Ab Kya Missile Doon



Dinga Dinga Dinga Dinga Dinga Dinga Dinga Dinga Dee !

So finally our great Mujahideen-turned-Pakistani-intellectual Hamid-bhai has been vindicated!

The Zionist-Hindu axis responsible for Tsunami, Mumbai 26/11 and other assorted acts of malfeasance has finally stepped out from the shadowy backrooms into the spotlight. And they have done so in the most sensationally uplifting “Jai Ho” style possible.

As part of their advertising blitz designed to highlight the deep bonds of pyar, ishq aur mohabbat between the Israeli and the Indian peoples (first hinted at in the song “Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew” from Sanjog) an Israeli defense company has supposedly come up with a Bollywood-style music video (unveiled at Aero 2009) that should put the fear of “Taal” in the Taaliban and our other enemies. [Must watch Video]

Though the garland-clad missiles lying about like phallic symbols are a touch of genius just like the thousands of pots in  Nainon Main Sapna, I would have preferred they use as the theme the song from the appropriately named movie “Suraksha” [Saif, Suneil, Monica Bedi] which went something like this:

O La O La O La
Surakshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. Surkashaaaa…..Soooorakshaaaa…
O Mere Sanam O Mere Sanam
Jal Gayi Duniya (Yes this refers to you our neighbours)
Ek Huye Hum
Ek Naheen
Do Naheen
Suraksha Karo Meri Saathon Janam.
Surkasha Surkasha Teri Karenge Saatho Janam…. [Link]

Now only if Bofors had made a video based on the “Paisa ye paisa” song things might have been so different.

(link courtesy Shan)


30 thoughts on “Ab Kya Missile Doon

  1. As someone on the youtube link said this is a work of some doped up Jews from Manali. Video probably shot in Paharganj

    But this is genius nonetheless!!

  2. This is just too substandard and disgusting a video!! 😦

    Btw, As part of their advertising blitz designed to highlight the deep bonds of pyar, ishq aur mohabbat between the Israeli and the Indian peoples (first hinted at in the song “Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew” from Sanjog) was a good one!! 😀


  3. @GB,

    What are your poll predictions for West Bengal? And the Rest of India? Will Mamata Begum prevail over Buddhadeb? Who will be the next PM?

    Ek chatpata election-wala post mariyega. Chunaav ki taiyaari garam hai yahaan….

  4. @ Megatron : LOL!

    I would be surprised if TMC is not routed especially the way most people in Bengal are fuming about Singur and rightly so…

  5. Arnab,

    See this link ……….I am sure you will write an amazing article dedicated to Mr. Zaid Hamid and his THEORIES after this .

  6. @Joyjit
    The BJP winning in Bengal was in jest…sadly though.

    As for TMC/Congress (i), they have a good shot at winning a lot of rural seats.

    Singur, etc dont count. Mamata Begum made twice the votes just by covering her head during Namaaz.

  7. Hey!!!
    Where is the Mir-Rituporno Ghosh Face-off report? I keep visiting the site hoping to see something on that. Something to get you started

  8. check out the IDs of the ppl. at that paki defence forum..
    PakiSniper and what not.

    and check out the quotes of each person…
    damn these guys have been brainwashed with religion and anti-india.

  9. Dada Sorry for off track comment but i want to tell you how depressed i am. i live in GHAZIABAD. yesterday i went to palika bazar in new delhi. i went almost every VCD shop in search of prabhu ji’s “GUNDA” but i did not got it. i have some friend in who works in NEHRU PLACE again even thet did not got prabhu ji’s “GUNDA”. dada please post “GUNDA” somewhere otherwise “KASAM PAIDA KARNE WALE KI ” i will do something

  10. @MumbaiMeriJaan

    Its God’s responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations.
    It’s our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and God.”
    – Indian Armed Forces

  11. Ohh….tht song…nostlagic I am…had long forgotten about Suraksha….Aditya, Saif and Sunny dancing on the same song….and then fight mode begins …yo!!! thnks for reminding of tht song…will have to make spoof of it soon….

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