Piss Piss Bang Bang

Many of us have often accused the Left parties and their minions in the intelligentsia of pissing on the Indian army and the defense establishment at every possible opportunity. Well, in a disturbing development this “pissing” has crossed over from the world of metaphor in to the world of mice and men in a way that is sure to make even the most news-hardened among you hold your nose to block the stench.

Malda, Aug. 27: A former CPM legislator grabbed a lady army officer on Darjeeling Mail last night and apparently urinated on her.

A couple of hours before, a sloshed Prakash Minj allegedly took a leak on civil defence minister Srikumar Mukherjee, who was also in the AC II-tier coach.

The minister called police, but did not file a complaint. Major Minta P. Devgan did.

The four-time MLA from Phansidewa was pulled out of the train at Malda station.

Amal Sinha, a contractor accompanying him, was also arrested. But they were released on bail later.

Major Devgan and her husband, Colonel Pankaj Devgan, who were travelling together, are both posted in Calcutta. In the complaint they filed with Government Railway Police in Malda, Minj was accused of “outraging her modesty”.

Mukherjee saw Minj grappling with the woman. His security guard said he saw him have a pee while holding her.

“It was nearly 11pm when I found a drunk man sitting on my berth. He identified himself as a CPM MLA,” Mukherjee said.

The guard, Mohammad Sofi, who was called to escort Minj back to his berth, said he urinated in the minister’s coupe.

A while later, Mukherjee heard a woman shouting for help. He saw the former MLA with his arms around a woman in blue jeans and white T-shirt. “I could see her struggling and rushed to pull him away,” said the CPI leader.

Col Devgan jumped from his berth to the rescue of his wife. Although the entire compartment was awake in minutes, it took half an hour to subdue Minj. By that time, the train had pulled into Malda station and the minister asked his guard to call the police.

Sofi said Minj was hurling abuses at the minister. “The man said the minister was from a minor constituent of the Left Front while he belonged to the ruling party,” Sofi said.

Swapan Dasgupta, the inspector in charge of the Government Railway Police at Malda, confirmed that Minj was drunk.

In the railway police lock-up this morning, Minj and Sinha were seen polishing off a plate of rice and curry.

The party dropped Minj as an MLA candidate last year. He declined comment.

Sinha said: “I consumed alcohol and went to sleep. I don’t remember anything untoward happening on the train.”

[From the Telegraph]

Reports that the concerned MLA sang “Thoree si jo pee li hain, chori to naheen ki hain” to the railway police while being taken into custody or that director Rituporno Ghosh, known for his obsession with body fluid emissions, will make the incident into a movie titled “Jhorna” (waterfall) could not be confirmed.

33 thoughts on “Piss Piss Bang Bang

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!

  2. Urinating on women is a well-established Arabic tradition in East Bengal. I think we are learning fast and catching up quickly in West Bengal and the rest of India.

    Just do a quick google search with the three words “bangladesh” “hindu” “urinate” and you will see why:

    • (Bangladesh) During the night of 3 October 2001, right-wing fundamentalists reportedly attacked Hindu residents of Kachipara village, Patuakhali district. Women were allegedly raped and made to walk nude in the market the next morning. When they asked for water it is reported that the perpetrators urinated in their mouths.

    • (Bangladesh) ‘Criminals’ of Kaliganj tied up housewife Radharani Sarker in her house in the midnight and dragged her through a huge of prickly shrubs. They later raped and tortured her at the embankment. One urinated on her mouth as she called him ‘godfather’; the two others continued bestial exultation on her body.

    • (Bangladesh) In the midst of this crowd sits a small elderly woman in a simple white sari, her tear-filled eyes beckoning me. In a trembling voice she says, “I am an old woman. I have seen many things in my lifetime. In my village, we cannot hold Durga puja [see page 24]. Every year they come and destroy the deity. The temple was smeared with cow’s blood and urinated upon.

    • The Bangladesh Army compelled the arrested Jummas to urinate and defecate in front of the images of the Buddha in the local Vihara (Buddhist temple) to demonstrate their deep hatred towards the non-Islamic religions of the Jumma Kafirs/Infidels.

    • Chittagong : On October 17th, 1996 miscreant set on fire to the Mohamuni Buddha Bihar. The Mahamuni Buddha Bihar is one of the holy places of the Bouddhist community of Bangladesh.The Bihar is situated at the village Pahartali in Chittagong district. The invaders looted the valuables and also urinated on the image of Buddha.

  3. @ Hujur
    Oye thaand raakh puttar. (keep ur cool)
    Eto “heated up” hoye jaash na.

  4. “Thoree si jo pee li hain, chori to naheen ki hain”

    Too good.

  5. that is truly disgusting!

    @ Hujur
    do you even know anything about arabic traditions to say that the above act is a ‘well-established Arabic tradition’?

  6. Don’t know anything about Arabic traditions in Bangladesh, but Delhi’s desire to ban women from serving alcohol in the city makes shameful and cringeworthy sense.

  7. @ hujur:

    i think this is the fault of our eating too much fish (pisci-culture)..

  8. Still find it very difficult to comprehend why an “insulted” army colonel and a train compartment of “angry people” took one and a half hours to subdue a drunken baffoon!!

  9. @ Hujur

    Defecation or pee-ing is a sign of absolute disrespect and degradation for anybody at the recieving end of it. (unless its part of a fetish lovemaking)

    Your set of examples from present day Bangladesh only reinforces that notion on the part of the perpetrators.

    I dont know if there is any established co-relation specifically between Arabic culture and pee-ing as a form degradation, any more than between any two antagonistic ethnic or linguistic groups.

    Btw, if you had assumed, for political correctness (when did u become that?), that Arabic culture = Islamic culture, then I would have to disagree with you.

    Arabic culture DOES NOT EQUAL Islamic culture.

  10. responding to that comment by hujur is just retarded.. ( the blank spaces in my earlier post indicate “ignore”)

    i still blame pisciculture.

  11. hey, maybe he was just drunk.
    I’ve seen a guy passed out at a party for hours. he then seemed to wake up, walked over to the kitchen area, opened the door, pulled out the crisper tray at the bottom, and proceeded to urinate in it. I was sitting at a table about 20 feet away and started laughing and pointing in disbelief and told someone to get the owner of the place. the guy then zipped up and went back to sleep on the couch. we left soon after

  12. Considering that India might soon start a *piss process* with Bangladesh (post Hyderabad Blues) , this MLA may come handy.

  13. hmm it appears the minister wanted to give the army lady a bath in his natural fluids, after all “hygiene jaise bhi toh baat hoti hai bhai”. However it amazes me that someone from the army, albeit a lady did not use force (lethal force) *do our armed forces have any hand to hand combat training or wat? *
    I think its a disgrace *the politicians are already a bunch of buffoons* so i say fie on thee army lady for not executing a Mithunda “Military Raj” “Single finger Wall poke” on urinating jackass. Fie fie……..

  14. DIZ-GAAAAZTINGG!! .. Seriously!

  15. Shourideb Bhattacharyya August 29, 2007 — 9:03 am

    by the way GB there was another article today which said that the buffoon did not pee on the lady but by the side of her berth; the idiot should actually have someone wee on him to teach a lesson;

    all those people bashing hujur better read a book just published by Tathagata Roy about minority situation in Bangladesh and then comment-ignorant idiots

    also check out http://www.hrcbm.org

    to get a real picture of minorities in BD

  16. “Thoree si jo pee li hain, chori to naheen ki hain”
    “known for his obsession with body fluid emissions”

    Class act, both.

    I am a little disappointed though because I used a similar phrase (body fluid fan) few days ago and thought it to be a very ingenious.

  17. @ Shourideb Bhattacharyya

    This might interest you.



    A friend recently volunteered to maintain a blog documenting reports (newspaper and otherwise) with specific focus on Eastern India. If you feel that you can activiely spend a little time in research, material collection, and in improving the design and content more…… then let me know


  18. Considering that our ‘culture’ allows pissing but not kissing in public, I’m not really that surprised “:)

  19. So did any one else find the article confusing or is it just me ? Too many husbands, wives and ministers thrown in! Half way through the article I lost track of who was being urinated upon and how on hell did this happen: “Col Devgan jumped from his berth to the rescue of his wife”. I thought the lady that got pissed upon was some Mrs Mukherjee??

  20. kissing is unhygienic. mouth harbours too many horrible kinds of bacteria.

    urine is better.

    so said that fellow, that one who wrote the ER dramas. crichton, yep, him —- that one.

    he was writing about working in the emergency room and being given a choice on whether a doctor likes being pissed upon by drunks or being at the receiving end of regurgation.

    urine is better, less germs.

  21. @ rishi khujur

    I’m sorry. [rest edited]

    GB adds: Kindly refrain from subjective generalizations about religious groups in the comment space. I do not want this to become a Rediff message board.

    GB further adds: This comment was made by someone impersonating as Hujur.

  22. Same news, same owners (ABP & Telegraph) – but pissing act censored for demure Bangla reading bhodro folk –

  23. Dear Arnab,

    I DID NOT post the message dated “Aug 30th, 2007 at 2:33 am”.

    Please check the IP address of this im-poster … and compare it with the geographic location (Country, State) of the IP address(es) I normally post from.

    I just feel sorry for the im-poster who does not have the cojones to write under his own name.

    Or maybe… come to think of it – faking their identity, writing drivel in my name and getting me blocked/moderated from posting on GB is the goal of those “friends” who disagree with my views but cannot disprove them.


  24. Dear Sang.Froid,

    Please enlighten me on Arabic traditions. I am all ears.


  25. Dear Rishi,

    First of all, to answer your loaded question on whether I have become politically correct, it will suffice to say that….I found out two days ago on “Nothing New” that explicitly mixing political incorrectness and the hallowed Arabic word for “Submission” (Hint: It begins with an “I” and rhymes with the Urdu word for “Mango”) in the same sentence is going to get me in trouble with the law (or atleast with the GB blog’s comments policy). 😉

    I respect Arnab tremendously and enjoy his blog… and I totally understand the fact that at the end of the day, this is his blog, not mine. So I decided to forswear all unambigious comments permanently (or atleast for a few days !). 😉

    Add to it the fact that atleast one Submissive friend Tarzan has been crying hoarse to get any un-Submissive points of view moderated – by insinuating that whatever polite, discussions (with varying shades of opinion) we may have on this blog, has somehow led it become a Rediff discussion board (which we know is full of cussing, abusing, name-calling jerks).

    One such “friend” (with the guile of Hamid Gul, no less) went ahead and posted God-knows-what-else under my name (I am not sure what was written as I didn’t get the chance to read it , before it was thankfully moderated) to successfully convince Arnab that well, it did in fact resemble a Rediff discussion board.

    Hence my decision to become politically correct and cryptic.

    So, to finally answer your question, I didn’t want to use the direct translation (“Submission”) and write “well established Submissive tradition in East Bengal ” because it would give a completely different meaning. 😉

    I did not want to use the generic word “Abrahamic” because other Abrahamic traditions have barely any foothold in Bengal and this issue does not concern them.

    In short, I couldn’t find any other word synonymous with the hallowed Arabic word for “Submission” . So I substituted “it” with the word “Arabic”.

  26. Dear Rishi,

    Secondly, I agree with you that “Arabic culture does not equal Islamic culture” theoretically. But realistically, if you look closely in this day and age, Arabic culture has become synonymous with Islamic culture.

    This is because, the varied pre-Submissive traditions of polytheistic co-existence are long dead, wiped out completely from their lands (inspite of sporadic “Ridda” wars by Arabs who refused to convert to a life of “Submission”). Are the pre-Submissive traditions in the Arabian peninsula that worshipped 360 Gods and Goddesses in amity at Makkah still alive today? How about the pre-Submissive traditions that built the majestic pyramids in Egyptian Nile valley or the breathtaking Petra Temple in Jordan or the Temple of Sheba in Yemen ? Given the recent attacks on the Egyptian relics and the suicide bomb attack at the Temple of Bilquis ( Sheba ), I’m not surprised if all the vestiges of the pre-Submissive past go the away of the Bamiyan Buddhas.

    Today, there are only a few thousand Arabic-speaking Jews still struggling to survive in the Maghreb and the Levant ….. and there is a dwindling minority of Arab Christians who are fleeing the Middle-East in large numbers every day (especially in Lebanon, Iraq ).

    The bottomline is, in today’s world, Arabic traditions are synonymous with “Submissive” traditions, whether we like it or not.

    To conclude, I agree with you…. Keeping alive the Submissive tradition of absolute disrespect and degradation (for any vibrant tradition that refuses to submit to it), the Arab-wannabes in East Bengal have perfected the art of insulting the faith of the Hindu Bengalis and Buddhist Chakmas, by urinating on their women, their temples and their sacred deities.

  27. Must be an old time socialist in the Morarji Desai Mould!

  28. @Hujur:
    My name in your comment ? exciting !!
    Why do your comments bring a smile to my face? 🙂 Clueless abt that..

  29. Tarzan wrote about Hujur
    “Why do your comments bring a smile to my face? Clueless abt that..”

    Rishi’s resp:
    Hearing the truth can bring happiness..sometimes.
    Glad you are happy.

  30. @ Rishi khujur :
    You are too much man !!

  31. @hujur
    WTF r u talking about?? According to Arabic culture guys and girls are not supposed to go in front of each other unless they are married……

  32. Hara hara bom bom September 11, 2007 — 1:00 pm

    @BDGL “WTF r u talking about?? According to Arabic culture guys and girls are not supposed to go in front of each other unless they are married……”

    Yes, BDGL, this is true. On paper, Islam has a strict moral code, but reality is very different. There is a lot of hypocrisy among Muslims; while paying lip service to the Quran, they engage in all sort of vices.

    It is not reported in the media, as Pak state terrorism & Saudi dollars are sufficient to muffle local coverage & purchase the integrity of foreign reporting. But we all know it goes on. Do a bit of googling and you can see what sort of horrific and rampant crimes of venality occur from Indonesia to Morocco.

    Not that India or Hinduism is better. A huge amount of venal sleaze occurs in India too. The only thing is, Indians are candid enough to admit it (even if they are morally weak & physicaly lazy to eliminate it).

    I was watching a program on the BBC (sorry, I mean Al Jazeera) where they were talking about the horrible plight of women in Pakistan. A Pak minister (for women’s development I think) & a senior Pak human rights activist was present. 80% of the program revolved around blaming India and Hinduism for Pak’s woes !! I was thinking how come Hindus have such a mass impact if they’re 0.6% of the population. As if magic my questions were answered by the huma rights activist, “It’s because pure Pak people have imbibed the ugly aspects of Hindu culture”.

    Can you ever take such nonsense seriously?

    Irrespective of hujur’s rhetoric on Islam per se, the picture he has drawn of the horrific plight of Hindus in Bangladesh is heart-rending, though not at all surprising. History has a funny way of repeating itself.

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