And I Am Back


Was it because of the acute sense of shame I felt when Amir Khan so convincingly demonstrated that he is actually a farmer (a farmer by birth, the same way in which Uday Chopra is an actor by pedigree) and not just a celeb trying to grab land under false pretenses as I had initially thought?

Was it because of the viral effects of “I am playing a gangster because my sister is the producer” Tusshar Kapoor in Shootout at Lokhandwala say “Ganpat zyara daroo la” with the threatening menace of a “Maa bhookh lagee hain”?

Was it because of the voice in my head which kept on saying “Main tera khoon pee jayoonga, haddi pasli ek kar doonga” each time Dharmendra brought his lips close to Nafisa Ali’s with garam Hashmian passion in Metro?

Was it the sight of Himesh Reshammiya taking his cap off and revealing his Rapunzelian locks in one of the innumerable Aap ka Suroor–the real luv storiee teaser trailors that set off the sinister trail of events?

Was it Shekhar Suman’s new steamed reptile, Iglesian look and his wanton display of male cleavage (as Suman-ji says: ” I have always said that if you have it, flaunt it… I sincerely believe that my chest- line is looking good. It’s like you want people to notice your good clothes, similarly if I have a chest line which I can flaunt then why not? Women have cleavage and I have a great chest- line…“) that short-circuited my immune system?

Or was it my appearance on the exclusively for women Meow FM 104.8 in New Delhi that caused the problem?

Whatever may have been the cause, I have been laid low with fever and stomach convulsions for some time now.

I am however back. In full technicolor.

A sincere word of thanks to all those who commented on RTDM or mailed me enquiring about my health and wishing a speedy recovery.


39 thoughts on “And I Am Back

  1. You were sorely missed!

    Next time get a sick leave approved from us before getting sick! 😛

    Hope you are better now.


  2. It shud have been definitely due to lokhandwala. What an idiotic film it is. A total waste of money. Anyway, happy to see u back.

  3. Good to see you back GB, take Care. Just saw the promos of the Aap ka suroor movie, The guy gets to keep his cap on even at the prison. Probably he threatned them with a sing otherwise :-).

  4. Must be the sight and sound of Himeshji. Or was it Sumanji’s cleavage? Oh well, enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

    Glad to have you back dada.

  5. welcome back!! (thank god.)
    i cracked up on each of those questions above.
    and btw, it’s not ‘Aap ka Suroor–the real luv storiee’… it’s Aap ka Suroor- The Moviee, The real luv storiee. like please…

  6. Gr8 to have u back GB!!! Now pls start commenting on the ‘burning’ issues of this nation and the world around….we need that!!

  7. @GB
    Good to see you back. Visiting home always comes with a package deal of special incentives of the viral and bacterial infections. Cannot avoid them, no matter how hard we try. I will be traveling with my little one and hubby soon. Let’s see what deal we have in store for us.
    Is that Shekhar Suman in the pics? Whatever he did to himself to hide his ageing cells? Seeing his chest line in the 80’s may have been ok (he used to come in a DD serial Sunday afternoons as a shy neighbour, can’t remember the name of the serial, liked him only in that serial).

  8. It is wonderful to have you back GB..Wish you fully recovered from ill.I’d seen Himesh Reshammiya’s picture without his cap in reddif,But the picture is not showing his head completely,If you’ve the clear picture please post here.

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