The Usual

The standard sequence of events—-

1. Bomb blasts happen in a crowded area of an Indian city X bringing death and destruction in its wake.

2. Startling revelations are made by the administration within a few hours, bringing to light facts no-one could have guessed.

“Obviously, it’s a terrorist plot,” A.S. Gill, the police chief of Rajasthan, said hours after the attack. “The way it has been done, the attempt was to cause the maximum damage to human life.”

God damn those terrorists. Just when we think that they would do things in a way so as to cause the minimum damage to human life, they go ahead and do something totally unexpected.

3. Congress strongman Shivraj Patil, the bane of all Jihadis, lets out a blood-curdling warning to the evil men, so scary that the blood of tiger turns to water (old jungle proverb).

The wicked designs of terrorists will be thwarted boldly and their attempts will be foiled


4. Citizens like the great Shabnam Hashmi (who this author first came to know of when he attended a vicious diatribe delivered by her against the nation of India at his alma mater in 2002) and someone whose name is Mr. Punani (intentionally mis-spelt) come up with a statement flagellating the prejudiced state of India, punctuated with gems like the one below.

So many such acts of terror have taken place, Malegaon, Banaras, Mumbai, but how many places have the communal disharmony erupted? Are the terrorist’s fools to repeat the act which is not having the desired result?

No terrorists are not fools. As long as they destabilize normal life, kill Indians and make the state bleed, their purpose is indeed being well served. So yes of course they will keep repeating their acts. Cause they know that they won’t get caught. Not the masterminds anyway. And even in the unlikely case that they are caught and sentenced to execution, their “death sentence” will be indefinitely delayed to prevent “hurting” certain political interests.

So yes the terrorists are not fools. Which is of course not what I can say for the “concerned citizens”.

5. Tough anti-terror legislation is asked for. Madam Sonia, having nothing to do with such crap, asks “Yeh POTA POTA kya hain. Yeh POTA POTA”? What next will these morons ask for—Rahul Gandhi to not be the next emperor of the Congress? However since she does care about the people of the country, she makes a visit to the affected city and praises the resilience of the citizens.

6. Tears are shed. CNN-IBN plays ominous music. Sagarika Ghosh does her best Barkha Dutt-impression.

7. People forget it all. After all what can be more important than Aamir Khan, in a crude imitation of Mithunda’s iconic “Tere naam ka kutta paloo” calling Shahrukh Khan a smelly, toe-licking dog on his blog ? Certainly not national security.

8. A Bangladeshi man, on a false passport near an Indian city Y dials a number in Pakistan. He has with him a large number of ball bearings.

9. Y becomes the next X.

118 thoughts on “The Usual

  1. On behalf of “FACTUSA”, donations are being collected for supporting the maimed and injured survivors as well as dependents of the dead victims of this particular Islamic terror attack.

    The donations are tax-exempted in the US.
    Please send checks apyable to
    P.O. Box 540892, Houston, TX 77254-0892

    or go online

    Please write “Rajasthan terror victims” in the check subject/donation description.

  2. apyable = payable


  3. fish out of water May 16, 2008 — 2:47 am

    GB, unfortunately these incidents will keep on recurring and other than banal platitudes nothing is going to happen. The BJP, unfortunately, is only slightly (and that is not saying much) better than the Commie/Congress combine. At the end of the day, however, GB the problem is with us Indians. We settle for second best (as in our politicians) and do not demand performance from them. Till that changes bombings will take place and all we will be able to do with it is take it on the chin and move on. Maybe, we should import some of those Israeli politicians and forget about the Italians.

  4. With Jaipur being attacked, will the powers that be get the point that terror attacks can happen anywhere and anytime? Can we please now bring back POTA or any anti terror law which will at least not give the Government an excuse when such attacks happen?

    To Shabnam Hashmi, and other bleeding hearts – Shut the F**k up!!

  5. When you really get down to it, what can you do ? A person determined enough to blow people up will find a way to leave an innocuous package or vehicle or whatever about somewhere, whether in Jaipur or Jersey. In the West I figure the policy is to silently keep an eye on non-Americans, with the not unreasonable assumption that Johnny Yank Smith or Brit-ney McCastle wouldn’t really want to blow stuff up. But when that assumption does not work, what can you do ?

  6. Correction,
    I meant non-Westerners, not non-Americans.

  7. Terrorist attacks have become so common that it doesn’t affect us anymore. When I heard of attacks in Jaipur from the News Channel, I quickly rang up my parents and after knowing that all our family members are well, I changed the channel and started watching IPL.

    Shame on Mr. Shivraj Patil and whole UPA/Communist eshtablishment. And I am not angry if Warne and Watson wants to leave India. They have every right to fear for their security in this soft and weak country.

  8. @ Akasuna na Sasori

    You got it wrong. Americans dont keep an eye on “non westerners”. Americans keep an eye on Muslims.

    Jihad is not skin color or ethnicity based. It is belief system specific.

    America is learning fast. You indians need to too 🙂

  9. “A snake-charmer dies from snake bites” an old Bengali saying. If the Sarker chooses to fiddle when Rome, err, city X burns then… Well as far as terrorist attacks are concerned we can only hope that they have a stronger policy, why, didn’t they lose more members from the same family (to terrorist attacks) than anyone else who had ever been in power in India?…

  10. Hey greatbong,
    Blogs like yours interrupt with my cricket. So please kindly shut up and let them play.

  11. excuse me if i hurt some sentiments here. i feel the problem is our government doesn’t really value the lives of the citizens. sure the ministers come ahead and condemn the act (they surely couldn’t applaud it, could they?) and thats that. If there had been some american/european casualties in these blasts, you would have seen the difference in attitude. The US govt would have made life living hell for the authorities here till some concrete action was taken. now its just the death of a handful of indians out of over a billion who are already responsible for pushing up food prices by having the audacity to start consume food just because they can now afford it!
    Ms Vasundara Raje was quick to cover her back side by saying the central government didn’t share information with her. similar face saving gimmicks were employed by all quarters of authority, the effort only directed at absolving them of any responsibility and putting the blame on the other party.
    Not one high and mighty neta came forward and said we are going to chase down those b**tards and make them weep for the rest of their lives…no one feels strongly enough to take any action..stupid f**king votebank politics everywhere

  12. Old saying – “Yatah raja tatha praja”
    New saying, which India proves – “Yatah praja tatha raja”
    We are crappy people who elect crappy leaders, and then expect them to perform. Accept the reality. We, as a nation, can only be net recepients of abuse, as history has borne out over centuries.

  13. andalusian,

    Thats a prejudiced view on Muslims. Every muslim is not a jihadi.

  14. Excellent Gr8Bong….too good…that is the usual fucken pattern!

  15. Ah yes! I wonder what exactly is it that the leaders do after condemning the attacks and paying visits to the affected places? If they werent just sitting on their backsides and wondering which place should undergo the next ‘naam karan’, we wouldve long ago plucked out the terrorists and put them in their rightful places….

  16. Shourideb Bhattacharyya May 16, 2008 — 7:18 am

    To get an indepth look at YOUR FUTURE check out:

  17. All I hear from most of the people is endless diatribe about how the politicians are doing nothing, and how the Indian citizens are to be blamed or how muslims are to be blamed and so on and so forth. The question that needs to be asked is what do we do next? in my opinion the problem lies more than anything with the Judicial system in India (this is prehaps my opinion as a law student).

    I mean the police do their jobs many times only to lead to endless trials which are just postponed unncessarily. You cannot expect much from the politicans anyway because no matter what they do there will still be detractors. All the politicians can do is make policy and legislate accordingly. Now if laws like POTA are reinstated then I am sure you will find hundreds of cases of harassment of such anti-terrorist laws just like you find so many misuses of the laws protecting army personnel (to the extent of protecting them from indisciminate murders).

    Besides that such policy changes will find detractors (like me) who will condemn such harsh and draconian measures as against freedom of people and their life and liberty. Are we so scared that we are willing to forego our freedom for protection and then will arise the question of who watches the watchers? Draconian laws are not the right method rather fast acting tribunals are.

  18. Shourideb Bhattacharyya May 16, 2008 — 7:20 am

    and if you still have any doubts just visit a crowded marketplace in your city often….u will see soon enough…
    any doubts message me !!

  19. I will give a small example of how we as people may speak a lot about such issues but in reality are mostly too concerned with ourselves that we do not really care about them.

    In jodhpur, where I am studying, our final exams are going on and so we are in a habit of going late in the night to nearby dhabhas to eat while studying. Now after these blasts the police have put out and order which closes all dhabhas and similar public places of gathering after 11 PM.

    Now even after all the blasts, all I see is people, again including me, complaining on how it affects us and we students not getting food when we want and it restricting our rights. See its really tough to truly see beyond our own problems despite whatever is happening around us and it makes me ashamed of myself, but what can my fellow students and I do? We still feel hungry at 3 AM while studying and now we can’t eat anything and when you are hungry and have exams around you, the blasts in a nearby city which killed so many people really doesn’t matter to you and seems only like something which is causing you inconveniences.

    This is the state of affairs we are in, and don’t anybody say this is just a problem with Indians. It is true of people all over the world and is true of human nature. We are all too concerned with ourselves to truly give a damn about anyone or anything else. If we were any different then we wouldn’t be posting our comments on blogs but would be in Jaipur helping survivors or registering for security forces.

    But as we all justify it .. I didn’t do anything, what can one person do? Its the fault of the politicians and the fools who elected such incompetents. All I am saying is that I am tired of it and still am not doing anything. This is the ugly human nature.

  20. @ Shourideb: I don’t know what you are trying to imply by the link you put up or how it is relevant, but it certainly rings the wrong bells. Let me tell you a few facts, the kind of green corridor that the site conveniently comes up with is nothing more than a figment imagination of a religious extremist. A much more terrifying corridor can be drawn up straight from sri lanka, through andhra, west bengal, covering entire north-east, up to nepal. this would be your naxalite corridor where your ‘regular’ terrorist is not a muslim. He is a hindu to be precise. The estimated number of hindu terrorists/freedom fighters way more than the estimate of muslim terrorists in india.
    What i’m trying to say is, a terrorist does not have any religion, and any such ideas that try to link the religious nature of a state to its social unrest is stupid and meaningless to say the least.
    If you are uncomfortable visiting your cities marketplace just because you find a large islamic population, your discomfort is entirely because of the biases that you carry in your mind.

  21. A typical politician’s dilema after a bomb blast in India:

    Q. Would any of the dead or their kin vote for me?

    Answer 1: No
    Response: Participate in debates about Aamir/SRK/Bachhans…

    Answer 2: Some of that demographic could sway my side…
    Response: Grim face, condemn attack.

    Answer: Yes. And some of those who died did vote for me!
    Response: Something on the lines of: “The wicked designs of terrorists will be thwarted boldly and their attempts will be foiled.”

    And then, like GB says, it’s back to business as usual.

  22. “Subscribe to entertainment news on the reader” written just below the blood curdling warning of Shivraj Patil – (the link mentioned in your post)

    I doubt if this is just a co-incidence 😉

  23. Excellent -I guess u have left out one thing…blame the party at the center(if u don’t belong to that) or the previous govt. for the all the problems.

  24. From whatever little I have followed about the Parliament attack case, Afzal Guru seems falsely implicated, or at least there is sufficient reason to doubt his involvement, which should be enough reason to put a stay on his death sentence.

    The problem is conviction rates in these terror attacks is so small, and most of the real culprits usually manage to get away. The follow-up investigations also do not seem to get much media coverage. A useful, if hard-to-implement, idea could be to have some sort of identification database for all Indian citizens, and keep records/tabs of known offenders or otherwise suspicious people. This is potentially controversial, but I guess people’s security comes before all these individual rights issues. Identification and deportation of foreign nationals illegally residing within India is an immediate issue of concern; maybe temporary work permits can be issued to such people to regulate the process of immigration, rather than let it be “underground” as it currently is.

    Above all we need to come together as a nation to develop a concrete anti-terror discourse and show that we will not let our values be affected by terrorism, and that we shall not give in to panic, kneejerk reactions, and religious fundamentalism. Maybe a candle-light vigil or some similar public demonstration simultaneously held at all Indian cities could be a good way to put this point across symbolically.

  25. As people have pointed out in the comments above the blame for such things shifts between politicians, the security apparatus, the judiciary & the common man. Obviously there is a collective responsibility that is needed, and the sooner we realize that each of us is responsible and, more importantly that each of us can help, the sooner we will make a difference. The question is of course how can we make a difference?

    The other point, mooted by anon, is how our government is indifferent to the lives of fellow Indians, unlike the US or Israel and is equally pertinent. Sure, we should expect a more strong reaction from our govt., but we as Indians have to first ask ourselves the question – How Much do we REALLY care about fellow Indians? Do WE value the lives of the people of this country and can we get over the inherent culture and religious schism to think for the country as one?

    I think the moment you answer this question truthfully, you will automatically find a way to make a difference. The question is, as is always in such situations, not how you can, but whether you REALLY want to?

  26. Anonymous wrote to Shourideb:
    A much more terrifying corridor can be drawn up straight from sri lanka, through andhra, west bengal, covering entire north-east, up to nepal. this would be your naxalite corridor where your ‘regular’ terrorist is not a muslim. He is a hindu to be precise.

    Rishi’s response:
    We have discussed this before many times. But let me clarify again. Naxalites, NE rebels, LTTE etc maybe christians, Muslims, Agnosts or Hindus, but they are NOT fighting for the sake of Hinduism. (read my comments during the previous bomb attacks in Hyderabad.)

    Islamic groups ARE clearly fighting/killing/maiming FOR THE SAKE OF ISLAM. And I am not saying that, they themselves are saying that and have been saying that since the past 1200 years.

    Now as for the link that Shourideb gave, I think the reference to the “Mughalistan corridor” is a bold attempt to educate the common Indian about the larger goals and objectives of these groups.

    Bengal is a critical node in the Mughalistan corridor, at the end of a stretch of 1500 miles, in Hindu majority North India, that breaks the continuity of a global Islamic unit stretching from Bosnia and Morocco in the West to Indonesia in the East. It is a common knowledge amongs the intelligence circles and its time the common man knows and acts upon it. Increased understanding and participation of the common Hindu is a force-multiplyer that is a big help to the organized counter-terror agencies.

    The pan-Islamic movements consider the Mughalistan corridor, and Bengal, a strategic rubicon in their attempt to Islamize the globe as per the tenets of the Qur’an.
    It maybe a farfetched idea to you, becaue you do not beleive in the Koran, BUT IT IS NOT TO THEM. And the history of our part of the world shows clearly, that critical moments(or should i say decades) of inaction has led to devastating repurcussion.

    @ Kinjal and other who wnat to take out candle light vigils

    Please do that, but also help the victims because they will be forgotten and crippled for life. Donate to the link I gave at the beginning.

    Also, if you have the guts, go and take a candle light vigil, in a area with more than 25% Muslim population, within India.
    Just a candle light vigil.

    But do donate before you go…you too “anonymous who wrote to Shourideb”.

  27. Did I just notice streaks of bitterness in that post? … I think you have outdone yourself this time … Once again, you have raised valid and troubling questions on the casual attitude of the government towards the matter of security of the country. Once again, you question (for the nth time) on the moral ethics of NEWS channels who keep replaying gory images/videos and revel on the morbid voyeurism of reaching the largest audience!

    On a lighter vein, ROFLMAO @ “CNN IBN playing ominous music” and “Sagarika Ghose doing her best Barkha Dutt impersonation” … Actually, its not just ominous music – its also hideous images and gory videos in a time-loop – not to mention the painfully detailed interviews with victim’s kin (pointed questions and all) … The Indian Media has to do a serious course in taste and sensibility!!

  28. someone whose name is Mr. Punani (intentionally mis-spelt)

    You have redeemed yourself!

  29. All well and fine but what do you propose? It’s easy to find fault with the police, politicians and judiciary in any society. How do you propose we stop terrorists in an open society? Even Israel with all its draconian policies, with full support of the only superpower behind it, can not prevent Hamas & Hezbollah from lobbing rockets whenever they want.


  30. Vaibhav writes: “Terrorist attacks have become so common that it doesn’t affect us anymore. When I heard of attacks in Jaipur from the News Channel, I quickly rang up my parents and after knowing that all our family members are well, I changed the channel and started watching IPL.”

    My take: You couldn’t have said it better.

    Another reader, “Ibn Warraq” explained this numbness quite articulately in the past. I suggest everyone go back and read his 3 consecutive comments in the post “Was Jinnah Secular?”.

    From that post, I will stick to only quoting Ibn Warraq’s summary here:

    ‘Until “Mughalstan” is achieved, you Indians will see serial bomb-blasts, attacks on Hindu festivals and temples, killings of Hindu activists, conversions and cow-slaughter that will continue unendlessly until the Hindu mind becomes too numb and shell-shocked to look at the bigger picture, or comprehend the future – that Mughalstan is inevitable.’

  31. Maybe it is time we start outsourcing internal security t Securitiy and investigative organizations from the west !

  32. How long can we go on pretending that Jihad in India is being waged by the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis?

    No doubt, blaming the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis has become normal for secular Indians.

    Why? Because:
    a) it is a useful self-delusional fantasy
    b) it provides a false comfort of denial.
    c) it’s convenient to blame the usual suspects and stick your head in the sand when faced with reality.

    I hate to spoil anyone’s party, but this theory has been discredited consistently by facts. We nobly wish that Indians don’t wage Jihad, but is it true?

    Just click on the blog link above to see for yourself.

    In case anyone just woke up, Indian Jihadis do not NEED much help from our friendly Islamic neighbours. Not any more. Any “outside” help is redundant. Money is raised locally through the lucrative butcher (meat) and leather business, smuggling and kidnapping/extortion (of rich Hindu industrialists like Partha Pratim Roy Burman of Khadim Group).

  33. And why even look “outside”, when its all “inside”:

    1)Every copy of the “Holy Book” provides all the instructions on the religious obligation to kill, who to kill and what rewards are awarded to those who kill.

    2)The infrastructure has already been built. Mosques act as storehouses for weapons and staging grounds for of mass-murders of Hindu civilians (in Marad, Kerala) and well-organised, annual jihadi attacks on Durga Puja /Saraswati immersion processions & Ganesh Visarjans (South 24 Parganas, Achalpur, Solapur, Jalgaon, Bembali)

    There are tens of thousands of mosques and madrassas which turn out millions of young, focused zombies who follow the “Holy Book” and the PBUH’s techniques in conquering what’s left of India for establishing an Islamic state.

    If you care, I would recommend Mayank Jain’s documentary “The Bangla Crescent”, which also touches on the home-grown Jihadi:

    Standing on the Indian side of Jessore Road, Mayank Jain interviewed 6 – 8 year old boys at Madrasa Zulfikar Ali Siddiqiya, where all teaching is in Arabic, not Bengali. Asked to define a kafir, young Mohammad Sheikh Shahin parroted: “jo Allah ki baat nahin sunta, Nabi ke adesh ke mutabik nahin chalta…shaitan ki baat suntan hai” (One who does not listen to Allah, does not live according to the dictates of the Prophet, listens to Satan). Asked if he knew the meaning of jihad, the young talib (student) said, “it means war”(yudh), it is “Kafir ke saath Nabi ji ke Musalmanon ki ladai.” Quite explicit.

    If there are any doubts about the uniformity of madrasa teaching, one has only to walk into the Madrasa Faizul Ulum Hathishala in Laxmi Nagar, near Delhi Police headquarters. Here Maulana Rehan Ahmad explains: “Khuda himself has determined the punishment (sazaa) of the Kafir. It is to reside forever in hell (jahannum), burn in fire… there are all kinds of horrors there.” He explains that jihad is waged on non-Muslims after “he is invited to join the faith (din ki dawat), asked to place his faith on Allah, when he does not do so, then at that moment the hukm (order) for jihad is given.”

    Is there any doubts why unprovoked murderous attacks on Hindus by well-armed mobs emerging from mosques all over India, after an inspiring bout of Friday prayers and discourses?

    3) More importantly, the beloved Haj, the obligatory “Believers Only” assembly in the harsh deserts of Arabia, acts as a much-needed boot camp to boost pure Islamic beliefs (unadulterated by Hindu beliefs) among the 2 million-odd believers who return back to India and other Dar-ul-Harbs.

    The Indian Intelligence Agencies talk in hushed tones, but do not dare say that Haj returnees (Hajis) become kattar (hardened) in Islam, with the result that vast sections of urban and rural India looks like a piece of the Middle-East, teeming with Islamic supremacists in long beards and shapeless forms in dark burqas, and of course Software Engineer Jihadis.

    Every year, a core group of intelligent, potential youth are identified from among the Hajis, and they stay in Saudi Arabia for a few years for rigourous training and guidance in the Quran, Jihad and Islam; before returning to India to spread the Islamic revolution.

    And yet every year, in a delicious irony, the Indian government has been openly extorting tax-payers for money to pay for this Islamisation of India.

    Taxing the Hindu-majority taxpayers to pay over 1.2 lakh (0.12 million and growing) Haj tourists annually to become kattar (hardened) takes the cake !

  34. For those of you that care for Haj numbers, here are some more details on funding terror in India:

    The Haj Committee Act (passed in the Indian Parliament in 1959) paved the way for a Haj Fund to which can be credited ‘any sums allotted by the central government or any state government.

    Just in the past decade, starting 1992, the annual Haj “subsidy” from the Indian Government has grown from:

    Rs 250 million (1994)
    Rs 1,370 million (2000)
    Rs 1,545 million (2001)
    Rs 1,726.3 million (2003)
    Rs 1,607 million (2004)
    Rs 1,796.6 million (2005)
    Rs 1,800 million (2006),
    Rs 3,500 million (2007)
    Rs.4,000 million (2008)

    Add up the totals, if you have a calculator.

    And this is not even counting the annual largesse from all the state governments to Islamisation of India.

    Just to mention a few examples:
    In 2008, Rs 98.2 million was spent by the Jammu & Kashmir government to build a swanky new Haj House in Srinagar, nothwithstanding the grand Haj House in Mumbai.

    In 2001, Rs. 50 million is allocated from tax-payers money by the Andhra Pradesh State Government for the Haj House under construction in Hyderabad.

    In Karnataka, for example, in 2003, Rs.790 million was collected by the state government from about two lakh (200,000) temples’s hundis (donation boxes). From that money, temples received 70 million for their maintenance, while Waqf subsidy (Muslim Madrassas) and Haj subsidy (for trip to Mecca) was given 59 crores even though the Madrassas brought in zero revenue to the state. Twenty-five percent of the two lakh temples (i.e., about 50,000 temples)in Karnataka, will be closed down for lack of resources.

    To mention a few more notable gifts, the Andhra Pradesh state government gave away Rs 50 million raised from Hindu temples’ hundis and taxpayers towards the repair of mosques in 2001.

    In 2006, the Andhra Pradesh state government did something even better – it gave away 65 million Rupees to build/refurbish Mosques in 2006 to create more Jihadis brainwashed in the Quran.

    With all the extra money being pumped into spreading Islam, there is no doubt that bomb-blasts and murderous attacks (on Taslima Nasreen) are becoming widespread in Hyderabad, while Karnataka is finding elaborate Jihadi training camps in the forests near Hubli. (No need to travel to Pakistan and Bangladesh for training, you see?)

    During the dark centuries of the Muslim Occupation of India, this taxation of Hindu civilians to fund Islamic expansionism was called by another name – the Jaziya tax.

    Instead of helping to alleviate illiteracy, poverty and unemployment, India is frittering away Billions of rupees collected from Hindus EVERY YEAR to fund the Islamisation of India.

    Instead of calling for end to the Islamisation of India, we Indians are paying for the rapid Islamisation of India.

    I find that incredibly funny !!! 😀

  35. And then the government and the people of India who choose these governments, have the balls to blame intelligence agencies, many whose field operatives work with their lives in their hands and hands tied behind their back.

    F***ng losers.

  36. Clarification in my last post regarding Karnataka:

    In Karnataka, for example, in 2003, Rs.790 million was collected by the state government from about two lakh (200,000) temples’s hundis (donation boxes).

    From that money, temples received Rs.70 million for their maintenance, while Waqf subsidy (Muslim Madrassas) and Haj subsidy (for trip to Mecca) was given Rs.590 MILLION (59 crores) even though the Madrassas brought in zero revenue to the state.

  37. Shourideb Bhattacharyya May 17, 2008 — 12:48 am

    @ Anonymous

    by your ridiculous reference of saying terrorists are actually naxalites who are ‘hindus’ and your use of abusive language we can probarbly guess who you actually are ‘bhaai sahab’.

    Your ‘bias’ argument against minorities is so incredibly stupid and hackneyed that even a four year old kid will laugh at you now.


    the site called is an attempt to open our eyes to the clear and present danger facing our very existence..

    To get an indepth view of what will happen to us once we slip into minority in WB just refer to the links and history of the site.

  38. Good post- Greatbong,

    I remember the Bombay Bomb blasts of 1993, I somehow used to always feel proud that 92% of citizens went to work the next day, thus giving a show of fearlessness.

    Off late, and after reading this post in particular, I don’t have the same feeling, it looks as if , as your post says, it’s become ‘The Usual’, the sad part being, that instead of doing something about it- we just wait for it to happen the next time and again display your ‘fearlessness’

  39. And another set of incomplete lives. More people with torn souls- which have no prosthetics. Civilization has come a long way – terror to terror. I don’t know what shocks me more- the incidents or our growing indifference towards them.

  40. Loved the bit about the bad Barkha Dutt impersonation, but re POTA, its magic abilities in thwarting terrorists weren’t really demonstrated when planes were highjacked, the parliament attacked and temples bombed, or did I mix up the order. There is no reason why terrorism cannot be tackled under the existing legal regime. The problem is bad investigation not ineffective laws.

  41. Jago Jano

    Re the Haj, take a look at this study which suggests that going to Mecca might actually make Muslims more moderate

  42. Well… i suppose a country where the people vote for the likes of Govinda, Laloo Yadav, and Amar Singh to represent them, it deserves what it get.

    PS: Still, my condolences to the victims’ families.

  43. Sole aim of Sonia is to see Rahul at the PM post. And rahul baba is working hard. He sleeps at jhopari of poors.though his affair with imported girl is problematic from political pov.

  44. Continued from post by GB…

    10. Rishi Khujur, Har Har Bom Bom, FactUSA et al. start another (educational) campaign about how, in spite of the spirited fight of RSS affiliates, the Mugahlistan/
    Muslimistan/Ladenistan is becoming a distinct possibility due to the lack of concern from the Greatbong’s BLOG readers.

    11. Any body who opposes the view point has to a) remain anonymous b) steamrolled – until quiet

    12. All Muslims are terrorists – and should be treated to “Culling”, a term popularized by repeated outbreaks of Bird Flu.

    Hence proved as per a theorem – QED!

  45. punani, ha ha ha, loved it…..I hope Mr. Puniyani reads it….. 😀

  46. After every blasts the first thing that the Secular politicians are bothered about is that now the nation will suspect their dear muslims. It is true that the Muslims is General can not be blamed but certainly for teh fear of loosing muslim votes The parties like congress actually protect anti national elements.

  47. last_commentator May 17, 2008 — 3:57 pm

    see the ‘debate’ on NDTV and the tone of host and the other guy. To say that NDTV is pro-Congress is a lie – they are blatantly anti-national. Moreover they have invited a looser kinda BJP guy who can’t debate even with strong and valid reasons.

    India is doomed if these guys continue with their propaganda.

  48. that’s why i “respect” ppl like Bal Thackrey and Raj Thackrey.. inspite of these bloody bomb-blasts and terrorist acts.. they do not forget the MAJOR issues that are killing the nation today.. should Bombay Stock Exchange be renamed Mumbai Stock Exchange and how many Biharis entered Mumbai today and if cheerleaders are wearing clothes or not during some galli cricket match and how much hatred have we spread today.. they make a true Marathi Manoos like me EXTREMELY “proud”.. one day I shall visit these “great” men.. touch their feet and maybe even lick them clean so they “help” this Marathi Manoos keep his pride intact

  49. Continued from post by “Usual” (sic !!)…

    “10. RK, HHBB, FactUSA et al. start another (educational) campaign about how …. Mugahlistan is becoming a distinct possibility due to the lack of concern from the Greatbong’s BLOG readers”.

    That’s ok, you can start a similarly spirited ‘fact’ campaign ‘proving’ that its actually not the Muslims, but the ugly Hindu Brahmin behind the massacre of Americans, Philipinos, Thai Buddhist, Spanish, Darfureans, Serbians, British, Indonesian, Iraqi, Afghani, and 3 million, yes 3 million Bengalis. And 1,200 years of slaughter, rape and genocide in its wake.

    Oh, I forgot. You don’t have to do it. The BBC, NDTV, Tehelka, Congress and Communists have already done it all for you. You can go back to sleep. Or Hindu-bashing if you prefer.

    “11. Any body who opposes the view point has to a) remain anonymous b) steamrolled – until quiet”

    Where did yo get such an idea from? I assure you, you don’t need any anonymity …. you’re not important enough.

    “12. All Muslims are terrorists – and should be treated to “Culling”

    Is that what you dream about, and unintentinally reveal, like the 7th veil of Salome, as a Freudian slip? I don’t remember any of ‘culprits’ above suggesting culling.

    I do however recommend you emigrate to Pakistan. That will raise the intelligence quotient of both nations !!!

    The ‘Unusual’ (sotto voce …. actually HHBB)

    PS : in even sotto’er voce 🙂 … Mughalistan is not a possibility. It is already here.

  50. Sad but true … the country has bigger and more important things to pay attention to… like Amir and Big B’s blog…… national security seems to have taken a backseat.

  51. Sad but true….. the country has more important thing to pay attention to like Amir and ABs blog….. national security seems to have taken a backseat…. or maybe we are just beginning to get used to being a terror target.

  52. Point 1: The BBC, NDTV, Tehelka, Congress and Communists have already done it all for you –
    Ek Taraf Hum Tum Ek Taraf Saare

    Point 2: Followed by “You are not important enough”. We all know … you have been telling us since time immemorial

    Point 3: Dreams! “Culling” I don’t like, live I will not let them. Jina bhi mushkil Marna bhi mushkil.

    Please spare us innocent Blog readers, we just want to enjoy the brilliant posts of GB. Pls your majesty, we can join Har Har Bom Bom’s “Shiva corridor”, Mayawati’s “Baba corridor” or Lalu’s “Chara Corridor” if we have to do that to live in peace. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

  53. @ Usual

    Greatbong’s blog is important, and that is why “threat perception awareness related material” shows up here more than anywhere else

    1. Greatbong probably has the most popular blog in India with a very high readership not only amongst the Bengalees, but young people in general.

    2. Greatbong usually provides and allows one of the most appetizing mix intellectual and populist material (often intertwined wittingly), rivalling mainstream media outlets in quality and readership.

    3. Greatbong’s understanding of issues, and ways and means to present them makes him a very influential player in opinion making amongst his audience. Most importantly, his knowledge of issues and ideological level-headedness allows him to separate the meat from the bones. This is something that NDTV or IBN or sometimes even rediff, has had a hard time doing, leading to undesirable results amongst a huge section of the Indian intelligentia.

    4. In the past year, a large community of Greatbongs readers have been able to join efforts and initiatives, from a increased “threat perception” arising out of detailed discussions at this forum. That is something very encouraging in the larger scheme of things.

    When I started commenting on this forum a year back (ofcourse with a pre-determined initiative in mind), I was very cynical about the usefullness or effectiveness of such an effort, but I have to say that Arnab’s deligence of research, timing of humor and quality of writing made a believer out of me.

    So dear Usual, this keyboard Ninja-giri should not scare you.

    The real deal is out on the field. We both know that.

  54. @ Rishi

    “Most importantly, his knowledge of issues and ideological level-headedness allows him to separate the meat from the bones. This is something that NDTV or IBN or sometimes even rediff, has had a hard time doing,”

    We know that already, which is why a lot of us read this blog regularly; the more interesting point is whether you are (along with Hujur & HHBB) any more objective than a Barkha Dutt or a Sagarika Ghose. The strategies are uncannily similar; pre-set agendas, generous use of rhetoric, factual cherry -picking to suit your case, sweeping generalizations etc… it’s just that you hold the opposite position in this debate.

  55. Ivaturi wrote:
    it’s just that you hold the opposite position in this debate.

    Fair enough.

  56. Hara hara bom bom May 19, 2008 — 12:42 pm

    “The usual (sic) wrote :

    Point 1: The BBC, NDTV, Tehelka, Congress and Communists have already done it all for you” Ek Taraf Hum Tum Ek Taraf Saare ”

    And what a collection of Saare !! A motivated collection of Hindu hating groups spewing venom on a 1,000 year injured race and a grand philosophy. You are welcome to join their ranks. Frankly, I would first drink poison.

    “Point 2: Followed by “You are not important enough”. We all know … you have been telling us since time immemorial”

    Don’t know why you are colletivising it. I am not calling the ‘others’ unimportant. I am calling the singular you.

    “Please spare us innocent Blog readers”
    So let me get this straight. I maintain complete silence for months (I’m busy emigrating to the antipodes …. I don’t want to be around when they come for our heads … you are welcome to present your’s on the block) …. you then pour scorn to stir silent ‘foe’.. and then when I reluctantly come break silence to retort, you start wailing like a baby …. wah wah wah.

    I don’t think you are that innocent !!

    Ravi Ivaturi wrote :
    … ineteresting points about us adopting the same tactics as our detractors …. for e.g pre-set agendas, rhetoric, cherry-picked facts & generalizations

    Please take a look around and see whether we are right, or our detractors. Again I bring in WWII. Both the Allies and Axis were guilty of enormous crimes (350,000 may have been murdered in Dresden rather than the touted figure of 30,000), both sides engaged in heavy propaganda …. but when all is said and done, the monstrosity of the Nazis dwarfs the evils of the Allies.

    Forget my ‘passionate rhetoric’. Look around calmly and see what is happening around you.

    Have our people been murdered in droves for 1,000 years : Y/N

    Has our culture been vilified, our temples destroyed for 1,000 years? Y/N

    Has our wealth been looted for 1,000 years? Y/N

    Has there been any, ANY change in recent historical unfolding to doubt that their intentions have changed by an iota? Y/N

    — From the creation of Pakistan ?
    — From the systematic genocide in Bangladesh, post partition-Pakistan and Kashmir?
    — From the post-partition relentless terrorist acts and religious pronouncements? And the M perception of our people, faith and right to exist?

    Yes, or no.

    And ultimately, the most chilling one of all. Is their population exploding at G.P rates while ours is eroding frantically in both the heartlands and the fringes (where it is more alarmingly evident).

    It’s not a question of rhetoric. Its an issue of facts.

    Yes, or No?

  57. Rishi: Thanks for the info, did not know that! One interesting perspective on point

    To The Sleeping Cell From The Wailing Baby: Grow up man(!), its about time

  58. @ Usual

    …please read previous discussions that happened after the Hyderabad blast.Also go through Jago-Jano’s analyisis on this post…especially his comments on HUJI’s role.

    “Grow up man(!), its about time”.

    Are you in front of the mirror?

  59. Covenants without Sword are But words: Thomas Hobbes
    …Funny me….I read this blog back in my hostel room arnd 60 hrs bak…. i had a Fam Law Exam but against my b8r judgment here i was reading this blog…Once i was done wit the test i started my way frm Desert City Jodhpur to Delhi to catch a flight to Cal.. During this whole it on the nite train, or meeting my frnd fer breakfast in CP Subway(over her continuous taunting over my supporting KKR) and on the flite to cal. i had something on the bak of my mind…and tht reflected the ideas of the 16th CEntury Political Scientist..
    There have been talks on this blog abt how much we miss the indispensable terror law…and i find it ludicrous….we in a country which is rather comfortable with zero accountability on parts of law enforcement agencies and where policemen are next to godmen…we speak of disturbing whatever delicate balance of power that exists…i feel infuriated to think of the non-obstante clause in sections such as section 32 and i quote:

    32. Certain confessions made to police officers to be taken into consideration.-

    (1) Notwithstanding anything in the Code or in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (1 of 1872), but subject to the provisions of this section, a confession made by a person before a police officer not lower in rank than a Superintendent of Police and recorded by such police officer either in writing or on any mechanical or electronic device like cassettes, tapes or sound tracks from out of which sound or images can be reproduced, shall be admissible in the trial of such person for an offence under this Act or the rules made thereunder.

    We live in a country where people spend half their lifetimes pending the police to file investigation reports….where 3rd degree torture techniques do exist…after this i feel pity to see people ready to hand over their individual rights to government fingermen…and not to forget giving executives something called Judicial Discretion dreaded by Montesque whose Trias Politica Model is followed in France, UK, US and the Republic of India
    At the same time i feel pity for the growing ignorance amongst masses…to see them believe whatever CNN IBN or worse still Sahara Samay says…to see the very ‘informed’ blogger say that the death sentence of Mohammad Afzal getting indefinitely delayed….What people dont knw is that the entire trial of the Parl Attack case was done in a manner to put the worst kangaroo courts to shame…Advani said tht Afzal shud be executed fer his and nation’s safety…..Anotherwent a step further and said tht he shud be executed tht one reason Afzal shud be executed is…ummm…to prevent more hijackings…lets face it Advani wud rather repeal the Constitution to see sumone preposterously charged hang….and the best we can do is ask fer more anti terror legislations to vitiate whatever our country stands for…
    I think if tht is the outcome after the blast…their goals of spreading chaos have been achieved…

  60. AR
    what are your thoughts on Gitmo?

  61. @HHBB
    “It’s not a question of rhetoric. Its an issue of facts.”

    Here is the deal. The inherent subliminal message in most of your points is ‘ C’mon, you can’t be that dumb, can’t you see what I am trying to say’. Truth, fortunately is far more complex and you cannot summarize a millennium in such a cavalier manner. The medieval times you refer to have seen equal if not more violence from the other Abrahamic religions as well.

    Why certain ideologies have not changed even in the modern times are very relevant questions in the present context. But to assume that these ideologies can influence individuals far more than their genes or environment is frankly ridiculous (this is what you or Rishi seem to suggest -that all the adherents of this particular ideology are programmed to follow what is written in their holy text). I can understand if an extremely small percentage (we are talking about a population base of 1.5 billion) are influenced enough to commit acts of terrorism (in the name of religion), in fact the law of large numbers dictates that we find such anomalies.

    I regret that I would not be able to debate this issue further owing to paucity of time, but hopefully would be able to read if a discussion develops on this.

  62. @ Ravi Ivaturi

    Didnt we prove that before to you in a previous discussion with case studies. (i think that was in the “Killing fields…post”

    Add the effect of Haj as a important keystone in the construction of this nurturing process, carried out amongst the followers of Koran.

    Many a times local factors do overrule this rabid hate-inducing effect of Islam, as is seen amongst a lot of its followers. But that is inspite the Koran, not because of it.

  63. I prefer to be a mute spectator like many others in the usual back and forth on such topics.

    I am just adding my irrelevant 2 paise here, for what it is worth
    Hara hara bom bom wrote:

    A motivated collection of Hindu hating groups spewing venom on a 1,000 year injured race and a grand philosophy.

    Assuming that Hindus are the victims, just wanted to point out that Hindus are not a race. A minor technicality, but one that could really twist this discussion.

  64. @ anonymouse
    Hinduism = Universal Religion and sets of traditions

    Certainly not race.

  65. Hara hara bom bom May 19, 2008 — 7:41 pm

    @ Ravi Ivaturi

    Hey, I’m not calling anyone dumb. Not only would that be presumptuous and arrogant, there is no way to ascertain that.

    However, I am calling a lot of people blind, as even though the truth is pummelling them in the face, they refuse to acknowledge it.

    Whichever argument you use, my friend, the same dire conclusion is reached, the future of Hs is severely imperiled.

    This is evident from :

    (a) An historical perspective
    (b) An idealogical perspective
    (c) A demographic perspective (boy is this evident)
    (d) A political perspective
    (e) An intellectual persepctive
    (f) A military perspective
    (g) A demographic perspective
    (h) A geo-political perspective
    (i) An economic perspective
    I can go on and on and on. The same conclusion.

    Nothing has changed in the last 50, 20, 10, 5 or 1 year to alter their intense hatred for our faith and right to exist by an iota. By a soochagro.

    Let us take the cinderella kingdoms of the Middle East. Dubai, Bharain, Qatar & Kuwait. Be under no illusion, they are hardening, and hardening fast. Even as we speak Islamists are winning in Kuwait. Secular Turkey is well on the way to its natural state. Any semblence of secular decency in Malaysia has been stripped bare to reveal their fundamentalist core. And the rest consists of a vast tranche of fanatic states seething in hatred of anything non-M.

    You have raised the argument of genes being more powerful than programming. I agree with you 100%, and your analogy is quite depressing, as going by the last 1,300 years of blood-stained history and relentless exhortations to anihilate, the genetic makeup of an M will never reconcile itself to pluralistic co-existence. So basically whatever cultural sops they are presented with, by your argument, their genes will prevent any scope of reconciliation. And this is being borne out.

    You have raised the issue of environment. Normally, people are products of their environment. However, given the explosive demographic warfare of the Ms, the Ms soon make the environment a product of themselves. We are seeing Europe transformed before our very eyes. India is gone at the bloodied seams, it is only a question of time before their congested urban pockest explode and overpower the hapless metropolices.

    The only argument you have in your favour is political correctness. A frenzied and fanatic insistence on calling the spade white, as admitting the obvious would cause a collapse of the genteel world-view we have conjured so carefully over the last 100 years.

    Reality will catch up. And soon.

    Interesting article for you :

    To end on a didactic note :

    (a) You are trying to fashion the current M issue in to the mould of how angry medieval ‘Abrahamic’ faiths became placid.

    1. What do you mean by angry Abrahamic faithS. I do not recall Judaism weilding Joshua’s sword too fervently after 70 AD. You are talking about Xtianity. Well,
    – the idealogical basis of Xtianity is based on love, not hate. So any political brutality is an aberration, soon causing an irreconciliable rift between idealogy and action. This will ultimately cause anomalous action to be reigned in.

    Not so for the Ms. Their the idealogy feeds, sustains and reinforces brutal action. Have you read the Holy Book?

    2. Xtian miscreants en masse did not believe in eradicating the ‘other’. The sections of them that did turn fanatic, were soon confronted by other Xtian forces, forcing a reformation.

    Is there any chance of that happening in the Ms, when their very idealogy drums in the fact that “monkey worshipping, widow burning, caste ridden cretins like the Hs” have no right to exist? This is on a parallel with the Nazi fanatic hatred of Judaism. Many Germans opposed it. Six million Jews still died.

    The two models do not stack up.

    “The law of large numbers (LLN) dictates that we find such anomalies”.

    Don’t know where you are going with this; did you study statistics? Effectively, LLN states that a sample of randomly distributted variables will approach their mean, the larger the sample.

    So if the propensity of individual Ms to destroy Hs varies from 0% to 100%, the larger their numbers, the propensity to destroy Hs will be 50% !!! This supports what I have been saying all along!!

    In my view, the problem can be studied better under ergodic theory. The system is dynamic, and the hate of Hs is not a variable, but a functionally determined invariant.

    You figure the determining function, and you figure why its an invariant, clever clogs.

  66. Through all the many discussions on this and various sites, I cannot begin to fathom this obsession with MY religion. To me, religion is a very personal thing. Through history, there have been many hundreds, if not thousands of religions which have come and gone.

    Hinduism itself, is far from perfect. At the risk of sounding like a troll, what is the real risk if it does get replaced by say Islam? Note that I am not advocating or predicting that this will happen, my only question is, what is the issue here?

    I think it is more of a survival of the fittest issue, if Hindus choose to let other religions progress and advance and cannot make a case for their own survival, their practitioners are better suited taking their piety elsewhere.

    Any one would rightly oppose being taxed to fund another’s belief. If you have a populace that does not mind it, it probably deserves to get replaced. Whats the big deal here? If you were a Muslim would you grudge your kids being Muslim too? Well, maybe it is just okay that you being a Hindu, you will have your kids practicing Islam because your way of life could not survive and this is what best suits them.

    Would all our 303 crore deities cease to exist because everyone converted to Islam? If they are real, what happens to our gods and demons when we cease to believe in them, they shouldn’t be affected and they should protect the religion. If they do not exist, why worry about them at all?

  67. Hara hara bom bom May 19, 2008 — 7:54 pm

    @ Anonymouse : “just wanted to point out that Hindus are not a race”.

    What!! Are you saying that the fanatic Aryan invading supremacist RACE from the Caucasus did not march their legions and cohorts in to the heartland of peace-loving Dravidian RACEs, and then dominate the land through cunning Brahmins through the RACIAL theory of the caste system? Do you appreciate that you will be lynched in half the universities in the world that are ‘experts’ (some (s)experts as well) on Hinduism and swear by the Aryan INVASION Theory before every morsel is consumed? Mind what you say, pagan !!!

    @ Anonymouse : “At the risk of sounding like a troll, what is the real risk if it does get replaced by say M”?

    Are you suggesting that the transition is going to be peaceful and serene and intellectual? And afterwards, we will all live in a happy M paradise, going to school, earning crores and peforming blissful namaaz?

    Have you seen what happened in the M world in the past? Have you seen what is happening in the present?

    Are you aware that the very moment Europe was whipped in to silience, the Turks and Persians immediately exploded in all out war, with incompartable brutality. Have you seen what has happened in the M. paradise of Taliban’s Afghanistan. Where women who had lost their husbands STARVED to death as they could not walk out on the streets as they had no male member to accompany them? Have you seen the decapitated teachers of English in Afghanistan? Have you read reports of the mass-whipping of women (one women was whipped for wearing while socks. They whipped her to make her white socks turn red).

    This will be the M paradise you crave. Forget about the grand tradition, culture and spirituality of H. We know most Hs are people are willing to ditch it at the drop of a hat.

    A far more horrific, grim and gruesome spectre awaits us than mere cultural loss.

    This is the real risk of H being replaced by M.

  68. @Hara hara bom bom

    I am taking the stupid bait even though does not make any sense …

    So, if we oppose it and kill them all, its going to be peaceful, rosy with a nice sunset and happen women who never will know what rape is?

  69. @ anonymouse
    Very interesting comments you make.
    Dont know if you are a Bengali or not, but those who are Bengali probably know of a place called Sylhet( a 95% Muslim majority area today)in present day Bangladesh.

    Just 600 years back, Sylhet was known as Srihatta. Such was its place in Hindu culture, that Vrindavan (a culturally and religiously important place for Hindus) used to be called the “Srihatta of the west”.

    Islamic demographic and socio-political genocide of the Hindus has taken it to where it is today, a hotbed of Jihad and Islamic depravity.

    The people are the same, the genes are the same (in case Ravi Ivaturi cares), just a crucial few decades of “lack of response” from Hindus and a few generations of Jihad spearheaded by the great(sic) Sufi Shah Jalal Mujarrad.

    Todays Vrindavan awaits the same fate.

  70. Happy, not happen, some days typing is also a big effort … sigh …

  71. @anonymouse
    “kill them all”???

    haa…Nehi bhaiyya…killing shilling nehi. How can any society kill such huge numbers.

    Hammer and anvil. as we discussed before.
    Keep the hammer handy though or the anvil is useless.

    Reversion reversion reversion. As Ivaturi’s “gene theory” suggest, that shouldnt be difficult. 🙂

  72. @rishi
    Again for the sake of argument. Would you feel the same if you didn’t know that it was Srihatta? Where I am going with this is, in most cases we do not have records of what was there before. Probably because lots of people did a good job of genocide and wiping out entire cultures and histories.

    You don’t know if what was there before Srihatta was something even more magnificent. If we believe Hara hara bom bom and his professors put forth (with, I assume sarcasm), then we should be supporting the dravidians down south who got thrown out the awesome cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa 🙂

    An example would the wiping out of the buddhists and the cleansing of India to restore the Sanatana Dharma. Kind of weird that the birthplace of Buddhism does not have too many buddhists while it is wide spread in all directions. It is also strange that you would find lots of ruins of buddhist monastries all the way from the North to Kerala, but in most cases there is really no documented evidence of Buddhism ever having flourished in those places.

    Maybe your ancestors still grudge you giving up their religion to take up this Hinduism of the barbarians 🙂

    @Hara hara bom bom
    I am a simple person and I do not understand the intricacies of history and anthropology too well. But, I do have a question, why is it that I, the supposed descendant of the Caucasian Aryans look nothing the those blonde hottie cousins of mine out west?

    And no, I am not Bengali, and I can never understand the Bengali obsession with intellectual armchair wrestling 🙂

  73. @ Anonymouse

    “and I can never understand the Bengali obsession with intellectual armchair wrestling”

    When it comes to Hindus, thankfully, intellectual domination is a pre-requisite for a leadership position for socio-political action.

    As for Buddhism’s assimilation into Hinduism in its place of birth is concerned, I can say with certainty about Eastern India and Bengal (one of the primary centers of Buddhism during Huen Tsangs’s time); Hinduism and Buddhism, inpsite of their ideological “tu tu main main” had a symbiotic relationship for the most part .

    In fact you can “credit” ISLAM for the complete physical destruction of Buddhism atleast, as far as Eastern India is concerned. (read up Huen Tsang for pre-islamic period and Chag Lotsawa for post-Nalanda destruction period)

    Same applies to North-Western part of the subcontinent and Afghanistan (as recent as the Bamiyan Buddhas).

    So successful was Islam’s agression over Buddhists that the term, “Budhh Shikan” or destroyer of Buddha’s idols” became a permament part of Jihadi dictionery. Later they used it for even Hindu iconogrpahy.

    It is sad and pitiful, that the same people who for the sake of political correctness, are whitewashing the effects of Koran on the South Asian population; are willing to bend backwards to manufacture moral equivalence in Hindu-Buddhist relations.

  74. An “Interesting Plot” on Mughalstan…. Check out Response number 2 on the webpage below, titled “The Vengeance” by “A Joshi”:

  75. If any of you ever get the time, try to read the book “The Clash of Fundametalisms” by Tariq Ali.
    In any case that is what this blog post is getting reduced to with the recent posts.

  76. Hara hara bom bom May 20, 2008 — 9:29 am

    @ Anonymouse “So, if we oppose it and kill them (Ms) all, its going to be peaceful, rosy with a nice sunset and happen women who never will know what rape is”?

    So basically you are saying that we Hs have no right to even highlight the patently and blatantly obvious injustiuce against us, in fear of a highly improbable, fanciful and imaginary scenario of equal barbarity by Hs?

    Incidentally, Hm does NOT tak about killing others. It talks of, and has practised, pluralistic universalism. The faith of the Ms revel in, instruct, enjoin and consistently, without fail, has demonstrated its blutlust to obliterate others.

    What you are doing is haranguing the inmates of Bergen Belsen to be kind to their Waffen SS bodyguards.

    The alternative you talk about (Hs killing off all othes) is bizarre and impossible. The current scenario you are trying to preserve by your misguided contrasting, is alas, a painful reality.

    @ Anonymouse “I am a simple person and I do not understand the intricacies of history and anthropology too well.”

    It is not a question on not knowing it too well. Do you have ANY sense of history at all? You are jibing Hs for the elimination of Buddhism from India? Where did you study Indian history? In a madrassa in Islamabad?

    H kings nurtured Buddhism. The Guptas created Nalanda and Vikramshila. Harshavardhana was not Buddhist, he was an ardent Shaivite, yet he encouraged religious tolerance and development. This is present in the annals of foregin Buddhist missionaries.

    @ Anonymouse : “But, I do have a question, why is it that I, the supposed descendant of the Caucasian Aryans look nothing the those blonde hottie cousins of mine out west?

    That is the whole point, you igno …. DEEP SIGH !!!

    You have mentioned many times before that you are a troll and a simpleton. I agree with this point of yours.

  77. What I do believe is that laws like POTA do not solve anything, be it in Maharashtra, or be it in the NE states, where an even more draconian version has been in place forever – called AFSPA.

    Any law that allows police/army to forcible abduct you and imprison you without access to legal recourse, or habeas corpus, cannot be justified on any grounds. The potential for (and instances of) misuse is just too high.

    Governments want POTA just because it gives them power the constitution does not allow otherwise – power that is unchecked, and easily used as an instrument of repression and fear.

    What we need is better trained and paid police personnel, technologically advanced crime detection methodologies, and an independent and uncorrupted police force/law enforcement agency free from political pressures.

  78. @ Shourideb: I visited my comments again to see where i touched your raw nerve. Strangely enough i couldn’t find any use of abusive language in my post (unlike yours) and neither could i comprehend what you intended to mean by your ‘bhaai sahab’ reference. If you were implying to show respect by addressing me as your elder brother, then your tone really didn’t convey it. If it was sarcasm you were trying to convey, well yeah you succeeded there.

    My argument of ‘bias’ sounded stupid and hackneyed to you. Fair, everyone has his own view on arguments, and those views are governed again by the biases and notions that we carry. I’m very sure that a 4 year old who carries the same biases as you would very well laugh at my arguments. And nothing i say can/will change your perception, as experience is the only death knell to bias.

    As the son of an army officer, i’ve seen life at the border at much closer quarters than you ever would. I have seen death rising out of religious extremism and not just read about it on a website. Ridding the world of nutcases like me won’t save the Hindu/Muslim population. Ridding the world of intolerance and angry reactions just might.

    I’m not supporting the case of any religion here. Unlike you, i’m not a religious extremist and don’t look at a persons religious belief before feeling comfortable/uncomfortable around them. I have spent my years in number of cities across india and have seen both sides of the story and well and truly believe that it is not the love of religion that drives this violence, rather misunderstanding of the religion and short-sighted knee jerk reaction.

    I haven’t had the chance to go through all the comments, but from what little i could grasp, the religious extremism being displayed is no worse than the jihad you all are talking about.

    @ Hara hara bom bom: Your understanding of statistics is quite immature to say the least. By extending your argument one could easily prove the propensity of Hindus to kill Muslimes is also 50%. Your assumptions in the argument are flawed.

    For the record, I’m not a Muslim, i’m a Hindu, and a student at IIM Ahmedabad.

  79. “..and a student at IIM Ahmedabad”

    Am I the only one to chuckle here? 😀

  80. @rishi_khujur

    Reversion reversion reversion

    But why? So that you can meet your numbers or something? Or is it because our god is better and that way they can attain salvation faster?

    @Hara hara bom bom
    If I knew you had a monopoly on history and its interpretation, I would have used that roll of duck tape on my lips and fingers! I really wonder how someone who has the reading comprehension of a 8 year old actually manages to read and interpret history, or maybe you don’t.

    But just one point, reading through your posts about Hs and Ms, it did take me a while to figure out what you were talking about, maybe you should append a glossary of abbreviations?

  81. @ Vishal

    Hey Vishal! I had a friend who was at IIM (A) too and his father was in the army too.

    Nice hearing from you.

    Vishal wrote:
    “I have spent my years in number of cities across india and have seen both sides of the story and well and truly believe that it is not the love of religion that drives this violence, rather misunderstanding of the religion and short-sighted knee jerk reaction”.

    Rishi’s resp:
    Your use of the words “rather misunderstanding of the religion and short sighted knee jerk reaction” is very loaded my friend.

    Can be misunderstood easily.

  82. Anonymouse wrote:

    Reversion reversion reversion

    But why? So that you can meet your numbers or something? Or is it because our god is better and that way they can attain salvation faster?

    Rishi’s response:
    Because it will make the world a better and safer place, natural calamities, and leftover human exclusivism notwithstanding.

    Yes I do believe the plethora of Hindu philosophies and ideas offer humanity a brighter hance than Islam.
    In the past year I think I have given enough reasons to back that up.

  83. brighter *chance* I meant

  84. @rishi_khujur:
    I have to disagree with you. I don’t know if you have kids, but if you do, you will know that each person has an idea of how kids should be brought up and they will strongly disagree with another parent’s version. Some people will grumble in their homes, others will be vocal to a third person, while some will tell the parents on their face that the way they are bringing up their kids, their future is doomed.

    I have not seen much evidence to support any one view point. What I am saying here is that, a person tends to have a feeling that their own belief system is the best and that they need to impose it on everyone else.

    I was trying to understand for a while, what exactly you are proposing. Now that I know what it is, I will sleep well 🙂 Though, I do have a sneaking suspicion that once everyone is a Hindu, you will have this huge urge to convert them all into your particular branch of the faith and then keep going till everyone is a clone of yourself. Just a feeling…

    The Usual Wrote:

    Any body who opposes the view point has to a) remain anonymous b) steamrolled – until quiet

    And I have to agree. I almost bit the bait in my last post. What the few loud bullies here do, is to push people into a position where they need to defend themselves rather than their point of view.

    HHBB – Personal attacks in a discussion is never appropriate. When it comes to having to defend myself online, that is one piece of effort that does not seem worthwhile. So, as they say in Mumbai, “Bala, tooch Shivaji!”

  85. Anonymouse wrote:
    “Though, I do have a sneaking suspicion that once everyone is a Hindu, you will have this huge urge to convert them all into your particular branch of the faith and then keep going till everyone is a clone of yourself. Just a feeling”

    Rishi’s response:
    I have a sneaking feeling your suspicion is most unfounded.
    Again, we did discuss all this before.

    I have to agree with HHBB that vin this discussion, one side here is giving 1200 years of evidence of events and scriptures while the other side is working on a lot of postulations and “sneakign suspicions” 🙂

    I am glad you can sleep well.

  86. @anonymouse

    oh boy my dyslexic typing:

    Here it is again

    *I have to agree with HHBB that in this discussion, one side is giving 1200 years of factual evidence of events and scriptures, while the other side is working on postulations and “sneaking suspicions”.


  87. Hara hara bom bom May 20, 2008 — 7:21 pm

    @ Vishaal : “Your (HHBB’s) understanding of statistics is immature. By your argument one could easily prove the propensity of Hs to kill Ms is also 50%. Your assumptions are flawed”.

    SIGH. That was my point. Ravi was using the Law of Large Numbers (LLNs) to prove that most Ms are peace-loving. My argument was that you cannot use LLN to prove this. If anything, LLN would demonstrate that 50% would want to kill Hs. Referring to LLN here is a flawed approach, & that was the point to Ravi. I would subject the study to an ergodic theorem as mentioned above.

    Do you understand this basic statistical principle?

    @ Vishaal : “I’m a student at IIM Ahmedabad”.
    I am tempted to say “if you do not know basic stats and you’re in IIM, then boy oh boy, standards there must be slippng. How did you get in? Advance reservations?”. 🙂 But I’ll desist.

    @ Anonymouse : “If you (HHBB) had a monopoly on history, I would have used that roll of duck tape on my lips and fingers”!

    The facts have a monopoly on history. Nothing else. Faced with a clear and present danger, we are being asked to completely ignore the overwhelming and stupefying body of facts, in preference to a wishy-washy sugar-coated fairy-tale that is falling apart every day.

    “how someone who has the reading comprehension of a 8 year old actually manages to read and interpret history, or maybe you don’t. … reading through your posts about Hs and Ms, it did take me a while to figure out what you were talking about”.

    So it took you a while to fathom what H & M meant, though it is evident from the context? And you are accusing me of having the comprehension of an 8 year old !! 🙂

    @ Anonymouse : “Personal attacks in a discussion is never appropriate. When it comes to having to defend myself online, that is one piece of effort that does not seem worthwhile”.

    Let us study what your postulates are tantamount to :
    (a) [Hs wipe out Buddhists with the same glee as Ms wipe out Hs].
    This is outrageously false.

    (b) [Anonymouse is different from Aryans in the West].
    This is in response to my point that the AIT is false. You are using my conclusion (there was no AIT) to refute my conclusion, not realising that your inference is the same as my conclusion in the first place !!
    Do you see?

  88. @Rishi
    About gitmo… I am glad u raissed the question…Allen and Overy UK thru their NY office sent sum lawyers to assist GITMO detainees….The study which they came out with…Though the original study was read by me in my college and i clearly do not recollect half of it..shed light on not only the inhuman conditions inside but the mockery of the gr8 US constitution..The millitary by an act of congress had been given roles of judges, defense counsel, captors and executioners…Now the question may be raised that if the 1st amendment rights and due process rights are available to foreign nationals….My answer and scholars wud agree with me that even though 1st amendment rights are unavailable due process is…So to me GITMO is as unconstitutional as skeletal laws like POTA…
    And i dont think there is any chance of creation of Mughalistan…I think Hinduism has survived the test of time…And Islam shud not be seen as a threat…Hinduism is not a religion….nor a race…The Aryan invasion (@ hara hara) is very much disputed..Primitive Indian Sociologists aided by British policy cooked up the idea.and anyway modern Sociologists do not consider Aryans to be a different race..rather they perceive the theory of racial equality ….so dont start of on racism now..

  89. AR wrote:
    vry interesting thoughts indeed
    “Hinduism is not a religion…???”

    Why do you say so? Why is Hinduism NOT religion?

    As for Gitmo, I wanted to bring to your notice that most of the “detainees” released from Gitmo, for lack of evidence or otherwise, have gone on to continue their Koran appointed duties of killing Kafirs and humans in general for the cause of Islam.

    Baitullah Mehsud, being the most well known amongst them.

    Dear AR, your very lucid description of why Gitmo is illegal (and by extension POTA also) was very revealing.

    It shows exactly how the non-Islamic world (vis-a-vis Gitmo) is putting itself in a lose-lose situation.

    1. Because Islam is a religion, its doctrines and the physical (often deadly) mainfestations of those doctrines cannot be questioned.

    2. By extension those self-proclaimed jihadis who openly declare and commit “crimes” for the Ummah’s supercause cannot be persecuted until the countries laws in which those crimes have been committed prosecutes them.

    3. But these jihadis are fighting for Islam and they do not recognize and act within national boundaries, therefore the countries where they come from, may not have any evidence of the crime that is being commited.

    4. The coutries where they are operating from mostly have Shariat laws which renders these murderers not only crime free but also Ghazis or heroes and keeps no record of their criminal act.

    5. To top it all, these jihadis suddenly demand Geneva Convention rights (applicable to national armies),when it comes to their treatment; when they themselves use Shariat laws when it comes to treatment of their enemies.

    So you see AR…either way you are setting yourself up for failure.
    Do request Allen and Overy to pay a visit to Baitullah Mehsud in Waziristan.

  90. @ AR
    You didnt get HHBB’s sarcasm with regards to AIT.
    But thanks for clarifying anyway. Glad we all are on the same page w.r.t AIT.

  91. AR wrote: “Hinduism is not a religion”…

    Actually, Hinduism is not JUST a religion.

    Hinduism is a Religion, Philosophy and Way of Life, all rolled into one.

    I quote from another blog which has a lovely piece from Prof.B.N.Hebbar (Professor of Hinduism, George Washington University).

    The Pitfalls of calling Hinduism a “way of life” [or “not a religion]

    It became hip and fashionable among some Hindus a few decades ago to say that Hinduism is a way of life and not a religion. And this has been parroted by many without thinking, ever since. Unfortunately, religions that do not wish the Hindus well have used this to its detriment by saying “So, Hinduism is a way of life. This means you Hindus don’t have a religion. Your religion then can be our religion. Why don’t you adopt ours. You may keep your way of life.”

    It is thus important to insist that Hinduism is a religion, philosophy and way of life, all rolled into one. These three are not mutually exclusive categories. A tradition can be all three at once as it is in the case of Taoism [Dao-de jiao as the Chinese call it] in China and Shintoism [Kami-no-michi as the Japanese call it] in Japan. Usually, nationally based religions tend to be all three at once than missionary religions.

    Why are some Hindus hesitant to call Hinduism as a religion when it has all the elements that characterize a religion? Let’s check each of these.

    1. Deities: Hinduism has them.
    2. Piety and worship: Hinduism has them.
    3. Prayers and liturgy: Hinduism has them
    4. Scriptures: Hinduism has them.
    5. Doctrines: Hinduism has them.
    6. Sacred Space: sanctified places of worship and pilgrimage. Hinduism has them.
    7. Sacred Time: feasts and fasts. Hinduism has them.
    8. Sacred Persons: priests and monastic. Hinduism has them.
    9. Rituals: Hinduism has them.
    10. Sacraments: sanctification of the important stages of life. Hinduism has them.
    11. Miracles and Mysticism: Hinduism has it.
    12. Code of Ethics: Hinduism has it.
    13. Contemplative practices: Hinduism has them
    14. Humanism: Hinduism has it.

    Later on, some one added as a 15th point that the idea of salvation is also not new to Hinduism, the closest equivalent being the concepts of “Moksha” (roughly -Liberation) and “Yoga” (Union with the Higher Self).

    The cultural part makes Hinduism more than a religion. It is here that it is also a way of life. One need not exclude the other. Hindus should [as the Taoists and Shintoists have] celebrate their faith as all three [Religion, Philosophy and Way of Life] rolled into one.

    I agree with Prof. Hebbar overall, especially in that Hinduism is a religion and that it is much more than that…. maybe I will just add that it is not just one philosophy, but a collection of them like the colors of a rainbow from “Materialism” propogated by Charvaka to Advaita Vedanta enunciated by Shankaracharya.

  92. @ HHBB: “SIGH. That was my point. Ravi was using the Law of Large Numbers (LLNs) to prove that most Ms are peace-loving.”

    Like i said earlier, i did not have the time to go through all the comment. I was merely pointing out the error in the statement you made. However, i did visit Ravi’s post right now, and all he said was that the Law of Large numbers dictates that we will find outliers who show large deviation from the mean, which is perfectly correct. What you said however was that LLN would demonstrate that 50% Ms would want to kill Hs. LLN would demonstrate nothing like that since it assumes a sample of independent and identically distributed random variables with a finite expected value. The sample we are talking about (1.5 billion muslims)is neither independent nor identically distributed nor random and cannot be assigned a finite value for propensity to kill Hs. In that sense, even Ravi’s use of LLN was wrong, however his conclusion was not.
    It would be a good idea to subject the study to ergodic theory, why don’t you go ahead and do that. You’d also like to then move this discussion to

    @ HHBB “I am tempted to say “if you do not know basic stats and you’re in IIM, then boy oh boy, standards there must be slippng. How did you get in? Advance reservations?”. But I’ll desist.”

    Since you go ahead and say ‘But I’ll desist” after having commented, I’ll desist from commenting on your maturity.

  93. @Anonymouse, this is an old time pass indulgence. A comment said in GB post “Killing fields of Bengal” dated Nov 21st 2007 –

    “…Our great protector Rishi also routinely brings up the issue of Hindu being beaten in Bangladesh, but has he ever heard of somebody called M. F. Hussain? There is no fatwa (Hinduism does not have a provision for it, last time I checked) against him, but he cannot return to India thanks to RSS. By the way our Rishi is a “pahucha hua” person, he has connections with the Mukhyasarsangah chalak of RSS, he has brought down Romila Thapar in a public debate, he has friends who correspond regularly with Taslima Nasreen, has experienced the angst of “Rakhi brother” and is presently actively considering a threesome. I wish he was available to the Vajpayee governement during the kandahar crisis, he could have dropped some names with the Mujahidin who made the NDA government piss in there dhotis….”

    As you have found out rightly, it is best to ignore “THEM”, and just enjoy the brilliant posts of GB.

  94. Hara hara bom bom May 21, 2008 — 10:25 am

    @ Vishaal : “i did not have the time to go through all the comment.”

    Surely you should, before pontificating on another commentator’s reply? That’s not just basic decency, that’s common sense.

    “The sample (1.5 billion Ms) is neither
    – independent
    – identically distributed
    – cannot be assigned a finite value for propensity to kill Hs”

    First of all, it is not a sample. It is a population.

    Why is it not independent? What particular trait/s prevent the variables from assuming the characteristic of independence? What is the cause of bias?

    They are fairly identically distributed. The are clusters of Ms around the world. So though in Bangladesh they form 95% of the population & 2% in UK, since they cluster together in the UK (high %s in Bradford, Tower Hamlets etc), this should not collapse the study.

    The finite value range can be set at 0% to 100%. According to the Quran, it should be 100%. The reality is slightly better.

    The reason LLN fails is not necessarily because of the above, but because the scenario is dynamic.


    Are you really drawing a parallel between :

    (a) An obscene old man of mediocre talent, who, true to the tenets of his belief, depicts religion icons of his tolerant host faith in a disgusting manner. And trembles behind a contrived mantle of artistic freedom when questioned.

    (b) A genocide of collosal proportions, where millions of Hs were murdered in Bangladesh in 1970-71, and a vibrant, tolerant and progressive community is being grinded down and ethnically cleansed before out very eyes. While the butchering cleansers merrly flood our nation to breed and bleed us out of our remaining homes in India.

    Do you see how ludicrous your analogy is?

    You are entitled to your own opinions. You are even entitled to your own circle of communication (you ignore Rishi & me). You are not entitled to your ‘own’ FACTs.

  95. “And trembles behind a contrived mantle of artistic freedom when questioned.”

    The same can be said of Salman Rushdie? Or that Hindu student painter from Baroda Art College? Or any other artiste who has been proscribed for “hurting” religious sentiments? What about the late Vijay Tendulkar for writing Ghashiram Kotwal and Gidhade?

    All of them taking cover behind a “contrived” mantle of artistic freedom. eh? How dare the think that art can be independent of religious doctrine?

    How dare they shake the foundations of millenia old religions by drawing a cartoon of painting a nude goddess? Don’t they know how weak the foundations are?

    They need to be taught that in the era of the fundamentalists, artistic freedom, or freedom of any kind is apostatasy, regardless of religion.

  96. The moral equivalence drawn by Usual, between protests against M.F. Hussein and the genocide against Hindus in Bangladesh, is sadly amusing.

    It clearly shows how far from reality, the pseudo-secular millions in India have positioned themselves.

    At the end of the day, the oft-repeated adage does ring true for the Hindus, “Those who do not learn from their past mistakes, are condemned to repeat them”.

  97. Hara hara bom bom May 21, 2008 — 6:58 pm

    @ SHAN : Wrt artistic freedom :

    > The same can be said of Salman Rushdie? Or that student from Baroda? Or any other artiste who has been proscribed for “hurting” religious sentiments? What about the late Vijay Tendulkar?

    Oh wow. How eagerly is Shan trying to steer the conversation away from the original point, which was “it is sheer insanity for “Usual” to equate :
    – the real blood spilt of millions of Hs in Bangladesh in the last few decades alone …. which no one even cares about, with
    – the comical, panjamdrum-like drama of a mediocre painter bleating shrill about imagined ‘threats’.

    > All of them taking cover behind a “contrived” mantle of artistic freedom. eh? How dare the think that art can be independent of religious doctrine? How dare they shake the foundations of millenia old religions by drawing a cartoon of painting a nude goddess? Don’t they know how weak the foundations are?

    If you ask my personal view :-

    – In an equal world, there would be no issue. But when one section of society is given carte–blanche encouragement by the political and ‘artistic’ establishment to hurl scorn at Hinduism alone, while maintaining, even enforcing a glaring silence about the innumerable acts of evil practised by other faiths, any sanme member of society is right to get suspicious.

    – The so called secular camp, true to their character, jump to don their cloak of hypocrisy. They rush to the rooftops to decry and scream down valid H protests, and shrug and walk away in apathy when they see H art being smashed up by Hindu hating Indians. When Francois Gaultiers exhibition is brutally crushed, I didn’t hear any seculars lose a wink of sleep.

    Artistic freedom my foot.

    – Artists, like every human being, have a responsibility to evolve and progress society towards better and nobler states of progress. They should not antonly abrogate that responsibility. After all, under the guise of freedom :

    (i) If you start parading up and down Cuffe Parade stark in your birthday suit (heaven forbid), claiming ‘sartorial freedom’, do I or do I not have a right to request the authorities to restrain you. Or should I just look away while you tickle your fancy?

    (ii) If ‘Usual’ comes outside your house and starts screaming “Mrs Shan is a hoe, Mrs Shan is a fat hoe”, do you have the right to request him to stop, or will you give him a loudspeaker and cy “wah, wah, wha. What perfect artistic freedom. Wah, wah”.

    After all, that it what freedom boils down to? Isn’t it?

    – I personally don’t find Hussein’s works that obscene. I find them abysmally wretched and low quality. Accepted, I am no expert on modern art (hah, who is?), but I have been to the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Ghetty in Venice, and gazed in admiration at Kandinskys and Matisses and Pollocks. Compared to that, Hussein’s art is just plain disgusting.

    > They need to be taught that in the era of the fundamentalists, artistic freedom, or freedom of any kind is apostatasy, regardless of religion.

    Bhaiya. Wake up. The concrete Tihar society you cite is alreat here. There is no artistic freedom in India. There is only license to smash and atomise any pro-Hindu, pro-Indian art. And an iron-law to protect, with forcible falsehood if need be, the paper-thin sensitivities of anti-Hindus. And a carte-blanche obligation, nay, a sheer obligation, to denigrate any single shred of Hindu pride and dignity that remains.

    Huseein’s art is not Grand Art. Not by a mile. It is, as my company’s CEO (an avid art collector) snubs a bad art pieice, by saying “Bejeesus, this is not Grand Art. It a “Grand Fart”.

    His words. Not mine 🙂

  98. @Bongocop,
    You have to READ the comment to know that it was quoted from somebody else. You have to UNDERSTAND that the context of “that” commenter was Taslima being expelled from Bangladesh and MF being expelled from India. He has been EXPELLED from India by Hindu Taliban, and not what you call “protests against M.F. Hussein”
    When you say “Those who do not learn from their past mistakes…”, I could not locate what are you pointing to. Is it Ajanta, Khajuraho or Konark? This is the right place for a proposal to do a “Bamiyan Buddha”, just name the culprit.

  99. lol @ usual
    In your own argument, you are using examples of Islamic atrocities as benchmarks, in your effort to highlight possible and percieved future Hindu intolerance. Ha ha ha

    Gosh!! Dont you see it yourself how self deluded you are?

  100. @Rishi
    All that is fine…but my point being that if there is a constitutional way of fighting terrorism….why do it any other way…And Rishi lest u forget our criminal justice system is not based on preponderance of probabilities…If u can not guarantee fair trial to ur detainee…why not pop them in their head in the first place….why waste taxpayer’s money in illegally detaining people…

  101. @ AR
    The question is – is there a constitutional way ? (given the present scenario)

    I agree with the rest of ur comment. The only reason I see is “information gathering” to pre-empt future strikes.

  102. AR@:”And i dont think there is any chance of creation of Mughalistan”

    That is a very noble wish, my friend. Wishes seldom come true, unless you work at it.
    Your lack of threat perception reminds me of the meek Jewish civilians standing patiently in long queues leading to the gas chambers at Auschwitz, looking up at the thick columns of smoke emanating from the crematoria chimneys, and convincing each other in total denial: “I don’t think there is any chance the Nazis will exterminate us”.
    I would rather that you emulate the Jews of Warsaw ghetto, who knew what lay in store for them.

    AR@: “I think Hinduism has survived the test of time…”

    Wishful thinking again. I wish you were to look at why Hinduism has been wiped out in 75% of the land-mass that used to be Hindu (Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent) and drastically continues to drop in numbers in what’s left of it – the remaining 25%(Rump India). You have another 15-20 years to stem this rising tide or get wiped out, if you get the big picture.
    If there are no Hindus left to practise Hinduism, I suppose we can count on the birds, earthworms and bandicoots in our sacred soil to practise Hinduism.

    AR@”And Islam shud not be seen as a threat…”

    Oh really, why not? I suppose you would consider a ruthless, totalitarian, political-belief system bent upon conquering the world (including India) by killing or conversion to be very beneficial to India. Please elaborate why Islam should not be seen as a threat and enlighten me.
    I urge and encourage everyone, especially our Bengali intellectuals, to read the book “My People, Uprooted” at my Blog-link above (Bengal Voice) and meditate on their past, present and future.
    This time Bengali Hindus wont have another Bengal to run to.

  103. I would have been laughing like crazy had your post not been nail-on-the-head true!
    great writing though…

  104. @ hara hara bom bom….

    i am impressed by your grasp of issues…i have a set of like minded friends who would like to use your talents better…

    E- Mail me at….

    we may surprise you

  105. Hi Bengal Voice,

    I agree with your comments. The Hindu civilisational space is shrinking at an incredibly sad rate.

    I’d give secular India another 20 years at the max, before the non-Hindu population gets to 30% ….. and the ongoing Jihadi Civil War hits the crescendo.

    This time, I’m afraid there will be no second Partition. The result will either be Mughalstan or an Islamic state of India.


  106. Baiju
    Do write to me.

    Ignoring reality will not make it go away.

  107. So Y = Bangalore now.

    And one of the blasts (the one near Adugodi) was 200m from my office!

    Wonder what Z will be!

  108. Dear bsin,

    Many Bengaluru Boys are Busy with Beer, Babes, Bollywood, Bangalore Royal Challengers and Bhelpuri….

    Did these Bomb Blasts wake them up to stark reality? 😉

  109. Unfortunate..happened again.

    Right, after the afternoon call for Namaaz was made. Hope everyone who writes here, working/living in Bangalore is unhurt.

  110. correction read “Friday Jumma Namaaz” in place of “Namaaz”.
    The timing, this time, is important.

  111. TheDumbGraduate July 27, 2008 — 1:55 pm


    Z = Ahmedabad

  112. “The Intelligence Bureau has confirmed that the attacks that took place in Mumbai on Wednesday night were an act of terror and aimed at disrupting peace and causing panic among Mumbaikars.”

    Just so sad- it just keeps on happening, my friend.

  113. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh simply condemned the terror attacks in Mumbai.

    Home Minister Shivaraj Patil is still awaiting two things, before he can come up with a meaningful official statement on these Jihadi attacks:

    (1) his white bandgala suit (to come back from the tailor’s) and
    (2) clear instructions from Mata Roma (Sonia Madam)

    Even British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared on the same day that the ‘outrageous’ attacks in Mumbai will be met with a ‘vigorous response’.

    But the Congress Government is afraid of even using strong language as this might upset its minority-votebank.

    The Manmohan Singh-led Congress government is an utter and complete failure.

    It will come as no surprise that the Islamosecular Congress-SIMI coalition will be crushed in the elections.

  114. Did anyone notice the hypocrisy and bias of the media against Hindus?

    Until today, the same English Language News Media (NDTV, CNN-IBN etc) who were going hammer and tongs screaming “Hindu Terror”, “Hindu Terrorists” while labelling the Sadhvi are now using an innocuous-sounding non-religious term: “Terrorists in Mumbai ….” (without any Islamic prefix)

  115. now they are doing it openly November 27, 2008 — 1:28 am

    So now Jihadis butcher 100 people openly driving around town.

    I am sure the Hindus in Mumbai will be showing their spirit of tolerance, as the pseudo secularists masturbate on nailing a Sadhvi and a Army officer.

    Then we wonder why we became slaves for a thousand years.

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