Dear Pakistani Government

Dear Pakistani government,

When writing detective fiction, do remember one of the cardinal sins is changing the ending at the last moment.   I understand that Bangladeshi government didnt quite take kindly to being identified as the “murderer” in your novel “Massacre at Mumbai” also known as “Official Pakistani Probe into the incidents of 26/11” and so you had to make a last moment change to “Eurpoean country” but do take care that the rest of your pulp fictional narrative builds up to that conclusion.

Here’s hoping a Crooker Prize for you.

Thanks and regards

30 thoughts on “Dear Pakistani Government

  1. iPod shuffle for me ?

    I was wondering about the same thing.
    Last minute bug fixes, I assume. Karna padta hai release ke pehle.

  2. Pre. S. – The above comment was by me. For some strange reason, I got automatically logged in as the previous guy. Bug Greatbong ?

    iPod shuffle for me ?

    I was wondering about the same thing.
    Last minute bug fixes, I assume. Karna padta hai release ke pehle.

  3. This is the way WP cache works. Its a bug in that plugin. When I disable WP cache, this problem goes away. However WP cache needs to be enabled in order to keep my hosting service happy. So apologies.

  4. ROFL! Pray, which phoren european country is it? I hope they dont blurb out Vatican.


  5. Their double-game is just hogwash.

    Bangladesh and Pakistan can play “Good Jihadi, Bad Jihadi” all they want.. but they ain’t fooling India or the rest of the world.

  6. All the Bangladeshis I’ve met are so anti-India and so pro-Pakistani… its just amazing !

    And to think, until recently, the Pakistanis left no stone unturned to wipe out the “dirty, dark-skinned, Bengalis” and nonchalantly massacred 3 million of the latter.

    Still, the Ummah glue binds them together….while India continues to be hated for being the Kafir that saved Bangladesh from being wiped off the map by their Pakistani brethren.

  7. “Eurpoean”? Tsk, tsk, GB – have the terrorists hacked your word processor?

  8. What difference does it make, whether it was planned in a Frankfurt mosque or a Madrassa in Srebrenica?

    If the UPA wants to go after Pakistan, then this is the time….right before the elections. Elections would be the only reason why anything useful would be done, this time.

  9. Not much grey matter left with you arnab? 🙂

  10. Sanjeev Hirlekar February 9, 2009 — 5:06 am

    There is talk of “Modi”fication of the 26/11 events in the media..and now who is stop Pakistan from saying this was plotted in Mumbai?
    I am hoping for a Hooker prize for our politicians…particularly the inept ones from UPA.

  11. Seriously, How can the whole world sit and watch a B Grade Writer churn out such flimsy stories?

  12. i think the next paki step would be claim that 26/11 never happened. it was all a part of a reality show in anticipation of the IPL. next, maybe they can claim that their country’s name isnt pakistan.

  13. I cant wait this to end and find out who this particular naughty country is? Guesses? Yours as good as mine! lol.

  14. Heh! What else is to be expected from that hellhole of a country. [edited]

  15. balalsangh parivar February 9, 2009 — 7:54 am

    Whatever the FIA’s smoking I want some of it!

    At least the Kasab movie Bollywood’s making will have scope for Jihadi Taraneys (and probably a few artistic Gay Goatboy Jihadi vignettes) in scenic Yooroppean backdrop.

  16. willnotpepublished February 9, 2009 — 9:54 am

    Small snippet this, we want a BIG review of DEV D.

    Amazing move, that.

  17. hi this is dj. i am making a half an hour programm on pakistan’s answer on india’s dossiar. it will telecast on 9.30 pm togay i.e 09/02/09

  18. balalsangh parivar February 9, 2009 — 10:42 am


    Speak the absolute truth, you did.
    Rocks, Dev D!
    Sunders the Dark Side, the OST does!

  19. GB: What is your view about stopping economic/trade and cultural links with Pak? Why can’t their comedians, singers, cricketers, writers and human rights activists entertain the people of Swat or NWFP instead of making a living and getting publicity in India?

  20. And crtic Pronob mukherjee as usual ranted n said that…. “wui have all d options open…”……….:D

  21. A little off the topic.. Did you guys know that India Today’s Conclave this year has Parvez Musharraf as a speaker. Don’t know about you guys but I, for one, do not think its a ‘mature’ or a ‘liberal’ move. I think its stupid and spineless to patronize someone who planned and waged a war against us. What message are we giving Pakistan? That no matter what they indulge in, we will accept them after a few years?

  22. You can’t blame them for that.

    Billu barber became billu

    SO Bangladesh became European country

  23. kuch bhi chal raha hain. this is craziness and we will continue to wait – before another strike happens. then there will be anger, frustration etc but we will control, alt, del and restart all over again!

  24. PPL posting comments first on your blog get IPOD??? I am sure you can come with a better way to market your blog.

  25. @Venkatesh

    Actually it is an enormous hoax. Newcomers like you who believe that iPods are given away are invited to a secret ritual every month on some pretext and there they are tonsured. The person who tonsures the heads are supposed to get extra s*xual powers. Posting first comments actually earns the veteran readers a chance to tonsure the newcomers. ‘iPod’ is a secret euphemism…

  26. @GB

    That was fast work…No wonder they call you Quick Gun Murugan. LOL!!!


    No Da! That’s just an old joke amongst the veteran GB fans. Nobody gets an iPod for posting comments

  27. @vella no 1
    If I were to guess….
    Pronob Babu is right.
    We do have all the options open and the state of Pakistan will have to pay for it this time.

    Not because it was high time and things have been out for control for a while, but because it is election time and the only way UPA stands a chance is by doing a limited operation and make the “aam aadmi” feel some adrenalin.

    Nevertheless, it most probably might end up being a limited action, the plan for which may have to be first approved by the US.

  28. Well, I guess that it is a ginormous step from the claim that none of the terrorists were Pakistanis or the even more ridiculous canard that Pakistan is a victim of terror(I think that was invented by the pocket sized Napoleon named Musharraf!)

    Over the years I have come to view that the actual blame for our country’s plight should lie with our political class and therefore, on us, the people.

    While it is all the more desirable that we gain the world’s “understanding” in our fight against terror-aided,abetted and controlled by Pakistan, it would be nothing short of naive to hope that the “world”- which has been looking the other way for the better part of two decades- would suddenly wake up from it’s self-induced slumber and all of a sudden jump in the fray batting for us.Its high time that we utilize our so called “diplomatic gains” accrued due to our “principled stand” on issues ranging from Palestine to Iran to NAM. And while we wait for our diplomatic corps(e) to get their act right,here’s hoping that our “brothers” from across the border would see the light and be kind enough to let us be.

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