Merry Christmas

You know that there is something inherently wrong with the world.

No not when a man is electrocuted and beaten to death for refusing to buy a birthday present for the Queen of the downtrodden or when suicide bombing becomes a business in Pakistan.

That’s expected.

You know there is something wrong in the world when Santa Claus gets postal, takes a gun and starts  killing people.

Merry Christmas everyone.

17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. First to post Father Christmas aka Chutiya Baba didnot bring any present for me11

  2. …and the Pope gets a message from God that gays might inherit the earth and should be stopped.

  3. As the sing, “Have a goooooly goooooly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year!”

    Santa dadu chalao gooly!
    Noile ejuge amra tomai jabo bhooli!

  4. there are good things happening around the world too…

    by the way, aapni khoob bhalo lekhen, notun kichhu bollam na, still…

  5. GB

    This is first time I am reading a major news (Santa @ La) on your blog before I check it on

    Just came from Ghajini show and looked in to check if there was a review already there!

  6. Signs are clear…this world is not going to see 1st jan 2200…we might be finished off much before tht

  7. cheer up!

    Jeff Dunham and Achmed the suicide bomber.

    Manoshi! ur blog link does not open.

  8. @sunny
    I had the same problem, but if you change the blogspot.xom to in the address bar, you go her site. Some ghazals there which you might enjoy


  9. Bas yahee chahiye tha mood kharaab karne ko 😦

  10. Hi ,I have only recently started following your blog and it is really interesting . I especially loved ur take on media coverage post 9/11. Keep up the good work and looking forward to a lot of similar blogs from your end.

  11. Merry Christmas everyone …
    Hoping for a better world next year …

  12. Hey Arnab,

    But what are u trying to say ???

    Neways, Merry Christmas !!!

    Since you’re in such great spirits these days, how about something scathing on The Wall’s century making him stick to the team like lice for another year or so…

  13. Hey,

    Santa’s photo above resembles M.F.Hussain !!!

  14. Iftdaye Isaq hai rota hai kya, Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya
    let the behanji become Prime Minister which is her ultimate goal then her minister will demand chanda from world bank for thier beloved behan kumari(?) mayawati. till then hail the Queen.

  15. sorry about the broken link. I hope it works this time. It is my Hindi blog though…my profile page there has my English blog link.

  16. oops! sorry Great Bong…this is the last time I will try…

  17. Everything has to be balanced on this planet. so with a lot of good happening, one also gets an equal amount of bad

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