Aayi Sawant Jhoom Ke

Shes crazy like a fool
What about it daddy cool
—-Bonnie M

June 18th is Father’s Day.

Just the right occasion to turn the spotlight on the ideal daughter—the pride of daddy.

Yes I am talking about Rakhi.

No, not the matronly actress of days gone by with the accented Hindi.

I am talking about Rakhi, Rakhi Sawant.

Rather than wasting your time (and money) on Father’s Day buying corny cards and cheap after-shave, I recommend that you sit through this three part interview of the ideal daughter. (1,2 and 3).

You shall learn how Rakhi Sawant’s father used to call her “nutty” (which in Marathi means a “dancer” and in English means “off the rocker”) and how Rakhi , as she grew up, has strived to live up to that ideal—in both ways.

You will learn that her father became so proud of Rakhi as she revealed her talent to the world that in a gesture some may interpret as total disgust, he left his own home and now lives all alone.

For those people who do not know who Rakhi Sawant is, she is India’s Number 1 “item girl”, renowned for dancing in clothes Mullah Umar would find mildly offensive. Noticed by Indian men during a song in a movie aptly titled “Chura Liya Hain Tumne” where the object of the felony was Rakhi Sawant’s clothes, her acting talents were soon laid bare to the world in “Patth” (yes that sleeper underground hit which had the dialogues “Kapre nikalne se pahele rokra nikal” and the eternal Hallmark card Father’s Day sentimental line: “Mera baap bola tha mujko—rote rand pe aur haste bhadwe par kabhi bharosa nahin karna“). Soon she had graduated to playing the role of the sexy corpse in “Khamosh–Khauff ki Raat” (the first person among the ten to die) and the voluptuous vamp (Om) while also sharing the marquee with Noam Chomsky in “Project Outsourced“.

Her resume also includes music videos like “Pardesiya” which has now become an instructional video HR people use to illustrate how harassment in the workplace takes place.

But how does have a glittering acting and dancing career make her daddy’s pride?


Because while many others have sacrificed their dignity in the race for fame, Rakhi Sawant, like a well-push-up… sorry… well-brought-up girl, has not compromised her principles (refer to the video links for a beautiful explanation of the ideals Rakhi Sawant lives by). She could have made a vulgar SMS like what’s-her-name Sen (again listen to the video for this priceless funda) for publicity but she did not. She will not wear a bikini (but has no objections to skimpy two piece dresses) and she will never “smooch”. (Of course this picture (warning: not totally worksafe) of hers is what people call a kiss, which is a little different from a “smooch”, how exactly I don’t really know. Another example of a kiss that is not a smooch may be seen in the movie “Bad Boys”)

Which is why when Mika, one of India’s top Bhangra stars, during his birthday party stole not one but two “smooches” (and that too “media ke saamne, camerein on hain”–in Ms. Sawant’s voice) from Rakhi Sawant, thus violating her often-violated policy, she was livid. So livid was she that she kept on dancing at the same party for some time more, then went home and came back, along with her friends and admirers, for a punching match.

And just to show that she still follows her daddy’s advice of never taking the law into her own hands, she files molestation charges against Mika and bares all to the press.

Now that’s courage for you.

If it was some other wannabe video star, we might have dismissed this as a shameless publicity stunt, carefully orchestrated to get her name in the headlines—but since this is Rakhi Sawant, we know that certainly is not the case.


Because she is a Daddy’s girl.

One of the things daddys teach us is to hold tight to our ideals even when faced with the most stifling of opposition. Even when that opposition is the infamous “Purush Hakk Suraksha Samiti” (Society for Men’s Rights), a crack group of cuckolds and henpecks, who filed a police complaint against Rakhi for her lewd gestures at the audience and her minimalistic attire.(Not work-safe–unless you work for Haywards 5000, the sponsors) during her dance performance in Kolhapure.

Lesser lights would have run away screaming to Papa.

Not Rakhi.

Courage–the kind that comes from having learnt the right lessons in life, that comes from a well-rounded upbringing.

If indeed further proof of her courage is needed, it is this. While not one politician (except Sidhu) or celebrity stood behind the striking students during the anti-reservation agitation( instead choosing to provide soundbytes on trendy issues like Narmada Bachao)—it was only Rakhi Sawant who was ready to dance for the doctors.

Yes, she was going to go on a whistle stop tour through India’s B cities, dancing and raising, among other things, funds for the anti-reservationists—–wearing the exact same clothes Mahatma Gandhi wore during the “Non-cooperation movement”. Now if that act of Rakhi would not have galvanized the youth (male that is) and the elderly (male again) into a spirit of “Karenge ya marenge”, then frankly nothing would have.

Another lesson our fathers never tire of imparting and one that today’s generation have forgetten is the value of modesty. And Rakhi, we all agree, is one modest lady—in clothes and in speech.

If I am hot, is it my fault,” asks sultry Rakhi Sawant, who recently got warned by police after her bold performance and skimpy outfits in a recent stageshow in Kolhapur caused huge public anger. “People should exercise control over themselves. If one gets intoxicated after consuming beer, can we find fault with the beer? If one cannot handle himself after drink, one shouldn’t drink.” she asks in the same breath.

Finally, the true worth of a man or a woman is how good he/she is to his/her family. And there too Rakhi Sawant has blazed a trail—not only has she convinced her mother to get into the squalid film line, she will be seen wearing only 1 Re coins (2000 of them) for her part in her brother’s directorial venture “Hot Money” . As she points out in her video interview, if she can dress creatively for other people’s movies, why not her brother’s? As an observer points out: After this, the concept of “rakhi” may not be the same again.

One of the most touching advertisements I saw on Indian TV was that of Kapil Dev’s mother saying that she prays that every house has a son like Kapil.

Likewise, all Indian men pray that every house has a daughter like Rakhi Sawant.

That’s all fine. But just spare a thought for her father.

At least on Father’ Day.

102 thoughts on “Aayi Sawant Jhoom Ke

  1. Hahhahaha :-)! I burst into loud laughter when I looked at the picture accompanying

    “of hers is what people call a kiss, which is a little different from a “smooch”, how exactly I don’t really know.”

    Mercifully I am at home right now!!

  2. Couldnt see the pix as I am at work now. (Thanks for the warning). But another priceless post from the greatbong.

  3. Dhanda hai par ganda hai

  4. yes that sleeper underground hit which had the dialogues “Kapre nikalne se pahele rokra nikal” and the eternal Hallmark card Father’s Day sentimental line: “Mera baap bola tha mujko—rote rand pe aur haste bhadwe par kabhi bharosa nahin karna“

    — Pearls of wisdom. Priceless. 🙂

  5. I was waiting for your post on Ms. Sawant. Have to say that it was even beyond my expectations. One thing is for sure daddy’s lil girl hits the headlines every alternative fortnight. Way to go Rakhi…I will be waiting for your next achievement and subsequent GB post.

  6. *Should I, should I not, should I, should I not…*

    Maybe over email.

  7. “nutty” in marathi is spelled as “nati”. It means an actress and not a dancer. If Rakhi Sawant has said tht nati means dancer then she has definitely gone nutty by not knowing the meaning of this word.

    Otherwise, nice post. Typical example of the publicity mad item girls. She seems inspired by Mallika though even Mallika did not go to such ridiculous extent.

    Btw, she once has wore a bra and panty combination for an item song which also included two of her “item sisters”. She claimed she had to shorten her dress as the other two were not hot enough and that she had to carry the song on her shoulders!!! Can it get more idiotic??

  8. I saw her interview on TV after the Mika mess, and even I was shocked by the things she said and the way she thought. It simply brought home how differently people with different backgrounds think, and not just talk.
    I’m tempted to dismiss this as Rakhi Sawant’s shot at manufacturing news, any news, to generate mindspace but does she not deserve the benefit of the doubt like say, Aamir Khan on Narmada does?
    Mahesh Bhatt, on the other hand, is the Bhatt who’s cried ‘wolf’ several times too many. Bhatt on the shootouts in his office doesn’t even register.

  9. Hilarious post! 🙂

    I think the interview was as funny as your post! Only an idiot like Mr. Prabhu Chawla can do interview like this. Really who made that guy an interviewer? [Reminds me of another interview he did with Sachin Tendulkar. He didn’t even let him answer the questions he asked!]

    Interview was very interesting. In first half, she says that her videos are not vulgar and all and in second part she says that she was feeling pain when wearing skimpy clothes. As she states, ‘It’s not easy to wear skimpy clothes in front of so many indian men and it takes a lot of courage to do so.’ and I completely agree. I just wished that she was straight forward throughout the interivew instead of acting defensive sometimes.


  10. Hehehe..great post but this female has some balls (no puns intended). Atleast, she does not mind saying that she is doing it for the money and nothing else.

    Better then all the pseduo Ex Miss India.

    Sex sells!

  11. nice!
    unbelieveable dialogues.
    voluptous at 43 kg ??
    Saw her interview where she was dissecting how she cudnt strike some poses and dance steps bcos of too much clothing.
    M.K.Gandhi angle was just apt.

  12. The Karenge yaa marenge spirit — superb.

  13. You saw Patth????

    And remember dialogues from it???????

  14. Hooo SAWANT mein lag gayi aag, Dil mera Haaai…..

    Incidently sung by Mika what say??

    You being being a Guru of Sarcasm, I just want know from you that when Sawant is refered as ‘poor gul ‘ by Indiauncut, is it a caustic remark or….what?

    Anyways Enjoyed this post thoroughly.

  15. “Likewise, all Indian men pray that every house has a daughter like Rakhi Sawant”
    nah, being Indians, every OTHER house has a daughter like that….

    and GB thanks for the workplace warnings, m sure it saved a lot of blushes

    as for the “creatively dressing” part, man creativity is geting minimalistic these days ain’t it 🙂

  16. One point agenda –> Jamane ko dikhana hai!!

  17. 🙂 first timer…post was amusing to the hilt!
    a few observations, if i may…
    I agree that this might well be a publicity stunt, as far as the general opinion of you, me, the media, and the entire “P3” community goes…but i wonder if this should stop a girl from going to the athorities when she has been wronged! does her dressing up in a certain way give men, with raging testosterone, a license to treat her with less dignity as is entitled to a woman?

    true, she has cultivated a modern day ‘mata hari’ image for herself…but that is exactly what it is…an “image”!! and externalization of what viewers would like to see on screen! does this justify Mika’s actions? does it justify his claim that “she asked for it”?

    i wonder…

  18. SN – Probably not, but I don’t think that is the point of this post – it is pointing out the bundle of contradictions that is Rakhi Sawant.

  19. @SN…..nobody is saying that if she has been wronged (even if she asked for it) she shouldn go to the authorities, nobody is defending Mika either ( the precursor to reshamiya…wat say GB? )…..it is just that she is kinda out of her senses ….and clothes:)……

  20. “she was going to go on a whistle stop tour through India’s B cities, dancing and raising, among other things, funds for the anti-reservationists”

    Too good.

  21. YOURFAN writes:
    @GB: I have said this so many times that I am afraid I sound tediously repetitive. But here I go again – you are simply fantastic. Who but you can write “…–wearing the exact same clothes Mahatma Gandhi wore during the “Non-cooperation movement””? How can you write so matter of factly with the double meaning “… she was going to go on a whistle stop tour through India’s B cities, dancing and raising, among other things, funds for the anti-reservationists..”? Excellent – couldn’t be better.

    You wrote: “ Likewise, all Indian men pray that every house has a daughter like Rakhi Sawant.” I wish my father also wished that; then my teenage years would have been a bit more enjoyable and tolerable for me.

  22. Hay, Sawant is really poor gul man.. what she is doing/saying/thinkin shows that how standard of society has fallen as whole.

  23. mind u Prabhu is any day more offensive than Rakhi.
    he interviews like he is interrogating seasoned criminals, even the most respectable guests.
    And yes he never allows anyone to reply ,then why the bother God knows.
    as for Rakhi she cud as well drop ALL pretenses.
    no harm done in todays world where people neednt play the sati savitri thing to death.
    like Pooja bedi’s neckline varying depending on whether the guest is male or female, Rakhi cud save precious energy varying trying to be both hot and sweet.

  24. Gamemaster, Gourav–Agreed, although my observations were not on the post, but on the incident itself…the reason why this post was written in the first place.
    But i still maintain what i said…just because a woman dresses in a certain manner, she must not be taken to be “easy”…

  25. Well written! But I feel she has indeed done a courageous job by exposing this in public. I know Mika, have stayed near his place for about 8 years n heard a lot of such stories abt him. It’s possible he must have done something nasty that made her make this issue public…

  26. “Mera baap bola tha mujko—rote rand pe aur haste bhadwe par kabhi bharosa nahin karna” — ROFL – this is a must see movie!

    This was an awesome piece – the sarcasm bang on hehehe – Poor Rakhi, she needs a good Sakhi right now to tell her what she’s upto. I personally find she is (yet another) answer to World’s Britney Spears. The only question is whose father is more proud – Rakhi or Britney. Kampeetition tough hain!


  27. Seems the Rakhi issue has raised quite a heated discussion here. And why one thought? Am sure lots of thoughts could be spared for her father, brother, bf, liftman (no puns), gatekeeper, security guard. And going by the theory, she is one person who’ll never be denied a visa, what say ya?

    And unless I knew the proper way to pronounce Mika, I’m sure I would have ended up quoting Rakhi-

    “Hai koi Mika Lal jo mujhse bachega?”

  28. Useke paas khoobsurat jism hain toh kyo na expose kare

  29. Whatever people may think of her antics, she is one hell of a smart girl.

  30. Yesterday while browsing past one of the NAUTANKI News channel (ZEE) I watched the exclusive footage of “KISS KA KISSA” showing Mika’s rapacious chumma incessantly…the Nautanki Zee news was just cashing on with the video clip….it was quite funny to hear the drama…..
    News Reader: “….Aap Dekh rahe hain humara exclusive coverage KISS KA KISSA ….humare saath RAKHi line pe bani hui hai ……’haan Rakhi kaisa laga tha aapko……kya action le rahi hai aap….
    Rakhi: …..main Zee news ka shukriya ada karna chahungi ….jo sabke samne sahi clip dhikake sachai ka saath diya hai …..aaj main manti ho ki bhagwan hai is desh mein ……bla bla bla….”

    BuLLSHIT!!! I cudn’t bear the drama more than tht….

  31. since some of the “news channels” from India are doing a free preview here in US, i happen to catch this absurdity among other things. She looks so fake, like plastic.
    plastic surgery maybe?

    bharatiya naari

  32. no offense, but she is not that great looking!. her face scares me.

  33. Great post Arnab. ROFLMAO at the combination of Prabhu Chawla and Rakhi Sawant. I cant see the interview@ work, but cant wait to go home, I am so looking forward to watch her tete-a-tete with the Old fool. 😉

    Also I must say you get top links from the web (e.g.Sonia Faleiro blog). Looks like she has been covering all the Item Girls of Mumbai film Industry. I was reading her story on Mumait Khan (Dekh Lai, Munna Bhai MBBS) and here is what caught my eye :-

    “We may be Muslims but we are not conservative…..I was with Mumait in Hyderabad for a shoot. You would have been shocked at her open blouse. She even asked for her chaddis to be made smaller.”

    You go Girl(s) !!!!!

  34. in the world of showbiz and razzmataz, a woman can and does go in for wisps of attire, some utterly ridiculous statements, a few interesting gestures and postures and VOILA
    she is inFAMOUS!

    men, on the other hand have to work harder. not only they have to shed clothes, but also run over pavement dwellers, take potshots at blackbucks, ill treat girlfriends, ring up rivals in love around 47 times a night…..

    reverse discrimination anyone?

  35. Greatbong, I simply *knew* you were gonna write about this. 🙂
    What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that you can write such in-depth, well researched mini biographies of someone whose shelf-life is so relatively new. Where on earth do u find the time to watch stuff like “Khamosh–Khauff ki Raat”?! !!
    Another title apt for this post would have been “How Rakhi Sawant got kissed, got wild, and probably got a life…” 🙂
    Thanx for proving my intuition right again.

  36. “nutty” in Marathi means actress, not that Rakhi is one!

  37. The more I read on this, funnier it gets. Rakhi Sawant in her own words :-

    “..I am as social and decent at home as any next door girl. To tell you the truth, when I am at home I am dressed in either salwaar kameez or a sari but I can’t do sizzling item acts in a sari! ”

    LOL..So any of ya guys looking for a social, decent next door girl, know which door to knock. ;);)

  38. As usual Dada great post.

    Here is a bollywood idea, we should ask Mahesh Bhatt to produce an Indo-America film to Star Anna Nicole-Smith and Rakhi Sawant with Emraan Hashmi as lead actor.

    Few Scene ideas,
    1. Cat fight between Anna Nicole and Daddy’s Girl Rakhi.
    2. Emraan Hashmi trying to steal a smooch from Rakhi.
    3. Rakhi gives a bashan to Anna Nicole on essence Bhartiya Nari.
    4. Anna Nicole getting transformed by Rakhi’s simplicity.

    I definetly think only Makesh Bhatt or Pooja Bhatt (another example of fine Indian lady inspired by her Daddy’s legacy) can do justice to such movie on such delicate subject.

    Now can anyone think a title for this movie?

  39. “renowned for dancing in clothes Mullah Umar would find mildly offensive”


    extremely hilarious understatement if their ever was one

  40. I wouldn’t have known who the hell Rakhi Sawant was if Mika [and who’s he?] had not kissed/smooched/whatever her.
    It was most likely a stage-managed controversy to keep in tune with the hungry Indian janata’s appetite for sleaze – a’la Jannet Jackson-Super-Bowl-Pop-up.

    I was surprised and disappointed to see Prabhu Chawla’s interview snap with her. The senior most editor of India Today talking to a whore , is truely the new low in Indian media journalism.

    Doesn’t matter. For the “Aam Aadmi” the kiss still proved to be , well – “nutty” delight !!

  41. Kaunteya,

    Mika-‘Sawan Me Lag Gayee Aag’-Singh is a Punjabi Pop Singer. He is younger brother of Daler Mehndi Paaji. 🙂

  42. The senior most editor of India Today talking to a whore…

    Did you really mean to write that? Curious. Especially since you take rather delightedly to the kiss. Arnab, had to do this.

  43. Ok..So she is a bad talker..

    A more realistic view can be found here :


  44. Never thought I will see “Khamosh–Khauff ki Raat” and Noam Chomsky in the same sentence. What a Rakhi-bandhan !

    I am hopelessly out of touch with Bollywood and Indian entertainment industry in general, but

    the moves, which earn her Rs 5 lakh a song, Rs 3 Lakh for a half hour stage show of which she performs approximately 8 a month

    impressed me. Now I have no doubt whatsoever that Indian economy, like Ms. Sawant, is in great shape.

  45. hmmm….not bad to see her videos at latenight…

  46. Those film lines are hysterical. Did you actually watch that stuff?

  47. Nice post.
    once she said her posters are not hanged in bedroom but in bathrooms. she really said it.
    Anyway, if possible remove the “whore” comment from kautenya. (if he cant produce “paid” receipt)

  48. Currently away for a few days—–will reply to all comments once I am back.

  49. Rimi, i don’t consider myself “Aam Aadmi” anymore. Especially since this tribe voted in the most screwed up lot to rule India. So i am not, as you say, taking any delight in this particular nutty kiss.

  50. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!
    supa post..
    n btw
    she also said dat..
    she ws wearin those Re1 coins cuz d name of d movie is HOT MONEY…
    n madam rakhi ji is hawt n add muny 2 it..
    u get hot money
    so there goes an indian blonde..

  51. Remarkable Rakhi Refresher!

  52. Shoddy Bohemian Rap June 18, 2006 — 3:31 pm

    I was reading http://soniafaleiro.blogspot.com/2005/12/prude-in-scant-cloth.html –that post and there is a sentence by Rakhi

    I also stay away from bikinis, because of the censors. If after all that work the public doesn’t see the fruits, what’s the use?

    I sure hope she was being metaphorical about the fruits of labour part.

  53. Perhaps you should take a look at this clip:

    He very definitely forced himself on her – and that’s the issue at hand. I don’t understand why everyone’s discussing Rakhi Sawant’s clothes, conduct or conversation-skills. He kissed when she didn’t want to be kissed. That’s a crime like stealing. You arrest the theif, you don’t go on and on about how the wallet was hanging out or how the victim tends to be careless and give away money. You don’t do character assessments of the victim.

  54. The whole incident reminds me of a saying in Marathi:

    “Kutryacha tond Gadhvane chatla,tyat kon batla?”

    Which roughly translates to:

    “A donkey licked a dog’s face. Who,amongst the two, got polluted?”

    Needless to say, it was very much a Spy v/s Spy kind of a situation.The result? Another contentuous bone for the likes of Zee News and Star News to chew upon!

  55. was flipping through the channels y’day…came across a bappi lahiri interview…bappi da’s latest moojik..

    you are my fish fry..
    you are my chicken fry..
    kabhi na kehnaaaaaaaaaa..
    mujhe tu bye bye…


  56. She is a Nut. No arguments about that. But I believe Chitrangada’s comment has a point there. Hence the never ending debate on whether women invite sexual harrasment with their dressing.

  57. that much sense over Rakhi sawant…hmmm…(oh! and it makes me wonder) ….but you sound like grandpa bong dada who…(ummm..)
    funny ..allegedly!!

  58. oooooh.. “If one gets intoxicated after consuming beer, can we find fault with the beer?”….. And I thot she was an idiot!!!!
    Had no clue who Rakhi sawanth was…..so went and did my research and was quite well entertained. (since with fifa going on there wasnt much to do anyways)

  59. “The senior most editor of India Today talking to a whore , is truely the new low in Indian media journalism.”

    As opposed to the finest sleazeball of Indian journalism, whose erudite intellectual self is on dazzling display in the infamous Amar Singh tapes. Please, I think even in a conventional morality standoff, Rakhi would cover herself with more glory than the likes of Prabhu Chawla.

    And if you intended “whore” as an invective, let me remind you that women who are commercial sex workers are as much entitled to their dignity as anyone else (not that I’m implying that Rakhi is one). At least our ancestors had that right, for further edification, refer to Mrichchhakatika.

  60. Agree with Ms. Chitragandha. The video is sickening with Mika actually grabbing Rakhi and enacting a sorry excuse for a smooch. Rakhi’s expression was also very spontaneous. And if it was a publicity stunt, she acd really well.
    Mika definitely shud be punished. But Rakhi Sawant shud also tone down her histrionics. You do not go around giving such nonsense comments without inviting trouble.

  61. And if it was a publicity stunt, she “acted” really well.

  62. Great Bong, expected a Mithun-da special on the 16th of June! it was HIS birthday. How could you not cut the cake and celebrate?

  63. Have to agree with Chitrangada about Mika forcing herself onto Rakhi, and such acts are to be reported to police.

    However, what I don’t understand is why she kept on dancing at the party even after that, then went home, changed, and came back to fight it out.
    Also, why was she falling all over him, kissing…oops…pecking him on the cheek when she has objections against being kissed? Or did she only want to get kissed on her cheek, and that is why she is objecting?

    By the way, great post, as is your other posts. I read all your posts once I got the link given to me by a friend.

    Just one correction though:
    ‘Mika, one of India’s top Bhangra stars’

    Well, I don’t think Mika is one of Inida’s TOP bhangra stars, or anywhere near it…his main claim to fame is that he is Daler Paji’s bro, that’s all.

  64. Greatbong,

    Though I agree with most of the commentators that the post was funny, I somehow fail to see the point. Are you trying to mock Rakhi Sawant for creating a ruckus about the forced kiss? If so, then I am not in agreement at all

    One of the movies that I saw at a young age and which left an impression on me was “The Accused”. If you indeed think that Rakhi Sawant is in the wrong in the whole Mika-smooch case, then you should see this movie (watch it again if you have already watched it). I dont think a woman’s character or past record gives any right to anyone to violate her modesty (irrespective of whether it has been violated before or not)

    I know that the post was more to do with the Aaj Tak interviews, but the timing of the post coincides with the Mika incident, where I find the woman to be on the right side. If your post takes into consideration only the interviews and does not pass a judgement on the basis of the incident, then I guess it is fine. But a clarification to this effect would help.

  65. Thank you for the ‘not work safe’ warnings! 🙂
    I have heard many people saying that the publicly forced kiss was a publicity stunt. Sometimes i wonder: shouldnt we give a woman the benifit of the doubt?

  66. another CONTROVERSY!!!
    why doesn’t the oldest profession get the respect it aught to have?
    why is the PR sooo BAD?
    my brother says because they shortchange customers.
    aren’t there any satisfied customers out there?
    speak up, defend this service industry.

  67. swati,
    i guess an attempt was made by mr. shashi kapoor in form of “utsav” to provide some sanctity to the world’s oldest profession.

  68. Ok i agree with the feminist viewpoint.

    What I dont understand is why did Rakhi Sawant continue partying/dancing there after Mikka (the chief Khota Sikka) kissed her. She oughta have left immediately. Its only after one of mikka’s khota sikkas picked up a fight with her bro, that she realized that her modesty has been outraged.

    BTW, dont you guys find Mikka nasal also, like Himesh R and Nusrat (the most nasal of them all).

  69. rakhi is a bad girl
    rakhi sheds all her clothes at drop of hat
    rakhi is always looking to get into controversies for publicity
    rakhi kissed mika on cheeks
    rakhi came to the party in skimpy clothes
    rakhi danced, drank in the party
    but how does all these justify mika forcing himself on rakhi in public??????

  70. With so many comments having gone unanswered by me (since I have been away from a computer these last few days), I firstly apologize to all. And because of this stack of unreplied comments, I hope I will be excused if I do not individually reply to each comment and draft instead a more general response.

    1. This piece was never about condoning what Mika did (Incidentally my calling Mika a top Bhangra star was in jest)—–I fail to understand how people discovered a subtext in which I said Rakhi Sawant asked for it. Hence why I should see “Accused” is beyond me—-I am not opposing in any way the point “Accused” sought to make. And Apoorva, thanks for restating the obvious…however which hat did you pull your conclusion out of–i.e. when did I say that Mika is justified in forcing himself upon RS?

    My point, since I seemed to have been unable to get it across is this. RS is a self-contradicting piece of celluloid flotsam who represents IMHO the worst of Bollywood in more ways than one. Not that it condones getting “smooched” by Mika (I need to say this every 4 sentences lest people misunderstand).

    Putting it as briefly as possible, RS is a caricature (of course not that she deserves to be molested—there I said it again)—-any person who publicly says that she is so hot that people cannot handle her deserves to be laughed at. Self -publicity is fine—but sometimes things do pass into the “oh my God is she really that desperate” zone?

    Now let me try to explain the Mika so-called “subtext” (insert standard disclaimer here).

    Particularly galling in the video interview linked to was RS’s senti soundbytes when she says how close she was to crying during the item number “Aankhiyaan Na Maar”, how nude she felt——in effect portraying herself as a “victim”. What bullshit. Nobody is forcing her to strip—-so why the “dont cry for me Argentina” martyrdom? This assumes great significance when in another interview she said that she kept asking the producer why had he taken other girls for “Aankhiyan na Maar” when she herself is so hot. She added, with barely concealed grief, that people do not even recall the other girls considering how good (stripped) Rakhi Sawant was.

    The point I am making: RS has no credibility. And RS loves to play the victim. And there is nothing RS will not do for publicity. Absolutely none.

    This of course does not mean that what Mika did was right. However it is anything but an open and shut case. For instance what is still left unanswered is why RS kept on dancing at the party if she felt really molested—-I would presume that, and the feminists may interject here, that once you feel you have been molested you really would not keep dancing at the place where you have been molested. And that rather than go to the police, you would come back with goombahs, start a fight and then go in front of the press and then start crying—-a full two hours after the incident —a time you spent dancing.

    Which brings me to the conclusion that this was a publicity stunt–geared for the cameras.

    In conclusion, my post has nothing to do with bringing the character of the victim into matters of rape. Whether RS is a “loose woman” or not is not the subject of conjecture here (which is the angle a few have gone on)–again even if she is, it does not justify molestation.

     However the fact that she is a publicity hound, who has been known to pose as a victim (ref: the producers removed her clothes in “Aankhiyan na Maar”) is common knowledge. Hence I am well within my rights to conjecture if all this was after all only for publicity—since RS’s outrage at her modesty being violated was not in evidence for a few hours after the event and came on, in all glory, once the press conference was called.

    And again, all this does not justify Mika’s actions. Nor do I say that RS deserved to be molested.

    2. Thank you to all those who saw it for what it was—–an attempt to laugh at Rakhi Sawant, her two-facedness and not at her molestation.

    3. Mithun-da was never born. Nor will he ever die. He is an ideal. That’s why no sense in celebrating his birthday.

    4. RS does say that nati means a dancer.

  71. I dont think anyone took your post as defending Mika Singh. It’s just that before some people post their comments, they not only read your post but also comments by others.

  72. Hahah!
    hilarious post!…loved the sarcasm in the post:-))
    As for Ms Rakhi..well uv said all that has to be said about it…
    I find the whole issue mroe funny than controversial!

  73. GB u cud have posted your reply to the comments as a new post 🙂 “Return of da BONG!”

  74. My point was same as Sanjay’s… anyway the post was hillarious 😀

  75. Hey!
    Being tied up with too many things together I couldn’t visit your blog for a while.
    How pleasing it is to see you at your best and still bettering yourself with every new post, Arnab!

    I knew a post was coming on this “Mika-Rakhi-liplocking” controversy :).

    Well, Rakhi has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since she’s become an item girl. And, negative or positive, she does get overwhelming publicity with her every move. Mika, on the other hand, other than for his only hit song “Sawan mein lag gayee aag…” which was on air in the late 90’s, has hardly had his share of publicity and fame. May be that’s why inviting Rakhi to his birthday party, kuchi-koo’ing her and then smooching her in front of the camera – everything was part of a well-planned publicity stunt. I’m sure Mika never had thought a character like Rakhi Sawant would react to this publicity stunt in such a way. He must have thought this incident would get a forgotten pop-star like him the much-needed publicity and a girl of Rakhi’s stature won’t really mind being a part of this. But the whole thing backfired and Rakhi unexpectedly overreacted like the typical Indian Satis and Savitris, except for the fact that unlike them she was wearing only what was required to cover up the body parts that should be essentially covered-up in public gatherings. It’s Mika’s generosity that he had constrained his activities within her face only. I don’t think he had been geeting enough dose of female ‘company’ at this point of his career.

    Moral of the Story :
    Sawan mein lag gayee aag…… (prompting Mika’s actions)
    Sawant ko aa gayee ‘raag’ (prompting Rakhi’s actions).

    Note: For non-bong readers, ‘raag’ in Bengali means ‘anger’ or ‘gussa’.

    @ Arnab and other bongs, I’ve just started a nonsense Bengali blog. Do visit some time : Here…

  76. No birthday for Mithunda doesnot gel!
    We DO celebrate janmastami, dont we?

  77. I think what bothered me about your post is that you would choose to attack RS right now.
    Had you mocked her before the kissing incident, it would be all right…but to mock her right now seems a little inappropriate….because it suggests that she is unimportant and so what is done to her is of no consequence.

    I take your word for it when you say that you believe that MS was not justified in his actions. But that doesn’t really come out in your post.

  78. Arnab Da,
    The post is great as usual except for the part where you gave the links for the Aaj Tak interview – I actually went through them and am going through extreme headache now, after watching them. And its not to do with Rakhi Sawant only, but the interviewer Prabhu Chawla. I think what we got to witness from the whole interview was the rape of journalism, rape of news channel broadcasting, rape of one’s own self by RS…probably, the only thing that got left was the physical rape of RS by Prabhu, the manner in which he was interviewing her selling his ownself and his profession just ‘coz he knows how such things sell well with the masses of India. And that’s exactly what RS does!

    Tell me, tell me Oh Great Bong, what then is the difference between people like Rakhi Sawant and Prabhu Chawla?!

  79. GB,

    Thanks for the clarification, and my apologies… your article does not directly condone Mika’s actions. But then… a post criticial of Rakhi Sawant, apparently triggered by the Mika incident with even references to it, can easily be misinterpreted by your readers (as is evident from some of the comments, which are atrocious, … and over which obviously, you do not have any control)

    Again, to your point, Rakhi Sawant could be an idiot, a loser, a bundle of contradictions, a publicity hungry mongrel… maybe she did not mind getting smooched, but then realized that it could be a good publicity stunt if she reacted… it is all possible… hell, even probable. But then, as someone else remarked, where should the benefit of doubt rest? At the end of the day, all of these are a lot of maybes…

    I know that you have just brought forth the fact that she is a self-contradictory piece of flotsam who loves publicity at any cost, but given the timing and the tone, it is easy for people to draw corollaries from this judgement, which would appear obvious to them. Maybe we all need to be a little more prudent in issues like these…

  80. After watching the interview and specially the part where RS said she felt crying for being “nude” me and my frend hav decided to launch a fan club for this Ablaa Naari. Wanna be a member?
    Our motto is “I hate RS but I wanna ___”
    U got the point.
    Membership is free.

  81. Silent Observer June 25, 2006 — 6:07 am

    Ok, so I am wondering if anybody else noticed this. While it is true that RS needs some of them grey cells DESPERATELY, and that Mika needs a crash course on how to treat women, I do think there is more to this than meets the eye.

    In the link you have provided about ‘Project outsourced’ there is a page of ‘movie stills’. On going through them, one finds a series of photos of Rakhi consoling the male lead after he comes home bruised and battered. She is wearing [what seems to me] perfectly respectable white shorts.

    A search for ‘Rakhi’ on youtube.com leads to a sort of music/promotional video for the film [http://youtube.com/watch?v=XQhezXPtLNk&search=rakhi] only that she is wearing LAVENDER PANTIES [not shorts] in the same scene.

    I’m wondering what happened? Did they deem the shorts unsuitable and make the girl refilm in panties? I do hope there was no digital retouching involved. If this is what happened in a supposedly ‘crossover’ film, I wonder how things are like on the sets of normal ‘masala’ films? The depths we have sunk to!

  82. Why such a lot of hallaballoo over a cheap whore? See the way she was dressed (undressed) in that apron when Mika was spitting into her mouth? Her charges must have gone up immediately thereafter. Someone should put her services on e-bay.

  83. arunavo chatterji July 6, 2006 — 10:38 am

    She is not even good looking.

  84. tajendra singh July 11, 2006 — 8:41 am

    Hi ur all viws are nicely expressed about michi girl rakhi sawant .rakhi a girl ,a daughter, a sister(assumed),a hollywood actress,a item girl,a hot mirchi speciaslist, a sex symbol,…… all over she is a indian lady. being a citizen of india u have right to freedom ,right to express your expressions,rigt to choose your garments ,.so if rakhi feels that if she has a good figure ,which she have to show to public of the india .so whats wrong in it?….MODERNITY IMPOSED FROM THE TOP CAN NEVER BE ASSIMILATED FULLY”.WELL ALL THESE THINGS R FOR CHEAP PUBLICITY. I M TO AGREE WITH FORMER EXPRESSER,THAT IF U R MOLESTED AT A PLACE THEN WHAT DIDI U DO THERE FOR 2 HOURS.Even she enjoyed there ,she dance there,and in next morning she thought a police case have to b loged for media ,what is this all only cheap publicity.

  85. she is very bold and she faced the difficulties

  86. smooching is a small thing for mika he could have f**** her also


  88. Rakhi Sawant can do anything yes anything for money publicity and fame
    I’ve heard and read tons of things about her
    Star News even managed to capture her another profession(call girl) she shamelessly says she want to earn FAST MONEY

  89. I like Rakhi Swant… and anti-RS blogs like this one makes me to appreciate her even more. Whenever I read anything about her then I can only find double standards existing in our society against females and any person (male/female) belonging from not so sophisticated background.

    I don’t think that RS creates controversies to stay in the news. On the contrary, all Indian News channels thrive upon her popularity to get high TRP. She doesn’t own any news channel or print media.. so it’s not in her hand if people find it important to report everything she does. Media invests all their energy to follow her even at smallest villages in India, and then air half an hour or 2 hours long media coverage on their prestigious news channels… as if nothing important is happening in such a large country of ours.

    Her only drawback is that she is not educated and that’s why cannot give skillful politically correct answers like many other females in the same business, doing almost similar things…. and that’s why people find contradiction in her quotes.

    When media haunted Milka Sherawat for wearing 2 piece bikini and standing on beach with her hero in her first film… Mallika being Mallika shouted back in all her TV interviews that, “why don’t you guys go and ask same question to the Hero of the film.. after all he was also standing with me wearing only Chaddi….” after that media never dared to ask her same question.

    If audience created havoc in Rakhi’s show in some random cities, villages, and if that fight got noticed by media then how is it her fault. But media will report that incident in Rakhi’s name instead of just reporting the fight or ignoring such small incident totally. Why and how is it important to air special media coverage about such petty things on national/international news channels… but so called educated media persons are giving so much importance to such issues and chose to broadcast anything related to Rakhi on such big scale.. then how the hell blame falls upon her that She creates controversies. And If Police put ban on Rakhi’s shows then why the same police department calls her to dance at POLICE WELFARE FUNCTION… what the hell !!!

    All other item girls and most of the actresses wear similar clothes or even less than Rakhi. They all perform, dance in similar manner, but only Rakhi gets the attention and has steady fan following… because there is something charming about her. If Rakhi is so downmarket then why the heck Padmabhushan Winner like Mr. Prabhu Chawala interviewing her on the Number One News channel of India. I find him extremely cynical and sadist who doesn’t even know how to respect his guests. Rakhi is much better than such educated and cultured people like Mr. Chawala who has won Padmabhushan Award.

    One can hate Rakhi or love, like her or dislike her, appreciate her or condemn, criticize her.. but no one can ignore her for sure. Otherwise why someone will waste their precious time, efforts and intelligence to dig out unimportant details from her past, her insignificant roles and dialogs from C grade flop films as if she wrote those cheap dialogs and bother enough to dedicate blog to someone as unimportant, worthless as Rakhi.

    I don’t agree or accept whatever she does. But I certainly don’t judge her by any biased point of view… because Rakhi Sawant was the only celebrity who stood with crowd out side of Bombay Hospital to donate blood for those unfortunate peopele who got injured in Mumbai’s local train bomb blast… News channels showed 2/3 minutes small clipping of her generosity but didn’t broadcast 1 hour long Special Coverage… hmm..that’s real CONTRADICTION I guess.


    “Nuty” in Marathi means Woman in performing art.. it can be acting as well as dancing.
    And if smooch means a lip-lock, then photograph you posted is not of a smooch for sure. This was just that fake tricky smooch which is shown in many Indian films. where actor/actresses kiss each other near lips like on chin or near upper lip but not on lips actually.

  90. she is too bitch, kamini . kutti , haramjadi even she is a dark black spot in our society .she always jump into such metters in such a way in which she always seems to be insulted .

  91. Waiting for ur comment on this song of Mika

  92. did anyone notice, a few minutes into the interview the news ticker bar went off. now call it coincidence if you will!!

  93. Hiii……..im rahul. you are very sexy rakhi sawant You  with me without
    charges please send your contact no. my email id rahul07_sr@yahoo.co.in.
    But other girls paid me fees.

  94. well apperently i dont no wats happening with rakhi sawant and mika so were can i find out and i think shes ok but she needs to stop dressing like a bitchy hore

  95. she is very nice lady toher heart. i want 2 just say i luv your nature so, Chukk de fatte . i m, Always with u

  96. “Her resume also includes music videos like “Pardesiya” which has now become an instructional video HR people use to illustrate how harassment in the workplace takes place.”


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