Of Torches, Tibet and Shakti Kapoor

Should Aamir Khan run with the torch? Or shouldn’t he?

A lot can be said of Aamir Khan’s rather ingeniously hypocritical blog-post where he basically repeats the done-to-death moral equivalence of Kashmir, Palestine, Tibet and all the “human rights abuses” of the world, while not forgetting (and this is where the ingenuity lies) to throw in the plight of Kashmiri Pandits as a counterbalancing afterthought (as if that too is somehow an example of state-sponsored atrocity). Similarly B Raman’s open letter to Aamir Khan, correct though its central theme of how India and China differ in their reaction to dissent, can be criticized as introducing a rather tortuous “Muslim” angle —that being that the reason why Aamir Khan and Saif were asked to run with the torch was that it would be interpreted as an endorsement of China’s policies by “widely-respected Muslim personalities”

The truth, as most of us all know by now, is that Coke and Lenovo (not China or India directly), two corporate partners of the Beijing Olympics, have chosen their brand ambassadors Aamir and Saif Ali Khan respectively to run with the Olympic torch. That’s all that the torch-carrying ceremony is—an advertisement opportunity for the corporations and an obligation-discharging one for the stars on its payroll.

In other words, principles ko maaro goli. It’s all about dollars, cents and thanda matlab Coca Cola.

And for those ready to cast stones at Saif and Aamir as insensate servants of Mammon who have put their consciences on the backburner, here is my question. How many of us are ready to boycott Coke products for sponsoring the Games? How many of us are ready to make a public bonfire of our Lenovos (not a bad idea I understand considering its perceived quality) in solidarity with the people of Tibet? How many of us are ready to stop using our favorite search engines because they have handed over information about dissidents to the Chinese authorities and whole-heartedly collude with the Chinese to filter free speech?

Let me guess. Not many. Perhaps not even one. That’s because we, despite “having a prayer for the Tibetans in our hearts “(as Aamir does), are not prepared to trash our Lenovo laptops, Coke bottles and Yahoo mail.

The reason is so self-evident it’s not even worth saying.

So if we ourselves are not prepared to make a tangible sacrifice that entails loss of financial and other kinds of resources, why do we expect Aamir Khan or Saif Ali Khan to make one?

We too would have our justifications. We would say: “Will China budge if I burn my Lenovo? Will Yahoo not provide data on dissidents if I stopped chatting to 22/f/Mumbai on Yahoo chat?”

No they will not. They won’t care. So why should we bother?

And if we cannot bother, then why should Saif or Aamir?

Again there is a lot to be said about the wider problem—India’s kiss-ass policy towards China, China’s brand ambassadors (the Chinni Prakash Carrots and the Sitaram Khichudis) [far more malignant that the Aamirs and Saifs of the world] in India and their inordinate influence on our foreign policy.

But let’s leave that aside for today. Instead let us pay attention to a most interesting interview-extract, one that sheds light on alternative foreign affairs negotiation strategies engaged in by the Chinese.

Karan Thapar: I believe he also put his personal plane at your disposal.

George Fernandes: Yes the entire plane was at my disposal.

Karan Thapar: For the full one week.

George Fernandes: For one full week and if I wanted to stay more as long as I stay there.

Karan Thapar: I believe they also tried to make you happy. They put women at your disposal.

George Fernandes: Not in that sense. Some people will think that I had some fun. I didn’t have any fun.

Karan Thapar: But the women were made available. You had three or four women with you all the time – pretty women.

George Fernandes: Yes. When I came back they were waiting at the doors.

Karan Thapar: Whenever you came back they were waiting at the door?

George Fernandes: Yes.

The use of honeytraps is standard practice with Communist governments—if we are to accept the veracity of the Mitrokhin Archive there is nothing that is genuine shockingly in George’s confession.

What however is worth mentioning was that Bollywood had already captured on celluloid a (hypothetical of course) scenario where a powerful Indian (played by noted thespian Shakti Kapoor), with supposed links in high places, is seduced by a Chinese girl (played by Gul Panag) with their supremely erotic pillowtalk having definite diplomatic overtones. Not only that, what makes this even more interesting is that the whole sequence (as I am sure all of you will see) is nothing but an allegory of India’s post-independence relationship with China.

[Video link] (not safe for work)

Conversation 1: [ represents India initially hoping to score against China with some Nehruvian dialogs]

Indian man (played by Shakti Kapoor) [in his underwear] : Agar tumhare jaisi ek bhi ladki Cheen se pahele yahaan pe aa jaati tab dono deshon main kabhi jung hi na cheerti ….aaaahhhh…..Hindi-Chini bhai bhai (with cheek kisses to Chinese lady)

Chinese woman (played by Gul Panag): Naughty boy.

Conversation 2: [ represents India being overtly naive and not thinking with its brain]

Chinese woman [as Indian man pulls her to bed]: Yeh kya kar rahe hain sir?

Indian man : Dono deshon ke beech doori meeta raha hoon. Dono deshvasiyon ko hamesha ke liye ek kar raha hoon, darrling.

Chinese woman moans

Indian man [running his finger along Indo-China border] Unki jadon ko mazboot kar raha hoon

Chinese woman [coyly]: Aap ke haath bahoot chalte hain sirrr.

Conversation 3: [represents what actually happened to India]

Chinese woman ties up Indian man’s left hand with rope.

Indian man (laughing in lust): Yeh kya kar rahe ho.

Chinese woman ties up Indian man’s right hand with rope.

Indian man: Dono haath baandh dogi?

Chinese woman: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ab Hindustani chup rahega, aur jo kuch karna hain Chinese karegi

Indian man (in the throes of passion): Karo karo karo………..

Here is the video link again. [Not safe for work]

53 thoughts on “Of Torches, Tibet and Shakti Kapoor

  1. The problem was never about Lenovo or Coca-Cola or any other brand. It was the way Aamir presented his argument (and if you are a public celebrity who is respected widely for your opinion (unlike say, Prakash Karat), then I think you need to speak responsibly) about human rights etc was fallacious. If he had just said that ‘I am representing Coca-Cola as its brand ambassador in the Olympic torch run’, I don’t think anyone would have had a problem. Only when he started dragging the entire world and started speaking from a higher moral plane, did the problem start!

  2. Prakash Carrot
    Sitaram Khichuri…:)

    Why r Saif and Amir carrying the torch in the first place?
    Their gym record or their [GB adds: that’s offensive IMHO Rishi and hence removed]

    Rahul Gandhi baba should carry it.

  3. This Shakti Kapur – Gul Panag clip should be shown in major geopolitics classes across the world.

  4. Nice post GB,

    The depressing thing, as you pointed out, is that two potential forces for change play pussy with China – India and the Western market.

  5. well said…ultimately its all about money….just that aamir tried to sugarcoat his views and rediff got its chance to min some money and it continues…

  6. Nice post!
    There is no use blaming Aamir and Saif when the government itself is bent on being a mute spectator to Chinese atrocities in Tibet. What George Fernandes rightly pointed later in the above-referred interview with Karan Thapar was that the Chinese respect you only if you dare to criticize them without any qualms. There may be a lesson embedded somewhere ther…
    And yeah, if the Lenovo laptops had Sony batteries, trust me they would have gone up in flames themselves [pun intended!] 🙂

  7. Boycott the torch… Now, how will AK or SAK not carrying the torch affect China in the first place?!? I think we have made our stand on Tibet clear by letting them carry it! What better insult to China than the torch being carried by actors whose only claim to sporting fame was to beat their brothers in cycle races (and that too in movies)? And that too in a nation with over a billion!!

    To me this is the pinnacle of diplomacy… Go on guys, give’em the finger… oops… the torch!

  8. Un- fing- belivable short gem of a post. And I swear that the next time I am with someone, I will just have to shout out like that “Karo karo karo”, in exactly that tone ..and I don’t care if the girl gets pissed off and leaves.

    The way you used the youtube video to demonstrate foreign policy should be used as a template by Newspaper editors to pontificate to their Opinion staff about the scope of creative writing even wrt serious issues.

    The way you unfold the events in posts like this to the readers is a bit like viewing events through the eyes of a voyeur detective. In fact I had plans of a movie with you reprising the role of the private eye in our favorite movie- the incomparable Chinatown. One scene which I often visualized was where a full nude Rakhi Sawant(first in Indian cinema), erstwhile 20-something f mumbai chat friend, comes up to you with a knife and says, “You are a very nosy blogger GB. You have put your nose in who- knows- where of so many Bollywood startlets. You know what happens to nosy bloggers? Well they lose their noses.” Fast forward to RTDM home page of a pic with a bandaged nose. 🙂 And now that an Indian director has killed my dreams of creating an Indian version of Chinatown (the admirable Manorama- Six feet Under), I have to think of other plots of similar nature where the thin line between decadence and rectitude, between corruption and uprightness and between sanity and insanity are closely examined. Themes of Honysuckle and solving border problems by increasing proximity between bare bodies seem to be very appetizing.

    From that Indian express link:

    “Dirty tricks helped: “The Indian embassy in Moscow was being penetrated by the KGB, using its usual varieties of the honey trap. The Indian diplomat PROKHOR was recruited, probably in the early 1950s, with the help of a female swallow, codenamed NEVEROVA, who presumably seduced him. The KGB was clearly pleased with the material which PROKHOR provided, which included on two occasions the embassy codebook and deciphering tables, since in 1954 it increased his monthly payments from 1,000 to 4,000 rupees” (page 313).

    PROKHOR is not identified. ”

    Well, he is very familiar to Bengali readers of Desh patrika- a legendary hero of a legendary character of a legendary detective series.

  9. How about Mallika Sherawat in her trademark clothes carrying the torch and wear a T-Shirt saying – “I am running for Rs. 2 crores paid to me. To hell with Tibet and peace” 🙂

  10. I wish some one uses a honey trap on for Karat and Yechury and mkes them utter anti-china and pro-amreeka stuff, then put it up on youtube for all to see. That’d be fun.

  11. Yes, GB the Gul-Shakti encounter was awesome. Loved it.

  12. @Ideaunique…wht abt mallika sherawat w/o a t shirt n running???…tibet and peace anyhow r gonna goto whr they are destined to

  13. Good Post Arnab.

  14. Timely and thoughtful post by Arnab da. I couldn’t agree more on all points raised. Hats off to GB, as always !!!

    Regarding Aamir Khan’s hypocritical lip-service in his obfuscating effort “to throw in the plight of Kashmiri Pandits as a counterbalancing afterthought (as if that too is somehow an example of state-sponsored atrocity)….

    While I am decidedly not a fan of any Khan, might I add that Aamir may have unwittingly admitted something here:

    a) That the ongoing near-total Religious Genocide of Indigenous Hindu Kashmiris (with 10,000 Hindus raped or slaughtered; 0.5 million Hindus kicked out of Kashmir) from 1989 till today, is indeed the result of a “State”-sponsored atrocity.

    b) The “State” responsible for this colossal tragedy is Khalifah, the global, pan-Islamic state made obligatory by the “holy scriptures”, to unite the entire Ummah under one flag against the infidels, by conquering all nations and converting/killing those who resist.

    c) The Kashmiri Ummah, composed of the clueless descendants of Hindus who were forcibly converted a few centuries ago, are fully cognizant of the Khalifah obligation and gladly provided the hands that chopped off heads of those Hindus who refused to convert.

  15. d) But this tragedy in Kashmir could have been averted with some foresight and without shedding a single drop of blood. And in this history lesson, lies a lesson for our current generation of Indians.

    In hindsight, Kashmiri Hindus now regret having lost two golden opportunities, both strategic and tactical, both in medieval and recent times to “bring back home” hundreds of thousands of converted Muslims back into the Hindu fold.

    1) First in the year 1320 C.E, the Kashmiri Hindus had refused to accept the voluntary conversion of Ladakhi Buddhist prince Rinchin, who had was eager to become a Hindu in order to atone publicly and strengthen his position among the masses for his sin of killing Rama Chandra, the Hindu king of Kashmir and successor to King Sahadeva. Having been turned down for voluntary conversion by the conclave of Hindu Saiva religious leaders led by Shri Deva Swami, a dejected Rinchin next approached the eagerly waiting Islamic missionary from Turkistan, Bulbul Shah, who gleefully converted him to Islam. The converted Rinchin declared himself the Sultan of Kashmir. Islam was declared a state religion and since then, the heavenly vale of Kashmir was turned into a hellish inferno.

    We must remember that until then, for 5000 years, several dynasties of Hindu sovereigns had ruled the land until the advent of Muslim invaders. Now, millions of Hindus from the Kashmir valley, Mirpur, Poonch, and Rajouri were killed or forced to convert to Islam during relentless 500-year Islamic occupation from 1346 C.E. to 1819 C.E., as were Buddhists from Kargil, Gilgit, Hunza, Swat and Dard regions.

    Thereafter, no matter which Sultan ruled – be it Turkish, Mughal, Afghan or even a Kashmiri convert to Islam, the Hindu civilization was doomed to be wiped out. During this time, a multitude of Hindu shrines were destroyed, and several million Hindus were driven away (These survive today as the Saraswat community in Punjab, Uttaranchal and the Konkan coast). The Sufis, lead by the Hamdanis, played a very notorious role in this near-total extermination of Hindu civilization in Kashmir.
    The Muslim occupation, which lasted nearly 500 years, came to an end with the annexation of Kashmir to the Sikh kingdom of Punjab in 1819.

    The Kashmir region, in its present form, became a part of the Hindu Dogra kingdom at the end of the First Sikh War in 1846, when, by the treaties of Lahore and Amritsar, Maharaja Gulab Singh, the Hindu Dogra ruler of Jammu, was made the ruler of Kashmir “to the eastward of the River Indus and westward of the River Ravi.”

    2) When Kashmir was rescued from Islamic tyranny by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and returned to the Hindus under the Dogra Rajput kings, the impact of the wave of Hindu self confidence and resurgence was so powerful that even the converted people started making up their mind for re-adopting the religion of their ancestors. Muslims from the Kashmir valley, Mirpur, Poonch and Rajouri assembled and appealed to the court of Maharaja Ranbir Singh praying that they be accepted back in their ancestral Hindu religion and establish a “Roti – Beti ka Rishta” (Family ties of Eating Together and Inter-Marriage) with their estranged clansmen.

    The Muslims from the Kashmir valley were of Kashmiri Pandit heritage, while people of Mirpur-Poonch-Rajouri area belong to the warlike Rajput and Jat heritage. The latter have close social, economic and religious ties with the inhabitants of the adjoining districts of Jehlam, Rawalpindi and Hazara in Pakistan. They too had been converted to Islam during the Muslim occupation.

    When the Maharaja asked the remaining Kashmiri Hindu Pandits, Hindu Rajputs and Hindu Jats about accepting the reversion of their “lost” relatives into their respective “gotra” clans, these Hindus showed a clear lack of foresight and refused to accept them back in their Hindu clans. The conservative Hindus, indignant and chafing under centuries old Islamic rule, stupidly declared that since the converts had been forcibly circumcised, forced to eat beef and forsake their ancestral faith under duress, all doors of “Roti – Beti ka Rishta” were closed.

    Centuries ago, these very Kashmiri Hindus had not allowed Rinchan to adopt Hindu religion which led to the trampling of Kashmir under the feet of Muslim rulers for 500 years. And now, when the Muslims expressed their wish to revert to the Hindu religion, the lack of foresight among the Hindus did not allow such efforts to succeed.

    Had the Dogra Maharaja himself declared the converted people as Hindus, the problem would have ended for ever. But alas, the Hindu Maharaja did not want to interfere in matters of religion, unlike the Sultans.

    And unfortunately, the Arya Samaj movement had not been formed then and so “Shuddhikaran” (Reversion to Hindu Dharma) or Swami Shraddhanand were unknown at that time.

    And so, inspite of their sincere entreaties, they remained Muslims, with the doors of Hinduism being foolishly shut in their face. Within a few decades, during the 1930s, the next generation of Kashmiri Muslims came under the influence of the Muslim Conference. The Muslim League politics of the adjoining districts of Jhelum and Rawalpindi also began to influence the the next generation of Muslims inMirpur, Poonch and Rajouri. The result was that most of them became supporters of Pakistan after its establishment. Having served as soldiers in the British Army and even in the army of the Hindu Dogras, many of them were ex-service men (war veterans), possessed fire arms and were adept in their use. It was, therefore, easy for the Pakistani agents to instigate them to rebel against the authority of the State.

    Ever since these two major screw-ups, tactical as well as strategic, History has never been kind to the Hindus of Kashmir. And once again, Islam has divided a people with a long and common culture and history of over 5000 years of Hindu-Buddhist heritage. And the rest is history.

    But then why just blame the Hindus of Kashmir for their tragedy? The lack of foresight among Hindus in India exists to this very day, in every single state and every single caste. Just look at the ongoing tragedy in East Bengal (Bangladesh) or the Hindu exodus from Sindh, the terror in West Bengal’s rural landscape or the disappearing Hindu population in Malappuram (Kerala).

    The same fate awaits every single Hindu person and family in India (be it the Bengalis, the Tamils, the Punjabis, the Gujaratis, the Sindhis, the Konkanis, the Hindi bhashis, the Rajputs, the Khatris, the Vaishyas, the Baidyas, the Jats, the Marathas, the Thevars, the Dalits, the Brahmins, the Kayasthas, the Vaishnavas, the Saivas, the Sakthas, the Smarthas) who have not yet approached their Muslim brethren to revert and rejoin the Hindu ancestral family, as long-lost relatives who have finally come home. (“Ghar Wapasi”).

  16. @Pranab Roy : Thanks for this insightful commentary. Yes, i have always believed, Hindus themselves should be blamed for their own sorry state. And not only in Kashmir. They being mere pushovers in India, is a telling comment on their sorry state.

  17. Interesting views, GB.

    I’ve been disillusioned about the Olympics for a while now, I don’t see why a hue and cry is being made about an event that is now the premier competition on which athlete can survive the longest before being discovered to have taken drugs on the way to the podium. Twenty seven different cases were detected the last time over.

    So while I can imagine people wanting to make a statement against whatever the Chinese are, the Olympics are a farce that shouldn’t be bothered with anyway.

  18. Nice Clip you Naughty Boy 🙂

    Karo Karo Karo Karo Karo… 🙂

  19. @ Pranab Roy
    Very nicely put. Two moments in the history of Kashmir, 1/2 a millenium apart… when pseudo-secular Hindus refuse to allow eager Muslims to return back to Hinduism…
    and the history of the subcontinent changes forever.

    Also, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Sheikh Abdullah, both trace their roots to the “Kaul” Kashmiri Hindu surname. Many feel that that maybe one of the reasons why Nehru listened to Sheikh Abdullah and totally ignored Raja Hari Singh.

    Alas..the ways of the psecs.

    But its never too late..we could be bitches that stop yelping and start biting.

    Interestingly, some say Rinchin had Tibetan heritage…which brings us back to Tibet.

    I still think Rahul Gandhi baba should carry the torch.

  20. Hello,

    An apt observation regarding US and overall world dependence on cheap Chinese made products. Any serious change in chinese behavior can come through financial impact. These demonstrations and who does and does not support the Olympics does not matter. Chinese Gov is thick skinned and they could care less.
    I am sure some of the strongest protester on this issue will be shopping at Walmart this afternoon buying super cheap stuff made in chinese sweat shop.

    Also the argument posted in Rediff is seriously flawed and it gives an impression that chinese gov is favorable to native folks. As a communist autocratic government, they are an equal opportunity offender and do not accommodate any dissent. Also the fact that the column starts with Nazi comparison does not serve well. Anytime anybody wants demonize an act comparing it to SS or Hitler is the least effective way.

  21. I am sure if non Muslim star would have written the blog comments there would not be such outcry.
    Just forget he is muslim and than read his comments.
    So much for freedom of speech where you are allowed a opinion and then branded Anti-Indian etc.
    Let us consider that Aamir looked at things from Muslim prespective so what !
    Does not Great Bong(sometimes) looks at things from Bengali prespective.

  22. now sachin tendulkar will run with the torch…can some historian enlighten by attaching it with the marathi manoos issue???

  23. Just an interesting observation I thought
    Aamir khan’s blog-post was dated 1st April.
    But perhaps it’s not possible to fool all the people even for some of the time.
    Nice post GB

  24. GB, you and me have common taste when it comes to YouTube clips 🙂

  25. Arnab da, gr8 post short and absolute.
    Insights were brilliant.

    But somehow I have an allergy towards intellectuals(my IQ is -0.9)I just don’t seem to get if somebody wants to run, let him run. why do we need to waste time debating over indo-china relationship, history of Chinese politics, blah blah blah..while one can watch Raunchy shakti kapoor’s auuuu… (for eg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwpjE_4teDE)

    I have just booked a table in a Chinese restaurant for two, and me and my girlfriend are going to have Chicken Manchurian tonight.( it has been ages i had chicken because of repeated BIRD FLU episodes)

    I wish if i were to run with that tourch.. i would, no craps attached.

    Go Run Aamir Run !!

  26. @Andy_pundit
    Just in case it helps, apparently manchurian has nothing to do with chinese cuisine and it has been developed entirely in India.

  27. @brotish

    Congrats man..You just wiped out the entire Manchuria region of north-eastern china bordering Russia. While the typically Indian Gobi/Chicken/Paneer Manchurian offerings all over India are typically ‘desi’, there does exist authentic Manchurian cuisine.

    Given the brutally cold winters and difficult life in that region, the cuisine is quite simplified compared to their brethren in the south. Major ingredients would include pickled cabbage, pork and chicken. Beef is rarely used.

  28. aamir just doesn’t want to come down from that moral high pedestal which he has made in thin air…now Sachin also joins the fray..wonder what he will say while running…visa power:go get it 😛

  29. Thanks to all for commenting. Yes we would all be glad if Aamir was honest enough to say what his real reason for running was. However he is allowed to be as hypocritical as we are…

    And Yourfan2, Good catch. Never thought that Prokhor Rudra had a rather spicy past.

  30. “How many of us are ready to boycott Coke products for sponsoring the Games? How many of us are ready to make a public bonfire of our Lenovos (not a bad idea I understand considering its perceived quality) in solidarity with the people of Tibet?”

    Coke, Lenovo and Google do not represent the spirit of Olympics, Olympic Torch does.

  31. @veej,
    Thanks for the details. I really had no idea about the manchurian thing and put the “apparently” just to avoid getting blasted from any manchurian or sino-russian lover.
    never mind, thanks for the piece of info.
    sorry for going too off the topic

  32. The Shakti stuff is awesome!

    GB, do you think CPI(M) will withdraw support from the government if Singh decides to boycott from the Olympic ceremonies? How about signing the nuclear deal with Bush in Beijing stadium? Surely Karat cannot imagine sabotaging Singh’s presence in that holy venue…

  33. Non-urban WBengalis, among the poorest populations in India but who unwittingly decide India’s global destiny via their elected leaders (nuclear & military deals, FDI, reforms…), now hold the key to determine international affairs. Long live democracy.


  34. Forgot to include my name in the post above.

  35. could anyone post the karo karo video on any other video site. Youtube has deleted it for violation of terms.

  36. Hara hara bom bom April 14, 2008 — 11:02 am



    “Hindu worker murdered with screwdriver through eye. Other Hindus barred from entering factory in Karachi”

    About 40 Hindu employees of a factory here, one of whose same faith colleagues was killed for allegedly passing blasphemous remarks about Prophet Mohammed, have been barred from entering their place of work after some members of the community tried to register a case regarding the murder.

    Jagdish’s father Prabhu Ji said he did not understand what his son “did to deserve such a brutal death”. More than Jagdish’s death, his family is shocked by the brutality of his murder.

    “He was stabbed in the left eye with a screwdriver and his back was stabbed with scissors. They also beat his head with some hard object till he died,” Prakash said.

    The neighbours of Jagdish and his brother-in-law Om Prakash, who returned from the victim’s hometown of Mirpurkhas on Saturday after his cremation, blamed the factory’s management and police officials for his death.

    Prakash said they did not intervene at the right time. Jagdish, he said, was a dedicated and responsible employee at the factory and the management had assigned him to head a team of workers that included Muslims.

    “He often shared with me how some of his Muslim colleagues never approved of the idea of a Hindu heading their team and frequently discriminated against him, which used to upset him but he refrained from fighting back,” said Prakash.

    “I am sure they took some personal revenge. I simply cannot believe my bother-in-law could utter anything against the Holy Prophet whom we all respect.”

    A medico-legal report from the hospital to which Jagdish’s body was taken said his death occurred due to “acute head injury resulting from hard and blunt objects”.

    The workers are all residents of Marwari Mohalla and neighbours of 22-year-old Jagdish Kumar, who was killed on April 8 by his other colleagues in factory. They have been restricted from entering Nova Industries in the Korangi industrial area here by the factory’s management.

    The move came after some members of the Hindu community tried to register a case regarding Jagdish’s death with police, Lyari town Minority Councillor Ratan Kumar said.

    “Since Jagdish’s murder on April 8, the factory van has not come to pick the workers from this vicinity and the workers fear they have lost their jobs. They have been receiving reports from their Muslim co-workers that the management of the factory has fired them all in reaction to Jagdish’s alleged blasphemous remarks,” Ratan Kumar told The News daily.

    Heightening apprehensions in this regard is the fact that that no member of the factory’s management came to Jagdish’s house to condole his death, his family said. The Hindu workers from Marwai Mohalla also did not go to the factory last week to get their weekly wages.

    Hindus in the Marwari Mohalla, home to about 2,000 registered voters, fear for their lives after the murder of Jagdish.
    Ratan Kumar said most young men are now staying indoors as they fear “negative repercussions” after Jagdish’s death.

    He was the youngest of eight siblings and had moved to Karachi three years ago in search of a better career. “In Mirpurkhas, he was earning only Rs 50 per day so they sent him to Karachi to live with me,” said Prakash. Jagdish was earning about Rs 200 a day in Karachi.


    Of course the WTFs of this world may take a casual glance and get back to sipping Coke’s at Tantra. The Shaans of the world may shrug and continue spewing venom at imaginary, or even manufactured, Hindu crimes. The fat, dumpy middle-class bored wives of venal bribe taking bureaucrats that constitutes the ‘Human Rights Movement’ (sic) in India will glance, and get back to scouring the papers for any anti-Indian, anti-Hindu cause that can be their ‘entertainment da jour’.

    Meanwhile, the Rishi Khujurs will continue to do sterling work for the Hindu cause in slience, without recognition. The Hara Hara Bom Boms will continue to weep in silence, and with their limited resources, try to do something.

    And the Jagadish’s of Pakistan will continue to die in silence. With scredrivers through their eyes.

  37. Its a bit sad that Aamir has been justified.
    The US goes to war immaterial of what the world says, so why do we discuss that at all
    Just because you and me start using public transport system pollution is not going to end..So why do we do that?
    Just because I am going to vote the right party they are not going to win..So why vote at all??
    The questions would keep adding.
    The question is not what Aamir did..it is about what he spoke and did
    I have mentioned this before..In India, a country where you can count the athletes by fingers, we dont give them the opputunity to run the lap which they rightly deserve. Its like calling P.T Usha to the Filmfare awards and keeping SRK out! A bit of an overhyped sentence but imagine..In this case, P.T.Usha dosent fit the scenario..In the Aamirs case, he and Saif dosent deserve this decoration at all..
    I know I am deviating fromn the topic..but hats off to all those people who go to Olympics representing India with no support from govt, no enthusiam shown from pepl and no understanding from learnt people like us!

  38. @ HHBB
    I was saddened to see the horrific manner in which the Hindu kid, Jagadish was killed in the Karachi factory complex. Usually they use more “humane” methods like slowly sawing the head off (halal style) while reading quotable passages from the Koran.

    But we are helpless to do anything inside the Islamic republic.

    In fact, here is a incident that happened in our own backyard in Howrah, West Bengal (still in India), where a Hindu youth was kidnapped and stabbed for trying to protect Hindu girls from molestation by Islamic rowdies.

    We are capable of providing relief here and support is welcome. Detailed info below http://www.bengalgenocide.com/act.php

  39. @ friends like WTF, Shan, Ravi Ivaturi…especially Ravi

    I remember, over the months when we were having our discussions, many of you wanted to see datas and stats regarding my claims about the demographic coup that districts in West Bengal face from Islam.
    A friend of mine has uploaded this book by Bimal Pramanik. It provides a detailed analysis, using GOI census data over the past 60 years.

    A must read

    Click to access Demography-bimal.pdf

  40. Hi Arnab,
    Allmost after one year I am writing in your blog.
    I find this Amir Khan is very very diplomatic modern cunning Mohlla. He is intelligent too, he knows his maintain PR and knows how to manupulate things.Regards

  41. Toamr Blogta Banglar Rajnitir moncho hoya gache, ami onek links porlam, ata kintu thick kotha, jodi bodering district gulote jao tahole kintu bujte parbe bhaparta motai bhalo noi.Under current ta kintu khub fast, amra Kolkatai theke hare hare ter pacchi.Ami banglate liklam.

  42. theek bolechen debashish da…
    haate haat diye bosthakle to cholbe na..bolun.

    ager baap to paliye e-paare aasha holo……Eibare paliye ki communal Modi-ir Gujarat-e jaoa hobe.

  43. Hara hara bom bom April 15, 2008 — 4:09 pm

    Debashis bhai/da (if over 29)

    What in Hades are you worried about? Other people are having their skulls smashed in as well, so it’s perfectly alright if a member of a quivering minority gets a screw driver through his eye.

    Another minority member below has had his skull crushed in. So what’s the problem?

    Don’t worry. Be happy. That’s what the rest of your co-relionists are doing.



    THE mother of a 15-year-old boy left with brain damage by an Asian gang is blaming multi-culturalism for the way ethnic minorities get away with violent bullying in schools.

    Liz Webster, 43, from Swindon, whose son Henry nearly died in the attack, believes a “culture of timidity” among teachers is stopping them clamping down on ethnic minority bullies because they fear accusations of racism. She also accuses teachers of failing to recognise that ethnic minorities can exhibit racism against whites.

    Her son, who was a pupil at Ridgeway comprehensive, near Swindon, was set upon by a 16-strong Asian gang, smashed on the skull by repeated blows from a claw hammer and left for dead. Last week 13 of the gang were convicted of charges relating to the attack.

    Police had been called to a similar incident involving members of the same gang eight months earlier. A white pupil was left with a broken jaw, but there was no prosecution.

    “Everyone seems to think that racism starts with white people,” Webster said. “They can’t seem to get their heads round the fact that racism can come from the other side. I now know a lot more about the disciplinary problems with some of the Asian boys. If they had been white, I think they would have been kicked out.”

    One of the defendants claimed there were repeated rumours of racist bullying by whites against Asians at the school. There is no evidence of any build-up of tension, however, before the attack on Henry, in January 2007. It was sparked by a confrontation in a corridor between him and a 14-year-old Asian boy, which led to a challenge to a one-on-one fight after class on the school tennis courts.

    When Henry, who had no record of disciplinary problems, arrived at the courts he found three carloads of older teenagers armed with a variety of weapons. They had been summoned by 59 mobile phone calls made in the space of little more than an hour. One caller told them one of the “ gora [whites], a big fat ginger kid, wanted a fight”.

    The diminutive 14-year-old boy pointed out Webster to the gang. Webster was cornered, punched and, as he turned to try to escape, knocked down and hit with the hammer. Even after onlookers had heard the crack of his skull fracturing, the other gang members continued to kick and punch him.

    In front of at least 250 school-children, the gang yelled: “That’s what you call Paki-bashing,” while punching the air.

    During the attack, the schoolboy’s skull was fractured in three places by the hammer. A section about 2in across was smashed into the front of his skull, tearing the lining of his brain.

    Wasif Khan, 18, who wielded the hammer on Webster, has been convicted of grievous bodily harm, as have Amjad Qazi, 19, Nazrul Amin, 19, and four schoolboys. On Tuesday the final members of the gang, who styled themselves the Broadgreen Mas-sif after the area of Swindon where they lived, were found guilty of conspiracy for their part in the attack. All 13 will be sentenced later this month.

    Nobody has been able to explain adequately the background to the assault. There have been unproven rumours that Asians have been victims of racial bullying in the school. Staff at Ridgeway comprehensive, a foundation school with 1,400 pupils, in the village of Wroughton outside Swindon, last week refused to discuss the issues. A spokesman said there might still be civil litigation.

    The Websters are likely to claim £1m compensation for Henry’s injuries, which include permanent brain damage.

    Nor has the school explained its treatment of the Webster family after the attack. The headmaster told a governors’ inquiry that gestures such as sending cards or flowers were “not in his nature”. Questioned about an incident in which a pupil had come to school wrapped in a Pakistani flag, he told them it was no different from a Welsh governor wearing a Welsh flag or a daffodil.

  44. @HHBB
    kon deshe baash koro..bondhu? Network barate hoibe amaader. Bengal-e Ground-e polaader economic support dorkaar.
    Gulf-er funding counter korte hoile moder grassroot funding zogaar koite hobe.
    Bongo-shontan-e-ra boddo kripon. Ki kora zaye bolo to?

  45. Ae ki? Bangaal bhashaye likhteso kobe theke Khujur ?


  46. Widely respected muslim personalities??

    In whose eyes? Only Hindus and other so called secularists will believe that they are widely respected Muslim personalities. They might be respected personalities (for some) but the real muslim will tell you that there is nothing Muslim about either of them.

    Drunkards, smokers, married to or having affairs with Kafir women without converting them to Islam, expose themselves in sleazy movies, gaana-bajana …..almost everything that these 2 do is Haram according to the Book that they are supposed to follow.

    In fact the hardliner Mullahs will never accept them as muslims…

  47. THE mother of a 15-year-old boy left with brain damage by an Asian gang is blaming multi-culturalism for the way ethnic minorities get away with violent bullying in schools.

    Liz Webster, 43, from Swindon, whose son Henry nearly died in the attack, believes a “culture of timidity” among teachers is stopping them clamping down on ethnic minority bullies because they fear accusations of racism. She also accuses teachers of failing to recognise that ethnic minorities can exhibit racism against whites.

  48. @ Sufyan

    The whole problem is that the West still doesnt get it.

    It is not about “race” it is about religion. (one has got to do with skin color and another with a diseased ideology)

    Blaming ISLAM IS NOT RACISM….A Chechenian Muslim is as white as a Saxon and a Nigerian Muslim is as black as black can be…

  49. @ rishi

    Why the West?

    The so called politically correct, secular, intellectual Indians also fail to understand it.

    Those who understand are labeled as fanatics, hateful, communal and what not …

  50. 16 yr girl is mother of 4 children and has multiple husbands. 500 women and children living in a different world.This is Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Thats how diseased ideology grow and spread.


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