Do Me a Favour Let's Play Holi

Oh my God !

Is that Jain uncle on the roof?

Why is he wearing only a chaddi and why oh why is he covered with Kisan Jam?

And oh lord what is he doing with those water balloons between his …mmmm…….jiggling belly and Jain Aunty’s?

Sweet Lord….No it cannot be……….Ewwwwwwwww………



Think naughty this Holi!

Think alternatives to colours!
No, we’re strictly not hinting at eggs here! The deal is to tempt your partner… how about a foodie-Holi? Head kitchen-wards and take out all those colourful jams, jellies and juices and use them as great substitutes for colour. With these yummy edibles flowing down your bodies your, allow your lips to make the decisions for you! Not only will these edibles make up for a healthy Holi but also a yummy one

Have fun with water balloons!
Balloons are not just for kids… here’s what you can do as a grown-up! Go on your private terrace and spread out some water balloons in your private zone. Now, lie down close and let the action begin! As the heat builds up and the balloons squash and burst between you, let the excitement get to you! Make sure you don’t have peeping Toms around, or they’ll forget playing their Holi to watch you instead!  [Link]

33 thoughts on “Do Me a Favour Let's Play Holi

  1. Second !!!

  2. chainbreaker !!

  3. Short post…..that’s refreshing…

  4. Well that balloon idea sure has got me picturing my girl making a face like Shilpa Shetty’s in that ‘Award Shaward’ sticker.

  5. The above was me.

  6. sigh,when i saw this i immediately knew it was toi

  7. ROTFL- Are they so bereft of ideas? Sigh.

  8. Uff yeh holi … very unholy

  9. No post on elections GreatBong?

  10. ewwww is right, I did NOT want to read that.

  11. Don Ayan de Marco March 12, 2009 — 7:13 am

    kuch bhi likhta hai pagle log!!

  12. Heh. So TOI has down come to such a level now that it has to sell copies this way? With such a lame attempt at raunchy humor? Amazing. Makes Debonair/ bangla choti panu seem like the Wall Street Journal.

  13. Someone got paid to come up with this article in a national daily?
    And people pay to buy that daily? And we still believe we are in a recession??????

  14. the balloon experiment is really innovative…lol..and during diwali ….replace balloons with glow in dark ……u know what!!!

  15. what is jain uncle doing with jain aunty?!?

    i thought that the GRAND idea of holi was to have a go at other men’s wifes/daughters/sons/whatever.

  16. ROTFLOL….hehehehe.

    I am going to subscribe to TOI. 🙂

  17. Man those water baloons in India would pop at contact but the ones in the states will not. I learnt that the hard way when I threw one at a friends kid and it hit his chest with a sickening thud and plooped on the ground intact. The kid gave me a look that made me want to cry…

  18. ROTFL ..

    But ya not only TOI , but Rediff also sometime publishes some weird articles with similarly weird ideas !!

  19. You dont how much I miss Annu Malik 🙂
    TOI Rocks… 🙂


  20. Ewwwwwww. I mean Yuuuk! This reminds me of the lingerie and Punjabi Aunty post.

  21. TOI Rocks!

    Move over Nancy Friday —– Times of India is here!

  22. so did you had a yummy holi

  23. So this foodie-holy people must have said “finger’ lickin’ good!!!!ROTFL
    Good one GB. Thanks for the Gem

  24. oh my TOI actually published that!!

  25. 🙂 ha ha… that was a gem!

  26. am doin away with Telegraph and goin back to TOI again 🙂 wish they were as good 15 yrs back , it wud hv saved me some money on the chotis and dafa 302 s;)

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