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Do not go by SMS polls and popularity ratings, Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee told the United Progressive Alliance’s presidential candidate Pratibha Patil when she called on the Union Cabinet on Thursday. The people of India don’t elect the President, it is the elected representatives who elect him, Mukherjee is reported to have told her.The comment was obviously directed at President APJ Abdul Kalam who is clearly the people’s choice to continue in Rashtrapati Bhavan. On’s poll, for instance, he enjoys almost 90 percent popularity rating.

Yes Mr. Mukherjee. Right on. Don’t worry about what the people want. And don’t worry about the small matter that as elected representative, you are kind of obligated to listen to people. Or at the very least, pretend to. And at the leastest, not to publicly announce (yes I know it is “reported” that he said it) that it doesn’t matter what the people want.

But we knew that of course. The one person who matters now is the “madam” since the Congress world is only the second institution in the world where the writ of the “madam” is beyond question. (The other institutuion where the madam is so revered is a house of ill repute). And Pratibha Patil, the chosen one, is the model Congressman having shown unquestioned devotion to the Family by sticking to Indira “the great dictator” Gandhi during the charming days of the Emergency. True, she has some “Cheeni kum hain” problems but then which politician expects to pay back a 17.5 crore-rupee loan—I am sure as someone who stood by the Family the least she can expect is that her loan gets “written off”.

Rajdeep Sardesai points to the regionalist reactions in some quarters to Ms. Patil’s candidature.

Within minutes of Mrs Pratibha Patil being “chosen” as the UPA’s candidate for president, a chain sms was floated: “After 300 years, the Marathas are finally set to conquer Delhi”, a reminder that defeat in the third battle of Panipat still rankles. The next morning, the Marathi papers were equally euphoric: “Maharashtra’s day in the sun has come at last!” thundered one headline. Even the Shiv Sena mouthpiece, Saamna, set aside political differences to celebrate what it described as a “historic opportunity” for the “Marathi manoos”.

I must confess, my regional genes were riding high too at the prospect of a Maharashtrian lady occupying the highest constitutional post in the country.

And Jayalalitha’s espousal of Kalam also seems to stem from similar sentiments.

According to AIADMK sources, Jayalalitha had a significant say in Monday’s meet here on the choice of Kalam as the newly formed front’s nominee.

Her choice also appeared to be guided by the politics in Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK and its allies in the state have been pushing for Kalam, who is a scientist of repute as well as a Tamil from the Hindu holy town of Rameswaram.

In this context, I propose Shivaji Rao Gaekwad aka Rajinikanth aka the Thalaivar as my Presidential nominee. First, both Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu can claim him as their own. I realized this by following this comments thread—by far the longest in the Indian blogosphere with over 1100 comments. Second, we need some presidential pizzaz. The post of India’s first citizen and the vice-president, over the years ,has become safe sinecures for battle-weary geriatrocrats to enjoy taxpayer-sponsored luxuries before God puts them to sleep. Which is why the common people almost never have any kind of interest in who becomes the president. The only exception is of course APJ Kalam who people really seem to care for—maybe because he earns respect for his academic achievements and personal probity. However he is out of the race having been reminded by Laloo to resign “gracefully” —-resigning with grace being a concept Laloo Prasad Yadav knows much about.

But things will be different if Rajinikanth becomes the president. People will start caring. To put it mildly. There will be mini-riots in Malaysia when the President of India comes visiting. People will throw confetti and popcorn when he comes to inaugurate a government building. They will fly down from Australia to hear him address the nation on TV. When President Mush tries to browbeat him, he will flip his glasses around, raise his finger and wag it in the General’s face.

Then when he rejects Afzal’s mercy petition and even after that the Arundhati Roys come to ask him to “reconsider” , he will thunder:

Naan oru dharavai sonna nooru dharavai sonna maadhiri. (If I say it once, it’s akin to having said it a hundred times.)

Just imagine the great Roy’s face after that.

Our neighbourhood friends, who waste no opportunity to try to harm us, will know that the commander of our armed forces is no wuss.

Chittoor Thaandina Kaatpaadi, Sivajiya cheendinaa Dead Body!” (If you cross Chittoor you will reach Kaatpaadi, If you tease Sivaji Rao Gaekwad you will become a dead body!)

And that no matter how much they gang up against us, they should remember:

Kanna panninga dhaan kootama varum, singam single-a dhaan varum (Pigs come in a gang, only the lion (India) walks alone.)

When a constitutional crisis takes place with no-confidence motions and defections and political parties come parleying to get a glimpse into the mind of the President so as to determine which side he will favour, only Rajinikanth can throw them into confusion with a

Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollaathathiyum seiven ( “I will do what I say, may also do what I don’t say.)

This is the kind of president I want. The kind you don’t mess with. A Bachelor of Social Service (BOSS). And most importantly, a president you love. [In passing, we should get Kate Moss to change her name—if Rajini is bachelor, she cannot be Master of Social Service. No way.].

In contrast, what would Pratibha Patil do when faced with a head of state that wishes to do India harm? Would she put the fear of God in our enemy as befitting the commander of our armed forces? Or would she put in a discreet call to the madam and then smiling gently, ask:

Do you want a bit more “sugar” in your tea?

Paraphrasing Rajini from “Sivaji–the BOSS”: Not “coool.” Not “coool” at all.

[Rajani dialogues courtesy Wikipedia]

71 thoughts on “My President

  1. OMG GreatBong! Awesome post. I didn’t know you watched Tamil movies.*claps*

    I agree that the President election has become a joke. The Congress wants somebody who will be a rubberstamp for whatever they do. Remember the Office of Profit bill? Obviously the leftists were pissed off because Kalam sent it back.

    They want a Yes man in the President’s chair(or Yeswoman in this case). Indian politics is shameful.

    “However he is out of the race having been reminded by Laloo to resign “gracefully” —-resigning with grace being a concept Laloo Prasad Yadav knows much about.”

    Haha true.

  2. Non Rajni Crazy Tamil June 23, 2007 — 8:01 pm

    I’m so glad you are posting regularly again. 🙂

  3. What rubbish! Smita Patil should be the next President. (great post!)

  4. I think you missed out a very important statement made by Jayanthi Natarajan …

    “certain people who were not able to find a proper candidate to match the stature of our candidate are attempting to find allegations against her” (cant find link for it, was on CNN-IBN)

    I think the whole election has become a big joke, with the Congress making claims of stature and saying that its time the country has a woman as the President (Rashtrapatni ?). But of course, as Mr. Mukherjee says, the people have no business in deciding their President. I whole-heartedly support Rajnikant!!

  5. Now in spite of my leanings in that long commented post, Rajni is a Presidential candidate I can look forward to. Kalam and his poetry would be so uncool then 🙂

  6. Sad to see the likes of laloo and pawar taking digs at Kalam…Now, if there is someone who can carry on the legacy of Jail Singh’s presidency, undoubtedly it is Pratibha Patil – the one who knows how to suck up to Gaandhi family, right?

  7. ha ha….
    One thing I can say, at least rajnikant will be better than the farmer 😀

  8. U fucking retard

  9. Its not just ‘Madam’ Sonya Maino’s whim. Isnt Pratibha Patil the choice of the entire UPA?
    Congress, Left Parties and the motley crew all feel that she should be the President.

    This is not the first time this is happening. India had a tradition of electing rubber stamp semi-corrupt, yes-people as Presidents and they came from all over the country…:)
    Fucker-uddin, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Zail Singh, Shankar Dayal Sharma….

    It is only once in a while we chanced upon the Radhakrishnans and the Rajendra Prasads and the Kalams.

    We will be fine as long as the Commander-in-Chief can stand adn take salute for 1/2 hour during the Republic Day parade. Sonia-ji and Yechuri will take care of the rest.

  10. Awesome post man!

    Can’t agree more… the presidential election has become something of a joke.
    God!…these politicians! What have WE done to deserve such people as our rulers?

    In the midst of this circus, even Mr.Kalam felt tempted to throw his hat in the ring..declaring that
    he will ocntest if there is ‘certainty’ of his winning?? WTF! with all due respect to Mr.Kalam, where
    is the point of an election if you know that you are going to win??

    Anyway…we shouldnt waste too much time in the president business, as it means absolutely f**k all to us.
    After all, the president’s post in this country is just that of a rubber stamp. He can’t be anything more cos the
    constitution doesn’t allow that.

    The idea of Rajin as president??? hmmmmmmm

  11. Anonymous coward, Jayanti has a point, you know.For something like the office of the president, most properties would struggle to find someone as unknown, bereft of any position on issues, and yet, willing to agree with everythiung ‘madam’ says.

    On a more serious note, it IS a wonder how the best mandates are thworn away in our country… Form renouncing the prime ministership, to imposing the most egregious ideas and people on us, Madam seems to think we will be dying to have her on the gaddi next time round.

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  13. “Yes Mr. Mukherjee. Right on.”

    GB, you forget the PM, the home minister, and most Cabinet are not elected by people. They are elected by representatives! Pranab himself is known for not getting elected, seating in Rajya Sabha, but still pulling the Nehru’s family strings form behind (although he found a safe seat this time). He would know what he is talking about.

  14. Yeah! Rajni for Prez.

  15. Shilpa Shetty for Pres. The only person who kept the Indian culture alive in spite of evil designs from external forces.

    Express your support Here in my Blog. If any of you, guys especially, after checkin the photo of Shilpy there still feel Prathiba (or ftm Rajni, Kalam, Sheks) is a better choice, you aint no serious citizen of India and should be shot for sedition.

  16. Nice article by you as well as Rajdeep Sardesai’s article (in the link) was pretty good.

  17. Do not say such things about our Madam. If she commands, the Congress party, like the proverbial lemmings, will gladly throw it’s collective self off a cliff. She only has to give the order.

    We must choose Madam (or let our respected representatives choose) as the president and the prime minister too. That sardar is only warming the seat up for her. Those chaddiwalla fools do not understand what a great honour it is for us Indians to have Madam sitting in all hot seats at once. Shivraj Patil can hold her mike, clean her sandals and do whatever else is needed to ensure she is comfortable. Ahmed Patel, Ambika Soni, Renuka Chowdhury should be elected her Palaquin bearers, by her ofcourse. Stupid people cannot possibly be expected to understand the finer workings of such democratic processes.

    Perhaps we could institute monarchy in India? Madam will be the queen ofcourse and do away with all this messy and useless democracy. No unneccesary waste of money on elections anymore. Crown Prince Rahul can take over when her teeth fall off and lead India to a secular caliphate as it was meant to be before savage Hindus invaded this country.

    Jai Congress!

  18. Yeah good choice for the president. Do we then call him President Gaekwad or leave it as Kanth? Lets start a SMS revolution right at one of the theaters where Sivaji is playing.. Guaranteed full scale propagation.

  19. @ syco Phant:
    Sonia-ji is only doing what people want of her. She may be ignorant about India, but she, Rahul baba and Priyanca baby, do everything to see that glint of happiness in the eyes of those secular masses. The people of India and their chosen leaders in the Congress-Left alliance have always looked up to her for keeping the flock together.

    Whether it is Comrade Yechuri and Karat on the Left or Arjun Singh, Ambika Soni or Ahmad Patel in the bottom, only Soniaji can have them all sit and sip tea in the same room and not go at each others throat.

    I think we are fortunate to have someone who can bring the nation together so well.

    I suggest Rajnikant add ‘Gandhi’ as a second title after Gaekwad before he decided to challenge Pratibha tai.

  20. if the whole election is going to be a farce, then why not??

  21. Yeah! Rajini as President would be a great idea! Maybe AB can run for VP. What say? 😉

  22. Thalaivar …
    ( Oh Great Leader,Live Forever)

  23. Whats the big deal about a Woman being President of our Country? Doesnt a woman run the country already? With due respect to manmohanji, dotn we all know that Sonia is the defacto PM of India? But as some blog put it, once pratibhatai becomes President, 3 major offices in India would be run by women. The same women. (Was it Ramanand who said that? That was just a brilliant observation, man)

  24. Yes. Rajni as President!! One vote for him

  25. Thalaiya vaara seepu
    Thalaivar thaan yendrumae toppu
    (Comb to comb your hair
    Leader is always the top)


  26. Dude that 1100 comments is a sham. It owed a great part to Gaurav.

  27. DR. MANMOHAN SINGH Prime Minister
    SHRI ARJUN SINGH Minister of Human Resource Development
    SMT. AMBIKA SONI Minister of Tourism and Minister of Culture.

    All of them are Rajya Sabha Members. And all of them agree with whatever Madam says.

    So adding one more to the list will not hurt India much.

  28. @Psycho phant
    couldnt agree more!! 😉 perhaps we could rename bharatvarsh as gandhivarsh in her honor!

  29. Hey Bongda,
    One thing which has struck my mind, and looking at the web, struck others too-have you seen the new 2-rupee coin with a miniature Ashok Sthambha and a cross on the other side? If it isn’t a cross, what the heck is it? What’s with the absurd design anyway?
    Have you gone through the conspiracy theories on Sonia, Roberto, Raul and Bianca Gandhi on the net? What do you think of that?
    By the way, the last three are supposed to be the real names of Rajiv,Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi after conversion to Christianity.
    I am not being communal, just curious.

  30. Hey Arnab,

    That’s one of the best ideas you have come up with. Rajni seems to be the best choice for president. Only Shilpa Shetty would make me waver….

  31. “Naan solrathaiyum seiven, sollaathathiyum seiven “( “I will do what I say, may also do what I don’t say.)


    ROTFL !!!!!

  32. @Rakesh: No I don’t. Those quotes were taken from wikipedia. However I have seen Rajini in a few Hindi movies.

    @Non Rajni Crazy Tamil: That I am.

    @W.T.F: She should be. Being dead, she cannot do much damage. Unlike this Patil.

    @Anonymous Coward: Not being able to find such a crook that is.

    @Patrix: Okay the only thing not-that-great about Kalam was his poetry. Give the guy a break will ya !

    @Giri: Yes she is the ideal Congressman.

    @OS: Which farmer? AB or Aamir?

    @SID: “U fucking retard?” Is that the best you can do? (Wagging finger in your face)

    @Rishi: But doesnt UPA play with the cards Madam deals out?

    @Sidharth_j: Except that in times of national crisis, the President becomes the most important. Now do you want a Gandhi-family-stooge with her fingers in many cookie jars doing the job for you?

    @Prasanna: Hmm.

    @Chandra: Oh I am sure “Horiana” knows what he is talking about.

    @Vivek4mJH: Yeah sure.

    @DonTheCat: Spectacular picture of Le Shetty.

    @Aditya: 🙂

    @Amardeep: Thanks

    @Syco Phant: But what happens to Raabert in the scheme of things is what I always wonder.

    @Aravind: Yes. SMS campaign. Forget the Taj. Go Gaekwad.

    @Vidya: Yep.

    @Lalbadshah: No AB please. Last thing we want is the President endorsing brands.

    @Kailas: 🙂

    @Raj: 🙂

    @LP: Thanks


    @Ram: Cool.

    @Sriram: Two Gauravs right?

    @An Ideal Boy: Perhaps not.

    @Sourya: Cross? I didnt know that. Maybe it’s the Freemasons. Or the Knights of the Templar. And yes that’s an old “Sword of Truth” article now immortalized through a forward.

    @Pighooey: Well if it’s a lady from Maharashtra Balasaheb wants, let’s have Shilpa Shetty. I would love to hear her go “Main aayi UP Bihar lootne'”. Oh wait. That’s Mayawati.

    @Kaunteya: 🙂

  33. Dear GB,

    Arnabda, tomar jobab naye! Chuck that boring computer job of yours and give us India’s answer to Saturday Night Live. India needs YOU!!!

    On the topic, just imagine the BOSS at all those international conferences – G-8 bullying on climate change and the Doha Round? No Problem! Troublesome Chinese trying to re-draw borders? No Problem! No Security Council seat? Ayeeeee…. you son of a….the BOSS parachutes into the chamber to occupy the only seat he (and India) knows.. at the head of the table!! MIND IT!

  34. “@Patrix: Okay the only thing not-that-great about Kalam was his poetry. Give the guy a break will ya !”

    Not to mention his ideas for a research project in Systems Engineering:
    “Information Security in the Internet Concerning the Defence Field”
    “Making the Most Modern Electronic Techniques Available Today to Villagers”

    and when his student suggested these topics,
    “How to Prevent Ageing” and “How to Transfer Data from Brain to Brain.”

    the great “scientist” wasn’t worried about the feasibility or relevance of those topics. No sir, his worry was, “What use will that be to India?”

    Finally, they decided on “Curing Mentally Retarded Children.”.

  35. Only 15%? Add another 25% that came in response to your 15% 😀

  36. Hey Great Bong, what do you think of this news article from rediff?

    Pratibha claims premonition of greater responsibility

    “Dadiji ke shareer mein baba aye (her reference was to Dada Lekhraj who founded Brahma Kumari sect. Lekhraj died in 1969). Pratibha claimed that Baba spoke to her, indicating that she should be prepared to shoulder greater responsibility.

    He also made me very lucky,” Pratibha added.

  37. Arnab @Rishi: But doesnt UPA play with the cards Madam deals out?

    True Arnab…but methinks it is a symbiotic relationship.
    The super-pedestal of Sonia-ji, Raul baba and Priyanka baby is a creation of the Congress leadership and is tacitly supported by the Left because they both understand that many many many millions in India want that too.

    The day this trio fails to pull in votes consistently, the very Arjun Singh, Ambika Soni, Samuel Reddy and Prakash Karat will ask them to retire to Switzerland.

  38. Rajini, he is not a bad choice comparing to others … i dont want to mention names… anyway, nice reading.

  39. Although a largely ceremonial role, the office of President does have some significant powers. For example if the President returns a bill then it does get significant media attention and thereby public awareness.
    I personally believe that the President should be selected from amongst a list of candidates with minimal political affiliations (none whatsoever is preferred). He has to be educated, non-corrupt and respected. Something like a former chief justice, prominent economist, respected journalist or social worker. He should take an impartial stand on matters of policy.

  40. Now the woman is Seeing Visions as well.

    India’s first lady President may also be India’s First Hallucinator?

  41. Excellent idea! Just imagine… a 60-ft cut-out of the Indian president outside the UN in NY while he addresses the Assembly inside with his sunglasses on. Oh my… I would look fwd to seeing the day!

  42. Your post raises several key issues, and i just hope that the numerous readers who visit your site, see above the humor and understand the real problems. Politicians sure are obligated to listen to the people who elected them. But in a country where Govinda can become a MP rep of a suburb of the “economic capital of the country”, i am inclined to believe that the people themselves have lost their power of thought. India is critically regionalised owing to its ‘rich diversity’, which is one reason why i think we’ll never be as good as USA or China, cause we’re all just not the same. Kolkatta cricket fans booing Dravid, a man who would walk on nails for his country, is testament to that fact.

    Secondly, about Rajnikanth. He’s a star for sure. Is he an entertainer? Yes. A good actor? Definitely NOT. A streaker at Wimbledon is an entertainer too, but you would call him an awesome actor, would you now? Silly movies, idiotic/childish mannerisms comprises Rajnikanth. I dont blame him for his status. Its the people again. Maybe i’ve been brought up on Sean Connery,Leo D and Martin Scorsese movies, so my definition of acting is slightly different. Yet, stupidity on screen surely cant be called true acting, can it. In my humble opinion, its about time that the people saw Anupam Kher,Naseerudin Shah and Tabu as true geniuses in their profession.

  43. 1. I agree that the post of the President has become a political battle. However, remember there is no provision in the Constitution that mandates that the President should be apolitical. Even Rajendra Prasad was a political man. The provisio is that once elected, he/she should act impartially, very much like the Speaker of the House. So I find this breast beating about the politicization of the post rather amusing and definitely a few decades too late.

    2. The President is a figurehead with no real powers. And considering that there is unlikely to be a constitutional emergency that will require him/her to assume executive powers, the post remains an unimportant one.

    3. Assuming that a political crisis does take place and the President has to take charge, I’d rather that a seasoned politician with administrative capabilities do so rather than a wishy washy, feel-good, amiable, ineffective scientist like Kalam who thought sending back a bill (office of profit) was the “most difficult decision” of his tenure.

    4. None of the above comments are meant to excuse the appalling choice of Pratibha Patil for the post. At the very least the President has to have a distinguished track record of public life and service. That at least Kalam had, whatever be his other failings. But Pratibha Patil is soon going to join the list of such “illustrious” (read infamous) predecessors like Zail Singh and Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, whose only assets were their subservience to their political party or as a regional/religious/casteist/gender card to be played in the political game.

  44. Mrinal Mukherjee June 27, 2007 — 9:32 am

    Good reasoning Rohit!! I mirror your views.

  45. @Rohit

    you have been brought up on Sean Connery but still dont think Rajni can act?
    Rajni fans have been brought up on Sivaji Ganesan and Kamal Hasan and think Rajni can act. He just chooses not to.

    Sivaji for President.

  46. The President is a figurehead with no real powers.
    Give the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces more due , dude!

    a wishy washy, feel-good, amiable, ineffective scientist like Kalam who thought sending back a bill (office of profit) was the “most difficult decision” of his tenure.

    considering the kind of media backing Sonia has and powerful people like Somnath Chatterjee involved, this was in fact a very difficult and “politically incorrect” decision that he made. Even if symbolic, it told us something about this man who stood up to the powerful political class.

    “ineffective scientist” ? Where did that come from?

  47. @ Sarat

    Its precisely because i think that Connery can act, that i said Rajni cant. If you’ve seen any of Connery/Scorsese’s movies (and analysed their acting/directorial skill) you’ll see that they bring a certain class to their roles. People you spoke about watch his movies cause he’s an entertainer. Period. Tabu for instance isnt an entertainer per say. But boy Bollywood will tell you she can act.

    And let me reiterate. I dont dislike Rajni for who he is. I dislike the people for making him who he is today. Cause, i feel, that going by his on-screen performances, he’s plain atrocious.

  48. @ Rohit. Duuuuuuuude- you so missed the point about Rajini!!!

  49. @Shan – APJ was not merely a scientist. He was leading the missile program at DRDO, a position that required substantial managerial skills. I agree with you to the effect that while selecting a presidential candidate administrative/managerial acumen in him/her is definitely required.

    @Rohit – Are you talking about Sean Connery the first 007? Dude, he had awesome screen presence with a super-hero aura and everything, but I won’t cite him as an example when it comes to supreme acting skills. Maybe I have missed some of his good movies. Can you name them for me please. I think mentioning Pacino, Brando or Sean Penn would have been more appropriate in this sense.

  50. @ ‘anonymous’

    I got the point that greatbong as well as sarat were tryin to make. But i added my own perspective to all that. One that makes sense to me.


    Pal maybe you ought to see ‘the untouchables’ and ‘a bridge too far’….They’ll tell you just how good an actor he was. I agree with you though, that Al Pac and Brando too are part of that elite list.

  51. @ ‘Rohit’
    sarcasm is not your forte, i see. i’ll write this slowly. *NO-one* attributes *any* skills to the said perpetrator. so quit saying the same thing over and again.

  52. @ anonymous

    Well you, my friend, seemed to have missed the crux of my argument. You say “*NO-one* attributes *any* skills to the said perpetrator”….Well, the people/his fans certainly do. If they dont, i wonder why they worship him so much…..You dont think they worship him for his bald plate, do you now?

  53. @Rohit: No, people do not worship Rajnikant for his acting skills (or the lack of it). They worship him for articulating what they would love to express – a desire to defeat the powerful hoodlums and corrupt netas who make the lives of common people fairly miserable. For a couple of hours Rajni allows them to believe that this can actually happen. Escapism? Well, it’s better than never being able to escape a sordid reality.

    Incidentally, that’s the same reason why Amitabh (in his angry young man persona), Sunny Deol or even Prabhuji (in his non-Mrigaya performances) are so popular. And not Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Tabu, or other great actors, who mirror reality and do not provide an escape from it.

    Dude, why bring Sean Connery into it? He became famous because of the James Bond movies – which allowed the Brits to believe that they still controlled the fate and fortune in a Post WW-2 world. It is just incidental that he is a great actor who was great in a lot of movies that were never as popular as the JB crap. Escapism isn’t only an Indian phenomena, is it?

  54. Post Colonial Child June 28, 2007 — 8:52 am

    You Convinced me!

  55. Oh, btw, Rajini’s UN address (with sunglasses on, of course) –

    UN Indhiavai Security Council lle serkhale aanaal apozhudhu naan solradhai khayl, “kanna panninga dhaan kootama varum, singam single-a dhaan varum!!”

  56. @sayon
    have you seen a Rajni movie?

    I thought his philanthropy and his regard for old friends were a huge factor for his fans.

    Points to ponder – Why does not Pratibha Patil have a ‘disproportionate assets’ case against her? Only a ‘murderer-of-a-brother’ and that piddly matter of 17.5 crores of bad debts racked up against her name– this here BJP is just not trying hard enough!

  57. “The people of India don’t elect the President, it is the elected representatives who elect him” – Could someone kindly remind him, that ‘elected representatives’ are elected by the people of India. The sad truth is, that come next elections, most people will forget this, and elect him again 😦 .

  58. Sriram Venkitachalam June 30, 2007 — 7:02 pm

    Wow. Whatta post! Rajni for president, and suddenly eality wud get too close to a Shankar film. Rajni for President! Now why isn’t the Congress as bright as Arnab? BTW, 3 states could claim pride from Rajni taking the chair, Maharashtra, Karnataka (birth place) and TN!

  59. Great post, like most of the other posts. I love the idea of Rajini flip(ing) his glasses around, raise(ing) his finger and wag(ging) it in the General’s face!

    It seems that the SC has dismissed the petition challenging the nomination of Patil, so I guess divine intervention will indeed work in her case, only the divinity is the most powerful woman in today’s India.

    Kalam has indeed been the most popular President India has had, and he has successfully motivated thousands of youth in the country with his book, lectures, and visions of the future. However, I am not sure how effective he was as in functioning as the President… and returning the Office-of-Profit Bill (the reason why I think he is being denied a second term) appears to be the only achievement in his duties as the President. Contrast this with the late KR Narayanan, who I think was probably the best President India has had.
    I had discussed this (in the context of the return of the office of profit bill) in my rather defunct blog a year ago… I know this is a very unpopular view, but I’ll stay play with fire…

  60. This is uncanny. I came up with a similarly tough person as you did. Only mine’s tougher. But not an Indian, alas.

  61. Cool Post… Rajni’s a great idea! But guys, I want the ‘stuff’ Tai is on!

  62. i think this is not matter that our president should be man or women.this is depend only talent as well as present time womens is equal of the men in many working condition.more education also is not matter but president or any politicion do the work in right way whether he/she.and do develop the country.

  63. Where the heck did you learn tamil? I really enjoyed this post.

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