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I had been meaning to go “three-column” to better utilize screen space for quite some time now and my new look, which I was originally supposed to unleash to the unsuspecting world on my blog birthday (August 20) but which like Mazhar Khan’s “Gang” (it took 10 years to make and was released after Mazhar Khan died) kept getting “delayed” , is now flying full mast. A word (or two) of thanks to Vulturo and Megha who have helped me at various stages of the re-design process.

Apologies to those who visited the blog when it was down for a brief period today and also to those who saw it at a time when the comments font became excessively small due to a CSS error. In my defense, it was a cold day.

44 thoughts on “Blog Redesign

  1. It looks nice, but’ll take a little getting used to

  2. Just curious: what’s the picture about?

  3. i liked your old picture!
    this looks nice though.

  4. mithunda and his son cutting a chicken… more of a father’s day picture, if u ask me ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. No banner redesign?

  6. cool.
    I suppose I will browsw thru’ the old favorites once too often as my left eye strays too the corners

    Mithun -ageless
    GB – Priceless ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Loved the new format…
    Newer,Wackier pictures needed for your banner!!
    Keep Bong-ing ( Now dont ask me what it means,because i just coined the word now & I seriously dont know whether this word exists before)

  8. I like the old snap better. As someone said in the comments section of LCMD, this one is too executive looking. It doesn’t go with the reviews of Gunda et al, but come to think of it, it does give off that sense of wordly-wiseness that your chelas seek.

    PS: Prabhuji features in a song of Om Shanti Om with a million mortals. Now gotta watch the whole damn movie just for a glimpse of Prabhuji.

  9. Mrinal Mukherjee October 31, 2007 — 7:27 am

    good design..good work. Maybe you’ll get the attention for the best blog design next year, apart from the usual categories you excel in. I agree, a picture with u all sloshed up would be better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. @ S.Pyne.Methinks the picture is about the 3 columns of Indian Cinema, Mithun, Mimoh and the Chicken ( which stands for people like me who watch Mithunda’s films like Gunda, barood, so on and so forth……)

  11. Excellent outlay. Very pleasing to look at. The only eyesore is the Banner. The 70’s style banner is very loud and does not gel with the ultra-modern look of the Blog. Do something about them.

    By the way, you look terrific. Your previous photograph must have been taken during your University days at Jadavpur. It did not give a correct picture of your true personality. But the changes brought in since your migration to the US shores is quite evident. I am having week knees.

    My Dear Debonair, Prabhuji would do better if he decides to launch you instead of Mimoh.

  12. You’re just making more AdSpace. You’ve sold out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. WOW .. love the new design … defnitly better use of space …

    And an equally brilliant picture of urs ๐Ÿ™‚

    Humble Request – Keep updating your profile pic … .. we’ll get to see ArnabDa in other avtars too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Adding onto the ‘Gang’ … – ur blog-anthem should be like the song from the film “Main jo hoon .. main woh hoon .. yeh meri zindagi hai meri zindagi … jaisey chahe jiyoon .. tararara … ”

    By the way wat’s with MithunDa -Mimoh and the chicken pic ?? What is the underlying social message to be conveyed ??
    (sorry LCMD keeps haunting me back)

  14. I was going to criticize you for changing your picture, but then i noticed Tapasvini’s comment. The pic is working as it should, it was never supposed to attract the male of the species anyway i guess. Much better design. Thanks for putting the archives in the sidebar.

  15. GB, why don’t you post ur pics in different costumes and different getups. Is there any chance of nominating your blog to Oscar ?

  16. Nice!

    Unrelated: Any comments on Dravid being dropped, but Sehwag being selected [I thought Badrinath/Tiwary should have been given that place even if Dravid was dropped]

  17. I have recently come across this blog and boy do i love it!! just awesome writing and amazingly sarcastic and humorous angle at various topics. i have recommended the blog to atleast 20 ppl. have gone through pretty much all articles from the archives (spending lot of time at work..)
    honestly didn’t like the redesign, it seems bit crammed and effective article space gets lost between other columns…little distracting..probably will take some time to get used it.

    and yes, to pay respect to prabhuji, watched ‘gunda’ on google video
    hoping to be a regular commenter on your blog.

  18. im here after long, am gonna ravish all the old posts now.

    anyways, nice design.

  19. Haha!! Nice! Now – more Greatbong for the same low price of 2 Columns! 3 new columns instead of just 2! Call 1-800-Greatbong now and see for yourself hehehe!

    Nice change btw!


  20. New pic of you is…can’t put my finger on it. Clean shaven ! That’s it, you look smart, but the old one was a little subversive, I think it was better, more appropriate – you should have it somewhere.
    Good re-design.

  21. >>In my defense, it was a cold day.

    LOL! I guess you are “grower” then?
    PS: Pleej don’t answer, I don’t want to know. ๐Ÿ˜›

    PPS: BTW…. Gang was not too bad in my humble opinion. For one, Juhi Chawla’s legs looked rather shapely in that “Bole….” song. They didn’t look the Fat Corinthian taanks she usually sported. (Remember her in ghastly shorts in that ghastly “Gher Ghaar” song in Arjun Pandit…. with all those poor Gauls with a “Sacre Bleu! Le Nazi invasion vas much prรฉfรฉrable!” expression? )Anyway, the choreo and the then-ubiquitous Ahmed Khan troupe in that song means this was one of the last scenes to be shot before Mazhar Khan died. Towards the end of her career Juhi Chawla kinda looked much better than her “Saiyya Ke Saath” days methinks….

  22. The best feature of Arnab’s new profile picture is his evil emile!

  23. Smile !! Sorry for the typo.

  24. @Akasuna: Not radically different from the last one is it?

    @S.Pyne: I dont know—Mithunda and son Mimoh cutting chicken. Isnt that special?

    @Sang Froid: Thanks

    @SKDB: No…this is more a “let’s celebrate a blog design” by cutting a chicken type.

    @DV: No not yet.

    @JM: Thanks

    @Kailas: Bonging…hmmm….I am sure the verb “bonging” is illegal in may fine states in the US of A.

    @ArSENik: Too executive looking…hmmm. All part of my effort to be considered more seriously, not withstanding the banners.

    @Mrinal: Thank you…let “phool chondon” fall on your “mukh”

    @Sharmistha: Awesomely said.

    @Tapasvini: The banners are supposed to be jhinchaky and eyesorish….a minimalist subtle designer (or writer) I am not. As to the last picture it was taken in 2004 (just before I defended my PhD) and was not a JU picture [The new one was taken in June of this year]. If you want to see what I used to look like in JU (and this may or may not be knee-weakening) look at the guy in the 70 style jacket in the middle. (

    As to Prabhuji launching me—-yes that would be awesome.

    @Aandthirtyeights: I would only be too glad not to sell out if you pay me some money.

    @Kartik: The underlying message is simple. Prabhuji is God. Mimoh is little God. And the chicken is yummy.

    @Indiaholic: “The pic is working as it should, it was never supposed to attract the male of the species anyway i guess”

    Now you are onto something.

    @Kishor: I dont have many pictures of me in different get ups. I do have a number of Halloween pictures of myself —maybe that would be interesting. As to Oscar, well if Eklavya gets nominated there…why not.

    @SD: Sehwag’s batting nowadays is like playing book cricket—very very random. Will it be a 5 or a 50 is purely a matter of chance.

    @Greatgujju: “honestly didnโ€™t like the redesign, it seems bit crammed and effective article space gets lost between other columns”

    I have not reduced any article space from the old blog—it’s exactly the same. All I have done is reduced the blue space on the sides.

    @Sameera: Thanks

    @Supremus: 1 800 Greatbong…make that 1 900 Greatbong where all your fantasies come true.

    @Satori: Subversive…now that’s an interesting adjective.

    @The Wanderer: Yes I shall not answer.

    @DV: This is good. Some people find this picture not subversive enough while some others are detecting an evil “Moaner” Lisa smile. Reflects the diversity here at RTDM.

  25. “GB, why donโ€™t you post ur pics in different costumes and different getups”

    @Kishor … your comments never fail .. to make me laugh.

    @GB .. your Halloween pics could be interesting. Actually. And then you could blend them into the banner ??

  26. A redone blog with a recent fotuuuu!!! Great!

  27. Cant see your blogs rotating banner (header at the top). Is it because of Firefox adblock that I use or something else?


  28. @turrtle: Good idea
    @Whatsinaname: Thanks
    @V: Really? Try it again please. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  29. The new picture of yours is great, you look very sexy. Cool!

  30. the way GREATBONG is splashed accross the top right corner…..looks kinda Quentinish… indication of a cult in the making, when you know you can never go wrong and can afford to be more crass,cude and direct.

  31. You should update K2 to RC3 in case you haven’t been following it at as well
    Lots of great stuff is possible now..

  32. The new look has been beautifully designed and executed without sacrificing the feel of RTDM. The old picture looked like it was taken just after a session of Desibaba reading and Basic Instinct watching, such was the look in your eyes. The new picture is of a decent, mature and confident PhD with a Best Indian blogger award under the belt but wait, the Moaner Lisa smile suggests that just below the surface of the calm visage, rage the waves of a tumultous ocean just waiting for a small seismic disturbance to unleash itself on the unsuspecting world. This makes it more subtle, cool and, not to send the wrong signals about myself, quite sexy.

    If the old was a tequila shot, the new one is Glenlivet โ€™64

    Here’s to your health, GB.

  33. Good work…..but somehow miss the old site and your old photograph….will get used to this also….though this photograph doesn’t give the typical bangalee chele look….

  34. That’s curious, I thought it was Mithun with a tall blonde
    carving turkey on Thanksgiving.

    Btw, congratulations on your new 3-piece look. Ravishing

  35. There was something wrong in the commenting (due to a WP Database error) which has hopefully now been fixed.

  36. greatbong,

    your 3-column design is bad, and this is why:
    – There is less space for your text, so I have to scroll more
    – when I finish a line and go to a new line, I get distracted by the left column

    I can understand that you would like your ads to be more prominent, but you are compromising the look of your site—it looks like a generic blog made to make money, not to entertain and inform readers.

    I hope the above criticism was constructive.

  37. @Concerned Fan:

    If I told you that there is the exact same place for text as there was in the old design and that you do *not* have to scroll more, would it make things better for you?

  38. Re: GB:
    It’s like switching hostels. The new one’s as good as the old or at any rate never radically different, but you need to get used to it.

  39. Your new search function is pretty awesome pal.

  40. Nice pic. No doubt, nice way to start all over again.

  41. @ Arnab, in the gray box of your reply, why is the immediate next commenter’s name also showing up? It should be outside the box.

  42. GB, fellow Mithun-bhakts… Farah Khan told last night on TV that during filming the ‘special’ 31 actors-wala song, there was a near stampede (as expected) when our Prabhuji descended. And she said how dancers, technicians pushed their cameras into Shahrukh’s and her hands so that they could click their photos with our God. I carried the grin throughout the day.

  43. New bottle, eh Arnab. Hope that the wine remains vintage.

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