Flying Full Mast

[This picture has been posted as found. I do not know if it has been doctored. Or enhanced in any way.]

Is it a bird? Is it a Chinese plane? Is it Osama’s nose? Is it a long-range missile with a noxious, bio-hazardous payload pointed straight towards the enemy capital ? Is it the missing X-man Erecto, brother of Magneto?

No it’s just the General —-rising to the occasion, in a style that cries out, as the Salt N Pepa song goes, “Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty mighty man”.

Make no mistake–his enemies want the liquid center of his powers to be revealed.

Here is Benazir Bhutto expressing sentiments shared by a great number of his detractors.

It is very important for Musharraf to take off the uniform. His side has told the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) that he doesnโ€™t need our votes for President. He is going to fight on his own bat through the present assembly.

But needless to say, the President remains firmly in power—hard, rigid and unbending.

As always.

Not so the leader of the country he despises. A study in contrast to the President, he is gentle, yielding and sensitive; conditioned to get down on bended knee and clasp the hand of the Madam. Even when the person (the German chancellor) isn’t really the Madam but just a person who looks somewhat like her.

So there you have it folks. Two leaders with two contrasting styles.

And the two countries, both of whom turn 60, that lie in their hands.

As for us, we love them both.

Happy independence day.

Jhanda ooncha rahe humara.

[2nd picture courtesy Subhrajyoti Ghatak from here. The first picture was from a Bharatrakshak posting, the URL of which was sent to me by someone whose mail I have misplaced (I remembered to copy the picture though)…if the person reads the post, kindly let me know and I will put his name here in the acknowledgment section]

50 thoughts on “Flying Full Mast

  1. Yeah, it is sad to see two leaders who are going to take their respective countries to doom.

  2. Happy Independence Day to GB and all the RTDM readers.

  3. This is a GEM!!!

  4. Happy Independence day ! Really amazing how you find such appropriate photos/articles/movies to go with each occasion!Thanks for spreading the humor, always.

  5. this member of pakistani society should make us stand on eternal guard.

  6. Jhanda ooncha rahe humara…………… ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. hmm

    methinks…thats Mushy after the “erection” of Gwadar seaport near Karachi….with Chinese help.

    But ofcourse he gets “a hand” from China for all his “erections”.

  8. The other guy’s hands. Covering something chinese, eh ?

  9. ROFL ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Awsome man…

    Happy Independece Day to all friends ..


  10. Awesome ! That picture of the General will haunt me in my nightmares. Also loved the “conditioned to bend down and kiss hands subserviently” angle !

    Happy Independence Day to everyone.

  11. You’re probably looking at Mushyโ€™s bullet-proof nut-cup, put in place just in case any โ€œco-Religionist of Peaceโ€ takes a pot-shot at his privates with an AK-47.

    This nut-cup should similar to the one Mushy’s opponent Imran Khan would always wear in the past (while swinging a bat at Jemima or facing Kapil Devโ€™s deliveries), only this oneโ€™s made of Kevlar.

    Mushyโ€™s nut-cup might well be further padded with rolled-up dollar-bills โ€“ an emergency fund just in case he needs to make a quick getaway, in the event of a coup by the Military-Mullah-ISI combine.

    The extra bulge sure highlights the much-touted โ€œmardangiโ€ of the average Pakistani armyman โ€“ all fluff, no froth.

  12. manmohan singh is a disgrace to all indians; one of those weaklings who didnt get weeded out by darwinian laws of natural selection…

  13. Mush’s unbending attitude calls for eternal vigilance. As this picture shows, our gentle General is not only ready to go but explode as well. Perhaps, our gentle Prime Minister is searching for the secret of Mush’s ooncha Jhanda in madam’s hands…

    On that note, a very happy independence day to GB and all readers of RTDM

  14. “X-man Erecto” !!!!! … lol….priceless..

  15. General trying some “stand-up” comedy.

    It actually looks like someone’s said “Hands up!” and he’s unleashing that secret weapon!

  16. aandthirtyeights is right. :p

    He is doing a stand up show with hands up. And Manmohan is doing it with head down and hands down. What if you combine both the pictures?

  17. A rigid state versus a soft state… this piece is a gem!

  18. Well!! Well!!! Well!!!! Speechless by your analysis once again.

    Happy Independence Day to all.

    By the way since the country has now become a senior citizen, what benefits is it going to get?

  19. OMG! General all set for a lathi charge!

    Happy Independence Day!

  20. Very hilarious way of presenting “hard” facts! ๐Ÿ˜€ :)))

  21. How did you miss this controversial picture of Angela Merkel? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Mush, Manmohan, Merkel and Chinese guy, they all are in better shape than Ganguly.

  23. @richandfamous:



  24. Ganguly ??? what was that ?

  25. of course.. ganguly is a ‘wood’ expert.. to quote the indian express:

    ‘He knows the grain of the willow well, he knows the sweet spots of the blade, about the weight of the bat (on what it should ideally be for a player and for a particular situation), about the balance and even about the handle (the long and short of it).’

  26. Amazing Idea , amazing write up… A mark of genius


  27. Hi guys.

    I have a question: one of my friends has got transferred to Kolkata and is moving there soon. He’s a Maharashtrian and rather obviously does not know Bengali. How easy/tough will living in Kolkata and interacting with the people there be for him? How is Kolkata for people who can’t speak Bengali? Viz-a-viz Pune for non-Marathis. Is it impossible-or easy? I would appreciate responses from non-Bengalis who have lived there.

    Please don’t beat me up because I know nothing about Kolkata or Bengal.

  28. Wonder ..Yeh Musharaf kisko dekh raha bandook bahar nikal padi..

    aur Manmohan dekhne ki koshsih kar rahe hain…

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  30. @Kishor: I think the General has done well for his country—being able to get Uncle Sam to pump money into his country on the falsest of pretexts.

    @SKDB: Thank you

    @BD: Thanks

    @Rick: Welcome

    @WTF, Toxicbrew: ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Rishi: I can see envy in the Chinese guy’s eyes.

    @Turrtle: Ahem.

    @Tarzan: ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Rohan: ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Hujur: Isnt one Pakistani warrior equal to three Indian ones or something?

    @Vinay: Aww…thats harsh. Hes just a basically decent one whose fault is that he has let someone else run him like a wound up doll.

    @Rohit: And explode and hit New Delhi…

    @Kaunteya: ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Aandthirtyeights: Stand up it is.

    @Probirda: Something highly inappropriate would result.

    @S.Pyne: Thank you

    @Anirban: People will “stand up” and offer their seats perhaps…preferably in the Security Council?

    @Sourav: Jiski lathi uski bhains

    @Vasuki: ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Sriram: Seen that a long time ago..morphed pictures arent nearly as funny.

    @RichAndFamous: Absolutely. But Ranadeb Bose is in better shape than all of them.

    @Turrtle: Someone with issues thats all

    @WTF: lol

    @Pawan: Thanks

    @Kuldeep: I would say that using Hindi would do just fine. Of course that question isnt intended for me—any non Bengalis of Calcutta who would like to answer this?

    @Sanjay: Hmm

  31. GB,

    After 60 years of independence, what would most of the freedom fighters(who are still alive)answer to the question “Is it worth it?”

    Off Topic:
    I remember a long and heated discussion here one-time regarding the domestic violence act and Renuka’s comments which went something along the line of “they have to suffer”. Recently, I came across this 6965-3.html

    Notice any similarities?

  32. Hilarious! This was a really funny post. Happy Independence Day to you too.

  33. Sriram Venkitachalam August 17, 2007 — 6:05 pm

    This is totally off topic and I know I can’t apologize enough for breaking rules here but isn’t anyone pissed off that India didn’t ask England to follow on.

  34. Hi, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs, thanks!

  35. Any non-Bengalis who would like to answer my question: viz the ease/discomfort which a non-Bengali faces when he has to live in Kolkata? Is it like Marathi in Pune? Or Kannada in Bangalore? How difficult is to live and get by in Kolkata when you don’t know Bengali?

    GreatBong, thanks for the answer. However, what I really need is a response from a non-Bong.

  36. chota parvez salaam le raha hai !!!!

    awesome man ..
    awesome !!!
    I read your blog once every month.
    (infact one of the only blogs I read)

  37. More up up and away —

    Disclaimer: Superman wears chaddi inside out – Supermush wears cape backside front

  38. Kuldeep, I’ve lived in Kolkata for a number of years and really, not speaking Bengali is not a big deal (naturally one is much better off with even rudimentary knowledge).

  39. Oh my God !!! I read this in my office and burst out laughing – all the phirangs around me were looking at me strangely!!

  40. Seems the Chinese Gentleman must have offered Mushy access to freeee “Civilian” nuke technology..
    What Pakistani General worth his stripeswouldn’t snap to attention for that offer……?

  41. You never know, maybe he saw a hot chick wearing a burkha, in the crowd.

  42. GB, for a long time, thanks to – as I wrote earlier – my subconscious superman imagery caused by the unmistakable “up up and away”, I had no doubt that this is a conscious expression of super-man-hood. But suddenly I am getting this strange feeling that it could possibly be a metal piercing or a ring, and that the general is sending out a clear message that he is the flagship of modern, liberal values in Pakistan… hear ye, o western press?

  43. If only one one would interpose the protagonists of both pictures into one, the truth would be clearer

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  45. CIA reports that Pak’s nuke arsenal keys are secured to a key-chain in the form of a cock-ring that hangs at an unknown “location” — guess if they can ever zero in —

    Pak Foreign Office spokesperson Sadiq on Monday said “This foolproof mechanism is fully effective.” To break in, CIA ought to try the type of “special relationship” Nixon had with Pakistan’s handsome military dictator, General Yahya Khan.

  46. Yes. I like the way you are thinking. I also used to think like that.

  47. Wow…that totally explains this:

    I quote:

    Toronto-based Mahleej Sarkari, crowned Miss Pakistan World in 2007, created quite a stir when she called Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf “a hunk”. The beauty now adds that she finds him “sexy” and would actually love to go for long “romantic” walks with him.

    “Musharraf is charismatic, sexy, strong as well as cute! My fantasy would be to go on long walks on a beach in a cool breeze where I could have a romantic time with him,” Mahleej told IANS in an interview here.

    No wonder she is drawn to Mushy’s powerful manliness. And here I thought Obamagirl was a US-only phenomenon.

  48. lol,find some thing about some of your hindi women ,who work as mads in gulf,get banged,day night,by the owner,his kids,his friends even his surventshahahahaah.shameless ediots

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