Stop That !

Our Indian way of life is under attack once again. And if you thought a bomb at the bus stand or the rising price of petrol or the deteriorating law and order situation were the biggest challenges to our national well-being well you obviously have been thinking with just your brain.

Cause they are not.

A new menace is here, an insidious agent of malignancy that creeps silently into your bedrooms (and yes even offices when the boss is not around). Assuming the form of electron streams, it activates pixels on your computer screen with certain poisonous RGB values which, before you know, sap you of your morals, your humanity and also more than a bit of your energy.

For those of you who have no idea of what I am saying and for those of you pretending not to understand, I am talking about a certain “Bhabhi”, India’s first sensual comic character, whose excapades with a lingerie salesmen and budding cricket players have become a threat to the nation’s moral security.

Now I am sure a lot of you are mocking me right now. You are saying “How is this different from any adult themed site?” Why am I suddenly so bothered by this?

Well because this time the peddlers of smut have gone too far. As articulated beautifully by an outraged Netizen, a person who suggests the CBI to step in to arrest the content creators of the site.

In my opinion this site is more dangerous than a normal adult site since it targets young Indian audience and degrades women.

I agree. Most normal adult sites do not target younger audiences and depict women as fully-rounded individuals with feelings as opposed to just a composition of attractive body parts.

This site however is different. It is exclusively aimed at corrupting young Indians by striking at the very root of the Indian family. And with the Tehelka pointing out the cleverness of the people behind the endeavor—-in the month of April taking advantage of the post-budget season they had the bra-salesman, in the month of May they had a cricket-themed story in line with the IPL craze—I suspect a Pakistani plot hatched by the Bhab-i-Kharabi faction to trigger a collapse of the Indian family system. An endeavor in which they are being supported by the intellectuals who are sprouting fashionable words like “sexual consumerism of a post-colonial nation” to cover up the worst kind of perversion.

And the effects are already being felt. And no not just in locality boys knocking their balls into certain neighboring balconies with increasing frequencies or the friendly vacuum cleaner salesman asking for a glass of water at every house he visits but in increasingly weird behavior from our ma behen.

[Link from Times of India]

Aarti (name changed), 24, a marketing manager admits, “I fantasize my husband tying me to the bed and spanking me, abusing me and playing hard on me. It makes me feel like a wild cat waiting to be controlled.”

More such perverse ideas detailed here at the Times of India. Expect a few of these to make it to a certain comics strip.

Disgusting !

Well I sincerely hope that this site (whose URL if I provide I might be in trouble under Indian law) gets banned and its creators forced to sell men’s underwear in a prison.

Only then can we revert to the age-old rural innocence that is our tradition, a chaste utopia unsullied by the Net perverts.

A “mahaul” where a newly wed wife sings about multiple shifts of “duty” in her husband’s home in “Duty double sasurar main” .

Or an environment where a song is introduced as “Bihar main chal rahe teen din se devaron ke hartal aaj samapt hui. Mukhe mantri shreemati Rabri Devi unke maangein sweekar karte huye Bihar ke tamam bahujaiyon ko phagan bhar ke liye free karne ki ghoshna ki hain. Devar jab chahe, jahaan chahe, jaise chahen apne bhoujaiyon pe rang dal saakte hain” [Link]

Or a world where a devar can ask “Arrey Bhabhi, zyara mera doodh-badaam aur koyla dena to!” and be given a reply as apt and as innocent as “Arrey wah, devarji, badan ke liye doodh-badaam, aur daaton ke liye koyla?”

[Addendum: The last line is from an old advertisement on Doordarshan peddling daant-manjan—Colgate tooth powder. Clarification provided for those too young to have seen that ad]

77 thoughts on “Stop That !

  1. First to comment. yippee!

  2. GB, sometimes your words are so satiristic, I dont get actually whether you are serious about something or ridiculing it.

    This perversion is disgusting but truth. Incest is creeping into frustrated young minds like never before.

  3. Hujur… sorry

    I was supposed to give this Ipod to you….but blame SB for me missing the the first entry….

    dammit… I got too engrossed in her comic strip from Arnab’s link…

  4. I read about SB in Amit Varma’s column earlier. It’a actually quite funny. Reminded me of “Bottola” magazines and “Suman” magazines in Bengali and Hindi respectively.

  5. No comments yet? I thought people pride themselves on being the first to comment here. Anyway, maybe people do feel strongly about this issue. Which isn’t a surprise really, ‘cos so do I. I really hope and pray that our great nation stops its rapid slide down the slippery slope of moral detrioration and goes back to her glorious, chaste past.

    Khajuraho, to be more specific.

  6. These theames are however an easy target for political leaders to get media and voter attention. All middle aged middle/lower middle calss parents will suddenly take note and agree with the politician citing concern over their children.

    Why not incorporate a firewall over your internet connection. If your kids are smart enough to get past that then they deserve Sabita .

  7. LOL , that’s great bong…

    I m sure u r talking abt our very own SB..

    This time round they have published them in multiple Indian languages. They have a full fledged organized team working for them. They even have openings right now for different positions available. Care to join them??

  8. and to think that i discourage salesmen!
    are the salesmen ready to face 80kg of amourous intent?

    housewives are going to be desperate no longer.

  9. Our government can only do moral policing.. none for the actual policing. They take these issues as opportunities to fill their vote bank.

    Now come on, we are beyond 21st century. No one needs to point fingers and show us what we need to read and what not.

    I would say the creators of SB are creative geniuses. They should be praised for taking India to level 2 in the world of getting global.

  10. Good sarcasm is a tasty meal, any time of the day. Thanks!

  11. @bsin…agree with u,
    GB i admire your writing as it explains the most difficult of issues in the simplest manners for a semantically challenged soul like me…here it all went over my head

  12. Or a world where a devar can ask “Arrey Bhabhi, zyara mera doodh-badaam aur koyla dena to!” and be given a reply as apt and as innocent as “Arrey wah, devarji, badan ke liye doodh-badaam, aur daaton ke liye koyla?”

    what was that…total bouncer…didnt make sense in the context…someone pls enlighten me

  13. “Bhab-i-Kharabi” … Haha …That was good. The sarcasm is excellent. I agree that there is no way you can stop people from posting SB material on the internet and that any such attempt will fail miserably. But, I am not sure how the degrading effects can be controlled. I guess the only holistic solution to this problem in general is that the society needs to be more open.
    When people blame that women are being objectified when used as sex symbols, I would say that they are objectified even more by people who refer to them as ‘ghar ki izzat”.Only when the curiosity towards sex is demystified, will all such “immoral” elements be controlled.
    Anyways did not mean to get into a serious discussion here.. this is a swell article.. And by the way GB we definitely need something on the whole Shivaji statue issue. I can smell the sarcasm cooking here!

  14. You can’t make this shit up:

    “According to psychologist Mythili M Sharma, the portrayal of bhabhi in such a poor light can make a dent on the way a traditional Indian male considers family values.

    “In the typical Indian traditional family bhabhi is almost on par with the mother. In the absence of mother, men in a traditional Indian family often reach out to their elder sister-in-laws whenever they have a problem. Websites like this one are not definitely going to be taken in good taste in India by an average Indian male psyche, because bhabhi hold a special place in the mind of an Indian male,” said Sharma.”

    Please to note –

    “men in a traditional Indian family often reach out to their elder sister-in-laws whenever they have a problem.”


    “because bhabhi hold a special place in the mind of an Indian male”


  15. Thank the Lord. Finally, we have something to occupy the void in our lives left by the demise of desibaba. The propose a Padmashri for the creators of SB.

  16. i had heard abt bhabhi…just saw it aftr this post…thr was sth similar few years back in UP/Bihar…in form of mastram…dunno if anyone here has heard of baba mastram

  17. Man…. I love Savita aunty…
    Just one look at her curves can get you an instant hormone supply…. 🙂
    hats off to the creater of the character….


  18. Dumdum_er_Aantel June 11, 2008 — 2:22 am

    After reading the bengali version of the comics, I am 101 takka sure that those bastards are Bangladeshi’s. It’s Bangladeshi bangla.
    But one thing. The comics got quality. Much better than the “DAUFA 302” series I used to buy from Dumdum junction. But I am civilized now. So shame on them.

  19. And the pehelwan bhaiyyan was the same guy who played Balram in Mahabharata. ah those days. But preferred the dabur lal dantmanjan ad.

    “Arey, raaju….”

    “par masterji, aapke daat..”

  20. Hi Arnab,

    Can smell contradiction here. In one of your earlier posts you had claimed or claimed to have fantasized about those well formed female figures clad in red bordered white sarees (heart wrenchingly voluptuous boudis – to be exact) while romanticising Pujas in Kolkata.

    Whats the problem if a smutty website comes out with a equally regressive content? It was always there on public mind and this is a form of expression. We also can recall an advertisment for a particular deo-spray where a bengali housewife gets amorous smelling the deo worn by a macho walking across the verandah with his shirts open. Look at our innerwear ads and you would understand.

    We are talking about a time where student-girls engage in immoral activities to earn easy cash or several mms’s which flood the contents of these websites. A comic strip is too innocuous.

    I am optimistic and agree with Rahul that people are matured enough to understand whats good and bad after a point of time.

  21. Dang ! I was not too old to remember that ad.

  22. sbi still rocks too much..mano ya na mano 😛

  23. do I say raise a toast to these creators may raise the heckles of so many chaste bhabhi loving people but we always did love our boudis, and they in return, a lot of love all across Kolkata…school gates, bus stops, mini buses, paras, terraces, gariahat, book fair, pujo…a lot of love!!

  24. I rank SB up there with Lara Jones

  25. When Galileo said that the sun was at the center of the universe, they put him in jail When Mushtaq Mohammed played the reverse sweep for the first time ever, people thought he’d lost his marbles. So, no matter what you do, there are going to be people who object and criticize. I’m a little surprised GB that you keep writing on these people, and making them the center of attention. I mean, after all, isn’t that what they want in the first place.

  26. Story Idea #1

    SB will encounter a politician campaigning door-to-door during elections season…

    Or better still, SB fights elections and goes for door-to-door campaigning.

  27. hehe 🙂 i got to see the bhabhi comic. you are the first to tell me about it.

  28. @ Akhetak: That ad used to come on the tube in the (only) Doordarshan days, and it used to be an ad for a tooth powder… The bhabhi recommends the toothpowder over koyla for oral hygiene.

    All of a sudden, I realize that I’m old… Perhaps a bit too old 😦

  29. I was surprised why no one has agitated so far.
    We are really a angry nation.

  30. GB,
    the tehelka link needs a work unsafe tag.
    btw, quite engrossed with the SB comics. remembered me of the desibaba days

  31. Rishi Khujur,

    Stop reading baudi’s bawdy comics and send me your next Ipod.

    I too have a grandma who collects Ipods. She’s deaf, but likes having headphones on, so people can think she’s cool.


  32. Hi Arnab,

    I am glad that you support website like SB and their “creativity”. Since you also hope to become politician of the country sometimes, I am very happy to know that we can have politicians like you. No doubt the country will prosper with appreciators of authentic creative minds.


  33. Thanks for the SB. I had no clue something like this was out there!

  34. SB reminds of the good old mastram days 🙂
    We could soon have S-Mausi, S-Aunty on similar lines. anyone game for starting ‘munni meri bahen munni’ site 🙂

  35. Man … isn’t she hawt! I mean I might be one of those few who have actually known about the website and the content before knowing about the brawl that it triggered. And I seriously feel that in this age of inflation and rising vegetable prices, some inflated vegetables for free don’t harm anyone.

  36. @ anomit. Lara Jones ta ke bhai? Robi Shankar ki aar ek piece bachcha diyechhe?

  37. Don’t forget we are first hungry, then angry. When the hunger subsides after enough visits to SB’s portal … the anger surfaces.

  38. @anomit
    are you referring to Lara Croft or Norah Jones

  39. Dammit! You have ruined, & I say _ruined_ my childhood innocence! In all these years, I never understood the true meaning of “badan ke liye doodh-badam, aur daanton ke liye koyla?” My idyllic youth has been corrupted & destroyed!

  40. @Bangla Hindu Samhati:

    Your comments on this thread have been removed. My blog isnt a place for propaganda. And even if you want to spin your “message” as a comment (which I allow people to do within limits) you are encouraged to do so on appropriate discussion threads. Definitely not this one.

  41. @Anirban @Arindam

    ye ki bolbo….Lara Jones has a cult following among toon porn lovers, try googling for it 😀

  42. Starting SB is just an attempt to make money out of frustration of Indian public. Government will be right in banning such sites if it can certainly but it should target the larger problem instead.

    unfortunately there no deliberate attempts at any level to strengthen our family values so that the society becomes immune to such websites. May be then we will actually enjoy reading SB

  43. @oops: Regarding your use of the term ‘immoral’, define morality for us, will you, please? Eh, you won’t? Sit down. Thank you.

  44. debasish ghosh June 13, 2008 — 7:21 am


  45. Anomit,
    I guess its pretty clear to somebody reading my comments what I really wanted to mean. I did not define “immoral” knowing that its subjective. However, I put down what I thought, you are free to jot what you think.

  46. Very funee eet ees 🙂

  47. Feel sad about this strip actually, being a boudi, every lovingly accepted in the bengali fabric. It sort of sullies or brings in innuendos to the relation

  48. very humorous style of writing you have, GB. Look forward to your next post

  49. May be I am ahead of the times and am acting too liberal[??]

    Well, time is ripe for Indian playboy.. you have HELL a lot of young and bored people in India now who need such entertainment.. May be bhabhi had a special place in family but fantasy can have any freedom!

    BTW you should appreciate these folks for their creativity and graphic content. Adult entertainment is non-existent in India[except, say a few low grade movies and hard-to-find books in dirty alleys].. so this will be definitely lapped up..

    Now, if you can excuse me – I have to start a new blog called Dost ki Behen and Us ki maa. Needless to say, I will sell it for profit later.

  50. This site roooccckkksssss……….kudos to the amazing people who had the artistic vision and foresight to come up with this…pure creative genius…i only regret that this did not happen earlier…

    the stories are really hackneyed and very predictable though…they could do a lot better…fact beats fiction anyday

  51. Heh! The site certainly is notching up hits while our moral police and the CBI continue their investigations (daily, in case they miss some clue!). 🙂

  52. Just un-fing- believable.

    I will comment at length on this topic later. It is a very important and intriguing topic of discussion.

  53. w.t.f.ittabari June 20, 2008 — 9:45 am

    gee thanks arnab da!

    i was hoping the mainstream media wouldn’t pick up Bhabhi (pun intended) until at least after the present serial ‘the party’ was over so that it doesn’t get banned.

    it seems ‘the party’ will be over soon. though i’m still a little confused about how it hasn’t been banned with the speed the way anti mayawati or sonia gandhi commenters are arrested.

    and to think i still havent forgiven you for not being able to watch the simpsons movie in a hall. (even though it’s not your fault) dont be giving out your postal address anytime soon or announce where you can be found in calcutta on your next visit.

    the only thing one can say after it gets banned is:


  54. escapades is mis-spelt.

  55. @ MIRA

    “Feel sad about this strip actually, being a boudi, every lovingly accepted in the bengali fabric. It sort of sullies or brings in innuendos to the relation”

    Am afraid mam……..u kno little bout boudi-deoar-both da real deoar-boudi ones, and the parar deoar-boudi types- relations in bengal……..ther r soooo verrry many(and i really mean it), since i kno of many such relations………

  56. it is not so spiritual n holy after all……..

  57. I think for some one who has such a reputable blog about various things happening around us, you are pleasantly unaware of the real state of Indian (Male) psyche. Before you go on and say that this one particular website is endangering the (GREAT!) Indian social fabric, perhaps you should have a look at: and search for top sites for India. Out of the top 100 websites that people from India frequent, porn related websites garner at least 25 slots. Out of the rest, about 50 are for illegal download related websites. Seriously, these are not fictitious figures. This really is what is happening with Indian youth. In other words, at any given time that they are online, 25% chance is they are looking at porn , 50% chance is they are downloading or are on Orkut (4th most visited website!!!). I agree, put that way it sounds ridiculous, but it is close enough to being real. Dont get me wrong, I am not disparaging your concerns. The real deal is that this has been going on for quite some time now. Most of the porn has gone unnoticed under the radar of common people (read bloggers and news media) because it is not on some sleazily named website that Indians look for porn anymore. It is found on message boards. One such message board (listed at #18 on alexa) had over 5000 (!) people online in the adult section and less than 50 in the rest of the website. And get this… the porn that these place have is not the professional kind of porn. Mostly they have lewd images and videos of “aam adami” and his “aam wife” (strangely, called BHABI by the poster) doing the do. Sometimes it is the stuff that was leaked from the bedroom on to the internet, or sometimes it actually is “made-for-internet” kind of stuff. Basically, porn and sleaze have always being intermingled with the Indian society, of course maintaining a delicate balance all this while. However, with the advancement of technology and relative ease with which that technology can be made available, the stuff that used to happen within the bounds of Indian households is gradually coming out in the open. People always used to fantasize about un-related ladies in their household …bhabhis, maids etc. This time around it’s getting posted on the internet. Personally, I think it’s a sort of blessing in disguise. Sex will always be associated with sleaze until it is kept under the veils of secrecy and not talked about freely; things for which our great Indian society has been famous for. If people can really use this as opportunity to educate the younger, impressionable minds about sex and sexual fantasies, it will help them grow into a more matured human being less effected by such weird acts (websites). In essence, the best way to hold sand in your fist is to actually loosen the grip!

  58. Watching India getting blasted by Sanga-baby (and hence awake late at night), I couldnt help but read your comments and smile at your assertion of my being “unaware” of the Indian male psyche (despite being one myself) and your need to quote “Alexa” statistics to make a point about the said Indian male psyche. While you may very well be right about my ignorance of the Indian male psyche, what you missed in the midst of trying to point out my shortcomings is an understanding of the concept of *sarcasm*.

    Let me make things clearn. The piece says exactly the opposite of what you thought it meant. My point was that naughty fantasies have been always a part of our popular culture (hence the Bhojpuri song reference)and there is nothing for the moral police to get overtly worried about. Explaining sarcasm kind of ruins its appeal but hey sometimes things need to be clearly spelt out. Right?

  59. This is hilarious! I’m going to do a comic on this! Hope you dont mind if I link back to this page – for references.

  60. I have gathered enough evidence to prove Savita Bhabhi is a real threat to the indian society. But I am really very confused to release the material on my blog or not.

    I see here people mature enough to know what is right and wrong. I have no personal grudge against the IPE. Its upto you people whether I publish it or not.

    I give a 30 days limit from today.

  61. @Traveller

    I find it strange that you post this ‘warning’ here and on your website.
    Are you telling us, that you felt that this particular porn character is specifically inhealthy in the Indian context and you went after the evidence? And are you telling us that such evidence is forthcoming from your research?

    If this is true, then logically you should publish what you found. What do you mean by this 30 day limit? why are you warning the PUBLIC like this? As if someone among US is desperate to see SB daily.

    If someone from the blogosphere tells you NOT to publish, will that prevent you? I sincerely hope that you aren’t expecting a major player from the Indian Porn Empire will try and bribe you to prevent the ‘Truth’ from being published.

    Come on buddy, if you strongly feel about something, cut the childishness and come out with it. That’s is what blogosphere is all about you see…

  62. Hey,

    Whats your problem with SB?

    If you dont want to read it then dont. I think its perfectly okay comic strip.

    Talk about indian culture.. there are thousands of men/women who are indulging in such relationship.
    Don’t blame SB for spoiling your culture. It already has such people.

    Go watch some news kid. Every week you’d find something in the papers. Those are the minority percent that get noticed. What about the ones that never get caught!

    So, you can clearly see SB isnt attacking indian culture. Its just a comic resembling one of the real life things out there.

    I dont understand from where do you people pop up to talk about indian culture.

  63. And what precisely is your Indian culture?

    Love is a social taboo. Live-in is a social taboo.
    Treating women as if they are slaves.
    Making fuss over widowed women getting married.
    Cursing the women by labeling her threat to husband. (manglik i think)
    Talking about giving women the status of goddess and then on the sidelines committing rapes. (Yeah, go check your newspapers)
    Torturing a wife by husband and her family members.
    and the list is so endless?

    oh wait you are the great bong. This reminds me that last year, when I was in india, a young married woman tried to seduce me. Thankfully I didn’t give in. Guess what… she’s a bong.

    Have the balls to keep my posts undeleted?

  64. @DJ,

    Yes sir. I do have the balls to keep your posts undeleted. Thank you for your perceptive comment. It provided some much-needed cheer on a very cold day. Please do come back.

  65. ah great. good to know about your balls greatbang.

  66. “oh wait you are the great bong. This reminds me that last year, when I was in india, a young married woman tried to seduce me. Thankfully I didn’t give in.”

    Why didn’t you give in? I think we do get viagra in India 🙂

  67. We are eagerly waiting for Arundhati Roy to HELP the Hindus of Medenipur town.

    Three Hindus have been butchered in the last 12 hours (since the last I posted a comment on the Medinipur Muharram riots).

    A lot of educated Bengali Hindus read these posts. Please help spread information on the situation here.

  68. “A lot of educated Bengali Hindus read these posts. Please help spread information on the situation here”.

    Posts related to Bhabhee?

  69. chill.. you freaking close your eyes, the world does not disappear. I know I want the morals, Page 7 and sports page of newspaper are reserved for semi nude pics of some western semi-whore. That is okay, if you also include some totally worthless story about her “Paris hates noodles..” or some shit like that… I give a Fu** about her liking noodles, they give a Fu** about that, they want to show some skimpily clad woman to keep you interested in the newspaper. Its okay to have more and more skimpily clad women to promote movies and on television. Porn is trying to burst out of Indian media and content developers will take it to the limit that they can. There, you don’t give a shit about kids watching. Its an sexy item number so kids don’t watch it, right!?

    Oh freak! there is a comic – who reads comics? kids. So this is aimed at the kids, we are polluting their minds.

    There is so much crap on the internet most of the people would puke looking at it, I am not talking of the tame bondage stuff.. I havent seen it but i know there exists are some really fu**ed up places on the internet that will seriously damage you as a human — stuff that has to do with screwing dead bodies and other stuff i dont know and dont care to know about.. comparatively this is very very tame stuff..

    Its okay for wormen to have their daily fix of emotional porn on tv(read saas bahu serials) cause its socially acceptable. Porn is bad.

    stop! lets dictate the sexuality of all males in the country and let it be controlled by moral police.

    Where were the moral police when their parents were having sex? I wonder how the moral police did not get extinct, cause by logic if sex is bad then they are not doing it. they dont have kids. story over, everyone happy. but thats clearly not the case..

    forget psychiatrists and their comments, you can get 10 more psychiatrists endorse its good for the indian male and its a good release or sexual energy and show you numerous studies that show a positive co-relation to spread of porn and reduction in sexual assaults. Its already got too big to be stopped, to stop something like this you need 1)will(motivation) 2)resources(expertise and control) — too bad, there is no money to be made here, no bribe to be accepted, no votes to be gotten it ain’t getting blocked. I can see a few small ‘concerned’ parties and organizations breaking cyber cafes to protest against this. Maan they’ll cause irreparable damage to the internet.

    Woew, such a long comment, i should start my own blog maan!

  70. “Aaaou! SA-Vita!!” lolz! 😉

  71. I like Savita and all her escapades. I probably dont understand the traditional Indian way of life since I am African, but I find it hard to believe that people would be offended by something like that. And these people come from the land of Kama Sutra, with a billion people!!! Those two to me show that the subcontinent is full of testosterone and probably a lot of sex. And I would imagine the things that people do under the cover of darkness…… In the end, I think there is a lot of hypocrisy going on. People fronting saying they dont like stuff like this, but doing it when noone is looking.

  72. Sick Bengali with No Hindu values should be kicked out

  73. @ anonymous
    You mean “islamic values” 🙂

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