Greatbong's Awesomely Genius Movies of 2006

It is very difficult to rank “awesomely genius movies”—-celluloid classics which stretch the limits of our consciousness, question the reasons behind your own existence and strike directly at the base of our neurons like a thousand sharp needles. But since we like countdowns, I have attempted to rank these movies, fully cognizant of the fact that this countdown is highly subjective —-if I write this post another day the rankings could very well change (with the exception of “Chingari” which will always be in its position).

So here it is gentlemen and gentleladies, the totally awesome genius movies of 2006.

3. Naughty Boy: Remember Sound of Music, the famous 1965 musical about a nun who comes to the house of a rich widower in order to act as a governess for his naughty offsprings and teaches them the lessons of life and love? TLV Prasad revives and adapts this classic for a new generation with his magnum opus “Naughty Boy”, a tale about a widowed playboy (Rahul Roy) who hires a buxom governess (Mona Chopra) to tutor and mentor his sexually-inept son (Hitesh Kriplani). Needless to say, matters soon become complicated as both son and father start ogling the curvaceous governess in different stages of undress which leads to a game of one-upmanship with each trying to wrest the “naughty boy” title from the other.

Performance wise, the movie stands on the puffed cheeks of Rahul Roy, who comes out of retirement to essay the multi-hued role of the philandering tycoon. Whether it be fitting hidden cameras in women’s bedrooms and performing other assorted acts of “nuttinesses” or singing the crazily catchy theme song ” Iske kabhi room main taake, to uske bedroom main jhaanke, kabhi kaheen durbeen lagake, kabhi kaheen parda hatake” Rahul Roy shows what a great talent the Hindi movie industry has missed since his salad days in “Gajab Tamasha” and “Yeh Majhdar”.

Now we look forward to the sequel “Potty Boy”.

2. Men Not Allowed: Two women, Tanya (Payal Rohatgi), a powerful model coordinator and Urmila (Monica Castellino) an aspiring model have one thing in common . Both of them have been betrayed and used by evil men throughout their lives. So naturally, these kindred spirits find themselves in each other’s arms and a relationship that starts out as a mentor-mentee one soon elevates itself into something much higher, despite the machinations of assorted men who seek to tear them apart.

Movies about lesbian love frequently become excuses for skin show and hot girl on girl action , appealing paradoxically to the basest instincts of men. “Men Not Allowed” however is noticeably different with seasoned method actress Payal Rohatgi and newcomer Monica (who has an endearing way of saying “Nnhhh” before every sentence) totally taking out the tittilatory angle of women in love and instead concentrating on dramatic conflict and the universal emotions of loneliness and loss.

Mention must be made of a powerful performance by Kunika, a ball-busting female police officer who gives us a glimpse into Kumar Sanu’s extramarital life when she bashes in the genitals of a male pervert with a blinding blow from her knee and follows it up with the brutal line:

Tum jaise logon ko to yahaan (in the groin area) current dena chahiye.

And as the man yelps in agony while his private parts are sledgehammered, Kunika says:

Rape karna to door tera muthna bhi bandh ho jayega”

Powerful cinema this. Though whether this movie inspired Renuka Chowdhury to pass the Domestic Violence Act cannot be confirmed.

1. Free Entry: Kanti Shah, the legendary director of “Loha” and “Gunda” returns with another avant-garde cinematic classic “Free Entry”. With an amazingly powerful script of a man who beds both his wife and sister-in-law, Mr. Shah however faced a problem with his finances—he had money for only one busty heroine. So in a flash of genius, Mr. Kanti Shah made the two sisters “identical twins” thus on one hand solving the one heroine problem (both saali and biwi played by same girl) and also introducing new complications in his already complicated tale.

Set in Singapore but claustrophobically shot in one apartment (like Hitchcock’s “Rope”), it is the story of Rocky who marries Bobby, a freakishly endowed woman who incidentally believes in love and commitment. But Bobby has an identical twin Julie who has dark sinister motives of seducing her jijaji. A dangerous game begins which ends in Shakespearean betrayal, murder and ruin but not before some amazing sequences that provide thought-provoking insights into marital life have come to pass.

Biwi: Aaj se char din tak tumhe mera pyar naheen milega.
Pati: Woh kyon bhala? Char din tak tumhara pyar kyon naheen milega?
Biwi: Aare buddhu, jis tarah hapte main ek din dukaan bandh rahetee hain, usi tarah aurat ki pyar ki dukaan mahine main chaar din bandh raheti hain.

Pati then hops over to twin saali’s bedroom where she has been pining for him.

Sali: Kya baat hain? Aaj itni jaldi?
Pati/Jijaji: Haan Bobby ko aaj periods hain. Hamesha tumhare paas aane ke liye uski sone ka raah dekhne parti hain. Magar aaj woh period ke waaje se jaldi so gayee. Aur main tumhare paas aa gya.
Sali: Oh is ka matlab yeh hain ki Bobby ne char din ke liye tumhare liye “No Entry” ka board laga diya.
Pati/Jijai: Haan.
Sali: Lekin fikar mat karo tumhare liye to mere paas “Free Entry” hain.

A touch of cinematic heaven. Pure magic.

0. Chingari: Absolute zero. Off the Richter great. Incomparable. Orson Welles’ travails in making the greatest movie of them all “Citizen Kane” is well documented. But he has nothing on Kalpana Lajmi.

First of all, lead actor and God Mithun-da is accused by Sushmita Sen of trying to sneak a feel of her dual-core silicon processors. Then the hero of the movie Anuj Sawhney, whose dad was financing the project, claimed that Sushmita used to intentionally sabotage the love-scenes with him so that she could do it again and again. During the making of the movie, the music director ran away and so did the choreographer . Kalpana Lajmi accused Mithun-da of coming drunk to the sets and of hurling graphic abuse at her publicly as Sushmita Sen “gobbled Mithun up” with her “volcanic performance”.[For more details read this]

Purified through fire, “Chingari” sizzles like burning coal with poetic epithets like “manoranjak kutiya” flying about, compliments like “Kitne doorgandh a rahi teri shareer se” being exchanged during love-making, threats like “Noch loon teri aankhen, kaat loon teri jib” being made at the drop of a hat and of course the dialogue of the year delivered by Prabhu Mithun: ““Nirvastra ladki mere jaang ke upar baithke mere vasna ki aag bujhayegi”.[detailed review here]

And as the movie climaxes with Sushmita whirling her hair in Mithun-da’s face like a tornado before penetrating him with a trishool, a line of Johnny Cash’s rendition of Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt” plays in your mind.

I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real

Thus ends this countdown. May 2007 also bless us with such gems.

72 thoughts on “Greatbong's Awesomely Genius Movies of 2006

  1. Kabaddi Kabaddi January 2, 2007 — 6:47 am

    ….Too good..GB …I have a question though…how do you manage to sit through monstrosities like Free Entry and manage to remember the dialogues as well……may GB and his Awesomely Genius movies of the year rock the next year….
    P:S Sort of surprised you could find 5 good movies the last year….seriously apart from KKG and may be DOR….no other movie I felt was worth the watch (obviously gems like Men Not Allowed and Chingaari don’t count)…

  2. I haven’t seen any of these movies, so I have two questions:

    1) Could the torture scene in Casino Royale have been inspired by the abovementioned scene from “Men Not allowed”?

    2)”Rocky”, “Bobby”, “Julie”… was Kanti Shah paying some sort of tribute to old Hindi movies?

    Awesome write-up, as usual… I hardly need to tell you that!

  3. GB!WHERE did you find these movies?? Ive never even heard of them , living right here in India!!

    Also must add , I love your posts 🙂 , especially your wedding post 🙂
    Keep writing and have a fantastic year 🙂

  4. seriously…how do you lay your hands on such movies?what do you ask the VCD/DVD guy?

  5. People say, Rahul Roy also delivered another commanding performance with Meri Ashiquee, but probably that was last year

  6. Hilarious! 😀
    Loong time since your trademark B-movie reviews.. NOW we’re talking..

  7. u rock

    keep watching more horrid movies so that we can have some fun

  8. May I present to you one of Salman Khan’s best movies till date ‘Saawan: The Love Season’…

    Seriously, I love this movie especially the title song that goes
    “maine pyaar kiya tumhe reason se
    bas love hi hai reason
    saawan saawan saawan the love season
    saawan the love season ”

    Please do see this movie…


  9. except for chingari, i have’nt even heard these names! do these movies even get released in theatres?

    aurat ki pyar ki dukaan? ack!!!

  10. “dual-core silicon processors”….u just keep finding new names for implants….u r a genius man…by the way the dialogues in free entry, are they really from the movie?

  11. No seriously! you actually WATCHED those movies??
    Watching them anyway and then masquerading them off as jokes? hehehhehe
    zzuper post though!

  12. Amazing.. I never even knew such movies existed. Are they real 🙂 Never saw the trailers.

  13. “First of all, lead actor and God Mithun-da is accused by Sushmita Sen of trying to sneak a feel of her dual-core silicon processors.”

    Funniest line I have read in a while! 😀 I was really waiting for this movie list from you. 🙂 It’s more fun than the other list! 🙂

    Happy new year to you and your family!

  14. I find this a totally time waste stuff. This kind of posts suggest that u have too much time on hand, doing nothing, and ur brain has become devil’s work shop. Why don’t u write some intelligent stuff like Gaurav Sabnis or Jai Arjun?

  15. LEt me add a few more to this impressive list

    1) Uththan
    2) Filmstar
    3) C U at 9
    4) Mashooqa
    5) Mera dil leke dekho
    6) Dil Bechara pyaar ka maara

    there are a few more ..sob sob..i’m missing the names..but yes the choices of Greatbong definitely top the list

  16. Other than Chingari, I have not even heard of the other movies. Great Bong, admit it, you made the rest of them up, did you not ;-)?

    Seriously, who are the geniuses who make such brilliant movies?

  17. Mmmh. Thank god I did not venture to write on my top 5 movies of 2007. Our list would have almost cloned each other – I absolutely loved “Free Entry”. I thought the brother-to-brother confrontation at the end was brilliant:

    “Bhaiyya – tum kyon mere aur whoeverhernameis beech mein No Entry ka deewar ban ke khade do. Mujhe Free Entry de do bhaiyyaa – mujhe usse shaadi karne do!”

    I also loved “Men Not Allowed” and “Naughty Boy” immensely. I would have added “Mr 100% – The REAL player!”, “Hot Money” and “Bold” to my list.

    Great list there.


  18. YOURFAN writes:
    @GB: Good, that so many readers are asking the same questions that I have been asking you for a long long time – i.e. where do you get these movies and how can you manage to sit through them so attentively that you even remember the dialogues, story, even the names of the characters??? Mercifully I have not seen any of these movies – I couldn’t even sit through the so called hit movie Black (when I came out of the hall looking disgusted people thought me to be a weirdo)!!! It takes a lot of patience to watch these movies!!!

    I tell you: one of these days you are going to face those female activists for writing “dual-core silicon processors” & “Though whether this movie inspired Renuka Chowdhury to pass the Domestic Violence Act cannot be confirmed.”!!!!!

    By the way is your wife writing under the pseudonym of Gnan? Track Gnan down to find out. Gnan’s opinion of your brain becoming a “devil’s workshop” (a very intelligent devil – I must add)is true otherwise how can you even think of “dual core silicon processors”?

  19. Seems bollywood is not able to make a good “soft porn”.
    Maybe Karan Johar should try with softporn.

  20. @Gnan

    Brilliant observation! I totally agree. This blog has become a cesspol of rampant moral corruption mixed with salacious gossip and carnally inclined movie reviews. Truly a devil’s workshop. Everyone here is going straight to hell!!!

    Now Gaurav Sabnis and Jai Arjun? Those are some fine upstanding citizens writing about what ails the nation and how to correct the decay and chaos, while Greatbong here and his readers like us collectively wank reading Hot Money and Chingari reviews!

    I know it’s too late for us. Greatbong’s blog “hath us in thrall” like the evil belle did the knight in “La Belle Dame Sans Merci!” We are beyond hope – forced by our destructive baser instincts to keep coming back to this blog for our regular fix.

    But not for you.

    Save yourself, I implore you. Make a resolution this new year NOT to visit this blog ever again. Do not fall into this sinful vortex like we have done. Save yourself in time with the twin vaccinations of Gaurav and Jai Arjun. RUN!!!!! And don’t look back…

  21. January 3, 2007 — 6:59 am

    Shan: Actually one of my friends referred this blog and just came in here to check the content. I checked some previous posts also. Now i realize why Indians are called real escapists. Indians just need entertainment and nothing else. And this kind of blog prospers, obviously. Yeah, anyway i am not going to return to this blog. Never.

  22. @Gnan:

    Thanks awfully for taking my advice. That is the correct decision for you, especially since a) you aren’t Indian, given your diatribe against “Indians” and b) you found this blog frivolous even after checking some previous posts.

    Go in peace and thanks for the entertainment.


    You frivolous, purveyor and disseminator of mindless, escapist entertainment. Sorry, might have been instrumental in reducing your traffic by one. Heh.

  23. God loveeeeed it!! Fundoo hai man!! I see posters of these things and I shudder! Earlier, when I worked in Andheri, I used to c posters for these flicks and remember the tag lines and msg my friends and have a hearty laugh at them! Terrible some of them! Great post dude!

  24. At the cost of repeating what others have said, I still can’t help wondering how do you manage to sit through these movies? I have attempted watching Chingari and could watch even for 30 minutes, even after attempting to keep my mind completely numb. You have real perseverance man!!

    Have you watched another movie by name – Daman by Kalpana Lazmi, this movie fetched national award for Raveena Tandon. I thought it must be a realistic and hard-hitting movie, and rented a VCD to watch it. Alas… didn’t know it would hit me so hard. I sat through the entire movie hoping for atleast some flashes of so called great acting or directorial skills. And at the end I realized, it was not made for ignorant souls like me who do not have their artistic antennas up and tuned for frequencies of directors like Lazmi.

    And BTW why choose only B/C grade movies for these awards? I thought Krrish definitely falls under this category. I cannot remember laughing so hard while watching a movie, and I really enjoyed the experience. I simply cannot get over the brilliantly comic scenes like the following:
    1) people not able to recognize Hrithik when he just wears a mask and accepting some random chinki-pinki fellow as Krrish when he produces a torn part of the mask (Could not help thinking of Cinderilla’s shoe..), irrespective of his height, body build etc.
    2) Trigger-happy CEO (who is supposed modelled after Bill gates) who walks around the town shooting people.
    3) The movie shows a wonderful software/hardware lifecycle, as the creator of future-seeing machine seems to directly to a system testing just before the user acceptance testing by the CEO by using his own palm to see future. Wonder how he managed to test the device till then !!! (Some of the look and feel of the machine seems to have been inspired by Tom Cruise’s Minority Report) Life will be beautiful if I don’t have to bother about unit/integration testing all along..
    4) And now for my favourite scene in the end. Here the hero is coming into the villian’s den, err the CEO’s isolated office, where the security is very tight. So tight that the chief security officer working for the CEO does not seem to get hold of a gun or any other weapon, that he has to lay his hands on a fire extinguisher and threaten the hero with it. Finally the two-bullets going in slow motion one after another till the hero does the needful for both the targets.

    Well, already a long comment. If I don’t get back to my work, I will be fired as my bosses are not intelligent enough to understand the just-in-time system testing like the CEO in Krrish…

  25. @Kad:
    No fan of Krrish here…but I’m guessing you’re a fan of Superman, Batman and other assorted DC creations? My apologies if you’re not…but if you can point out a single thing that you’ve described about Krrish that you don’t find in the movies based on the above characters, it would help to remove the gnawing feeling that your comments are just pretentious. The almost cliched Moulin Rouge example also begs to be presented here I guess…as in, you must have loved Moulin Rouge but you absolutely hate desis singing and dancing in their movies?
    Again, my heartfelt apologies if I’ve completely misread you…but I just had to ask…:-)
    Also, Krrish wasn’t half as bad as our man’s earlier mishap…Koi Mil Gaya…

    And GB, this one brought back the old chuckle in the workplace…all is well with the world…:-)

  26. @Gnan- Yes…never come back here you ass. Just between us…I consider one of the 2 you mentioned to be rather mediocre and tawdry…so it kinda reflects well on your “intelligence”…or could it be that people who have lots of hard work on their hands through the day need some comic relief and wit and humor and sarcasm come here while shallow people like you try to think of themselves as intellectual by reading some blog. Regarding your sweeping generalisation- now that made me laugh you miserable asshole.

    @GB- Smashing start to the New Year. Superb reviews. “Method actress” Payal Rahtgi…lol

    “Movies about lesbian love frequently become excuses for skin show and hot girl on girl action , appealing paradoxically to the basest instincts of men.”…”nnnh before every word…”…ufff the heat in those words….more than a hot steak.

    @Yourfan- HNY. Whats your email address?

  27. >> Yes…never come back here you ass.

    LOLzz… hahahaha..


    The entertainment never ends..

    Sometimes, I find the comments section more entertaining than GreatBongs original posts… thanx to fanboys legions lead by yourfan2 and sayon

  28. @Shubhodeep: critisizing a mainstream hindi movie does not automatically come from hating bollywood movies or loving hollywood movies over them. If I were not a fan of bollywood masala movies in general, I wouldn’t be reading blogs like this. And I think Hrithik performs much better in Koi milgaya and he had more challenging role in this movie, than in Krrish. So, this is just difference of opinions here..

  29. Marvellous stuff.

  30. @Kabaddi Kabaddi: I don’t remember the dialogues. In this case, Free Entry is available “free” on Google Video and I just rewatched that scene which I remembered from the first time I was subject to its assault.

    @Abhishek, Anshul: 🙂

    @Joy Forever: 1. Unlikely. There was no rope used. Kunika’s eyes dont bleed. The audience’s does.
    2. Very Quentin Tarantinesque there !

    @Serendipity: Thank you

    @Anonymous: All available on the Net through Bollygrounds and Google Video.

    @Nishit: A sequel ! I missed that.

    @Lalbadshah: Dont watch as many since I cancelled my Bollygrounds subscription lately.

    @Sameera: 🙂

    @Nariyal: Thank you

    @HP: Aaah the Anu Malik rhyme scheme….raining, paining etc.

    @Sudha: Oh of course they get released. And people have Free Entry.

    @Anonymous: If you do not believe me, the movie is available on Google Video.

    @PJ: Yes I watch them. And it gives me a lot of fun.

    @Shadows: Yes they do exist.

    @JD: And a happy new year to you and your family too.

    @Gnan: Yes sir. It indeed is a total time waste. And I am extremely saddened to learn you wont visit my blog anymore…I really have nothing else to do than hear pearls of wisdoms from great people like yourselves.

    @Amit: Aaah such gems..

    @Archana: TLV Prasad and Kanti Shah never disappoint their fans.

    @Suyog: Aah I wanted to see the 100% Real Player but it didnt load in Media Player. Any movie that has Aryan Vaid in it is V-class….must watch.

    @Yourfan: There are 2 kinds of movies: 1) Bad (Black, Kkrish, Dhoom 2) and
    2) So bad it’s good. The second kind are entertaining while the first kind are just boring. My wife does give me much “gyan” but I doubt she is gnan.

    @Sam: Gay porn?

    @Shan: Bo hoooo…..I am so sad that Gnan has left…

    @Kits: 🙂

    @Kad: Again these movies are never boring…they always throw up unexpected delights (like the free entry and no entry funda). Kkrish I have reviewed before and it is just plain boring and a waste of celluloid.

    @Shubhodeep: Am a fan of superhero movies but hated Kkrish because it was so derivative, everything was copied from some movie or the other…

    @Yourfan(2): Yes calling themselves “Men Not Allowed” they appeal only to men ! Oh the humanity.

    @S.Pyne: Thank you..

  31. YOURFAN writes:
    @Yourfan2: HNY to you too.
    @GB:I think the last but one reply from you was meant for yourfan2 not me – right?

  32. @Yourfan: Indeed. Corrected. A happy new year to you and everyone here. Including Gnan.

  33. @Kad: absolutely

  34. GB, but notwithstanding their availability, why would you watch such movies at all? For the pleasure of reviewing them? Or for revelling in their sheer mind-numbing stupidity? Or is the feeling indescribable? 😀

  35. @Uday: These movies always surprise. They are totally unpredictable. You never know what crazy thing will happen the next moment. I prefer that to the by-the-numbers filmmaking eg Krrish and KANK.

  36. Vasabjit Banerjee January 3, 2007 — 11:20 pm


    First, Happy New Year.

    Second, hey, you must divide the list, if only for your readers, into bad and worse movies; I laughed my guts out. Why isn’t there a Raspberry Awards for Bollywood? This needs to be investigated in detail.

    Also, a minor article on Bengali soaps is in order. You should check out the plots on them: incest, homosexuality, and heavy doses of fornication constructed from the warp and woof of Bengali middle class sentiments.



  37. @Shadows:

    >> Yes…never come back here you ass.

    LOLzz… hahahaha..


    The entertainment never ends..

    Sometimes, I find the comments section more entertaining than GreatBongs original posts… thanx to fanboys legions lead by yourfan2 and sayon


    Shadows…ha ha ha..this never ending teasing strip dance also never ends….you pathetic ***** [edited by GB]. Ha ha ha ha haa ha ha.

    ha ha ha. Nice strategy though….I have to give you a thumbs up on that one. Go after people who comment on a popular blog….sometimes attacking this person and sometimes that…but never forgetting your attach your homepage….in GB’s words ….perfect “blog-whoring”….but with a difference in the sense that it wont work….tch tch tch….the prerequisite of being a good whore is that you should have a stunning cunt (read good blog)….and you…shit…but poor neutered you only know cunning (sic 🙂 ) stunts.

    So off ya go again, displaying your pathetic assets to the public and treated with disdain and nonchalance. Ha ha ha aha ha.

    With blog whores like you….the entertainment truly never ends….I am inspired to write a book called “The travails of the sad blog whore – Shadows”. :))

  38. @Yourfan2: Edited out some words. Let’s not let Shadows act the martyr here. I dont want to attribute “blog whoring” to his comments but all I can say is that Shadows comes here with an extremely combative frame of mind which is reflected in the tone of his comments (as Sayon pointed out). He gets immensely irritated at any praise directed at me and more specifically the criticism of anyone who criticizes me (though he expects me to allow my “mistakes to be corrected”) and what that motive could be is so plainly obvious that I wont say it.

  39. Hey greatbong…great post once again. Have been reading ur blog for a LONG time now. U never fail to amaze me with ur posts…and also ur one of the rare bloggers who posts regularly…making sure that ur readers get a steady flow of intense thought-provoking, national security-critical posts…!!!

  40. forget the top movies… that above Sushmita Sen picture deserves a whole post just for itself!

  41. He gets immensely irritated at any praise directed at me and more specifically the criticism of anyone who criticizes me


    @ GreatBong,

    Not at all, you misunderstand. Probably you wont remember when I have agreed with you. Neither do I. But then I also dont remember when I have disagreed with you either 🙂 I cannot keep track of how many times I have agreed or disagreed with you to come to such conclusions. I agreed with you on RDB but disagreed on Buddhadeb, thats the top of the head examples I can recall while I type away.

    As regards blog-whoring, the page remembers my id and details, I dont have to type it in everytime. And I dont ever delete my history, it helps me with autocomplete.

    >>what that motive could be is so plainly obvious that I wont say it.

    What could it be ? ahhhh dont say blogwhoring again .. 🙂 I visit very few blogs regularly (this being one), and I myself blog much less frequently (am lazy). Its not traffic I am looking for, I dont need it at all. I dont have anything to gain by a few more people reading my blog, which anyway has few posts on news, some reviews on music, and some tech stuff(which is for my own benefit. BTW, I have got more hits from google searches looking for java or intel than blog comments. Few folks click on the commentors links, atleast I dont).

    If you mean that I have slight rightist leanings, well then everyone has some political leanings. But then there are people on the blogosphere with leftist leanings too. My comments would obviously have that view.

  42. GreatBong,

    I wonder if my first comment on this post was any combative or anything like that.

  43. @Shadows: Exactly! Were you unwell?

  44. ‘Blog Whoring’, as in, pimping out your bog? Are you kidding me?
    ‘hoe make a pimp rich, I ain’t paying bitch…’ oops, sorry, that was my 50 Cent cd…can’t see too well with my bling-bling glasses on…

  45. I visited Shadow’s blog and WONDER OF WONDERS!

    He is very much a genteel writer there.
    All his nasties are reserved for gb.

    Are you some kind of a split personality?

  46. Happy new year and belated happy birthday GB. ROTFL choices. As Sang.Froid mentioned before, that picture of Sush having a coolant-leak from her dual processors is itself worth the price of admission. Incidentally, I absolutely agree with your list of Top movies and am pleased to see Kabul Express at the top because I loved it also and was surprised at the bad press it got.

  47. This is freaky,

    I go to a State library in Australia, which also has a section on ‘World Cinema’. And placed there right next to Seven Samurai and Amelie were – Chingari, Men not Allowed and Free Entry !! I wonder if somebody of the library staff has been reading GB’s blog and has taken the ‘Awesomely Genius Movies’ a bit literally !! Needless to say – I have borrowed all three along with ’12 Angry Men’.

  48. @Sayon: 🙂 no mate….not unwell…just a bit shocked and mellowed after being stripped and exposed. But mate you have to take your hat off to his strategy. Psychologically, it is quite apparent that hes an attention seeker and by calling you and me as fan boys and a bunch of gigolos and what not…and by disrespecting all and sundry excepting the blog owner himself (obviously) …he gets his kicks. And you hit the nail on the head when you said “tone”…now if you someone’s gonna try to seek attention to themselves by talking in that tone….you he’s gonna get it back in the same token. Plus have a look at the past few posts….hes been a BBW all the way (Belligerent Blog W…not Big Beautiful Woman 🙂 ). And yes yes….:)..Java and Intel…. ha ha ha…read I may be a cheap slut but I do have basic shreds of human dignity…ohhh… :))))

    The very tone that you mentioned Sayon suggests he tried to play a James Dean in “Rebel without a Cause”, but in reality cannot miss the unmistakable shades of the part played by the Isabella Rossellini character in maverick director David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet, shades of a masochist. I wonder whats the next accusation about me is gonna be – could it be something like that famous line from Blue Velvet – “He put his disease in me”:). So either way when hes charging at you or being slapped around like a cheap whore, he enjoys it to the hilt. My response therefore is futile as far as he is concerned, but it can surely stymie this incessant badgering, pimping and unprovoked personal attacks.

    @GB- I’m sorry I has to write in a way in such a wonderful post in a fashion which made you to edit my comment. But I think you will understand looking back at the the comments of the past few posts which clearly show what his tactics and intentions were. He started it.

    “I can say is that Shadows comes here with an extremely combative frame of mind which is reflected in the tone of his comments (as Sayon pointed out). He gets immensely irritated at any praise directed at me and more specifically the criticism of anyone who criticizes me (though he expects me to allow my “mistakes to be corrected”) and what that motive could be is so plainly obvious that I wont say it.”

    Yes absolutely. Its just too plainly obvious. I mean this blog probably has had more anti stuff than pro comments, both at you and some of us who like your writings. I dont mind comments directed at me. But this guy’s comments…. sometimes the same thing duplicated ,writing the same comment twice, forced antagonism made his actual intentions just too plainly obvious. It was shrewd and calculated and yet naive and stupid.
    Its pure pimping…plain and simple.

  49. GB,
    there is this factual error i wd like to correct. the classic ‘free entry’ is based in bangkok and not singapore as you hv stated. remember how the movie starts,” yeh hai bangkok shehar aur yahan rahti hai ek khoobsurat ladki .bobbyy”….otherwise, the article was great as usual…

  50. @Freakodoc:Sorry my mistake ! Bang Kok….of course !

    @Arnie: Tell them to get Naughty Boy…

  51. Ahh…found a link. For those of you who want to watch “Men Not Allowed” (strangely no IMDB entry yet):-

    Method actress Payal Rohatogi…lolz

    (play in Internet Explorer)

  52. alwayz gr8 by gb

  53. >> All his nasties are reserved for gb.


    Well, if someone gets abusive, I get abusive.

  54. @Shadows:

    In reply to “all his nasties are reserved for GB” you say: “Well, if someone gets abusive, I get abusive”

    You mean to say I get abusive towards you? Puleeeze….

  55. @shadows and yourfan2
    why do both of you get rattled by abuse?
    why do both of you think that writing ‘grown up’ words makes your views more authoritative?

    After all, abuse is the refuge of the unimaginatives who are unable to express themselves.

    I, for myself, would prefer wit and sarcasm. That would really — kiss like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  56. @Swati: No, no, no! Without abuse I’d not be able to peddle Isabgul. It’s become my life-mission (like Ranjan Chakravarty’s mission is to get the HR thread to 300).

    Seriously, for those of us who do not watch saas-bahu seials, an exchange of abuse gets our blood flowing nicely in our veins!

  57. did double cross-ek dhoka release this year?what other movies were in consideration ??

  58. ’tis a pity you don’t review Tamizh movies. The Tamizh moviegoer must be the most bakra’fied group out of India (a group that includes yours truly) the way we lap up turkeys. I am referring to the recent monument to bad taste by that hyped up mediocrity Kamalhasan and his “Vettayadu Vilayadu” (Hunt and Play/Gambol). There’s so much of gore in this movie that anyone who went long on Heinz and tamatar about 100 days ago can expect to make a tidy profit. A paunchy sleepy Kamal gambols with an actress half his age and hen another 1/4 his age. Chingari wasn’t all that bad it seems.

  59. @gb
    why don’t you watch ‘Baap keno chakor’
    ‘swami keno ashami’?

  60. >>> You mean to say I get abusive towards you? Puleeeze….


    I misquoted. My point was “nasties”.
    If you note, I never got abusive towards you. It was yourFan2. Maybe I put it wrongly, I did not literally mean “correcting your mistakes”, I meant feedback.

  61. Okay Shadows. Misunderstanding cleared.

  62. Have been a regular reader of your blog since a long time now – I must say that I have always left your blog either with a big toothy grin or with some thought to chew on …. I hav seldom commented due to sheer laziness 😀 (infact never commented I think) ….

    But this post absolutely compelled me to …. if I had not stopped by & expressed my gratitude to you for making my day & so many days like this in the past, it would have been criminal!

    Unbelievable is the word to describe it! You & your blog is just that! Great work – this post was the best of them all!

    And yes, I have decided to comment in future posts …. many other blogs (including the shit I call my blog) dont deserve much commenting …. you sir, you & your blog are certainly not one of them!!

    Keep up the fantastic work! Looking forward to more such gems!

  63. Amazing.. But one small doubt How do you get hold of such movies… I haven’t heard about any of the top three movies :P..
    Anyway good work.. keep it up

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