Maha Patriot

Amidst the tumultuous events of the last few weeks, two patriots have risen from the flames, very different in their perspectives, almost mirror opposites and yet combined, they somehow complete each other (like Batman and the Joker). Or maybe the more accurate word would be—neutralize each other.

One is of course minorities minister Antulay, whose patriotic credentials were never in doubt —after all who could be a greater patriot than someone, who as a chief minister, was convicted of extorting builders to donate to an Indira Gandhi trust. The fact that such a person, even after this, can hold a ministerial post is evidence enough of how high we value his service to the nation.

If patriotism be defined as the ability to question the wounds of the country as it bleeds, to speculate on internal conspiracies without providing an iota of evidence, then yes Antulay is almost the gold standard.

Not that there has not been a knee-jerk reaction to Antulay’s patriotism. The RSS/Hindu right wing nutjobs in the press, worried that their game of blaming Pakistan and the minorities for everything has been busted, struck back through two of its most vicious spokesmen—M. J. Akbar and Javed Akthar— who have publicly lashed out at Antulay-ji.

M.J. Akbar has blamed Antulay for the most cynical of vote-bank pandering by casting doubt on whether Pakistan is involved and Javed Akthar has expressed his “disappointment, horror and shock” at Antulay-ji’s statement and condemned the minister for how he has given “leverage to Pakistan”. What Hindutva advocates like M.J. Akbar and Javed Akthar do not understand is that the honorable minister never said that Pakistan was not involved. Neither did he say there was an internal conspiracy or that the whole thing was “engineered” by other agencies. No he never said that. [He did however say in 2006, that a mysterious blast was caused in Naned by Hindus posing as Muslims]

Now you may very well reason that the mischievously full of meaning sentences he uttered strongly imply the involvement of internal agencies and casts doubt on the entire Kasab testimony and Pakistani sponsorship.

Well if you say that, that’s your problem, that’s your dirty mind that is making the logical connection.

Like when I say “Choli ke peeche kya hain” and you think of anything other than “dil” then who is responsible for the vulgarity here?

You or me?

The situation here is kind of similar to the old gent who when he hears that a girl has had her dignity violated says “In our days, shareef girls would not be out so late”. If based on this, you accuse the old uncle of casting aspersions on the girl’s character and implying that she deserved her fate, then it’s you who are drawing sinister conclusions when all that old uncle did was make an innocent observation on how things were when he was young.

The other uber patriot who has shoved himself reluctantly into the national spotlight is none other than the ex-host of Antakshari, Annu Kapoor [Factoid: In this IMDB entry he is credited for his appearance in “Raincoat” (2004) as man who wanted to use the toilet] . Nowadays he is seen on Zee TV as a judge on a reality show called “Ek Se Badkar Ek: Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka” (not to be confused with the LET training module by the same name on small box bombs) together with some of the other thought-leaders of today like Kunal Kolhi (award winning director of classics like “Hum Tum”, “Fanaa”, “Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic” and “Mujse Dosti Karoge”) and Rakhi Sawant (a patriot of no small reputation who volunteered her services for the homeland thus: “Had they airdropped me from a helicopter in their rescue operation, I would have danced in skimpy clothes and seduced all the terrorist inside and would have killed them one-by-one. I know, eventually they will also kill me, but I do not mind dying for my country.”). In the said show, pre-teens sing and dance, sometimes executing the most uncomfortable and age-inappropriate steps and expressions, with their proud mothers cheering them on while the judges give points for the performances.

In an episode of this show [Video Link], that was recorded after 26/11 one of the kids sings “Rang De Basanti Chola” . Anu Kapoor gives the kid extra points for singing a patriotic song. Kunal Kolhi objects saying that they are judging the kids based on their performance and not on song selection—-by giving extra points for just the selection of a patriotic song, Anu Kapoor is being unfair to the other children.

Caption: Saarrr, Iske Upar Naheen Bolne Ka…..

Annu Kapoor, who evidently was already in a “Thoda emotional ho gya” state, just exploded, like a man would if he had wanted to use the toilet in 2004 (when Raincoat was released if you recall) and has been waiting since. Using a tone of voice I last heard outside our neighborhood “Boy’s Club” in Kolkata when a drunk was shouting at his wife,  Annu-ji stood up and bellowed, at the top of his voice, using a style that can be characterized as patriotic-tapori— ” Saaarrrr iske upar naheen bolne ka”.

Now I confess that ever since I watched “Mujse Dosti Karoge” I have always wanted to stand in front of Kunal Kohli and yell, in a similarly frothing hysterical way, ” Sarrr iske baad direction naheen karne ka” and so I found this outburst more than mildly pleasing.

Kunal Kohli, who evidently does not think that at times like this we need to shout our lungs out and wear our patriotism on our forhead, decided to walk out of the show as he was not “going to share a platform with someone who does not know how to behave himself”.

Caption: Aankhiyon se Goli maare—Shoot Me !

But our Patriot missile was just getting started. Jumping off the stage in a blur of action, he started yelling what I can only suppose were words of supreme desh-bhakti, so powerful were they that Zee TV silenced them out. He then pranced onto the stage and thrust out his chest asking “them” to “shoot him”, so ready he was to give his life up in front of some frightened children, their parents and imaginary enemies. A lesser patriot might be ready to take a chest full of bullets in the hell-hole of a Taj on 26/11 but it requires a special breed to ask for death in the most non-threatening environment possible.

The finale to this tour de force of glowing patriotism came when Annu Kapoor took the mike and with all the cameras on him started singing ” Kaheni hain ek baar hume is desh ki paheredaron se, samaal ke rahena kadam kadam par, chupe huye gaddaron se” as the children, spontaneously, start marching.

Caption: I love my country. Do you–Gaddar?

Whether the chupe huye gaddar refers to Pakistani spies or to the judge who refuses to give extra points for patriotic songs, we know not (nor do we care) but I did have a lump in my throat when this glowing ember of desh-prem concluded his song by pumping his fists and shouting “Vande Mataraam” and “Jai Hind”.

The last time I recall getting this carried away with patriotism was when I saw that famous scene from “Clerk”. [Video Link] Ashok Kumar is an ex-Azad Hind fauji who is dying of a heart ailment. One of his sons comes back from the doctor and announces with barely concealed hatred that the doctor (whose name may have been Dr. Kunal Kohli) had, horror of horrors, asked for his fees. It is then that Manoj Kumar, the greatest patriot that ever drew breath, tells the family that he has the cure for his father, Ashok Kumar. He pops in a tape of Kadam Kadam Baraaye Ja, the Azad Hind Fauj anthem and lo and behold, the patriotic electricity it unleashes inside Dadamoni bursts through the blocked arteries and before you can say “Holy shit, they actually filmed this without doubling up with laughter” Ashok Kumar is singing the song and marching to it, joined by the family.

Note the parallels between that immortal scene and the Annu Kapoor incident—both in terms of the focus being the patriotic song and the passionate marching at the end.

In conclusion, I think all of you will agree with me when I say that with patriots like this, we can be sure that we are in safe hands.

[Once more: Video of  meltdown]

56 thoughts on “Maha Patriot

  1. The fact is Indian people doesn’t deserve freedom. Our brain are not yet evolved for such things like freedom of speech and other things. Actually middle east govt best suits us.

  2. The Clerk video was hilarious. Thanks for making us aware of this gem ! I believe that Manoj Kumar is just a vintage version of Anu Kapur. His “Purab aur Paschim” is a rabidly pro-socialist and “There-is-nothing-wrong-with-my-country-and-you-westerners-are-morons” patriotic movie … typical staple of 70s, I guess. Observe his indignation (as you pointed out) about the doctor daring to demand fees. Same symptoms of intolerance to people who don’t conform to one’s narrow views on “social service” and “patriotism”.

    And Anu Kapur can go f&*k himself. Seriously, the guy is a class A moron.

  3. Together with “How can you slap?”, I suppose this marks a new low for reality TV in India. One would think live performance shows would be mostly OK, but boy did old AK-47 (make that 52) prove his caliber.

    Here’s a point though: Notice how Kohli spoke mostly English with spots of Hindi, while Anu Kapoor and Rakhi Sawant were more Shuddh-Hindi types? Anyone get the feeling that divide marks some sort of disconnect? Which perhaps a producer wished to exploit?

  4. The sad state of affairs is that our nation’s psyche hasn’t evolved yet to understand patriotism, forget about embracing it. Many factors, but among those on which govt. has some control, education figures quite visibly. Most of the messages of patriotism we receive as children either through text-books or other media (like movies) are invariably related to freedom-struggle or Indo-Pak/Indo-China war. A large number of them have racist/jingoistic undertones with only a tinge of actual motivation to be a law-abiding citizen.

    Simple yet much more meaningful messages like not accepting bribe, paying your taxes and having a strong civic sense are almost never given the heavy-weight tag of patriotism.

    Unless you were someone who was born in 1920’s or participated in those war(s), chances are good that those poems don’t quite strike a cord. They either become your bathroom songs in the cold winter mornings, or just another outlet for being creative and making double-meaning songs.

    Ofcourse, there would be some who would truly ‘understand’ the meaning of those poems. Just take one of such evolved beings, watch him grow and finally hand him some steroids, and you have Annu Kapoor.

  5. “requires a special breed to ask for death in the most non-threatening environment possible” cant stop laughing…

  6. @GB

    I read the sunday column of MJ Akbar yesterday and re-read it today after reading your piece and I disagree with what you have said here.

    Akbar said “The conspiracy-in-chief was that this mayhem was nothing more than a plot to sabotage the investigation that ATS chief Karkare was conducting into the Malegaon blasts. The death of the police officer was declared instant martyrdom. ”

    Which is similar to “What Hindutva advocates like M.J. Akbar and Javed Akthar do not understand is that the honorable minister never said that Pakistan was not involved.”

    I do not care for what Akhtar or Annu Kapoor says. They don’t count. I read columns and articles for the worth of what is written. Who writes them is of secondary concern. (some write well, yourself included and some don’t: that helps making a choice). I read Akbar’s last weeks sunday article too
    and I think during this whole melee he has been writing well.

    What happened in your piece here is that you clubbed what Akbar said and what Akhtar said and then criticized them collectively for what Akhtar said. If you say Akbar is a hindutva advocate and damn him for every outing, not everyone will agree with you. It’s possible he’s a Hindutva guy, but even such guys can write an objective piece once-a-while.

    I like your style a lot. You have analyzed and written very well with lot of objectivity during and after the Mumbai crisis. Even when you wrote about your pet peeve, Ms A Roy, I feel that you steered very clear of prejudice (though many didn’t agree with me there).

    But you should read this article by Akbar once more without bias.


  7. @labourer: Sigh. Much as it hurts to explain sarcasm, here goes.

    My implied point was that neither Javed Akthar nor MJ Akbar are Hindutva activists (as a matter of fact they are as non-Hinudtva as possible) and yet even they find Antulay’s innuendo and his implied clean chit to Pakistan intolerable.

    “Simi Garewal sees a Pakistan where there isn’t one. Antulay will not see a Pakistan where there is one”

    The line makes very clear that MJ Akbar sees Antulay’s statement as a denial of Pakistan’s role in the massacre.

    I labeled Akbar/Akthar as Hindutva activists because that is exactly what our Roy/Antulay-supporters typically call anyone who does not subscribe to their world view. For instance, I have been abused (comment removed) as an RSS f-er since I dared criticize Arundhati Roy. (I have also been called a Dhimmi for not allowing anti-Islamic hate speech in another post around the same time).

    However while it is easy to label me and thus dismiss my viewpoint, it is slightly more difficult to call Akbar and Akthar Hindutva f-ers considering their past record, though it would really be funny if they were now so defined.

    I hope this makes things clear.

  8. the black dog in the blood is still in high spirits. it’s running but you say it’s running round and round to catch it’s own tail. I think the best thing is for me to sleep now and re-read you blog tomorrow.

    Until then you hope that things get clear! 🙂

    Cheers (Hic!)

    (p.s. If you write such confusing posts on sunday night, please add a disclaimer for people like me)

  9. Soniya should be held responsible for people like antulay and patil.

  10. Aankhiyon se Goli maare—Shoot Me ! LOL

  11. @laborer
    It would be best if you stick to manual labour than exercise your grey cells.

  12. Btw anu kapoor also played Gandhi in “Sardar”.May be thats the source…

  13. “A lesser patriot might be ready to take a chest full of bullets in the hell-hole of a Taj on 26/11 but it requires a special breed to ask for death in the most non-threatening environment possible.”

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I saw Annu Kapoor’s antics on TV. Shoot me! :))

    BTW thanks for that Clerk video. I had totally forgotten about this classic movie since last year. In 2007 it was revered when Deshpremi Kumar got his 2 mins of fame courtesy OSO.

  14. GB..why dnt u write a review of Clerk??? and whn is deshdrohi’s review coming?

  15. @Arun
    You can keep your unsolicited prescription with you.
    The first part of GBs post (concerning Akbar & Akhtar) was not obviously sarcastic for people like me who do not know that MJ Akbar is really not a rabid right winger. GB has pointed it out & I have acknowledged that. So don’t get invloved with your moronic one-liners just so you can see your name in print.

  16. Question..
    In the clerk video Manoj kumar says “mein BATTERY key CELL leke aaya hoo”.
    battery ki cell kaunsi? …rofl

  17. Writing this blog was a wste of your time. There are just too many such fools.

  18. ha,ha,ha…Good One always

  19. Loved the post, esp Clerk video. I point of fact tho’: I don’t think Antulay was convicted. In fact, after a very long legal case, he was acquitted. That’s why he could get back into politics – to our shame.

  20. Sigh! I sometimes wonder if politicians actually believe in something or do they just believe in votes=power money…Antulay is 80 and knows he won’t have any power in the next govt. if the UPA wins…These statements were made to pave the way for his next stint in public service i.e. representing Muslims…Therefore for him politics is votes=power money…The media coverage he’s getting will benefit him in the next elections…

    Good post as always…

  21. In the race to the botton, Antulay won. The SP must be kicking itself in the rear.

    What’s extremely interesting is that Karat has criticised Antulay for the statement; just read that now. Now there’s something to work out. I wonder why Karat would do that?

    The Times of Bullshit

  22. Antulay’s statements show that he lacks basic common sense. Why would Karkare and co try to chase down terrorists escaping from CST, when there were more terrorists at Taj and Oberoi? To catch criminals, like duh. Isn’t that what cops are supposed to do?
    It is unfortunate that the media, instead of lambasting him for his lack of common sense, chose to play up the whole situation and play right into Antulay’s hands who probably was looking for some publicity through the whole thing.

  23. Antulay’s goal-

    1. Finally, take a leadership position within the community that follows Islam (95% of whom, according to some poll, agree with his conspiracy theory).

    2. Keep the Sadhvi Pragya and Lt. Purohit issue alive and help Congress (or any other party with a higher bid), gain maximum Islamo-pseudo-secular vote.


  24. BalalSangh Parivar December 22, 2008 — 5:06 pm

    Quoting someone else from the blogistan:

    “I think uncomfortable questions about Sri. Karkare’s death linger. As Sri. Antulay has indicated – only a thorough enquiry will help clear up the doubts. I am not saying that JCP Maria’s team is not doing a good job. They have performed beyond anyone’s expectations but as Sri. Maria himself has indicated in the rediff interview – their ability to pursue leads relating to the conspiracy aspect of this is limited as most of the planners are outside India. They can only process the crime scene and corroborate the testimony of Qasab. Beyond that – an investigation would require sizable resources that are not at the disposal of the Bombay Police department.
    This is unlike the situation with the 1993 blasts which were also investigated by the same team. Here a number of the external actors happened to people from Bombay and they communicated independently with the investigating team. As a result of this communication a chargesheet could be filed and the conspiracy aspects of the case were brought before the High Court.Lacking resources required to really evaluate this – one is reduced to making educated guesses – for example:

    From the Bombay Police interrogation reports of Ajmal Qasab – it seems Abu Ismail @ Ismail Khan, 28, r/o Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan – was the assault team leader. It seems likely that as team leader he would have tasked himself with the most important objective in the mission. If we assume that the tactical organisation of an LeT Fidayeen squad is similar to that of a Pakistani Army unit – Qasab would likely have been the best shooter in the unit and he would have been assigned to guard Abu Ismail. This would explain the fact that this team inflicted a very large number of losses.

    In addition to this, the exact composition of the assault team remains under debate. While presently detectives at the Crime Branch appear to be convinced that there were no more than 10 attackers in Bombay that night – it is difficult within Crime Branch resources to definitively establish that the MV Husseini did not drop off more attackers elsewhere on its journey.

    It also appears that despite Sri. Modi’s efforts at policing the state – there is a sizable LeT presence in Gujurat. A number of linkages between the events of Bombay and events in Gujurat have surfaced. A more complete examination the issue will be needed to establish whether these aspects are relevant to the detection of a conspiracy. I tend to agree with Sri. Antulay on this matter. While I may not share Sri. Antulay’s politics, I recognise that as a fellow Indian from Bombay he too shares a deep concern for the city and for India.”

  25. “A lesser patriot might be ready to take a chest full of bullets in the hell-hole of a Taj on 26/11 but it requires a special breed to ask for death in the most non-threatening environment possible.”
    — priceless — 🙂

    Rakhi Sawant should not be allowed anywhere around kids. She is more “dangerous” than MJ.

  26. Anu Kapoor is a purana papi.
    I used to watch Antakshari in days of yore.
    I remember whenever some patriotic or old traditional (rakhi, holi) songs are were played Anu Kapoor would cry on the stage and then say “Maaf karna thoda bhavuk ho ja ta hoon”
    (Sorry I get emotional)

  27. I heard Annu say
    “Why club me with Antulay”
    Told him to better mend his way
    Sounds bad as it may
    Next time you might be with Arundhati Ray.

  28. Anyone else notice the really confused expression on little Tanmay’s face when Annu Kapoor starts waxing lyrical about Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh-ji? Priceless….

  29. choli ke peeche kya hai logic @ LOL LOL LOL

    But to all those who think that Antulay is a moron, on the contrary he turned out to be a real opportunist. I don’t know how other political parties are going to use the Mumbai episode, at least he has created his own niche.

    And Thanks a lot for that Ashok Kumar video 🙂 I am sure that video must be really popular in some similar pakistani blog .. greatpashutn if you will!

  30. Lol!

    Thank God I stopped watching reality shows a long time ago.

  31. The UPA govt is going to make a statement on Sherlok Home antulay’s theory, i.e on 23/12/08. lets see what she says.

  32. I posted a comment this morning. Doesn’t show.

  33. Anyways, I was praising you article and mentioning that Rakhi Sawant should be kept away from kids as she is more “Dangerous” than MJ.

  34. Mind boggling stuff, and hilarious writing Arnab.
    Loved the “Man who wanted to use toilet” bit. How do u manage to find these factoids to go with your piece..

  35. when I was a kid I had a bear-beating-a-drum windup toy. Ashok Kumar’s action in that clip is very similar to that. Anu Kapoor’s video raises an important question, why does he go back to get the jacket? Methinks he is slightly worried about somebody obliging him and jacket may be a little resistance.

  36. I had seen air guitar for a long time, but this is the first time i saw Air drums and damn good ones at that too.I am glad i didn’t choose medicine as my profession now since i can easily be replaced by a Rs 20 cassette from t-series.

  37. One of these days, you have to either do an entire Manoj Kumar retrospective a la Prabhuji, or at least write a nice long post on “Clerk”.

    Clerk is really the gem that keeps giving. Don’t forget to watch the most classic depiction of young love in Hindi films where 50 plus Manoj Kumar plays a college student and romances Rekha.

  38. Finally… Some funny sarcasm which I can enjoy coz. I agree to whatever u conclude…

    Btw, just realised the truth in a saying I heard oncë “Man is so self centred even while reading that he appreciates only those thoughts that match his.”

    I guess I didn’t appreciate your earlier posts because of the precisely same reason. But neverthless, even if I don’t agree to your posts, I do enjoy them immensely. 🙂 Take care.

  39. Finally… Some funny sarcasm which I can enjoy coz. I agree to whatever u conclude…

    Btw, just realised the truth in a saying I heard once “Man is so self centred even while reading that he appreciates only those thoughts that match his.”

    I guess I didn’t appreciate your earlier posts because of the precisely same reason. But neverthless, even if I don’t agree to your posts, I do enjoy them immensely. 🙂 Take care.

  40. Speechless with laughter, I am!

  41. Good trivia. sab nautanki hai

  42. @ Manoj Kumar seekers –

    Kindly look out for ‘Kalyug ka Ramayan’ which along with ‘Clerk’ which the other sides of Mr. Bharat! In ‘Kalyug ..’, Manoj Kumar plays Hanuman, who has come to earth to save Ram Sita like characters.

    Also to look for is the graaaand finale of ‘Clerk’ where villian Shashi Kapoor orders his ‘henchmen’ to explode ‘rang birange bombs’ ! And one gets to see colourful bombs bursting, (the kinds which one would expect in Jeetendra’s dance numbers) and Mr. Bharat and Rekha running through them.

    @ G.B
    This news certainly deserves your attention and hopefully will surpass your wildest filmy imagination. B.Subhash, yes, who know this great man, has decided to make a film on the Mumbai incident, with a star cast of SRK (as Major Unnikrishnan), John Abraham (as some other commando) and offcourse Prabhuji as the commander of these commandos! I can foresee the commander moonwalking into the Taj lobby and doing that finger-in-the-wall-to-push-a-nail while interogating the surviving non-state-actor.
    Please contact B.Subhash and offer to write the script, nobody will be a better choice than you. Hoping that you think about this seriusly and give us “the dance of death”.

  43. V Well written… doubled up in laughter as I read it… I don;t watch these shows but must take a dekho at the Annu Kapoor debacle!

  44. interesting,seems the annu kapoor bug hit our college principal who walked in the middle of an inter-collegiate singing tournament and announced only “desh-bhkati” songs be sung

  45. Abdul Rahman Antulay becomes a hero in Pakistan

    Date: 20.12.08

    Union Minority Affairs Minister Abdul Rehman Antulay has turned out to be a hero in Pakistan, for his strange remarks on the assassination of one of the top officer of Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) in the 26/11 attack.

    On December 17, Antulay had raised doubts about the killing of the ATS chief Hemant Karkare and suggested a link with the Malegaon blast accused that the officer and his team were investigating.

    On the other hand the Pakistani media, T.V as well as print started exploiting Antulay’s efforts to link Karkare’s death to his earlier investigations into the Hindu groups.

    Similarly, private news channels like Geo, Express News, Duniya News, AAJ TV and ARY One World – the channels to which Pakistani viewers are hooked have been airing Antulay’s remarks persistently.

    These are obvious attempts to dent India’s claims of a Pakistani hand in the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai by pointing a finger at India’s own internal fissures.

    The Pakistani electronic media also flashed Wednesday’s rowdy scenes from the parliament, where some Indian MP’s were seen involved in heated arguments with Antulay.

    The footage was aired on an hourly basis with every news bulletin. Not only this, but the channels were also airing reaction stories about the news twist given to the Mumbai attacks and also maintained that before blaming Pakistan, the Indian government should listen to what is being said by its own parliamentarians.

    The same was in the case of the print media where most Urdu newspapers, like Daily Jang, Nawa-e-Waqt, Express and Khabrain, gave front page displays to Antulay’s remarks.

    Especially the Urdu daily newspaper Nawa-e-Waqt’s editorial drew maximum attention. In its editorial to the Jamaat-ul-Dawa chief, Hafiz Mohammad Saeed’s first interview after the Mumbai’s 26/11, he claimed that the attacks were masterminded by the BJP and Shiv-Sena linked Hindu terrorists.

    According to Sayeed, the idea of the BJP-Sena was to make the lives of Indian Muslims more miserable.

  46. Bikash, you should read this too….

    link –

    Muslim MPs from BSP, SP and JD(U) support AR Antulay

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    Breaking News! While Union Minority Affairs Minister AR Antulay remained defiant on his remarks on the death of former Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Muslim MPs from Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and JD(U) came out in open supporting Antulay over this issue.

    SP MP Rashid Masood and BSP MP Ilyas Azmi supported Antulay’s demand for a separate probe into Karkare’s death. JD(U) MP Ejaz Ali had also supported Antulay. Knowingly or unknowingly, AR Antulay divided both common people and political establishments of the county into two groups on the basis of religion. This is the most disturbing trend, which may only bolster the fundamentalist forces.

    In addition, Antulay, who is hailed in Pakistan media and among their people as a “hero”, strengthened Pakistan’s case on the global arena and brought further embarrassment to the Indian government and Congress Party. If that was not enough, Antulay told CNN-IBN that he made India proud by his remarks!!!

    Even though the Congress Party does not subscribe to Antulay’s views, they may not afford to take strong action against the veteran Muslim leader, who is the most popular minority figure in the party. The vote bank politics may win the day yet again, while the national cause will be left behind forever.

  47. That’s a masterpiece by you after quite a long time. And I found it more hilarious than many of your earlier attempts.

  48. Sameena Mohamed March 24, 2009 — 4:49 pm

    We need more people like u to expose the drama that passes for patriotism and spirituality in India and Pakistan. I have nothing against sincere patriotism or religiosity but when people wear their religion or their patriotism on their sleeves, the superficiality and tamasha makes me wanna throw up. Annu’s behavior reminded me of a Pakistani channel I had seen where the news reader begins the news with “Bismillahhi….. raheem” (‘in the name of god the merciful, the benevolent’). We need witty no-nonsense people who expose the sanctimonious bluster in both countries.

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