A Quiz Announcement


This is to announce a India-themed quiz at the University of Maryland, College Park ( organized by DESIUMD ) which ”yours truly” will be conducting on Friday March 2nd with his customary Inzamamian flair.

If you are in the area, free on March 2nd at 5:30 in the evening and would like to participate in a rather easy, lowbrow quiz with no arcane references then kindly drop by the Nyumburu Cultural Center to enjoy a liberal splattering of trivia about Chichi, Mithun-da, forgotten Indian bowlers, Doordarshan oldies, corrupt politicians and other assorted topics of no importance to anyone.

[Sample question: From the personal section of a certain newspaper on a certain Valentine’s Day. Who is M? Hint: M is not Mithun Chakraborty]


54 thoughts on “A Quiz Announcement

  1. The sample question is not directly India-related. However such is the nature of today’s world, that an India connection can very easily be established to virtually any thing. :-). Incidentally, this quiz will be predominantly India-themed but I may have a few “interesting questions” whose links with India can at best be considered to be tenuous.

  2. Sigh! Its on a Friday – will be difficult to get out of work in germantown quickly and then get stuck headup in traffic on 495 to get to College Park. If it was on Saturdy, I wouldn’t blinked twice!!


  3. Would u ask any questions about South India ? would there be questions about Infosys, Rajnikanth, and Chiranjeevi ?

    How much percentage of questions will be about south india ?

  4. Hello,

    Me am from the biggest city in the southern part of central north Jind district. As you know, our city be very much famous for its software company call center “Sree Lucky Singh World Class Systems International “. I would like to know if you include questions about our very own Shree Lucky Singh and about our world famous city in your quiz. Please to answer.

    🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist after seeing one of the comments

  5. @Anon Coward: Since I tend to reuse my questions across quizzes (yes not terribly inventive), I prefer not to put the entire quiz online.

    @Sriram: Not competing with him. Not at all.

    @Mo: Yep.Right you are.

    @Swati: Nope.

    @Abhishek: Monica Bedi and Shakespeare ! “Panditji panditji” would be par for her course.

    @Rohit and Shekhar: And you’re absolutely right.

    @Rima: Mm addressed to Ronald Reagan !

    @Suyog: Aah pity. But do try.

    @Kishor: Plenty.

    @Yhac: First you please send the question and also give your good name.

    @Rishi: No no. This organization has existed from way before I came to the DC metro area.

  6. @All; M is Monica Lewinsky!!!!! What? No way! M is ‘Mesh Reshammiyya of course. If you insist too much, I can let you in on a secret…. ‘Mesh is Monica Lewinsky. Yeah… I have it on authority. Come on slackers, enough fooling around. ‘Mesh 400!
    @Kishor: You don’t want the South to deal with this, believe me ;-D

  7. A sample quiz conducted by GB with his fans as participants:

    GB: Hi all, the first question. What is the name of Michael Jackson’s father ?

    Ranjan Chakravarthy: Michale Jack.

    Mohan: I disagree with you Ranjan. You shud apply logic here. You should go over statistics.

    Youfan: How dare you to argue in front of GB ? You know, GB is the real god. The ultimate genius.

    Sayon: GB, why don’t u ask about laxatives, that would be better.

  8. @kishor
    when are you going to start your very own blog?
    It should be named
    (with apologies to Arthur C. Clark)”

    Eagerly awaiting.
    Please don’t disappoint this hon. dosa-eating south Indian.

  9. Hmm GB,
    Is it Marilyn Monroe by any chance?? To JFK?

    Do put up the quiz qns in ur site , btw..Am sure they’ll be awesome.
    I’m in Tokyo on a long term project, seriously quiz starved , missing talkin abt quizzing and all the quizzing action back home in India. I had won the Brand Equity Quiz 2006, but this time missing out on it and all others too. Wouldnt even mind even a Parnab quiz hehe….

  10. Yourfan writes:
    @Kishor: Did you mean yourfan or youfan(as I don’t know who that could be)? Did you mean yourfan or yourfan2? If you meant yourfan then that is me:
    I don’t know about south Indian gods and goddesses but we the Bengalis quarrel with our gods and goddesses sort of like the scenes in Hindi movies. I am referring to Ramkrishna’s quarrel with Kali goddess at different time of the day depending on his moods. So you are in the right track if you are referring to my arguments with GB on several issues ; not that I am or feel like Ramkrishna – but don’t know whether GB is the male version of Kali to some of his readers like joyforever, yourfan2, RC to name a few.

  11. Ok, not Mahishasura, but does “allegedly placed” by Monica qualify as a certain answer unless the uncertainty is clear on the part of the question itself? Is it then a good quiz question – where the quiz master is uncertain about the answer (or the resource thereof) – unless he is Parnab?

  12. forgotten Indian bowlers
    Indeed. Even our most successful bowlers could use a little more respect. A rapid-fire then, easy stuff.

    1) Which bowler’s nickname had something to do with his posteriors?
    2) Who opened the bowling and took 3 wickets at Oval 1971, India’s first test win in England?
    3) Which 20-year old bowler took 5 wickets in an innings in his second test and never played another test?
    4) Which bowler’s only ODI victim is Aravinda De Silva – twice? Those are his only two wickets in a ODI career of 3 matches.
    5) Whose test bowling career economy rate is 1.67 and was famous for spells such as 34-24-24-1?
    6) Chasing 493 in the fourth innings of the decisive Adelaide test — with series tied at 2-2 — in 1977, India finished 45 runs short. Who took 7 wickets in that test?
    7) Which two bowlers were included in Gavaskar’s book Idols without playing a single test?
    8) In his debut test in 1984-85, who was the first to represent India’s most populous state since Maharaja of Vizi in 1936?
    9) Only two Indian bowlers – both from east zone – have taken all 10 wickets in a first-class match. Who are they?
    10)”There is no better bowler in the world today than …” said Len Hutton. Who?

  13. 2. Eknath Solkar
    3. Vivek Razdan
    4. Nilesh Kulkarni
    5. Bapu Nadkarni
    6. Karsan Ghavri
    7. Rajinder Goel and Padmakar Shivakar
    8. Gopal Sharma
    9. Premansu Chatterjee and Debashish Mohanty . But thats not quite true . Chatterjee was the first , i think in 1956-57. Gupte did it against Bahwalpur CC in mumbai which was a FC match and Pradeep Sundaram a medium pacer from Rajasthan did it against Vidarbha in 1986-87 Ranji Trophy.
    10. Ladha Amar Singh

    Do email me answer to qn 1

  14. @Kishor and Yourfan: I won’t go so far as to say that GB is like the male version of Kali to me, but I can say that he is like Dronacharya and I’m like Eklavya… I consider him my blogging guru though I have never met him. Whether he will take away my keyboard if and when we meet is something that only he can tell. 😛
    And yes, we Bengalis do quarrel with our gods.

  15. Yourfan writes:
    @JoyForever: In this virtual world, you don’t have to meet your guru in person – if your guru wants then he can bless you, teach you to your heart’s content but the question is whether your guru i.e. GB would be willing to take the ‘virtual money’ that you will offer him. I don’t think he would – not with all the advertisement he has put up in his blog!!!
    As Eklavya, your guru-dakshina is only your keyboard?

  16. @anon
    “As Eklavya, your guru-dakshina is only your keyboard?”
    Eklavya had to give what his guru wanted. So this question should go to GreatBong.

  17. Yourfan writes
    @Aby: baapre didn’t know GB has so many fans who will stand up for GB’s rights! So why do some of GB’s commenters just pick on me and yourfan2 all the time? I guess it is because of the names.

  18. Yourfan writes:
    @Aby: baapre didn’t know GB has so many fans who will stand up for GB’s rights! So why do some of GB’s commenters just pick on me and yourfan2 all the time?

  19. @All: When did I become Baba Kali? What is this? Or Dronacharya ! And I have no designs on Sugata’s thumb or his keyboard…… And as to what kind of guru-dakshina I want, well let me see. How about I impose a 1% educational cess on all the readers here? Anything for the “aam aadmi”.

  20. @Arnab: (a) So now the other identity of yourfan2 is revealed.

    (b) this is even funnier than your usual replies!

  21. @Arnab… um.. mr. great bong….
    New to UMD. UMD te kono great bong association achhe ki? into which I can be granted entry? Having come mid-year… rather lost in terms of social life.

  22. Dear Pitaji Bongda,

    Myself Ashwathama. Not elephant. Please to helping me. I also have quiz questions. Having same questions last 4,000 years.

    1. In video being here who is super-hot babe acting as school-teacher in green sari?

    2. In video number 2, who is the girl?

    3. Where they are living?

    4. What is ideal waist size of man?

    I thanking you very much in advance.


  23. @Ishani: If you mean great “bong associations” then there are a few around, though I personally am not a part of any of them. If you mean “great bong” associations,at present there is none —-but we are free to start one :-). Incidentally, I have been here for almost 2 years now and am still lost in terms of social life and so greater associations are always good.
    @Ashwathama beta,

    What kind of video clips are you watching son? Is this why I took up the job as weapons instructor leaving my tenured professorship? Super-hot babe in green sari….well gimme Sush any day in Main Hoon Na to that video. There was Sanaya Irani in that video (I think) but she wasnot the green sari-d one. In video No 2, what horrible video that was…I had more fun hearing Kripacharya gurgling in the morning. The girl also…too brief an apperance. As to ideal waist size of man,it is anything which is not my waist size. But I think you knew that already.


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