Channel Bh

Ever since I had this vision of Dhoni’s evil twin on Youtube singing “Gulaab jaisan bagiya main, mahok jaal gori”, I have become a convert to Channel Bh.

Or as the Babuas calls it: Channel Bhojpuri.

Many eons ago, I had commented on how Bhojpuri movies were like a breath of fresh earthy air in today’s claustrophobic world of sepia-toned, stylized NRI dramas that are totally detached from the dreams and aspirations of those whom Lalloo refers to as the “pipool”.

Now it seems that Bhojpuri music is following in the steps of Bhojpuri movies, moving in to relieve the “aam aadmi” of their listless existence, brought about by remixes, item numbers, nasal bleatings and stale Indipop.

And unlike P Chidambaram’s aam aadmi budget, Bhojpuri music really works.

Sample Exhibit No 1 sung by, as mentioned before, a carbon copy of Dhoni. The song’s lyrics are very philosophical, having multiple meanings.

Goriya tu rosleela koro, leela koro, leela koro
Toni si jeans dhila koro, Toni si jeans dhila koro

Needless to say, whether the man wants the lady to wear looser (dhila) jeans and thus conceal her contours from the prying eyes of the zaalim world or whether he wants her to loosen her jeans for some other purpose, is of course open to much conjecture.

Less ambiguous is Exhibit No 2 which begins with a romantic man asking a girl “Buchi darling, tum aapne seal kab torwaoge? Tumhara seal todne ke liye main kabhse bekaraar hoon” and proceeds to the lyrical “Eh Buchi, haye Buchi, eh Buchi, bolo seal kaha tooti”.

But of course even in such a simple song of love, corporate India just has to place their products shamelessly. Sample this:

Choli main Pepsi Cola
Lehenga main Coco Cola
Aur chunori main churao le baru
Goriya Mango Frooti.
Eh Buchi, bolo seal kaha tooti

And as we all know, partaking a Mango Frooti whose seal has been tampered with may make you sick.

Then there is Exhibit No 3 dedicated to “Chiltua ke didi” , a girl who in this music video has a tendency to wear skimpy tops and take a dip whenever some water is nearby. The desperation of love has perhaps never beeen as beautifully expressed as when the lovelorn man says:

Lakh joota chappol chahe sandel kucho maro
Chahe beech bajaar main humro ijjot utaro

And finally Exhibit No 4 , a socially conscious song about a poor buxom woman who at her father-in-law’s house has to serve “double-duty”, taking care of the demands of both husband and devaar (brother-in-law).

Haaye daiya hum ka bataye,
Duty double sasuraar main

Subtle. Poetic. And so much in touch with our lives.

This is what great art really is.

[PS: Thanks Manu for Exhibit No 1 and No 3.]

72 thoughts on “Channel Bh

  1. “And unlike PV Chidambaram’s aam aadmi budget, Bhojpuri music really works.”

    any relation to the former PM?

  2. Lolzzzzzz 🙂
    finally have the priviledge of being the 1st 1 to comment!!!

  3. @Mohan:Thank you for pointing out the extra V.
    @Abhishek: Emm sorry 🙂

  4. oh man….!! 😛 😛

  5. Have you heard Manoj Tiwari’s songs? They were a rage in my college! 😀

  6. This post’s got wit, social commentary and holla humour!

    Brilliant! Signature GB

  7. My friend’s a recent convert to bhojpuri music, wants to start a community called “prog bhoj”. i was wondering what the fuss is all about. And then I heard some of the lyrics.. I think the unabashed innuendo is hilarious. But then I liked Gunda too.

  8. You are welcome Arnab.

    @Chiltua ke didi – the level of ‘man-handling’ that lady endures is crazy

    @dhoni’s lookalike – the song is very good. I am making my 1-year old dance to it everyday.

  9. Did anybody watch “Current mare bijuriya” piece on the great indian laughter challenge (dunno the name of the guy so cudn’t get it on youtube 😦 )??
    THAT captures every part of a bhojpuri muvi….GB a review of that by you will be worth the wait 🙂

  10. Choli main Pepsi Cola
    Lehenga main Coco Cola


  11. Bhojpuri always had the reputation of such vulgar songs. Its because they cater to mostly sexually frustrated illiterates who dream to get the top heriones in their bed someday. They are famous because they sell ‘legalised’ porn.

  12. aWeSoMe!!!!
    Absolutely stunned and Hence No Comments!!

  13. What are censor board, Bajrang Dal, BJP, Shiv Sena etc., doing? Channel Bh threatens to become a more potent danger to our sanskriti than Valentine’s day.

    “And as we all know, partaking a Mango Frooti whose seal has been tampered with may make you sick.”
    This is priceless.

  14. The songs were unbelievable. I had no idea Bhojpuri films and music videos were like this! I had a more old fashioned impression of Bhojpuri films e.g. Nadiya ke Paar.

    Bihari dialects run the gamut from the melifluous to coarse, all in the same regional area. Bhojpuri is the coarser version while Magadhi (pronounced “magahee”) is the softer, gentler dialect. Bhojpuri is therefore great for raunchy songs – perfect combo of form and function!

    I remember we used to try and speak in Bhojpuri while communicating with the mistrys and vendors coming to our house. Never got very fluent in it, but it was a fun thing to try, especially since we were supposed to only speak “correct” Hindi in school.

  15. Forgot to add…

    The bhartiyata brigade will also be unhappy about the extensive use of Angrezi words in the lyrics.

  16. Captain Haddock March 1, 2007 — 1:18 pm

    GB, speaking of songs, what is your opinion about Sreesanth’s World Cup “motivational” song & music video, as well as his dialogues like “Pain is my best friend”

  17. The Great Bihari March 1, 2007 — 1:29 pm

    How dare you make fun of a Bhojouri songs. You bengalis won’t understand and can never appreciate the beauty of those songs. We, Biharis, are sexually much stronger than anyone and hence don’t hesitate to express that in words. Not like you begalis who are timid. You clan is responsible for accepting british rules and thus also forcing us to follow or else we won’t have survived in the job market. You were the first ones to bow before the british, its because you are snobbish who can do anything to get respected..what respect btw? at the feet of british! even vande mataram wasn’t composed in praise of BHARAT MATA but it was composed to praise a governor. And now you are criticising our language! We Biharis are proud of our culture and language. Our women don’t feel shy to discuss sex and whats wrong in talking about ‘seal’ or virginity in public? afterall everyone wants to talk about it and hence i would like to add that bhojpuri songs represent the real desires of a person. How many hindi songs do that? Don’t you appreciate lewd pop music? then why this discrimination towards bihrais?
    what hypocrisy!

    it just represents your ‘darphook dil’!!

  18. is “the great bihari” the latest incarnation of kishor/gnan? but isnt he s.indian?

  19. That Manoj Tiwari song and Mssr. Great Bihari’s bhery illuminative yearth-shattering post just re-affirmed my faith in humanity. I was so messed up after seeing “Children of Men” and reading all those reports of steadily falling fertility worldwide you know….. 😛

  20. Lumpen Proletariat March 1, 2007 — 2:23 pm

    whats wrong in talking about ’seal’ or virginity in public? afterall everyone wants to talk about it

    Thanks for that pricess set of information. Are you into somekind of a market research job?

  21. Awesome post!!… thats an avenue of art I hadnt yet explored!!

  22. Sudipta Bhattacharjee March 1, 2007 — 2:35 pm

    Respected “Great Bihari” ji, (Some schools of thought would consider ‘Great Bihari’ an oxymoron, but I strive to be objective), I fail to understand, how this innocently humorous post suddenly turned out to be a Bengal v. Bihar thing!!! It was never intended to be a ‘discriminatory against bihar’ post. I mean for all his humour on Mithun Chakraborty, will u classify greatbong as anti-bengali or something?

    For gods sake, u can’t be serious when u say “You bengalis won’t understand and can never appreciate the beauty of those songs. We, Biharis, are sexually much stronger than anyone and hence don’t hesitate to express that in words…”!!!! We definitely can NOT appreciate this sort of ‘beauty’ and are none the worse for it.

    And wat do u mean by “sexually much stronger”? ahh, I get ur point – maximum number of sexual crimes are committed in ur great state, guess tht makes u guys “sexually stronger”. or is it the extremely high rate of female infanticide?

    Bhojpuri songs (as illustrated in the post by Greatbong) do represent “the real desires of a person” – in the same way as movies like ‘TAMBU ME BAMBU’, ‘GHAR ME HO SALI TO SAAL BHAR DIWALI’, ‘JUNGLE ME MANGAL’ etc.

    And the comments on the Bengali Cowardice and submission to British rule, well I won’t dignify them with a retort. That would be granting ppl like u too much importance.

    On a different note, GB, this is a vintage GB post. Really cheered me up after a long day in office – thanx a ton and keep writing. Waitin for ur review on ‘Honeymon Travels private Limited’/’Eklavya’. TC

  23. bh in german or swedish stands for bra. Make your own delicious conclusions.

  24. @LalBadshah: “Sasura Bara Paisawala” is a classic !

    @Rahul: Thank you.

    @Slashgod: Like Gunda ! We should all love Gunda.

    @Manu: 🙂

    @Gourav: No I haven’t.

    @Aby: 🙂

    @Sharique: Well no harm in fantasies is there?

    @Kailas: 🙂

    @Dharmendra: Well listening to these songs of course !

    @Shan: To phir comment Bhojpuri main kijiye..

    @Captain Haddock: “Pain is my best friend”….so that means he and Greg Chappell have become yaars !

    @The Great Bihari: Could not agree with you more. Its good that you said “even vande mataram wasn’t composed in praise of BHARAT MATA but it was composed to praise a governor.” I totally endorse that statement.

    However if you had said Jana Gana Mana was composed for King George then yes I would have had an issue.

    @Anon: Evidently not from IP.

    @The Wanderer: You mean “Logan ka bituwa” ?

    @Equinox: 🙂

    @Sudipta: Sigh ! Yet to see any of them. But why take potshots of Bihar and the sex crimes sir? People are horny irrespective of cast, creed or colour. And there is no greater truth than that. Incidentally the place where the highest crime stats are found may not be the most crime-prone region….there may be others which are so lawless that no crime is even reported.

    @Joe: Waah bhai. Ka fundae hain !

  25. @GB Great post 🙂
    I remember attending one show with my Sardarji friend in Chennai. Jan 2005. It was great clean fun. I remember him singing a couple of Patriotic songs too.
    But this is just too much to take. Makes my head spin!!

    Also rephrasing my previous comment: “I want India to win the World cup. But I will not be able to see it being used a way to justify the PROCESS”

    @Great Bihari & @Sudipta> Gajab bhaiya!! Sahi ladat hauaa tu log. Eee ‘Sexually strong” ka hola ho? Hamke ta na samjah mein aawat hau. Tani theek se samjhawa.

  26. Addendum: A Manoj Tiwari show!!

  27. sepia-toned, stylized NRI dramas that are totally detached from the dreams and aspirations of those whom Lalloo refers to as the “pipool”.

    I appreciate your obsession with pipool, but looking for ‘pipool’ in TV channels is at best a derived, lazy, twisted inference. I am no expert on ‘pipool’. But I think it is a fair guess that very few bhojpuri women do duty double, or have dreams and aspirations to do duty double. Or in Bhojpur, bikin-clad women dance in open fields in broad daylight.

    In your many avatars, you once commented on Pather Panchali too. even Satyajit Ray was accused of ‘aristrocracy’ in his portrayal of Nischindipur (No reference comes to mind). Compare that to Ghatak’s Titash Ekti Nadir Nam. I don’t know if you have seen that movie, but that is what i call portraying the dreams and aspirations of people. That requires a first-hand experience, than a ‘social commentary’ like this one.

    So, no, your implicit assumption that ‘art imitates life’ is a overconfident, fast and loose conclusion. In our country, where enterprise flourishes after much hard work, red tape, bribery, and social sanctions the ‘pipool’ eat whatever food is thrown at them. You are ascribing too much to the demand side. The same dynamics can be explained much lucidly, and realistically when looked at the supply side.

    Now, am I correct in inferring that your allusion to “sepia-toned” is a recent discussion on Sepia Mutiny, post-Oscars? If so, do you think you are closer to ‘pipool’ because you hunt down these popular videos? Channel Bhojpuri is merely imitating Bollywood, and few movies that come out of them are about pipool. One day someone started these song-and-dance sequences in Bollywood – probably derived from our own tradition of singing and dancing in the numerous festivals – and now that portrayal has got a life of its own. Riding on their money power, they have come back in a distorted form to influence those very festivals. So, you stand accused of the same detachment that you mention.

    Here is a bhojpuri song by Manoj Tiwari, probably describing the emotions in ‘jeans dhila karo’ in a beautiful (i hesitate to use that word here) different way:

  28. happy Holi, or Dol (as we call it in Bengal) to everyone.

  29. @An Ideal Boy: Wait wait. A Manoj Tiwari show in Chennai ? If true, Kishor kindly note.

    @Naiverealist: Chill sir. Kindly desist from sociocultural analysis of my post. My intention was merely to point out some entertaining videos in a mock-serious tone. Unless you take me for a fool (which you very well might), I do not believe Bhojpuri women want to do duty double. My last few lines (attempt at sarcasm) tried to convey exactly how this “art” does not depict the real lives of people. And lest I be misunderstood, I assert that I do not believe that anyone in any state has a Mango frooti in her chunori.

    And a Happy Holi(Dol) to you too.

  30. Unless you take me for a fool (which you very well might)

    sorry for the tone in my earlier post. i have no sense of humor left in me. 🙂

    Kindly desist from sociocultural analysis of my post

    i come here because you show things in a completely different light. and if people consider this as real, it becomes real. We act as if. Everybody else does.

    So, please ignore my lengthy dumb post.

  31. Excellent. I salute your tenacity to dig out these gems.

  32. Brilliant post as always.
    Reminded me of the charming Dada Kondke movies?

    p.s. GB, ever consider penning a [hindi movie] screenplay?

  33. “Vande mataram wasn’t composed in praise of BHARAT MATA but it was composed to praise a governor. ”

    GB, Do use this funda in your forthcoming quiz !

  34. Holy Crap!!!!

    GB = you’ve seriously got too much time on your hands or maybe you’ve got the gift of the gab when it comes to searching 🙂
    Awesome! Made my day.

  35. “And as we all know, partaking a Mango Frooti whose seal has been tampered with may make you sick ” Priceless !!

    Great Post GB… I think this time Kishore is on different IP in Bihar.

    Thanks for making my day..

  36. Awesome!! Where in the world do you find the time and patience to research these things?!

  37. Awesome post..I thank GB for writting this..I guess things have changed since your last post..Needless to say being a Bohari who native language is Bhojpuri..I really am ashamed to see this kind of crap coming out.

    There was a time when Bollywood greats like Md. Rafi, Mukesh, Talat Mahmodd used to sing our songs, composed by folks like Chitragupta..but standard of Bhojpuri has taken a nose dive in trying to ape/outdo bollywood.

  38. “…….partaking a Mango Frooti whose seal has been tampered with may make you sick.”


  39. Refreshing and blunt stuff – thank you for the introduction the the channel.

  40. I think more than Dhoni the guy looks like Bobby Deol….

  41. arshat chaudhary March 2, 2007 — 7:55 am

    Bhojpuri music rocks! Aava aava,panwa khawa!
    Happy holi everyone!

  42. You haven’t mentioned about the ‘Bekpipor and Thiree Eks Rum‘.

    Good post in good time. Holi is round the corner and we hope to get a liberal dose of such songs emerging from the Bhojpur guys!

  43. @GB & Rima: I’m sure that BANDE MATARAM thing has already been asked by Parnab in several quizzes, so it makes no sense for Arnabda to ask it again! 😛

  44. As a songster had said,
    “Chhuchhunder ke sar pe na bhaye chameli
    Kahan Raja Bhoj(puri) aur kahan Gangu Teli?”

    I think Tagore should abdicate his Nobel Prize in favour of the “Seal tooti” lyricist. Maybe that will please the Great Bihari!

  45. For the sake of trivia:
    The songs ‘bucchi ki seal’ and ‘chintua ki didi’ have been sung by ‘Diamond Ishtar Gooddu Rangeela’, who became famous with his song ‘Humra Hau Chahi'(I want ‘that’).
    Another prodigy which could not be found on goo-tube is ‘Lucky Ishtar Radhe Shyam Rasiya’ with his superhit ‘Mile te Maari Warna Bal Brahmchari’

    Moreover, it would be advised to check out the videos from the neighboring state of Jharkhand, a teen romantic number call ‘Iskool ke time pe aana gori dem pe’. Clean, simple and cute, yet retaining the smell of the soil, a little too much though, resulting in the following shocking incident of moral policing:

    PS: if interested some above mentioned videos like huimra hau chahi and mile te maari etc can be uploaded

  46. sorry forgot the iskool ke time pe video link. Here it is:

    This video and info about it was shamelessly sourced from the following link:

  47. GB,
    You are just too much..aur hum ka bataye 🙂 🙂
    Just where do you get hold of such stuff…

  48. delete my earlier khadoosh rant! 🙂 lovely, lovely – all these gems. i am a convert, and a fan.

  49. GB

    Had a great laugh at reading the post but the comments were really outta this world. You do have an eclectic mix of people here :)))


  50. @anirudhb – Kudos. good follow-up.

  51. Provides a new dimension to the adage ‘strategic placement of product’ in every sense . This will work out as a better case study than Lalu’s Indian railways.

  52. Now it the time for the makers of pakistani mujras and the bhojpuri videos to form a strategic alliance and carry the peace process forward, what say folks?

  53. choli meim pepsi cola……lahenga mein coca cola

    Perhaps you missed the best one

  54. Oh cool, nice to see you joining the fan club (and me being quoted in comments :P)
    This is just the tip of the iceberg as I say to lot many people. The kind of things we get to see in the local cable channels back home is way, way beyond description. Imagine an old man in his frail, quivering voice calling out to his son to take him out for ‘laghusanka’ while the son is busy in melodious bed talk. Now THAT is a topic that remains untouched in any of the songs I’ve managed to hear.

    Also very ‘subtle’ double meanings are often used as base for lyrics, as evident from the Guddu Rangeela song. I remember one whose lyrics goes like:
    “beeche field me wicket gaad ke khub balla ghumolas” ( forgive me, I am helpless at translating such things) . And it gets subtler, beyond the realms of what you can imagine, and somehow ‘nimbu paani’ comes in picture which the lady claims to have drunk ‘gata gat’. Amazing.

    Imagine girls from downtown Patna dressed in ‘hot’ minis dancing to woo a hero who looks and dresses like a bear out from hibernation.

    The point to note is how the lyrics at the end give out a social message. Beautiful.

    I must stop now, befoe this starts looking like a PhD thesis. Poignant stuff.


    don’t worry, no IPR violations 😀

  55. Let me just add to everyone here and say that this post had me in hysterics – especially the seal song. The shake of the hips with the slushing sound suggests quite strongly that the pepsi bottle has been opened. I imagine it’s a 2 litre bottle, as it’s taking quite a while to empty itself.

  56. @anirudhb: Thanks a lot for the iskool ke tem pe link. 🙂

    Such a welcome change from the usual raunchy videos with suggestive lyrics .

  57. @GB: I came here through my WordPress logs, which showed that a visitor landed on my blog through this post.

    A comment above, made by “vivekspace”:

    This comment is not by me. I am sure you can check the IP. Whoever this fellow is, he has been leaving comments on my blog as well – mostly of the spam variety.

    Could you please delete the comment, or at least remove the hyperlink to my blog? I don’t wish to be seen as someone who leaves random comments and pimps his blog.

    Sorry for this diversion in your comment thread.

  58. @GB @all – totally unconnected to this post, but, for my information, did amartya Sen win the Nobel prize for Economics or no?

  59. Hindi film music is unlistenable. I thought you were joking till I heard a H.Resh. (Himesh Retch-iya) number. I struggled to keep myself from throwing up. This sort of earthy stuff is pretty interesting and gets real.

  60. Perhaps the catchiest tune and most innovative video of the lot, check out Rasia tailor by Radheshyam Rasia rasia

  61. This is how earthy Indian performing arts ought to be. None of that sophisticated imported twangs and taps for me please! I am told in Pakistan while there is a lot of censorship of Urdu movies the Punjabi and Pashto movies are raunchy! Censors as a rule being the urban sophisticates can’t understand what’s going on and order deletions. Wik, wink, nod, nod and the scenes are reinserted and the movies play to full houses!

  62. @GB-great blog but wanted to point out certain things,

    1)what you have reported is not bhojpuri music its juct a evil deviation of the same, more driven by Market demands
    2)Have u ever heard of Sharda Sinh, if not i will request you to pls go thru some.
    3)I admit that waht u have posted is true and being sold but it in no way represents bhojpuri Music

    @A great Bihar: Just to remind you Bhojpuri is not a Bihari Dialect rather it had originated from UP,spoken in areas bordering UP,Dont demean any state or caste by such baseless remarks.
    Further Bihar was a part of Bengal (Pre-independence) and As far as my knowledge goes no one discuss seal of virginity in PUBLIC.

    @Sudipta-And wat do u mean by “sexually much stronger”? ahh, I get ur point – maximum number of sexual crimes are committed in ur great state.
    Just to upgrade your knowledge , maximum no. of sexual crimes are committed in Punjab,Rajasthan and Delhi not in Bihar.
    Great Bihari is not an oxymoron, I should remind you that origin of India was Bihar( Ashoka) and since then this state had Most Glorious History than ANY STATE in INDIA.Though i admit the present is not that glorious,but u cant blame people for that.

  63. Bhojpuri is an imprecise description of the many rich languages spoken in Eastern UP and Bihar. Southern Bihar holds its own with Maithili within which the origins of Bangla lie. The Bangla/Asomiya script is acutally the Maithili script. And the Chandi Paath (as in Juto shilayi theke chandi paath) the aadi kaavya of Bangla is in Maithili. If you go far back enough in time in Bangla it becomes Maithili.

  64. Hi,

    couldn’t stop laughing …
    our are real GEM finder man.

    if i may add
    PC’s budget gives worries… and only worries
    and “chaneel Bh” takes it off in a jiffy.

    great work.

  65. Amazing post,starting from “Dhoni’s evil twin”, through the corporate postioning right up to the “subtle” poetic language quip.

    Of course enjoyed the earlier “pipool” post too !

  66. Ch Ch Ch…Shudhar Jao Brothers. God may forgive your sins if you watch this video from Jat land. 🙂

  67. “Manoj Tiwari, a Bhojpuri star, was given a chartered plane owned by the Reliance Group to hop across from Mumbai to Pune and Pune to Lucknow, just so that he could perform at two stage shows.”

  68. Dear sir,
    here in our bhojpuri drama as a (bidesia) this is the very popular in Bihar and U.P(east) if u r ready then i can show u this programma on stage that how much it is popular. U can understand it by ordions. here is 6 to 7 dramas and stage show r popular.i want to do c.d.Recording from u.

    If u will do this recording with finance then i m sure ur company and me r also profited by this recording. this culture is being loose from Bihar and U.P(east) on this behaf u may profitted from taxes.that c.d. recording by u then we want to so on T.V.(local channel) Patna and Lucknow doordardhan.this culture loosing on it behaft u will profitted from taxes and ur company will do more groth.
    i hope plz quick responce.

    Ramesh kumar
    294/7A Chirag Delhi New Delhi 17
    mobile no – 9810575221

  69. very simple, very nice song.. bridges the gap b/w urban amenities (high school romance) and developing rural areas (dam construction complete)

  70. its nice to see bhojpuri in progress. Love to see on top of the world. 🙂

  71. Its a great language. Just love it.

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