Teen Ek Teen Tana

Haye haye mera beta jawaan ho gya, toota hua teer kaman ho gya

On August 20, “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind”, the fruit of my fingers, turns three. And so I feel like a Dummy (dad + mummy) blogger, which is why we have the standard “proud parent” graphic below.

It has been an eventful year for RTDM, with it winning the IndiBlog of the Year 2006, a fact that caused much merriment in the Greatbong household with calls to all and sundry and conversations on the lines of “Yes mera beta came first this year. How did your blog-munna do? Not that good? Aww…koi baat naheen…(wicked grin)”. The jubilance was in sharp contrast to 2005 when my good-for-nothing blog came second, despite the best coaching and cramming classes money can buy. No doubt the repeated boxing of its ears, the 100 lines of writing “I shall come first in class” on the blackboard and the ritual humiliation, inflicted on it as sanctions for its “failure” to live up to it’s parent’s expectations, had its effect.

So why am I so obsessed with my little blog baby? Well simply because they contain the conquering words of a messiah. Before you call me a megalomaniac, here is an ad titled: The Messiah has returned that Google, based on a complicated top-secret algorithm for finding “contextual” ads, clonked right below my picture. And Google, I have come to realize, is never wrong. And if there was any doubt regarding that, it was dispelled when on another day, they put an ad titled Handsome Indian right below my picture, after extensive image analysis.

However for the sake of fairness, I also must mention two other contextual ads Google often serves, again based on my picture or perhaps my content, of a slightly disquieting nature.

Somehow Google feels that RTDM is the right place to peddle government specification bio-terrorism body bags and the popular “Everybody coffin” which promises flat storage and dignity in the midst of disaster, or as this description implies —the cheapest coffin possible for unclaimed corpses. Why any algorithm would associate engineered contagions and bargain-basement dead body disposal with the classy content on the blog and the full-of-life robust picture, right above the ad unit, is beyond me. Must be a glitch.

What was not a glitch however was Technorati recognizing “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind” as No 1 in the blog rankings for a brief period.

But enough about my three-year old. I don’t want to spoil him with too much attention.

Let’s talk about you. You, the regular RTDM reader.

What makes RTDM such an enriching experience for me (and this is not the first time I am saying this nor is it the last) are the conversations initiated in the comment-space and the friends I have gained along the way, friends with whom I share a demented quirk or two.

And so as part of the birthday celebrations, I dedicate a favorite song of mine which crystallizes in poetic purity my gratitude to all my readers.

It is a song from a little known classic called “Rock Dancer” . No it is not the suggestive “Liya liya re” (also sung by Han Solo in Star Wars to serenade Princess Leia) or the “Ek room ek light” (later theme music for “An Inconvenient Truth”)

The song is “You are my Cheeken Phry”, sung and composed by the great Bappi-da.

Please listen here, with speakers at full volume.


And keep coming back.

100 thoughts on “Teen Ek Teen Tana

  1. First comment !
    Congratulations on becoming three. I do not know if you are aware that there is now a community for Greatbong readers very recently started at orkut, the link of which is given below.
    People are invited to join.

  2. Congrats GreatBong!
    I simply adore your reviews of ‘classics’ like Gunda, Jaani Dushman etc.
    Keep that demented mind alive!

  3. Hey Arnab, i’ve been monitoring your blog for a while and i must say that i really look 4ward to reading whatever article you put up. We need more forums like these where i can discuss issues with sum1 i don’t know sitting in bangalore or kolkatta, analyse others perspectives etc.

    Also, your sense of humor is probably only second to this guy called Vetti at http://www.quirky-stuff.blogspot.com…..His blog is one that i think deserves a lot of credit from other Indian bloggers.

    I’d like to sincerely apologise for some of the rather rash insensitive comments i may have made. I’m probably still maturing wrt blogging,commenting n all.

    Nevertheless, keep it flowing. Cheers

  4. GB,

    Awesome blog …. good work keep on typing.

  5. With ‘Chicken Fry’ playing in the background.. I can only say ‘Goddamn you’ πŸ™‚ Another song thats not going to leave me.

    And congrats on turning 3, blog.

  6. Hail the GreatBong! Congratulations on completing 3 years! And yes, thanks for treating us all with chicekn fry and samosa on the birthday bash, it tastes really nice! πŸ˜‰

    It’s been a laugh riot and I look forward to seeing/listening/enjoying weirdest stuff from around the earth! πŸ™‚

  7. Hum bhi agar bachche hote… to you πŸ˜€

    Congrats on finishing 3 years as a blog parent… the vAnd while we are listening to the song, the video might have been way more entertaining πŸ˜‰

  8. Congratulations GB! Great going…

    This is a fabulous song – just imagining Manmohan wooing Karat (& Yechury) with a heart-felt rendering of β€œYou are my Cheeken (resp. Pheesh) Phry, don’t say bye-bye” makes my day.

    Best wishes.

  9. A very happy birthday to RTDM !!! Hope u continue with ur style of humor .

    I would like to take this opportunity to invite u to my blog, Arnabda. http://shuvo-caesar.blogspot.com

  10. GB,

    Many congratulations! Best wishes for next year indibloggies. Now ”munna badha ho gaya” and shall keep winning!

  11. GB..
    tum jiyo hazaroon saal……

    waiting for review of Cash, Chak De!, Marigold and many more…please watch these ASAP…
    also, now tat u’ve turned 3, i think it’s time you started planning for a protege, apprentice etc… πŸ˜€

  12. Curiously enough, I know the song. I have an eerie feeling I have seen the movie too. Greatbong, your reviews scare me. It seems I have watched most of the movies you happen to review. I must lead a very useless life.

    Congratulations on turning 3. I re-dedicate the song to RTDM.

  13. Once a year birthday party sarties are ok, but don’t spare the rod and spoil our good munna. Indiblog slogs are all right, but he can’t just settle for para awards. We are going global, na? Why don’t I see his name here? And why is his technorati rank down to 12541 again? We want the very best for our munna only. You must push him a little harder next year. (evil grin)

  14. Congratulations!

    The song is simply awesome :-D!

  15. Although being a regular reader, I have not been regularly commenting on this space, but today can’t go without it…!!!! Congratulations GB

  16. HI Arnabda… teen bochor hoye gelo eri modhdhe… aami prai goto 2.5 bochor follow korchi… congrats!! it really makes my day … asha korchi aaro bohor 30 ek to porte paabo.. i relly want to see how the next gen reacts to your posts especially on guruji..

  17. “the cheapest coffin possible for unclaimed corpses”, and you leave many around from the calamities of your film reviews. Happy killings, dude!

  18. Congrats..
    Hmm so kid is growing up but becoming naughty πŸ™‚


    If this does not express my regard for you, I don’t know what will!?!

  20. Happy Birthday to your blog!

  21. Congratulations on completing three years of blogging.
    Do keep it up.
    Baba and Ma

  22. Congratulations!

  23. Congrats on the completion of 3 years RTDM.

    Just letting you know that in this period there were many days where one post by you made my week. Thanks.

    Keep the blogs coming.

  24. congratulation ‘my masala dosa’!! πŸ™‚
    the one thing i love most abt RTDM are the ‘gem’ songs you add here and there. just beautiful. i grew up listening to these master pieces… everytime you mention a song and its significance in life, it just adds to the value.
    (btw, i went psycho when ‘sarkailo khatiya’ came up in Partner.)

  25. Congratulations Arnab! πŸ™‚

  26. AIB will keep coming back. Again and again and again.

    ‘I am a street dancer’ starts playing in the background

  27. That makes it more than two years since I have waited for your posts πŸ™‚ Great!! keep it up.

  28. Congrats Arnab!! Great bong on the rise!!! I wish u a great and prolific year ahead!

  29. Congratulations to RTDM fopr turning three….

    And thanks a lot for Rock Dancer !!…Oh and that other wonderful song ” Tera Saal, Chauda Saal, Pandrah Saal, Solah Saal, Solah Saal kuchh na kaha…Jab main satrah saal ki hui…………….Launda Badnaam Hua Laundiya tere liye….!!!”

  30. Mrinal Mukherjee August 20, 2007 — 9:21 am

    man..i wanna kill you for that song. i heard it in the morning as soon as i woke up and this song is just not leaving my head. you are evil.

    congrats and thanks nevertheless for maintaining this blog. Even though at times, Im not very much agreeing to your comments, but nevertheless, your blog is quite informative and entertaining.

    keep it coming.

  31. Yee-aahh! (mandatory pelvic thrust)

    Ei phensi, ek merechis ekhane, laas porheche sosaaney!
    Joy guru.


  32. congrats on ur child’s birthday…can somebody pls put bappi put of his misery?

  33. Congratulations and many happy returns of this day, Arnab!

  34. Congrats Arnab da! keep up the good work!

  35. Congratulations for turning 3!!

    You are doing a great job! Keep it up!

  36. Happy birthday to your blog!
    You have already achieved a minor celebrity status amongst blog readers if not a cult following; in last 3 years.

    We wish and hope that as you grow more and more popular, which surely you will, please always remain the greatbong that we all know. Mithun-loving, politically incorrect, bashing both left and right with equal zeal, and more importantly very witty.

    Happy everything!

  37. Way to go GB!!! Just rocks you been on three years but sadly, discovered your stuff only recently. But do plan to follow all your future stuff…

  38. Congratulations GB for maintaining such a high standard of analysis and humor over the past three years. Indibloggies or not, this munna whips the ass of all others in the blog-mohalla.

  39. Congrats Arnab, your blog makes a big difference to our online lives. Great job!

  40. Congrats!! Thanks for everything you are doing for Bengali community.

    Yours truly

  41. GB .. Sometimes your blogs are highly entertaining and sometimes boring. But, as a wannabe writer, what I do admire the most (even more than your sense of humor) is your consistency in writing. Kudos.

  42. Dear RTDM….Jonmodiner onek onek shubhokamona.

    Dear Arnab… Rock on, dude !!! Your wit, passion, clarity and knowledge on various issues is a veritable boon to your readers and a great service to Mother India.

    Best wishes,


  43. Congrats GB!!!

    Happy b’day to ur 3yr old baby blog :):) You rock!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Oh! Thnx for the lovely song as well πŸ˜‰

  44. Happy Birthday to you!

  45. happy b’day RTDM
    ur father and mother Arnabs have raised u to be a erudite, demented and funny 3 yr old…. all at the same time.

  46. Arnab,

    It is a symbiotic relationship. Just as you are motivated the comments of your readers, so are we enriched by the frequent doses of RTDM-ness.

    There is so much to your blog. The humour, the voice of conscience, the voice of the common NRI…if there is one thing that makes me come back for more, it is that I identify with your writing. My reading your blog is my way of saying “If I had the time and the talent to write like this, this is what I would be saying”.

    Thank you for keeping RTDM up these three years. I hope you keep it up.

  47. Great !!
    HappyBirthday RTDM
    Hope there are lots more to come…
    Lots of awards and comments to come…


  48. Many congratulations man. And Heartfelt thanks for the entertainment. I visit your blog several times a day.

  49. Ahhhhhhh…… Rock Dancer! πŸ™‚
    Ritu Shivpuri (in a ghastly white choli & miniskirt) and Kamal Sadanah (in a black shirt with mango patterns and yellow pants) with their eyes lavv-locked. The backdrop is of course one of those seedy “sea view cottage” type hotel on a cliff (that rules out Ooty!). Out pops Bhappi-da phrom nowhere, dressed like a Christmas Tree escorted a bevy of extras…. In a husky voice that would make Hilary Clinton go weak on her knees (old jungle saying on Bhappi da) he sings;
    You are mai cheeken phry
    You are mai phish phry
    Abhi na kehna Gudiye bye bye byee…

    The whole effect was so psychedelic… one of those songs that get your Yin and Yang, you know.

    There is another song from “Rock Dancer” worth of note;
    “Dance Party…. Dance Party…
    Masti Ka Zamana He
    {Chorus: Avooooo Oooooo….}

    The heroine, dozens of extras bursting at their seams AND SHAKTI KAPOOR in 80s-early 90s “disco gear”; i.e flora grey pedal pushers, leotards, shorts, stockings, caps, shades of every garish color possible, shaking their thang….

    And why do i remember this old old movie and it’s stars and it’s scenes so vividly?
    There was this pic of a gorgeous Sharon Prabhakar in a red silk shirt and (believe me!) an ancestor of the now ubiquitous thong doing the cat-pose…. By the way, in that pic she was singing into a mic that looked ummmm….. quite phallic. ‘Twas a promo pic of this movie in India Today, in that penultimate page where they still display those gratuitous glamor pics. For a 13 year old me, on a paltry diet of Patton Tanks like Jayamala and Jayabharati so far, seeing this pic was quite an ummmmm… “watershed” event.
    Oh my wasted youth…….. πŸ˜›

    PS: Happy birthday, RTDM. May you send a thousand generations of netizens into the twisted vortex of Camp/Kitsch/Mithun-dazed insanity.

  50. Well Happy anniversary and here’s to a long and fruitful blog career, with much income accruing from the random demented google ads showing up under your profile.

  51. Congrats GB!!
    Happy Birthday to RTDM!! Keep Inking and making our days and weeks.. πŸ™‚

    Warm Regards,

  52. Many belated happies, but what the hell, reading RTDM is a celebration every bloody day!! I hope and pray that nothing ever comes in the way of your profligacy on the keyboard when you sit down to compose yet another classic piece of dementia for us…

  53. congrats ‘daddy’.
    ps – great to see another baapi [as in bangla joining another baapi , as in nic for daddy in bangla] in the celebration.
    pss… pass me the maashtard sos!! feesh fraaee getting cold.

  54. eppy burthde!

    Why dont you have a poll where readers vote for their favourite post on the blog?

  55. Congratultions, Arnab
    A very very Happy Birthday to RTDM
    Your outrageously entertaining posts are not read but devoured

    best wishes

  56. Congrats on the b’day. May the darkness never end. :>

  57. Congrats GB!! Your writing never fails to amuse and provoke at the same time. Keep the guns blazing.

  58. Congratulations GB! Lagey Raho!

  59. Haha! … Music was too funny… Almost like a 3-year old’s birthday party!… Love your posts man!… Im hooked! πŸ™‚

    Blog on….! πŸ™‚

  60. Hey GB,

    “what was not a glitch however was Technorati recognizing”
    Er.. actually I think it was a glitch. It did the same with my blog too and I know there is no way it could be ranked 1. Did you click on the “top 100” link? If the ranking were not a glitch, you would’ve seen your blog on the list right?

    But on the other hand, you are always “Rank 1” to us, your fans πŸ™‚

  61. What a wonderful ‘Dummy’ post! Congrats on your li’l one turning three. πŸ™‚

  62. Congrats GB, we all are proud of you. Till now it has been a dream journey …Wish you all the best and keep posing.

  63. Congrats and Thanks Dummy!

  64. your kid has got an awesome sense of humor, ask him/her/it to keep it up πŸ™‚

  65. Whenever I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, a few para’s from ur post on desibaba & i’m rocking with laughter. Honest,nothing works better than a dose of GB’s special mix of tongue-in-cheek humor & show-ur-middle-finger to political correctness stance. May the journey never end..
    p.s. er… that song… i have turned vegetarian.

  66. Arnab, plz check out the pvrcinemas website, in the sneak peek section on upcoming movies, we have MIMOH!!! yes, his film’s finally here, named HE (!!!). Can we have a preview on this from you? What do u think would the plot, song sequence, villian/s, snippets of dialogues be like? [inspired by the poster and your great bhakti for Prabhuji]
    This is my kind of ‘return gift’ for wishing you and your baby πŸ™‚

  67. Your blog is a representation of the circle of life.

    this is certified by none other than Google with two ads of death, one ad of marriage (one may argue that marrying someone from jeevan sathi is a kind of death wish) and one ad of re-incarnation and salivation..i mean… salvation.

    happy three.. may your blog grow to become an engineer or a doctor..

  68. “Launda Badnaam hua laundia tere liye” a timeless classic. This song is in my all time top 10 list.

    I thought I was the only one who watched this movie.

  69. Greatbong.. this is the best desi blog for entertainment and u r the best!!! ur writings relieve me from stress and u have tremendous talent to portray sarcasm, irony and moral degradation in entertainment and politics in India. Congrats for becoming the proud dummy of a 3-yr kid. ur hardwork has paid off as ur kid is brightest on the blogosphere.

  70. GB

    First of all many many happy returns of the day. Jonmodin er onek onek subhechha.

    On this auspicious day I want to say bla bla bla bla bla bla bla pada ping bada bing da di da di da di da di da di etc etc

    (precis: happy birthday!!)

    Sharmistha’s post reminded me that there is actually another orkut community for your readers:


  71. Well, an article on ICL is now long overdue…

  72. oye!!! tadaam-te-tudoom!!!!!!!!

  73. Congrats, may your fame continue spreading….

  74. No acceptance speech from GB ?

  75. g.b.:

    [shamelessly copied from aditi] “Congrats, may your fame continue spreading…”[i continue with my two cents worth]… but not your waistline ;-).

    – s.b. [caught in the latter loop]

  76. GB,

    Congrats on becoming a “dummy” of a 3 year old. Go forth and take us to new worlds and new dimensions. Boldly go where no man has gome before ( and I don’t mean the ladies bathroom).


  77. Congrats!! And here is this wonderful song as your bday gift!!

  78. Congrats GB on turning 3…
    It has become an addiction with me….
    Keep Going !!!

  79. Hey Arnab,

    Nice going…. Congratulations !! Been a rather passive reader but could not stop myself from commenting when I saw the Chicken Fry link. Have been singing this song for years on ‘Popular Request’ whenever friends got together. Thanks so much for bringing back good memories πŸ™‚

  80. ???? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???????????!

    [just trying out the google transliteration tool for hindi]

  81. No comments from yourfan & yourfan2????? Thatz surprising…..until n unless they decided to post a comment with their own name….who it might be, I have no clue πŸ˜‰

    yourfan2 – I miss you….err…your comments… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  82. It’s been a GOOD three years. Thank you!


  83. @All: Thanks for the wishes. Have been busy with a few things recently and so blogging has taken a back seat. Twisted DNA, I know that was a glitch—the statement was sarcasm. I obviously know that with such a low authority, I would never be No 1.

    In any case, thanks again for the lovely response.

  84. There is a Bengali word called “ujjho” which roughly means implied. As an example, 2 brothers don’t jump in exuberance when wishing one another. So GB, my response to this tri- anniversary post may lack in words and praise but not in warmth and well wishes.

    Three years. Three Cheers!!

  85. “the statement was sarcasm”
    *sheepishly* Sorry! I should’ve read the article more carefully.

    “I would never be No 1.”
    I wouldn’t say that. Did you expect to win the IndiBloggie? πŸ™‚ I am sure greater things are in store for you!

  86. Wow that song was something. Perfect for instant headaches. And ya.. Congrats. Rock on.

  87. Shourideb Bhattacharyya August 25, 2007 — 10:58 am

    what can i say that bappi da add on was totally inspired; he is actually as funny in real life as on TV; lol GB take care of your health though; maybe do some mithun da style kung fu

  88. Many many happy returns of the day..

    Stay mad as ever.

  89. Not many blogs last for three years. Congratulations !
    What an extraordinary song.

  90. A comment from yourfan2……yay!!


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