Blog Day 2006

Blog Day is here again. On this day, we are supposed to link to 5 blogs from cultures different than ours.

I have to accept—I do not read many non-desi blogs and consequently my list of 5 blogs are all South Asian.

  • [PakPositive] A blog that highlights some of the positive things about Pakistan. As the blogger explains in his About section:

One fine evening, after browsing dozens of websites and blogs, I realized that I had not read a single piece of general-interest news about Pakistan. All I read about Pakistan or any of our cities was in relation with terrorism, hatred, violence, bigotry, intolerance, bomb-blasts, Al-Qaeda, extremism, etc. At that point I truly craved for some ‘ordinary’ news from Pakistan. After all, we are a living, breathing society where something ‘civilized’ must happen, or ordinary people aren’t always killing each other to rid Pakistan of them! That’s when I decided to start PakPositive

  • [The Scientific Indian]: An Indibloggies winner for the Best Science Blog 2005, “Scientific Indian” represents the rarest of species in the Indian blogosphere: a discipline-specific blog. With so many personal journals, random rants and movie review carrying blogs around, that is indeed a welcome change. Now if we could only have a medical blog, a legal blog…..
  • [PutVote]: Though technically not a blog, I include this Digg-wannabe in this list because of its focus on blogs, cool graphics (the mark on the thumb as you vote is a nice touch) and the “Sabzi Mandi” English.
  • [The Collage]: A good attempt at collaborative story-writing by a bunch of 20-somethings that has unfortunately gone silent since June. Hope that changes soon (the rhyme with June is unintentional) I really liked the premise of their story “The Letter” though not necessarily the ending.
  • [The War For News]: Perhaps the most popular of all the others referenced here, this blog, supposedly written by a few anonymous “insiders”, gives us the dirty dope of what’s going on in the dog-eat-dog world of the network television news media—leaked emails, liaisons, who’s in, who’s out, who’s got a dressing down from the bosses and assorted other scandals. Needless to say, people love it—-their last post has, to date, 417 comments !
  • [Sportolysis]: I had meant to add this very serious sports blogger to my Blogday list but when I compiled the list, his name had slipped my mind. My bad. So here’s my sixth Blogday recommendation: Pratyush Khaitan’s “Sportolysis”. Pratyush maintains Sportolysis with almost-missionary zeal, covering a wide variety of sport topics with diligence and equanimity. If you love sports, this is one blog that definitely warrants attention.

Happy Blog Day everyone !

19 thoughts on “Blog Day 2006

  1. GB:

    I’m a regular follower of your blog since long now, and am a big fan.

    Happy blog day.


  2. Other than greatbong, is only other blogsite I visit often (ie several times on a typical day). Sadly, the anonymous hosts on that site were exposed (apparently) and have decided to let the blog die (or so it seems).

  3. You should try also. This does to print media what warfornews does to television news. You will not see lots of comments there since these supposedly are heavily moderated.

  4. Very intersting list. Thanks!
    A rather interesting world view – not necessarily v intellectual – is often seen in comments for Scott Adam’s posts on the

  5. A Very informative post greatbong. really liked the blogs apart from warfornews ( it started with good promise but later it sounded like a bit prejudiced against a certain channel).

    Talking about missionary zeal this blog takes the cake:

    Man, just too good and rivetting for anyone with slightest interst in History. The way he writes is too engrossing (rarely came across such fine writing in blogosphere), vivid, and have never seen such in-depth description and analysis of the long-forgotten events. For a representative piece please read:

    ( i know my post sounds like an ad but I have just discovered this blog and too infatuated to care about what others may think)

  6. Nice to know about blog day. I read another post yesterday. Was not aware of it. Its real significance would be realized when somebody like you is able to make headway and commercial blogging takes off in a big way.

    I keep bumping into people like Domain mazimums. Recnetly while reading a book on “Working identity”, I cam to know about a couple of people who wanted to quit their jobs to become full time writers. Blogging is a trnsparent platform for the chuppa rustams of writings to manifest themselves. Practically everytime I read you, you remind me f Khushwant Singh.

    Well,lets hope for the best. Happy blog day.

  7. Happy Blog Day. 🙂 if you are interested in checking out Pakistani Blogs then pay a visit to . Interesting and informative.

  8. This is a pleasant surprise Arnab da. Thank you!

  9. thanks!!! it’s a honour!! well.. collage had some problems but now we have fix things a bit, and I have post the 1st episode of a new story!!

    we need a kick, and u gave us that !!

  10. Interesting list. I tried making a list myself and couldnt get beyond the first link 😦


  11. What?
    You didn’t include ??

  12. @Rahul: Thank you

    @Ajay Das: No kidding ? They were exposed? Well they were pushing it..

    @Vishal: Interesting. Thanks for the link.

    @Sameer: hmm.

    @Jhantu: Welcome

    @Dodo: Thanks for the link.

    @Hiren: Sidin is a brave man. I don’t think I would be able to take such a bold step–being a married man with responsibilities. Plus I wonder how much I would enjoy blogging/writing if it was my only source of income.

    @Sanjay: Yes I have seen that one too.

    @Pratyush: You’r welcome.

    @Suyog: Lage raho Suyogbhai.

    @Footballnath: Yes no softcore blogs please. Not that I dont visit them but really they arent “blogs”. No way.

  13. hey greatbong what was that?? you replied to all the comments but mine!!!how come?????

  14. Great list !

    BTW, never quite understood how you manage to get so many comments !

    I’m jealous ! 😀

  15. I have stumbled upon something called It has lots of geeky science made hilarious.
    Have you heard of it? Wiki is claiming that it is the most popular science blog.

  16. Its really nice work to do (linking 5 blogs)..provided blogs carefully choosen..those you mentioned – The Collage, Scientific Indian are really awesome blogs to link for and not to mention PakPositive is out of track.

    …i am on verge of doing so indeed.

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