Akhtar Akhtar

Oh what drama doth cricket produce.

A meager 133 runs to defend. The most successful opening pair of the tournament at the crease.

And running into bowl is a man rejected by his country as too undisciplined, too over-the-hill and just too wacko to warrant selection, a man out of competitive cricket for months and barely match-fit, written off and lampooned by most (and that includes me).

What happens next?


Virender Sehwag, one of the tournaments success stories, is taken out by a well thought out delivery that tempts him to attack but gives him no room to free his arms. Gautam Gambhir, orange cap wearing leading run scorer, refuses to play to the situation and tries to dominate with disastrous results. De Villiers receives the ball of the spell, a lethal short delivery that screams towards his visor and he can do nothing but awkwardly sky it. And then Manoj Tiwari, the home boy but not the home crowd’s favorite today, is blasted out by an express delivery that rockets onto his back leg.

Perhaps it was the crowd support, egging him on like they did to the gladiators of old. Perhaps it was the desire to show the world that he still has it in him to be the best. Perhaps it was the need to make his critics eat crow (and I am eating it as we speak). Perhaps it was something about the venue where he first burst into the limelight with two missile-like deliveries, one after another, to shatter Dravid and Tendulkar’s stumps.

Whatever may have caused this, make no mistake.

Shoiab Akhtar today gave the performance of the tournament so far. These were three overs of the best bowling one could hope to see, three overs of controlled but searing pace, aggression and intensity, three overs that showed the world what Shoaib might have been had he been able to keep his self destructive tendencies under control.

But then again, he wouldn’t have been Shoaib then would he?

And as it often happens, the Kolkata Knightriders rode the adrenalin unleashed by Shoaib , fielding like madmen (Dinda’s runout of Maharoof being nothing short of spectacular), blotting out yet another listless performance with the bat to keep their hopes of reaching the semi-finals alive.

Hats off Mr. Akhtar. You rule.

[Unrelated addendum: To all those demanding a review of “Jimmy”, I am yet to see it. Suffice to say, I shall review it when and if I grab hold of a copy]

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  1. This is KKR at full steam. Good to see the pieces falling into place. If only the batsmen would lend more meat, then this will be the team to beat!

  2. nice!
    inspired spell indeed….i actually logged on to see whether you were going to eat some crow. kudos to you…..
    first comment?

  3. what a coincidence that I happen to be the first person to post a comment on this piece, the day I complete reading all of GB’s articles, and I mean all!

    Thank you Akhtar for this evening of magic. Thank you GB for four years (almost) of magic which I devoured in 3 months:)

  4. talk about laxmi also; those great direct hits and a magical 18th over. I sincerely hope to see akash chopra carrying water in the next match

  5. but with an overdose of cricket, everyone (including me) seems to have ignored the blasts in Jaipur

  6. yeah, thats what I was gonna say Anirban.
    I had two tabs open on my browser, one tracking the score and other the developing news of jaipur blasts.
    Mixed emotions … I must say.

  7. Great bowling. Even I thought he would fail. But he was the best Pakistani bowler when they were touring India remeber.

    I’ll go home and watch the game.

  8. Looking for heroes …are we? Dada not enough?

  9. Damn man, beaten to the 1st comment again. But anyway, what intensity from the Knight Riders and what an IPL debut for Shoaib! One of the best matches of the tournament surely. GB, you’ve summed it up very well, as usual.

  10. What a performance!!! He was telling (from the time he landed in India) that he’s grateful to Modi, SRK and Dada for support and he wants to repay and etc etc, but I just thought Shoaib has become a diplomata and extra nice… Looks like he really wanted to repay and boy, did he pay back? Yes, with interest I must say… Passion can do miracle as we saw today.
    And fielding! Can you believe Sourav is hitting stump in one-action underarm throw!! Mind boggling! Buchannon effect?? Or willpower to show the national selectors as he told in the post match ceremony…
    And last but not the least, I think GB will now agree, whatever KKR lacks (some sort of decent batting line up for example) they can fight…
    What say you???

  11. This was a match taht brought back memories of the good old days for me. The days of shouing your lungs out and at the end sitting there with throats as hoarse as if you have just come back after a protima bishorjon. This was 1.5 hrs of pure magic. Shoaib started it off…I was really sory for him to have missed out on the hattrick. Should have bowled that more fuller to Dilshan. That spell seemed to enervate KKR. I think on the filed the standout people were Wriddhuiman for some stunning keeping, Lokkhi for some superb outfielding, Dinda for that incredible swivel-in-the-air runout, Hussey for Gambhir’s and Sangwan’s catches and finally Sourav. Remember that direct hit in the 1st over? Lovely! Bowling-wise I thought everyone contributed. Ishant bowled tight-tight-tight in the latter overs. Sourav as usual in the IPL (but he missed that sitter!). DInda for getting Dhawan’s wicket almost Sohail-Prasad style! What a performance! Go Knight Riders! We are back! Joy ma kali!!!

  12. @GB .. Do you give freebies like iPODs/playstations to those who comment first ?

  13. Ok, there you go. Shoaib just earned his moolah in the first match itself. Ganguly must be praying kali maa that shoaib
    1)is not injured
    2)does not hit coach or the fellow bowlers
    3)Does not do drugs
    before the next match. SRT is getting back into the fold as well. It would be exciting to see the match on 16th when Mumbai faces off with KKR. Clash of the titans again

  14. http://www.rediff.com/cricket/2008/may/13kolkata.htm

    Ranadeb Bose asked to go home. Bengali athletes are even being mistreated in Bengal. How long Bengalis have to suffer discrimination??

  15. @RichAndFamous
    If we believe “Anandabazar – The Brain Washing Machine”, then the players were compensated in full according to their contracts.

  16. Yeah, it was a funny feeling. I have never cheered Akhtar on before, always grudgingly, silently admired him when he bowled well, and maybe even hoped that he had been born on this side of the border at times. Today morning was different. I even screamed “C’MON” with as much gusto a non-morning person can muster, as the umpire’s finger went up, sending Manoj Tiwari home.

  17. It was thrilling stuff. Shoaib at full speed is a sight to behold. And yesterday he was on the spot as well. Never thought he would turn on such matchwinning performances again.

  18. @turrtle

    by far the best comment I have ever read on this site…

  19. Right on the button GB, the most passionate performance so far by any team! The fielding and commitment was brilliant. As for Shoaib, well, hes such a great example of what could happen to prodigious talent if its not managed well. Sigh, what a waste!

    PS: The lingering image of the day for me was of Glen Mcgrath after he bowled a full toss and conceded a six in his last over. After the over, as he was walking back, he kept muttering and chiding himself for what seemed like forever! He might as well have shot himself! That after bowling his four overs for less than six an over! Professionalisn and high standards for you!

  20. @GB: aren’t you going to remark on SRK’s presentation party leap into the speedster’s arms, where he stayed entwined for what seemed like eternity?! (i was hoping for a picture to preserve that sight for posterity)

    on a serious note, it was great to see the whole team coalesce together, the fielding was otherworldly; can’t believe sourav fielded like that w/o any injuries! wriddhiman is quite a genius, his movements are seamless, as if he’s been practising all his life for this opportunity. wonderful to see shoaib speak so modestly after a killer performance that seemed to fire all his teammates. keeping fingers and toes crossed for a semfinal berth..

  21. Ira, my thoughts exactly. I saw that pic in Telegraph & I said to myself Great-Da will definitely use this 🙂

    Deeps, regarding McGrath cursing(?) himself I am always reminded of Ganguly doing the same whenever he gets out in his usual style. And then he does it again!

    Rich&Famous, isn’t Ranadeb at home (Calcutta) already?

    Anirban, ABP is a KKR sponsor. Should we expect too much objectivity there?

    But hats off to Shoaib. Fairytale match for him. Hopefully he hasn’t peaked. All this time I lamented I KKR had Umar Gul & Shoaib Dhop but the mind has now changed 🙂

  22. @Asterix..Thanks for the clip…don’t get the cricket here so was follwoing on cricinfo.
    Just got back from cal from vacation so DID get to see seome matches on SET Max.
    GB, nice post…rock on KKR!

  23. Akhtar demolished Delhi 🙂 good to see him perform, wud have liked Ishant take a couple of wickets too – btw, SRK ‘mounting’ on Akhtar cud be one of the reasons RD didnt wanna win the games for ‘Royal Old Monks’

  24. we are making crow-biriyani and maggot deserts for myself and my friends today.. anybody wanna join…

  25. Anirban Mitra May 14, 2008 — 8:54 am

    Arnab, if you were at the Eden , you would have thought that India has just won a World Cup semi-final against Australia:)))

    It was sheer passion in raw.

  26. Shoiab’s performance was good. But Dinda’s runout and Shukla’s cool wickets at the heat got the match in KKR’s favour. Great match. Surprised to read this rather positive post.

    No mention about SRK??? The minute I saw the cheering SRK on the TV screen, I only thought of Great Bong’s blog.

    Those who like reading any sadistic mention about SRK in GB style of humour, should read Aamir’s latest blog entry … Seems Shahrukh is the name of Aamir’s best friend.

    Aamir has made it public that he owns a foot licking, misbehaving, smelly and attention seeking pet DOG which has been
    innocently named as Shahrukh.

  27. Shoiab was obviously a huge surprise factor for the Delhi Daredevils. As someone from the team later told the press ‘We played him too positively’

    Now that the other teams have wisened up to him, I expect him to return to earth with a bang

  28. I have been vindicated. I had commented on your “Knight Rider korbo re” post with a little rant defending Akhtar. I reproduce it here for your benefit –

    “for some reason you have got it against Shoaib Akhtar. Despite all the bluster, antics, fitness and discipline problems, you still have a very very good fast bowler who has had to carry Pakistan’s inadequacies on his back for a very long time, and he still has delivered more often than not. Its unfortunate, that he like Sachin has created extremely high standards, to which we hold him every time he runs in to bowl. He in my opinion is one of the very few, truely, naturally gifted fast bowlers of this generation (the other in my humble opinion, being the mostly overlooked Jason Gillespie). But he is probably so naturally talented, and things come so easy for him, that he really does’nt know what to do with himself. I think it is an issue with being too talented; casepoint being shane warne. And he is definitely worth atleast 3 times the price of an Ishant Sharma.”

    I genuinely believe that we make fun of fast bowlers like Agarkar, or Shoaib, without realizing the strain one puts his body (and mind) through, in running in from 15 yards and hurling a ball at 3/4ths the length of the pitch for even an hour.

  29. Forum – A a two minutes silence for Jaipur is called for.


  30. As much I snigger at the naming of the teams (which give off whiff of some kingly sadomasochistic fetish)and the dancing of SRK and constellations of wee dim starlets of tollywood around him, among others, i must admit to being impressed by the onslaught of the Knight(y) Riders against them Daredevils.

  31. Why is nobody talking about Akhtar’s bowling action?

    Hamar bitwa, Mimoh, ke dancing action ke baare mein to sab comments kar rahe hein..

  32. Anirban, Atul, Kaunteya,

    The Jaipur massacre is neither the first nor will it be the last offering from “A Peaceful Belief System”.

    Some concerned Indians from around the world have come together to create awareness about this problem.

    If you really care about finding a remedy, please support the awareness drive by visiting the “Bengal Voice” link above.

    Otherwise, let’s stick to living in the virtual reality world of cricket/movies and close the bothersome Jaipur tab on your PC.

    Cheers !!!

  33. i ll wait for the day ajit agarkar takes a 5-for and you sing his praises.

  34. There was another mighty flip in the results today with Sanath singlehandedly winning the game for Bombay! Awesome!

  35. Well besides the brilliant match as for SRK and his enthusiastic “mounting” ( as it was aptly put earlier) .. if Katrina Kaif showed similar enthusiasm I am sure Bangalore Royal Challengers would make sure to win every match … I am sure Punjab after a dismal start got motivated to do the same due to Priety Zinta’s ‘enthusiastic efforts’ .. 😛

  36. With due respect to Shoaib’s devastating spell, to me the turning point of the match was Dilshan’s dismissal. Dinda wasn’t bowling as well as he had done in the earlier matches but the way he ran Dilshan out was out of the world. The bloke didn’t even set his target…just threw the ball while still not fully loooking at the direction of the stumps. And mind you, Dilshan is really fast when it comes to runnig. It happened in quick time and it was a blinder. Dilshan was playing really well and getting good support from Amit Mishra. Had this partnership lasted for, say, 10 more balls, the match would have turned on its head completely.

    Taking nothing away from Shoaib, he bowled fast and consistently reached the 145K mark, kept the line and length right but what actually had done the trick was lack of patience on Delhi batters’ part. Since it wasn’t a big target to chase, Daredevils should have seen through Shoaib and Ishant and waited for the inexperiences bowlers to come on. As Sehwag rightly admitted, they tried to play Shoaib ‘too positively’. The ball that got Sehwag was not a lethal delivery. His lack of footwork got him. Gambhir and De Villiers threw their wickets away by trying to hurry things. The delivery that got Tiwary was a real good one and the kid missed the line completely. However, at the ed of the day, it’s the bowling figures that matters. It was a dream performance from someone who had not any cricket in the last 5-6 months.

    However, no matter how well he performs, even though I like his body language and aggressive intent on the field, Shoaib will always remain ‘Shoaib Chuck-tar’ to me. He may not always suck but he always does chuck! 🙂 I hold somewhat similar views about Muralitharan and Malinga as well. Chucking is chucking. I don’t give a damn about how many degrees the angle between forearm and upper-arm should be etc etc and all this crap.

    The more I see of Wriddhiman Saha and Laxmi Ratan Shukla, the more impressed I am.
    Saha is really unfortunate to be playing in the same era as that of Dhoni, Parthiv and Kaarthick. With so many good keeper-batsmen around, I don’t see him wearing India colours in near future. That’s sad. The guy is really good both behind and in front of the stumps.
    This Laxmi is totally different from the one that made his ODI debut for India almost a decade back. Then he was just a talented 16-year-old kid who was literlly hurried into international cricket. Now he has shaped up to be a really useful all-rounder, exactly what the Indian ODI outfit needs. But with the Pathan brothers around, it would be really tough for him to make it.

    Countless stellar performances in domestic cricket by Ranadeb Bose are quietly and quickly forgotten with the suddent emergence of Ashoke Dinda, Manpreet Gony, Pradeep Sangwan etc. That’s unfortunate too.
    With so many chances being given to the likes of Munaf Patel and Ajit Agarkar every now and then, Ron certainly deserved a few chances. Every time there is a fast bowler injured in the Indian team or there is a vacant position for a fast bowler, either Munaf or Agarkar would be picked up. Now, like many cricketers from Bengal, Ron too will be completely forgotten. It’s a shame, really. 😦

  37. Debolin: ” hold somewhat similar views about Muralitharan and Malinga as well. Chucking is chucking. I don’t give a damn about how many degrees the angle between forearm and upper-arm should be etc etc and all this crap.”
    Since when did Malinga start getting accused of chucking?
    If you think that a slingshot action is chucking then read the rules. One can bend his shoulders 90 degrees while bowling.
    About Murali and Akhtar – It has been argued incessantly countless times. Everyone chucks for God’s sake. These two fellow have got wonky shoulders which makesit visible to the naked eye.
    If you talk about it, what is wrong with chucking? If batsmen these days have bats with superpowers and armour all over their bodies, surely one got to cut the bowlers some slack.

  38. Well, let Shoaib come to Mumbai on Saturday when KKR play the Indians. If the east stand(passion,partisan,vulgar) at wankhede stadium doesn’t kick his ass when he’s bowling to Sachin, then I’m not here. We’ll see how he reacts to that.

  39. @ Dhananjay Mhatre

    A chucker is a chucker is a chucker….
    I have specifically mentioned these are the views I hold….so they don’t necessarily have to be approved by others…. 😀

  40. @ dEbOLiN
    but can be discussed 🙂

  41. @debolin,
    I knew you have some problems with your EYES…firstly you have very wrong and meaningless views about the game and secondly you confidently speak about Dilshan’s batting and running when Dinda actually effected the run-out of Mahroof.

    Although just like your helplessly stubborn views on chucking you might not care about the physical or emotional distinguishing factors between Dilshan and Mahroof and prefer to call both of them Dilshan, thats your choice…however
    considering your emotions from “The more I see of Wriddhiman Saha and Laxmi Ratan Shukla, the more impressed I am.” I hope you did not experience any optical illusion or else it can cause quite a trouble for you mental and physical fulfilment.

  42. @S…fully agree with u esp in case of agarkar…he has to run 15 yards to bowl and immediately turn around to see the ball disappearing over his head or rebowl because more often thn not its a wide….so much of stress

  43. Sachin’s poor and hesitant form will persist thru this series. Akhtar is going to rip thru the fragile Bombay side this week. The Bombay team is overpaid, overhyped, and over there. Except for Sanath the rest are pretty useless, not being used to perform or perish regimes.

  44. @Rich and Famous

    yeah man………its really bad 2 c Bangali cricketers discriminated in their own city and v ppl doin nothin bout it. Sourasish Lahiri has played 4 India A and wud hav been much b8r than that good-4-nothin Karthik as Lahiri can bat well also. Ofcourse I honestly belief Ranadeb has no place in the present scenario wid Shoaib Akhtar joinin in, still he cud hav been played wid in da initial matches wher Ganguly was repeatedly using Agarkar(many ppl are yet 2 find da reasons behind Ganguly’s repeated preference 4 dis bowler even while he was Indian skipper)……………..

  45. Off topic but …. hey GB, I read your article on Mithunda in the May 13th issue of Outlook. Very well written.

    The legend shall now be known among the masses instead of being confined to us GB fans 🙂

  46. @optician :
    Thanks for pointing out the mistake.
    No excuses…my mistake….it was indeed Maharoof that Dinda Ran out. Dilshan was run out by Laxmi’s brilliant pick-up and throw and Saha’s quick reflexes.
    However, even Maharoof’s wicket was crucial. The dude had taken 27 off Shane Warne’s over a couple of days back…

    And as far as the later part of your comment in concerned, all I can say is, even though it contains elements of sarcasm and some serious orientation related allegations about me, I really appreciate your sense of humour.

    Cheers 😀

  47. @debolin,


  48. Am I alone in the feeling that some of the IPL matches are rigged??

  49. Note to GB: Take your time, we are patiently waiting for your Jimmy review…

  50. Kailas,

    You must be a totally cynical loner to think so. The KKR match had great moments. Sourav being tensed, shouting at every single misfield, cursing himself for a loose ball, amazing run outs … What action!

  51. @ Kailas

    “Am I alone in the feeling that some of the IPL matches are rigged??”

    Pretty much. But you do stand a finite chance of being vindicated as the man who saw tomorrow :))

  52. Also, you are yet to eat crow for the jibes on Sourav. 91 off 57 balls. Starring role with the ball. If I were you, and you were cricinfo, I would patiently dig all the links and write a reasonably funny article poking fun at you.
    What is it about Saurav? Everyone who makes fun of him has to eat humble pie?

  53. @SN… in 2000 india-SA ODI series had a close result in 3-2 and everyone enjoyed the close matches only to know after a few months that the series was rigged.

  54. @Debolin: My recollection of events is a little different. Sehwag was given a ball in “exactly” that area which he is the weakest in which goes to show that Akthar was not bowling (or chucking) just anywhere—which is what he sometimes does–without any thought. Gambhir was over-aggressive true. But De Villiers was not—he was beaten by raw pace with a delivery that got big on him. It was a most marvellous short ball. (Agarkar kindly note).And Dhawan’s dismissal was a straight-forward, accurate and fast delivery. Without taking anything away from Laxmi, getting the top 4 and that too so quick was what set the match up for KKR.

    @Randomrant: You see unlike you I am a not a blind admirer of SG, though I know that as a Bengali I am supposed to be (since many anti-Bengali commenters like to use that angle here). I recognize when SG is underperforming and call him on that. The problem with Cricinfo was not that they were calling SG for underperfoming (which he was in 2004) but because they 1) kept saying he shouldnt even try to come back 2) mocked his attempts to prove himself and most importantly 3)hinted not so subtly that SG faked injury and played politics in the team using old chestnuts like “a source in the team”—of course at the bidding of certain powers that be. The reason why they were against SG were also clearly, though indirectly, telegraphed—SG only gave good quotes to Kolkata newspapers. Unlike Cricinfo, I have no axe to grind with anyone nor any boots to lick. This is not because I am basically a good person but because I am not in the sports business. If someone is not performing well (and save one match SG has not performed well battingwise, at least not at a level befitting an “icon player”) I will point that out, and leave it at that without ascribing motives or quoting my “sources inside the team” to character assasinate the man. This is what distinguishes me from that Info site. A distinction I do want to maintain. As also a distinction from blind zombie fans.

  55. @gb
    how did crow taste?
    rook-pie, anyone?

  56. @gb,

    Seems the optical problem is spreading, after DEBOLIN now its the turn of GREATBONG !!! Arnabda, Dhawan was dismissed by Dinda and NOT by Akhtar. Why does everybody mess up with Dinda’s wickets ???

    On a separate note, a lot of non-bongs are claiming tiwary’s lbw was not clear as apparently he nicked it. He showed the bat but not sure what exactly happened…

  57. @Optician:

    “On a separate note, a lot of non-bongs are claiming…”

    I hope you meant a lot of non-KKR fans. Or do you think only Bongs support Shoaib now? And when Tiwary actually plays for Bengal in the domestic matches?

    Your comment sounds parochial. Hope you didn’t mean it that way.

  58. @shan,

    Indeed I meant non-KKR fans (who in my office happen to be non-bongs), but yes definitely I didnt mean it any other way.

    Sorry if I hurt you.

    Danke !!!

  59. @Optician,

    “Arnabda, Dhawan was dismissed by Dinda and NOT by Akhtar. Why does everybody mess up with Dinda’s wickets ???”

    I know I made a mistake.Please look at original article and see that I have said Tiwari.

  60. @greatbong,

    if i am reading ur comments so closely its quite obvious i read the original article…i accept it as a mistake(thats what i thought initially also)…cant see u getting defensive…is it the effect of the crows ??? 🙂

    on a serious note, since ur comment was on Debolin’s and I already pulled his leg on the optical (t)issues, couldn’t resist to drag it a bit further(not literally) and pull the great one’s (leg that is).

    however, thanks for ur clarification…

  61. I pray Ganguly’s life be like toilet paper, long and useful.

  62. GB, I guess it’s high time to ban Kishor from your website

  63. No yaar Anirban, I am just trying to be positive after KKR’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Mumbai. I am just praying that Ganguly would be more useful for the team. Seems Jairpur blasts made u think negatively.

  64. Kishore-garu,

    True, the defeat today was humiliating. But the humiliation is nothing compared to what is heaped on the Lame Horse of Hyderabad, VVS Laxman and his team of Deccan Dischargers by every team in the IPL.

  65. Indians’ thump KKR. Surya blasts “biggest gas-bag ever” Akhtor all over the park. I told you so 3 days back. Looks like East stand’s “Akhtar is a bastard aye o, aye o” chant paid rich dividends.

    On a side note, remember how all English football pundits talk about how Anfield is the worst place to go for an opposition player. I’m telling you people. 5 years from now, mumbai will be a nightmare place to visit for all opposition teams.

  66. Lol…After a pathetic batting performance…67 to defend…Akhtar runs in after getting Tendulkar in his first over…what happens next..


    2.1 Shoaib Akhtar to Uthappa, 1 run, Shoaib fires the ball in from wide of the crease, Uthappa jumps back and across and fends the ball towards the leg side, he calls Jayasuriya through for the quick single
    2.2 Shoaib Akhtar to Jayasuriya, FOUR, Shoaib gives Jayasuriya a tiny bit of room outside off and that’s all he needs to uses his forearms and drives the ball hard through cover off the back foot, he’s not timed it well but the ball still goes over the boundary
    2.3 Shoaib Akhtar to Jayasuriya, SIX, shot! Stunning stuff! Jayasuriya moves a fraction across his stumps and picks Shoaib off his pads and deposits him over the long leg boundary, that was hit hard and flat with a lot of bottom hand and it just cleared the boundary
    2.4 Shoaib Akhtar to Jayasuriya, 2 runs, Shoaib pitches short and Jayasuriya pulls the ball along the ground through midwicket
    Shoaib goes round the wicket.
    2.5 Shoaib Akhtar to Jayasuriya, FOUR, too full and too wide outside off stump, Jayasuriya leans into it and powers the ball over extra cover with a full and free swing of his bat, the ball bounces once before going over the boundary
    2.6 Shoaib Akhtar to Jayasuriya, SIX, incredible incredible shot! Shoaib goes back over the wicket and bowls a short of a length delivery on leg and middle, Jayasuriya moves across his stumps and plays a short arm pull that sends the ball soaring over deep midwicket


  67. all i can say that akhtar has given his best perfomance .ek ir se bahut sare nishan tak dale.KHALLAS

  68. Oh and btw, Pollock brought home the fact that you do not have to be a steroid filled, team-mate assaulting, chucking gas-bag to be one of the best bowlers of your generation. One consistent bowler is worth a hundred excessively muscled morons.

    On a side note, a Cricinfo article called Akhtar a “killer penguin”, priceless.

  69. Chennai Super Kings are the winners of IPL.

  70. Honestly, I was in the stadium and at the top of the stands – and you can make out Shoaib’s arm bending and extending during delivery from a front-on angle! His last couple of nasties to Jayasuriya (that went for four and six) were *really* obvious.

    Meanwhile, the Kolkata Knight Riders one-upped the Pakistani lineup by collapsing so beautifully… this is what happens when you include three Pakis in your lineup!


    40,000 people booing Shah Rukh in one voice… was impressive.

    40,000 people laughing in one voice is even better (some smart alec thought it would be a good idea to display “KKR’s 67 is the lowest score in the IPL” on the screens).

    40,000 people shouting SURYAAAAAAA, SURYA *clap clap clap* is a religious chant.

    40,000 people shouting SACHIIIIIIIN, SACHIN *clap clap clap* is an anthem.


    Time to change it to Korbo Lorbo Harbo? 😉

  71. Dammit, KKR have signed Ajantha Mendis. Now they have to come off my hate-list. Damn you Gay-rukh.

  72. Shame shame KKR, lost today’s match also. No semi-final hope. Shah Rukh Khan will do hijda dances on Mumbai streets to pay off debts.

  73. Shame Shame Kishor .Your Deccan Premature Dischargers lost again just like they do in every game. Learn to check your facts cause KKR can still make it to the semis while Dischargers cannot. Now VVS Laxman,the chakka,will show his lame leg and beg on the streets of Hyderabad. The only problem is that begging in a city of beggars will not be enough to cover even of half of Venugopal Rao’s salary.

    No offense to anyone, Hyderabadi or otherwise, but this is the only language Kishor understands.

  74. Ganguly and Eden Garden’s pitch curator conspired against Deccan Chargers in their first game and gave an underprepared pitch which would not suit even an inter-school competetion. Unlike in Western countries where law & order system is very solid and these kind of offences would have been punished with nothing less than a life ban on Ganugyl & Co., KKR got out scot free with just a warning from BCCI. These kind of tactics don’t take you anywhere. That is why i dance with joy every time KKR loses and Shah Rukh Khan’s face after a loss is joy to watch.

  75. Got this priceless message from rediff message boards:

    Mumbai se match haarne ke baad jab Ganguly Shahrukh se mile to shahrukh ne kaha,

    Teri Yaari Sabse Pyaari,
    Is Mein Koi Shaq Nahin,
    Par Sanath Nay Teri Khol Ke Maari,
    Kya Mera Koi Haq Nahin!!!

  76. GB, I suppose your message center needs some serious moderation

  77. Else, it’ll turn into another rediff message board. Already we got quotes from that

  78. sad to see bengali/non-bengali regionalism crip in. but i guess that was expected.
    i don’t have a first hand experience of english premier league but some of my colleagues from UK tell me its intense.. so there you go..

    on a side note though..all teams that were hyped have under performed. whether kkr or bangalore. mumbai have have made a comeback..although its no thanks to their icon player ST. “surya” is the real deal…

    lesson for SRK… if you bring out too much intensity and chest thumping, it invites equally intense (and at times ugly) reaction from other side..and you push a lot of people sitting on the fence to that side..

  79. Kishore stay on- you bring the much needed comic relief! lol

  80. If any place could recreate the Liverpool atmosphere, it must be Eden Gardens. Too bad their KKR is resembling more the Liverpool of the 90’s not even the current version. Mumbai would be more Old Trafford(from 1995-Till Date), wouldnt it?
    Racist Chants are more likely to be in Mohali, I guess Punj is where even Dark *Indians* get sledged and insulted – kallu, kalia types

  81. KKR out of the semis and not a single word on the topic? Surely, you must have a view Bong-ji?

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