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[This very long blogpost is a transcript of an interview with the great director Kanti Shah, director of the legendary Mithun-da movie “Gunda”. And yes this interview is a work of fiction: it has no resemblance to any person—living or dead or seriously sick. I also have no connection with Kanti Shah or the production house of Gunda. ]

“There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have seen “Gunda”. And those who shall see it.” ——Roger Abhert

Interviewer: Let’s get right to that age-old question fans and critics ask the moment they step out of the theatres—why? What made you make Gunda?

KS: The mid 90s were marked by great intellectual ferment and socio-political change in India. With unbridled economic liberalisation strengthening the unholy cabal of politicians and moneyed ruffians (I refer to this in Gunda as “aaj gundagiri aur netagiri dono eki baap ke do harami aulaad hain) , the nation witnessed fundamental transformations —a fact that was being systematically overlooked by popular escapist entertainment which minted money through vacuous NRI romances, forgetting its solemn duty to be the mirror of its times.

In 1997, I sought to make a statement through “Loha” where I tried to weld together the pernicious effects on the fabric of India of the new media (Inspector Kale, the evil policeman whenever he is asked to counter crime says “Main jayoon, Zee TV dekhne?”), caste (“driver ki ladki itni sexy!“), the fondling of a man’s bottom by another man (“mawali log tujhe chikna chikna bolke tere peechwar-e pe haath pherte the“) and existential angst (“Abh main bin petrol ki gari aur bin nashe ke tari hoon, main woh phateli sari hoon jo ek hijra bhi naheen pahenegi” ). However, because of the demands of the producer we had to put in a totally unrelated Govinda- Monisha romance angle that destroyed the celluloid mosaic I had intended “Loha” to be. Taking the lesson that even moderately big budgets require you to sell your artistic soul, I decided to make Gunda (derived from the German “Gund” meaning war and which some etymologists claim has been formed by the insertion of the word “Lund” into the word “Gaand” making it “G+ und”) by myself on a shoe-string budget, determined not to compromise my creativity in any manner.

Interviewer: Certain critics consider Gunda to represent the very worst of everything Bollywood has to offer. A done-to-death revenge plot, gratuitous violence especially towards women, shocking language and over-the-top acting. How do you react to that criticism?

KS: These critics are unfortunately literalists. And while they applaud the surreal appeal of Fellini’s La Strada, they are unwilling to put away their neorealist sensibilities while evaluating Gunda. My movie, intentionally confined by the grammar of popular cinema so as to make the message accessible to the hoi polloi, is actually an allegory where each villain represents something larger than just himself. More specifically, each villain here is a metaphor for the challenges facing India in the 90s.

Let me explain.

First there is Bulla, the main evil man. His motto is “Mera naam hain Bulla, rakhta hoon main khullaaaaaa“. While the literalists interpret this as a declaration that this man does not wear underwear, most right-thinking viewers will immediately realize that Bulla represents the “open” economy—that instrument of the capitalist West to suck out the life blood from the unwashed masses. Yes Bulla’s malignancy represents the depredations wrought by the “khullam-khulla capitalist system” with its removal of protection for farmers and small industries: in short the principal villain of the 90s.

Next there is Chutiya, Bulla’s hermaphrodite brother who is kept alive through a steady supply of “London se sex ki goliyan” in the hope that he becomes a “mard” or man. Chutiya represents the confused generation of the 90s, neutered morally at birth and slowly converted into a perverted abomination by the erotic media images from MTV and Channel V (the sex ki goliyan).

Then there is Pote—jo aapne baap ki bhi naheen hote. He represents those who revel in wanton violence ; whose raison d’etre for living is in inflicting pain and suffering—-kind of like those who took the lead during the Babri Masjid riots and later in Gujrat. And their life philosophy is articulated by Pote when he declares, with barely controlled glee that: “Hum aise lashein bicha denge jaise kisi nanhen munhen bacche ke nunhi se pesaab tapakta hain…tap tap“. When the sound of dead bodies falling on the ground resonates like the pitter-patter of an innocent baby’s urine striking the cobble stones—you know that the country is in trouble.

The 90s were marked by greedy industrialists, servants of pure avarice, who made common men kneel down and suck their bananas while they aggrandized themselves. This class is crystallized in the character of Ibu Hatela whose patented introduction is “Mera naam Ibu Hatela, Ma meri chudail ki beti, baap mera shaitan ka chela, khayega kela?” Their natural proclivity to go through the backdoor of the economic system is expressed through Ibu Hatela’s repeated use of lines like “Hum uske pantloon pharenge. Woh bhi peeche se

And of course the law, as represented by Inspector Kale ,(a bit of Quentin-ish self-reference here as the cop in Loha also had the same name) had by the 90s become an extension of the criminal system. This is conveyed, without pulling any punches, in the scene where an honest policeman (the hero’s father) accuses Kale of being hand-in-glove with the criminals through the poetic denouncement: “Lagta haain Bulla ka thukh chata hain tumhe, peshaab piya hain uska“. Licking spit and drinking urine. Verily that was the law then.

Finally the Delhi politician “kafan chor neta” (Dilli se billi ka dudh peeke aaya hain) and Bacchu Bagona represent the cancerous Indian political leadership where friendships based on mutual benefit (teri biwi uske paas aur uske biwi tera paas soti thi) and not ideology are quickly transformed into enmity based on the shifting alliances of the criminals that control the politicians and are in turn provided protection by these lumpen administrative elements (as Chutiya says: “Yeh jo kaala genda hain na iske saath jhagra mat kijiye. Kyon ke kanoon aur humare beech Yeh ek saafed chadar hain. Iske saath jhagra karenge na to kapde dhulenge bharatiyon addon pe”)

Having created these personifications of India’s problems, I also created as their dramatic adversary (Main hoon jurm se nafrat karne waala, shareefon ke liye jyoti, goondon ke liye jwaala) the character of Shankar, (played by Prabhuji Mithun Chakraborty) a coolie in a airport . He represents the typical hard-working Indian man forced to balance time between an overweight girl friend, an even fatter sister, an overacting father, alcoholic friends and a pet monkey who can drive a car. It is Shankar and his family that is crushed underneath the “system” of the 90s—a system that Shankar rises against through the inspirational “Do chaar chaaye aat dus. Bus” reciting of even numbers and concomitant retributory cleansing violence.

Thus being a depiction of the eternal conflict between good and evil with each character being an anthropomorphization of historical forces, Gunda transcends all cinematic formulae. Even after this if people want to call Gunda trite, well all I can say, paraphrasing a line from Loha, that their intellects “kisi garbabhati billi ki latakti hui pet ki tarah latak raha hain

Interviewer: Kind of like a Mahabharata of the times.

KS: Exactly. And like Mahabharata, Gunda is not just about conflict. I will go so far as to say that the conflict is secondary to the human drama. In the best traditions of a Greek tragedy, noone comes unscathed from the Gunda experience. While ostensibly the story of a man who loses his father, sister and wife to the evils of society, it is also the cautionary tale of an evil man (Bulla) who swept away in a malestorm of revenge and violence (as he once tells Shankar: “Tujhe jalta bhunta dekhkar hum is tarah khush hote hain jis tarah koi shaitani-type ke bacchen aapne guriya ke haath payer todkar talee marte hainnnnnnn”) is consumed by the flames of his own rage.

He first sees his darling sister made “lamba” by arch-rival Lambu Atta following which Bulla laments, in an epic scene, “Munni meri behen munni, munni meri behen munni, to tu mar gyee? Lambu ne tujhe lamba kar diya? Maachis ki tili ko khamba kar diya?“. And then the pain he experiences everyday in seeing his mentally challenged younger brother trying to become a “mard” is gut-wrenching. Bulla feeds him sex pills from London and like a kind elder brother provides him girls to rape (and I should add, Chutiya doesnt even know it’s a crime to forcibly fornicate as he keeps asking Bullah: “Bhaiyya bhaiyya, rape karna kya buree baat hain?“). Till one day Chutiya emerges a man —an occasion he marks by disco-dancing with eunuchs to the tune of “Haye haye mere bhai jawaan ho gya, toota hua teer kaman ho gya“. And yet just when “tere tube main light aaya tha” , Shankar despatches Chutiya to his maker (as Bulla says: “tera fuse uda diya”) by cutting off his organ. (Incidentally that castration scene was tough to picturize—-many crew members got reacquainted with last night’s dinner !). What tragedy!

Does Gunda’s scope end here? No sir. The canvass is even larger. Sin and redemption. Shankar risks his life for sworn enemy Bulla’s illegitimate daughter (“Haseena ka paseena”). But forgiveness is not for all. At the opposite end, arch-criminal Lambu Atta, asks in vain for mercy from Bulla once he realizes that he is surrounded by Bulla’s deadly assassins.

Bulla. mere ko mat maar. Mere ko aapna bhadwa bana de. Main ladkiyan supply karte rahoonga aur tu maaze lete rahena. Tere ko AIDS se bachane ke liye nirodh ban jayoonga. Towel baanke tere kamad se lapak jayoonga. Mere ko mat maar. Aur agar maarna hi hain to mujhe cheel-chaal ke chakka bana de. Main sari lapet kar tere liye dance karoonga…Gore gore gaal gaal gore gore..

And no. Even this offer of slavery cannot save Lambu Atta who gets his “maut ka chata”.

Interviewer: One of the persistent criticisms of “Gunda” made by feminists and even by some masculinists is that Gunda is a monument to misogyny and chauvinism. They have taken umbrage to the lines :” Roti hote hain khane ke liye aur boti hote hain chabane ke liye, badhsha ki behen ho, ya fakeer ki beti, har kisi ko aana parta marad ke niche bajane ke liye citi” and “Chatri hotee hain kholne ke liye, chadar hotee hain orne ke liye aur ladki hotee hain cherne ke liye” as being medieval and repugnant. Comments.

KS: There it is again: the trap of literalism. In “Gunda” women represent purity and honesty and what I show is the violation of that. Simple. I never want to titillate, I can assure you. In fact where Bulla encounters Shankar’s wife, they talk in perfect rhyme to each other—which attests to the fact that my intention is to be poetic, rather than vulgar.

KS: Now here’s my question to you, the interviewer. As a fan yourself, what is your favourite Gunda moment?

Interviewer: Tables turned. Haha. Well there is a scene in which super-pimp Lucky Chikna screams at a sex-worker who is doing “liptam chipti chipkam lipti” with a guy instead of servicing her client. When she protests that “Woh buddha kuch karta naheen hain. Sirf bolta hain choos choos meri ungli choos“, Lucky Chikna delivers the line:”Dhande pe baithi hain to buddha kya, jawan kya, kya chotha kya bara, kya baitha kya khara“. There is any austere beauty in this scene I have never been quiet able to fathom.

Interviewer: Now back to the questions. What do you think is the legacy of Gunda?

KS: Gunda is on IMDB at 8.6. It is uniformly accepted as a masterpiece. It holds the world record for being screened in almost all men’s hostels in India. Often in a loop. There is are orkut communities for it. There is even a fan site. It is now a popular baby-name. There is a city in the republic of Buryatia named after the movie. A Gunda-themed apparel line exists. There is “Gunda pickle” which on consumption makes you scream like Lambu Atta after he sees his chikna bhai Kundan murdered. An Aussie band has named themselves Gunda Guys to honor their love for the classics. The Zulus have named a “cottol reel car” Gunda Gunda.

Gunda dialogues have passed into popular lingo. “Tere behen ko kar doonga khullam khullah” is an accepted form of greeting between men in college campuses in India. The idea of Lucky Chikna’s sex garden (“latakta circus”) where people fornicated on hanging khatiyas has been adopted by discerning brothels all over the world. Many children born accidentally due to defective contraceptives are being named “Nirodh Kumar” in many parts of India, in honour of a character of the same name in “Gunda”.

Interviewer: Lastly, there are so many questions over which fans have agonized over the years. Why does the hero’s father’s moustache disappear and reappear between scenes? Why does the Mithun-da character, a coolie, have a cellphone in the mid 90s? And also a rocket-launcher? Why does 70% of the movie take place on a tarmac? Is the relationship between Bulla and Lambu Atta homoerotic (as Lambu says: Bulla ke naam leke tune khara kar diya hain mera) ?Why did Chutiya think that the bathroom is the only place Shankar will not look for him? Are the Ambassadors in the movie remote-controlled?Why is the Vidhan Sabha and the High Court the same building?Why…

KS: (interrupting). Yes I know. Some true fans have tried to find the solution to these questions through the Gunda FAQ. All I can say is that I was greatly influenced by Dadaism, a movement of the early 1900s whose principle was the conscious rejection of logic, rationality and conventional aesthetics. Actually the name Bulla is a tribute to Bulldada which means something that is “brilliant specially because it does not know its own stupidity”, with Bulldada itself a term born out of the Dadaist philosophy. In short, with such influences,trying to find total coherence in Gunda is ultimately a self-defeating experience.

Interviewer: Any final words to the fans?

KS: Thank you for the love and support. And watch Gunda. Again and again. There has never been a movie like this before. Trust me. There never will be one like this again.

[Acknowledgements: Gunda movie online, and the orkut Gunda community and its active members for the inspiration]

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    errrr Bhagwaan

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  87. I hav seen that movie some 7 times have 2 original VCD copies.. got it from a shop in palika bazaar thats the only shop which deals in this movie.
    The facts written in the review is well covered.. though i have seen it many time but reading this review literally made me roll on floor
    I want a monkey 😦

  88. Co-incidently [or there was a subtle hint of sorts] bulla in Telugu refers to phallus! (those who know Telugu please debunk/verify)
    So the pauses in the dialogue should be at the right places
    Mera naam hoon …. …. … Bulla rukhta hoon khulla

  89. Thought I was going to leave a real informative email informing everyone about watching the movie Gunda online at

    Noticed that a similar link was posted towards the end of the email. To all GreatBong readers, I invite you to – India’s premier movie portal. Just search for your favorite movie, actor or actress and VOILA…..

    My only request from you would be to find out where I can get the best Basketball in India. Please create a post on this, so that I can get some feedback.

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  90. Thank you sire!!! for enlightening me with this gem of a movie…..Hail prabhuji!!! hail Kanti Shah!!! People are fighting for Eklavya/Dharm to be sent to the oscars….in my opinion Gunda should be sent every year n we will win every year unless Kanti doesnt impress us with another sequel!!!!

  91. Awesome man, i dont think the director would have thought that he is creating a masterpeice Bravoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. This is one of the hilarious post that I have ever read. I had been laughing like a mad man all the time at my office while I was reading this. I have been worshiping Kantishah for more than a year now and I am going to add your name in that list.
    Rakhta hoon khulla==Open Economy hahahhahaha
    now you are going to pay for the medicine for my stomach-ache 😀

  93. great work…..its true that any movie of this sort won’t happen ever again.

  94. Nafeez se panga lena matlab apni mot ko dawat dena.. January 15, 2008 — 6:26 pm

    see my name..!!! kitna attached hogaya hu is film se..searching for CD also..shopkeepers bhaga dete hai GUNDA picture ka nam sunke..KOI HAI JO MUJHEY IS FILM KI CD BHEJDENE WALA..!!!! hehehe..but really guys mithun rocks alwayz as in his style..he is the bruslee ka chooslee for us..

  95. awesome review. the movie is a cult. i have uploaded the movie for everyone’s benefit. it is a movie we should revise regularly.

  96. look…i always beleived in GUNDA and Gunda like movies..they have deep philosophies..moreover, they train u for the torcherous world..ahead..its a kind of immune shot…u’ll be calm even your neibhours pisses on your door…OR..even if your boss in the office pisses on your head, everyday..u’ll be composed….thanks to Kanti shah and the kins…..

  97. ………Mind Blowing movie…………
    i hv never seen such a movie which has such
    a great DIALOUGES. Like “lambu aata ne tujhe lamba kar diya, machis ki teeli se khamba kar diya”.
    I hope from Kanti Shah to
    make some more films like GUNDA.
    But its really very disappointing that its rating on IMDB
    has fallen by 26%.

  98. Aare Bhai,,, ur really brilliant //// why r u wasting ur talent here…. bollywood need people like u … what u have written can easily earn you good bugs. … why r u wasting over here freely … nothing comes free …. we can easily make parody for Gunda ,,, can mint gold …. what do u say >>>

  99. There is one thing I really cannot figure out – maybe there is a really simple explanation for this. Why is it that in this movie (as in several other Hindi movies) all the world’s vegetable and fruit sellers land up with their thelas just when a streetfight between toughs is about to erupt?

  100. Unfortunately I missed this movie when it was released as it came about a decade too late. Had it been during our college days we would have never missed it .. particularly it being a Mithunda starrer. We used to wathc all his movies. But it is never too late to catch up with a classic like.
    This review is as good as the movie itself ….. Hats off man!
    Recently NDTV had covered this on their program “picture this”. It was a great tribute to the great artists. So we should not only talk of Sholaay or Dil Chahata Hai as cults …. Thiere is a Gunda that needs to be watched and understood……
    So let’s make an effort to push up the rating once again

  101. if you haven’t seen gunda you are missing a great piece of ideology of chutiyapa from your also introduces new bollywood masala “the total bakchodi”.pants off to you

  102. Add me to the list of Gunda fans…………………

    The first thing I am going to do, once I am out of office is to watch Gunda………..

    Surely there was nothing close to Gunda, there will never be any……

  103. GreatBong,
    You’re one of the best writers I’ve read–certainly the most hilarious. Having read many of the pieces here, I’d count this one as the best. Makes me laugh just about whenever I read it.

    About Gunda, enough said. The movie has become a cult-classic, and its place in Indian cinematic history is assured.

    Thanks and all the best,

  104. Finally got a chance to watch this great movie. My entire view towards the Indian Film Industry has changed after watching this.

    Thanks to this blog, I got a chance to view this masterpiece

  105. thanks for yu your good WEB

  106. I’m in UK far away from my motherland n all of a sudden from nowhere this thing comes in front of me. Totally unaware of wat it is… I watched n it traumatized me….
    I am still laughin my ass out after rememberin it

  107. wah! wah!
    kya vichaar hain !!!!
    cult film ka cult review!

  108. Truly Gold Standard comment. Felt the need to share it

    Author: Neeraj Sane from India

    It is a cinematic masterpiece which has reached the annals of Indian cinema through it’s anals.

    Let it be said at the outset that the true star of this movie is the scriptwriter. The dialogs have to be heard and understood to be believed. Gunda effortlessly picks up every Z-Grade (Not like the security) Hindi movie cliché, adds its own brand of shine and chucks the resulting shitty lump of Goompah square in your face with an ease and aplomb that would win it an Olympic Gold under….well…contrived circumstances.

    Evocative stools-inducing dialogue like “Main Roz Husn Ki Peti Khol Ke Hawas Ki Seeti Bajata Hoon” will have you reaching for the nearest bottle of Isabgol (or Himesh CD…depending on your digestive makeup).

  109. Not sure if you’ve seen this. came across, not a great fan of either but I do get a kick once in a while . . .

  110. Dope for you via India Uncut, Kanti Shah making a movie on the Shiney Ahuja case

  111. what a magnum opus this movie was and one step ahead its review hats off to u boss!!!

  112. nice… !! man ur famous now

  113. awesome!!… luvd every word of it…. fantastic review for a fantastic film!!

  114. KS Pls make a sequel and title it “The Retun of the Revenge of the Gunda – The Part 2”

  115. simply great…. a masterpiece review.

  116. Well, nice post I must say.

    There is one problem though. The line “He represents those who revel in wanton violence ; whose raison d’etre for living is in inflicting pain and suffering”

    Raison d’etre in itself means “”reason for being”. So there is no need to write ‘raison d’etre for living’ since it doesn’t make sense. It’s like writing ‘reason for living for living’ since ‘d’etre’ means to be/for living. 🙂

  117. Oh my god..
    this is hilarious
    I saw Gunda two weeks ago, and can’t get over the film.
    the dialogues keep coming back to me..

  118. A truly remarkable blog…Gunda was a legendary movie..But its a pity that u had to justify the dialogues. But some people would need it..
    In all , truly hilarious post!

  119. Sholay ka baap Gunda!! September 23, 2010 — 10:25 am

    ‘Shaan’ ka baap ‘Loha’

    James Cameron ka baap Kanti Shah

    Dilip Kumar ka baap Lambu Aata(Mera bhai mar gaya re bhai!!!)

    Himmesh Reshammiya ka baap Bullaaa(Unlimited supply of autorikshas)

    Bachu Bhigona ka baap Inspector Kale(he arranged for equal or more # of Ambassadors being an Inspector, than those in the politicians convoy)

    Salim aur Javed ka baap Bashir Babar

    King Kong ka baap Rinku

    “Moochein ho toh Arun Mathur jaisi”(for the Mr.India style moustache which disappears and reappears without prior notice)

    Sab ka baap HastMithun Chakraborty for doing nothing much in the movie and taking away all the credit, being the lead!!

    “Gunda is a movie for the classes
    and not the masses”—Shayank Mekhar

  120. Sholay ka baap Gunda!! September 23, 2010 — 10:52 am

    All said and done, excellent writeup Greatbong! Kudos to you!

  121. Sholay ka baap Gunda!!(Pending introductions!) October 5, 2010 — 11:58 pm

    Some charachters in Gunda directly introduced themselves, while some were introduced indirectly.
    Now for some pending introductions(in a Random manner, true to the blog’s title. LOL):

    Mera naam hai Kafanchor Neta,
    Main billi ka doodh peekar supari hoon deta

    Mera naam hai Kundan,
    Jo dhandewali London le jakar mujhe lagaayegi Chandan,
    usi se hoga mera bandhan

    Mera naam hain Munni,
    mujhe chedne waale ki Bulla kaat ke rakh dega nunni!

    Mera naam hai Bachchu Bhigona
    aur mera kaam hai Bulla, Chutiya, Pot aur Ibu ki chaddi dhona!
    (he says ‘chaddi dhoyega’ in Loha too, remember?!)

    Mera naam hai Geeta,
    mera bhaiyya Shankar tumhaara sadaa hua tiger nahin hai,
    woh toh Cheeta hai Cheeta!

    Mera naam hai Ganga,
    mujhe chookar jo lafanga karega danga,
    Shankar use kar dega nanga!

    Mera naam hai Gulshan Rana,
    kaam mera kamsin haseenaon ko patana,
    unke saath sona nahin,
    unhe doosron ke saath sulaana litana.

    Mera naam hai Lucky Chikna,
    Mere Latakte Circus mein mushkil hai haseenaon ki seal ka tikna!

    Mera naam hai Ram Singh(Shankar’s father)
    Moochen ho toh mere jaisi!
    without notice appearing or disappearing!

    Hum hai Inspector Kale,
    Bulla ka thook chaatkar uska peshaab peenewale!

    Main hoon Shanti chachi
    aur sirf main jaanti hoon, Haseena ka paseena hai Bulla ki bachchi!

    Mera naam hai Nirodh Kumar,
    number ghumao 89 jab chadh jaaye Sex ka bukhaar,

    Mera naam hai Haseena,
    Choom ke mera seena,
    Bulla day-night nikalta hai mera paseena.

    Mera naam hai Kala Shetty,
    jo Bulla baai se panga lega,
    apun uska kar daalega chutti.

    Main Naata,
    Pahaadon par le jaakar ladkiyon ko sataata!

    Mera naam hai Kaala Pahaad,
    Shankar ne Barsaa di mujhpar maut ki dahaad!

  122. Sholay ka baap Gunda(Pending Introductions!)!! October 6, 2010 — 12:22 am

    Some characters in Gunda directly introduced themselves, while some were introduced indirectly.
    Now for some pending introductions(in Random order, true to the blog’s title. LOL):
    p.s.: All this is meant in good humour. I do not advocate criminal and unethical acts.

    Mera naam hai Kafanchor Neta,
    Main billi ka doodh peekar supari hoon deta

    Mera naam hai Kundan,
    jo dhandewali London le jaakar mujhe lagaayegi Chandan,
    usi se hoga mera bandhan!

    Mera naam hain spare parts-Munni(face, tangen, aankhen borrowed from Bollywood)
    mujhe chedne waale ki Bulla kaat ke rakh dega nunni!

    Mera naam hai Bachchu Bhigona
    aur mera kaam hai Bulla, Chutiya, Pote aur Ibu ki chaddi dhona!
    (he says ‘chaddi dhoyega’ in Loha too, remember?!)

    Mera naam hai Kala Shetty,
    jo Bulla baai se panga lega,
    apun uska kar daalega chutti.

    Mera naam hai Kala Pahaad,
    Shankar ne Barsaa di mujhpar maut ki dahaad!

    Mera naam hai Geeta,
    mera bhaiyya Shankar tumhaara sadaa hua tiger nahin hai,
    woh toh Cheeta hai Cheeta!

    Mera naam hai Ganga,
    mujhe chookar jo lafanga karega danga,
    Shankar usey kar dega nanga!

    Main Naata,
    Pahaadon par le jaakar ladkiyon ko sataata!

    Mera naam hai Gulshan Rana,
    kaam mera kamsin haseenaon ko patana,
    unke saath sona nahin,
    unhe doosron ke saath sulaana litana.

    Mera naam hai Lucky Chikna,
    Mere Latakte Circus mein mushkil hai haseenaon ki seal ka tikna!

    Mera naam hai Ram Singh(Shankar’s father)
    Moochen ho toh mere jaisi!
    without notice appearing or disappearing!

    Hum hai Inspector Kale,
    Bulla ka thook chaatkar uska peshaab peenewale!

    Main hoon Shanti chachi
    aur sirf main jaanti hoon, Haseena ka paseena hai Bulla ki bachchi!

    Mera naam hai Nirodh Kumar,
    number ghumao 89 jab chadh jaaye Sex ka bukhaar!

    Gunda is a movie I never made.

    ‘Gunda’-A Celluloid Dream Come True!

  123. Sholay ka baap Gunda(quotes)!! October 8, 2010 — 8:47 am

    A few quotes on the cult-classic,

    You watch a good movie, you watch a better movie, you watch the best movie and then you watch ‘Gunda’.

    Only one movie was made in the history of mankind. All others were mere attempts.

    There are two kinds of movies in the world. ‘Gunda’ and others.

    Make any of these your signature on the public forums you frequent and spread the word about this cinematic masterpiece.

    –A hardcore ‘Gunda’ fan.

  124. The review is as Epic as the movie
    Cheers Gunda pickles

  125. This blog is one of the biggest reasons (the other being that FAQ) for me loving and appreciating Gunda as much as I do. Here’s my attempt to pay tribute to the movie and capture all the small things which make this movie great. I’ve named it The Complete Gunda Experience

  126. :O..ROFL!..”CULT” tummy is hurting from laughing so dam much!

  127. Greatbong you seriously rule man.I mean Prabhuji, Kanti Shahand the rest should pay you royalty to you big time. Keep up the great work going.
    Meanwhile request you guys to also read my humble tribute to the Kanti Shah Epic – Loha. Here is the link :

    And my tribute to the TLV Prasad – Prabhuji classic – Chandaal.Here is the link –
    Do have a look at these posts and let me know what r ur views on it?

    Aditya Savnal

  128. Have watched the movie several times, over and over again.. cannot control my laughter each and every time.. Seriously dude, one awesome blog about the movie.. Hats Off. Kanti Shah, what a film maker!

  129. I watched this on what was the UK Asian channel ATN, back in early 2000’s and thought it was killer.

    This Interview has vindicated my belief that it is one of South Asia’s, no, World Cinema’s, finest Celluloid Achievements. The multi-layered script, characterization and multiple levels of symbolism and metaphor are astonishing.

    Taaleeyaan, Taaleeyaan.

  130. More than I have watched Gunda I have read your write up. Everytime it’s equally awesome.

  131. Its 2014 and I am still here reading this interview..this is the legacy of GUNDA..

  132. Haha. ‘Gunda’ has to be one of the funniest movies ever made on this planet!

  133. Can’t believe its been now 10 years you have provided this awesome piece of annalysis on the great movie. A classic movie, an equally calssic review…

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