Getting my daily fix of Rediff in the morning, I came across this piece (Is Shilpa Shetty married?) which if we are to believe Rediff is a Pulitzer-deserving bit of citizen journalism, though some others may call it “gross invasion of privacy”

Readers, you may congratulate yourselves for being the best citizen journalists. You were the first to send us pictures of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai’s wedding last year, and every time you bumped into a celebrity.

Now, a reader has sent us pictures of Shilpa Shetty and her fiance Raj Kundra at the Shirdi Saibaba shrine.

Speculation is rife that the couple got married in secret, and went straight to Shirdi to seek the blessings of Saibaba

While whether Ms. Shetty is married is out, we know not for certain. However, there is not an iota of doubt looking at the morose face of Mr. Kundra that he is. Normally I would have had sympathy for Mr. Kundra after having seen Shilpa in full cry in Big Brother. But he has already been married once and should have known better.

It doesn’t matter whether its Julie or Sandra from Bandra or the dashing Shilpa Shetty, once you tie the knot, it ultimately tightens around your throat.

Not that this is the first time I am seeing this expression of abject surrender on the face of a husband.

I have seen it numerous times: in front of jewelery stores, shopping malls and children’s playgrounds

And of course in the mirror.

49 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. While browsing rediff, I was thinking the same thing….
    The sad look on this guys face. I thought maybe it was bcoz he was leaving his previous wife. πŸ™‚

  2. Rediff rocks πŸ™‚

  3. Invasion of privacy is right – all the more when you consider that the person who sent the pics was probably a member of the Shetty inner circle. Talk of 30 pieces of silver!!

    News media is fast going tabloid back home.

  4. Siddharth Betala March 25, 2008 — 2:44 am

    I guess i have to start taking rediff doses !

  5. “once you tie the knot, it ultimately tightens around your throat”..good one GB.

  6. A look of abject surrender… lol

  7. Sid...No More The Kid March 25, 2008 — 4:14 am

    The out of work (or any worth speaking of) actors probably appreciate the gross invasion of privacy so they can actually be seen on some tabloids , with srong denials and harsh words against invasion of their privacy(with a word dropped here and there about their upcoming projects)

  8. Sid...No More The Kid March 25, 2008 — 4:16 am

    The morose look might also be because of the presence of a rather intimidating-looking mom-in-law in tow ( now which mom-in-law is not intimidating- mine sure is!!!)

  9. Gem of a post from a gem of a blogger.

    “I have seen it numerous times: in front of jewelery stores, shopping malls and children’s playgrounds

    And of course in the mirror.”

    VS Naipaul or Somerset Maughm could not have written any better. Well, I have seen the same look in NY governer Eliot Spitzer’s (Client no 9 for the the 4k per 60 mins hooker ….rumours say that Bloomberg is no 8 face recently.

    And what a superb picture that is! Full of meaning. Full of discovery. Almost as tantalizing as the painting in the Baskarville home in that great Sherlock Holmes novel.

  10. WAIT!!!
    You guys including GB are missing the real story.
    look at the pic carefully, there is another sad face in it. I think a sacrifice is involved here, a scrifice by kundra and shamita.
    possibly these 2 lovebirds wanted to tie the knot among themselves but the enigmatic mom stepped in and forced badi beti into the equation in truly indian fashion. Mom wanted her never been kissed girl (forget emraan) to be unmarried till her publicly kissed ( remember Gere) girl ties the knot.

  11. @brotish
    good point….

  12. “once you tie the knot, it ultimately tightens around your throat.”


  13. “And of course in the mirror”

    I take it then that your wife isn’t a big fan of this blog eh?

  14. @ Brotish

    You made me go ROTFL.

  15. too good man, just too good. you and only you, can come up with so many laugh out loud lines in such a short paragraph over something that would have been a non-issue for most people…
    btw, what is ROTFL? all your comments sections on every post have that…. could anyone please enlighten me?

  16. ROTFL – rolling on the floor laughing
    ROTFLMAO – rolling on the floor laughing my ass out!

    I feel like a genius!
    Great find GB!

  17. @ Estranged: thanx! πŸ™‚

  18. Sid...No More The Kid March 25, 2008 — 10:00 am

    I am still convinced— its the mom-in-law that is really causing all the distress to Mr Kundra!

  19. Arnab,

    lol… Does Mrs GB take a dim view of your humor sometimes? How about a full post on shaadi ke side-effects!

  20. i hve seen that look on faces of guys on the death row…my heart goes out to this guy…

  21. GB,
    ye dilli ka laddu hai…
    jo khaya….uska bhi chehera goom,jo nahi khaya uska bhi chehera goom!
    sochna ye hai ki jo DO BAR (second time) khaya, uska chehera kya bolta hai?

  22. calumny, calumny

    we ladies tie knot not very hardly, very very loosely.

    we keep strict eye on your wallet and look-see your credit card bill (places like ‘gold palace’ and ‘sweet drean lingerie shoppe’ excites curiosity). also search mobile inbox (some sweet-pea sends sms — i miss u’ also precipitates wrath)

    we also fight like kk-kapur serial with mom-in-law and raise your generation next very well indeed. any misdeed they do can be and is traced back to their father’s side of family, anything good …. to us mother’s side.

    we also burn dinner quite often, look adoringly at handsome bachelor neighbour and mention what Mr Das has given his missus as an unbithday gift, (as we do not get on our birthday also), around 15 times a day.

    and this mam gets married TWICE!

    hope triumphing over experience!

  23. “And of course the mirror”….ssaving the real bit for the last! Priceless. LOL
    I couldn’t but empathise with the guy.
    My wife calls it ‘the cooked goose’ look (on my mug, that is)


  24. My perverted ,wicked mind says…

    ‘ Shamita & Kundra are enjoying the unexpected closeness, cheek-to-cheek ( pun intended) ‘
    Look at then fightin hard to look serious , sly foxes ;-))

  25. Kundra did not had the idea about the Mom when he proposed.He has probably discovered shetty’s dubai links.

  26. well I am surprised to see Mr Raj kundra”s expression can be due to bachelors-prty

  27. ..I guess he’s pondering what he has won, and what lost πŸ˜›

  28. Arnabda, out of context, however, when are we getting a review of “Race”?

  29. πŸ˜€
    in today’s Times of india, Ms Shetty came down heavily on ‘a reputed web site’. Expressing her flabbergastment, she found it irresponsible.The piece is also accompanied by derogatory comments by various surfers on a discussion board below the write-up , says her publicist(!) Bhagwagar. Seeking an apology from the website, the publicist has already intimated the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell and added that Shilpa may file for defamation if prompt action is not taken by the website. Now since i know only ‘one’ reputed website with the aforesaid stuff, brace up GB for an angry Ms Shetty πŸ˜€

  30. Well, I guess it’s the ‘in’ look these days considering it’s appraisal season. Seems like mr Kundra got ‘the axe’ here.

    But I sure can empathise with the poor sod if he really got married to Shilpa Shetty! Somebody buy him a drink… a stiff one while you’re at it!

  31. I feeeeeeeeel elated with sheer joy….

    yuppy tra la la la…



  32. Abject surrender to wife, mom-in-law, what are you talking about?

  33. Err… how do I delete the previous post?

    Daily Humor

  34. prabhuji owns an ICL team, I am sure there will be a post on this soon

  35. Quick question (anyone please help):
    What is the Bengali name for tuna fish (available in cans in US)?

  36. I don’t think there is a Bengali name for Tuna fish….which is a sea fish…and Bengalis do not eat much sea fish other than Hilsa (partial sea partial river.)

  37. mithun da has won the rebel verison of fatafat cricket team of kolkata..a post on tht???

  38. Shamita looks so sober. who can guess she is the same bombshell.

  39. i am facing a mirror in a nice pair of manolos yeah half a weekend

  40. I seriously attack such vulgar remarks on the personal lives of the females of or community…we are the true sons (daughters) of the soil and its an attack on our culture from outsiders..

  41. Pra bhuji buys ICL Kolkata team…what say?

  42. just asadharon

  43. amma dekh tera mundra bigra jai.

  44. GB, I’m a little surprised that u haven’t posted anything on the Tibet fiasco yet. The commies in your beloved Kolkatta, are taking this country in a direction, that makes me feel extremely sympathetic towards our future.

  45. Hara hara bom bom March 28, 2008 — 6:46 pm

    You sad, sad people, talking about how melancholy your hen-pecked emasculated lives are. About who dons the pyjamas in your household.

    For me, life is bliss, and I am my own man, married as I am. I can do what I want, when I want to, where I desire.

    And if you have any reservations, you can ask my wife, she will have the answer. After all, she is the one who ordered me to write this !!

  46. @HHBB- Yes but you are lucky to have an open marriage. For most people its hostage and wife rather than husband and wife. Not many married men can “I can do what I want, when I want to, where I desire.” But there is no benefit to you in getting married. Or maybe you had some benefits. Anyway, you are lucky to be in a state what in electrical engg is called a combination of steady signal transient signal. For most married men its a steady / exponentially decaying curve.

  47. But doesn’t Shetty look equally sad? Why is that?

  48. … wondering how much trouble the last phrase landed u in…. πŸ˜›

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