The Beautiful Game

Sometimes a picture really does say everything………. (hat-tip: Saumyadipta)

[Picture may no longer available from Yahoo]

19 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game

  1. Wonder how they know what team each player is in 🙂 the colour of the dhoti maybe?

    Oh and First Post (I hope) !!

  2. Umm what are they kicking? The ball is behind! Maybe this is the way to go for India to play in the next world cup!

  3. Pratush, watch closely, Look at the guy’s right foot.

  4. YOURFAN writes:
    @GB:It sure is amazing how Calcuttans are pumped up about this game of football where India is not playing and the venue is so far off. Do you know that some fans in Calcutta have performed special puja at a more than hundred years old Kali temple for Brazil to ward off any evil? This is what is called passion, loyalty to a team – don’t you think so? But the main point is that we the Indians whether a bunch of saadhu or ordinary people still know how to enjoy life without spending a hell of a lot or getting hooked to drugs. In other words we generally still know the simple pleasures of life – which should be a lesson to Westerners

  5. Looks like Holland v/s Togo in their regular kits!

  6. Bam bam bhole!!

    Hope their chappals dont fly off into the opposing goalposts when kicking!

    Ram Ram Ram,
    Musings that Amuse

  7. Soubhagya Dash June 23, 2006 — 6:54 pm

    now a befitting sequel to lagaan in the making. actually i hope they were not trying to get evil spirits off the ball…

    jokes apart, i hope they were just playing. a good thought tht is.

  8. Jai Ball-enath 😀

  9. Yourfan…who knows…there might be a bundle of cocaine inside the football, that they are all fighting for

  10. @yourfan:Yes we have to teach westerners morality and good living.

  11. Maybe they should be drafted into the national team. All said and done, it could do with some divine intervention, Manager Munshida and Coach Tapasda notwithstanding.

    This picture also reminded of some (football?) crazy mullahs.

  12. I c new doors opening for Ganguly … These guys will surely take Ganguly as their Captain .. yo!! dada ..

  13. Sadhu sadhu!

  14. when will I see the Indian team in the world cup?

  15. That last comment was for a different post. Apologies.

  16. …but where is the picture?

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