir, I’ll show you my accuracy after I improve!).
    About Pradeep cinema hall, I too have my experiences! I remember when during film projections the light on the screen dimmed abnormally, the drunk old men from the rearstall used raise a hullabaloo to protest. Pradeep mostly showed dubbed Southy films with alluring English titles.
    When Doordarshan started the short-lived DD-Movie-Club (DD3) channel, sometimes you could come across the odd nipple-peek in foreign films. One such Bangla film still freely shown occasionally on Bengali channels is ‘Parasuramer Kuthar’ which shows a nipple for a good 7 or 8 seconds at the start & end of the film.
    …….(Sigh!) Star Movies, Pradeep, Chastity/Mermaid/Debonair, Local cable channel (‘Saturday nights’!) – Those were the days!! Though I’m still single, I’ve matured enough in this field. But all this ‘kiddy stuff’ still holds great memories of those days of pure innocence! …….BIG THANKS for rekindling those memories!
    – Doh Guy

  134. i still remember watching late night movies like “the hot bubblegum” and “save me ” .. we didnt got cable connection but still manage to get black and white dizzy signal of zee mgm
    i never understand why I & B ministry blocked those late night edition ( it’s like a punishment for tv viewers in india) anyway 7 yrs down the line i got internet as the prime but the oldie voyear taste last forever

  135. visiting cafes… giggling.. d slow download rate… d ssh ssh nites… man u really moved me…

  136. ps. 2 d core!!!

  137. Excellent post dada..

  138. dude! haha! fantastic!

  139. please write something about

  140. Ah Neo,
    I was introduced to the world of GB when I was seeking to relive my adolescent memories of Desibaba and stumbled upon this blog.

    Today life has come full circle when, thanks to you, Desibaba is standing in full splendour on my PC. Thanks man (or woman). Thanks a ton, muuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    I don’t know if my other friends of Desibaba know about this link here. Please arrange for a general circular to be passed around RTDM fans to spread this knowledge immediately

    Thanks Neo, once again.

  141. Pornography MUST be legalized.

    otherwise i will keep feeling illegal after seeing those self-clicked flicks, pictures, stills and videos I took in the bath and backyard garden when i was 13.

    Pornography is a fundamental right, after all we all comes out of the darkness of the womb just naked.

    Will they jail Mahavir, Gautama Budh and gargi etc if they howsoever got a chance to come back to Modern India from the realms of my boyfriend yamraj?

    Should government drag Khajuraho Temple to Tihar?

  142. @GB


    Is there no respite from this pretentiousness at all? Should every comment from this reader be linked back to his/her website however unconnected the context maybe?

    When do you label someone a troll? I read a joke somewhere that someone who flies in, makes a lot of noise and sh*ts all over the place is called a SEAGULL manager in the corporate world. Is there a blogosphere equivalent to that?

  143. hi Frnds its very sad to hear that i will miss desibaba..anyways keep mailing me

  144. I have just discovered your blog and to be honest I have never had so much fun reading any other blog before. Your blog is a fine presentation of the views of a generation (engineers, now in their early 30s). I wasn’t much into Desibaba, but those late night movies in mute (and in full voice in the hostel) definitely triggered some memories. Great work.

  145. account of a lost generation, great post. miss u desibaba *sniff sniff* and thanks to debonair 😛

  146. Excellent post. You brought back some fond memories of my growing up days. Desibaba was the first pornsite I accessed and a blessing in my penniless student days. May it rest in peace

  147. A masterpeice! Consider me as your biggest fan!!

  148. Why you people still remember old desibaba? Except stories what else was good in desibaba. Answer is nothing. [edited] has got ever thing and its an much much good alternate to desibaba. It will never come alive so why we are still discussing dead site.

    GB: No advertisements for your favorite adult websites. Please.

  149. defintely the most liked nd
    most viwed website for
    sex lovers………

  150. REspect to desibaba
    it was the first porn site thet i surfed
    still cant forget that day

  151. This was absolutely hilarious. Well, as a girl from a respectful family, I never visited Desibaba, but I have heard all about it from my thethen teenage male friends, who used to frequent the site. I was sorely tempted to visit it once, when I heard that it had morphed nude pictures of actresses, but then again, didn’t have enough guts. One of my male friends promised me that no one in the cyber cafe would know, but still….

    This way when I was in class IX-X….relieved those days, thanks to your post. 🙂

  152. Makes me feel nostalgic…gone are those days…

  153. Why didn’t the time stopped for ever? Why Desibaba had to go? I ‘m trying to connect with some of my friends…. AARM and Kam… pls put some comments.. if u read this…. Eagle

  154. This post shall remain eternally relevant.

  155. can anyone recall names of movie shown on zee studio specially one where step mom had sex with young son

  156. Desibaba site admin March 2, 2010 — 6:32 am

    Hello guys, I was site admin for for 8 months. Feels good you all are fans of our proud site. i have large collection still with me. We can discuss rates. Remember, everyone has a desibaba in him. haha

  157. does anyone remember the name of a adult movie{english}shown on jain tv during 2000-2001 which had this beautiful blonde woman,i need the name of the movie please

  158. sach.. did you find the movies name??

  159. Oh the nostalgia, those were the days. I remember with a 56k connection, trying to download those movies like “Billo at home” the stories like “Tehmima’s domestic dicipline”, the fakes of Madhuri and Manisha, and all after creeping down very early in the morning, cos my brother was always on late at night, lol, those were good days.

    For a long time, the ONLY desi porn site, R.I.P Desibaba, alive in our hearts, everyone of us has a desibaba inside us, and trying to get it into a desimama!!

  160. Remember website this website a long time back, never realised it would be such a landmark today, blkrb0t will never forget the pleasures it gave him 😛

  161. Greatbong aami aajke kanchi kotai gelo shei shobuj desh.I used to watch that movie on zee mgm called wild orchid in 1991 and virtually melt.zee mgm and desibaba what would i be without you? Today as a paunchy family man i recall guiltily watching movie after movie and then going to the kalighat temple and praying to kali time and again that i will never watch any dirty movie and that such and such movie would be my last.God it used to be hilarious.It still is ROTFWL

  162. OMG, All of a sudden I remembered of which my cousin used to fantasize about. At the time, I guess I just entered into my teens.
    Today, I started private browsing and entered Shit, nothing came. Thanks a lot for your update… Surely desibaba will be remembered by many…

  163. hey nostalgic guys just use wayback machine and browse the site

  164. Now backup this site before internet archive remove it.

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