Hum Paanch

The story going the rounds is that Shahrukh Khan was cooking when John Buchanan, accompanied by Gayle, Mccullum, Hodge and Ganguly came in and said “Look Master what have we brought.”

Shahrukh Khan, too busy with the stew, did not turn around and just said share whatever you have between you.

Then he glanced back and saw that John Buchanan was standing with the “captaincy” golden helmet with him.

And so it came to pass that Kolkata Knight Riders had 5 captains. This is also the reason why rivals would taunt KKR by calling her  “Paanch patiyowaali”.

This story would have become true (kind of) had Buchanan been allowed to have his way.

That however with SRK’s latest pronouncement (at the time of writing) is not so sure right now.

After Buchanan’s sensational press conference where he announced the plan  of multiple captains with an obviously livid Sourav at his side, Dada presently came up with a statement that Buchanan had only expressed his opinion and that no final decision would be taken in this saans-bahu khitphit before the husband (SRK) came home.

Now that the husband has spoken, it seems that the bahu temporarily has been given the upper hand. Though of course husbands are known for their double-speak, letting both sides think they won, when it comes to mediating between mother and wife.

Ask me.

I know.

Jokes aside, Buchanan’s decision to go with “n” number of captains is nothing if not totally bizarre and flies in the face of all kinds of cricketing precedence and of course logic. [Not unprecedented as the captain changes every day in gulli cricket. So do the teams of course.]

There are two ways to look at this decision. One is that it is a potentially revolutionary strategy, challenging accepted cricketing logic, put into place by a visionary. And so in the interests of fairness, we would need to see how it works before we start to lampoon it.

Of course this is based on the assumption that John Buchanan is indeed a visionary. Whether he is a cricketing genius or simply one those rare talents who are able to convince people of their own greatness without much in the way of tangible contribution (like many management and spiritual gurus) by sheer sophistry [in short a gas bag] is of course a matter of debate.

His much touted achievement as the “coach who brought home three World Cups” has to seen in the context of the teams he managed which were so good that even Rakhi Sawant would have done equally well managing them. Besides invoking Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” no one can point to any noteworthy cricketing strategy that Buchanan, who Shane Warne respectfully called a goose with verbal diarrhea came up with .

Except of course this. [Link]

Five years ago, Buchanan, who had given Australia some of its golden moments in cricket, had an ambitious plan to develop ambidextrous cricketers and saw it as a natural progression for the fast-evolving game.

“That would give the effect of having more players than the 11 allowed in the field,” he had said then.

Buchanan’s plan included working with the Australian Cricket Board and the Australian state education departments to have coaches encourage pre-teens to play with both sides of their body, developing skills that could be honed later.

Looking back at IPL 2008, one remembers not a single act of tactical brilliance coming from the coach. One however does remember the buying of non-performing mortgage-backed securities like Ajit Agarkar, Mohammed Hafeez, Tatendra Taibu –decisions which again seemed to fly in the face of logic and statistics.

If there was anything really special that John Buchanan did in 2008 it was that he hired his son as the fitness trainer (bringing a touch of the Congress culture to the team). He also brought in an assistant coach named Mott since one person coaching for a few T20 games for one month a year is too much of a job to handle by oneself.

And if there were not enough coaches and experts already, in 2009 Sir John brought yet another coach (Andy Bichel).  [Bengali PJ: There is one bowling coach for Bikel (afternoon). Now we need to hire one for Sokaal (morning).]

Among his other acts of visionary frenzy this year, he signed up 57 players for the KKR squad, more than double of what other teams had. Once you realize that this is the same man who last year jettisoned so many players from the squad of 20-odd mid-season because he felt they had no realistic chance of making the actual team (though these so-called hopeless players had been picked because of their talent a month ago) that you begin to wonder what there is any method to his madness.

Or whether he just comes up with weird ideas just because he can and because it helps perpetuate the “crazy genius” aura.

But maybe this decision of his was not so random at all.

Which brings us to the other way to look at the plan to have multiple captains.

Simply as a measure to keep Sourav Ganguly out of the team. Or more precisely to keep him from being an automatic inclusion (which was the way the trouble with Chappell started out). Now it may be true that Buchanan feels post-retirement Ganguly, never the fittest of players, has let himself go and is not match-fit.

But given that Buchanan as a matter of strategy did not opt for a strong core of A-list Indian batsmen (unlike Delhi and Chennai), dropping Dada [three-time Man Of the Match in IPL 2008] for a series in South Africa just because he is a slow runner between the wickets might seriously compromise the batting line-up.

Because if Buchanan seriously expects Laxmiratan Sukla or Wriddhiman Saha or any of the inexperienced Indian B-level cricketers (who form the KKR batting core) to consistently blaze away in South Africa like they do in India, then maybe he is a bigger goose that some people say he is.

As of now, we IPL fans watch the drama. The “angelic” cheerleaders are dancing in front of “Knight” Dada . The fireworks have begun.

And the tournament has not even started.

[Image courtesy: New Kerala]

76 thoughts on “Hum Paanch

  1. Me first.
    Victory is mine !

  2. When will people learn that you don’t mess with Saurav ..
    (unless you want GB to write a post on you [:)])

  3. me 3rd. now let me read..

  4. hilarious post. 😀 esp d Srk cooking part.
    i was literally dumb stuck when i heard the news. how in the world would they have 5 captains, when only 4 foreign ppl are allowed and d indian ones except ganguly, we only met during the last ipl (excl ishant).
    n how in d world john thought he cud get away with something like this?it is not d national team.. its kolkata jeez, where saurav is cricket. wat needs to be seen is how kolkata wil cook John 😀

  5. @Arnab

    Was Tatendra Taibu a typo? If yes then don’t correct it. It sounds very funny. Gives an Indian feeling to his name, somewhat like Jitendra Taibu.

  6. Yes it was. I will keep it though as suggested.

  7. Spiteful best. Satire at its peak.
    It felt like reading a piece by a passionate gardener whose lovely garden has just been trampled by a stupid buffalo!
    Go for it GB….and the tournament has not even started :-

  8. I feel SRK’s clarifications are not entirely reassuring.
    Sample this:
    He starts with “Sourav is our main man – No decision will be taken out without Dada’s consent”.
    Then in the 2nd reply, “John and Sourav are our mainstays – All decisions will be taken in tandem with them”.
    Next in his 3rd reply, “John, the players, Me, Dada, we all are a team – Every game is a team game”.
    And finally, John, Mott (the fielding coach!), Dada and we are all working towards a new style of working”.
    Inference to be drawn:
    By bringing in more and more subjects into the scheme, DADA is being gradually pushed in to the background. I could ofcourse be wrong, since I am not conversant with the manner in which GOD speaks (Rajib Roy may help us in demystifying the holy words).

    By the way, the “Paanchali” reference was too good.

    Since you know a lot and are also seeking queries from your readers – kindly elaborate how to catch the husband when he is letting both the mother and wife believe they have won. I would personally be very grateful.

  9. GB
    Have been reading your blogs for god knows how long. Have always overcome the temptation of commenting on them. 99% of the time i enjoy your posts, not always do i agree with them though.

    But frankly i feel that in the SG matter you need to get a life and move on. You have a big complex of anything Australian when it comes to cricket.

    Just my 2 cents. Best Regards and keep blogging. Power to your pen.

  10. Wow! I’d been introduced to your blog recently, and since then, I read some tons of them… This one is one of the most brillient ones around (though, my personal favorite is the interview of Kanti Shah relating to Gunda… As an economist, I can say, there is some merit in the ‘free economy’ argument there…

    But dude, this is very hilarious… Proud to be one of the first ten to post on this… I must admit, couple of colleagues have passed by and asked me what is so funny about working on a Thursday morning…. And guess what, they will realize the answer Thursday afternoon (when they get a forward from me!!).

  11. Sad day for Sourav.. Thought he would get the chane yet again why he is and alwyas will be the best captain India ever had but SRk and John has trampled it.. cricketers go through bad patch but Sourav’s luck is simply worse.

    Sourav will always be the Maharaja of our hearts and we dont need IPL or BCCI to tell us to think otherwise.

  12. Hmm…

    Agree with DK abt the anti-Aussie flavour of GBs cricketing posts.


    GB is just showing the standard Indian mentality where if you cant beat them, show them as people without morals.

    Just like the way he sits a 1000 miles away and complains about everything that is wrong abt the India (politicians,government etc).All the while working in a foreign land for a foreign economoy and a foreign country.

    Keep up the hypocrisy.

  13. Have always wondered about the name buchanan, now it is justifying its similarity with dashanan…

  14. i think if you had stuck to ridiculing the obviously lunatic many captains theory, the usual trolls wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. (am waiting for dhruv to make an appearance on this comment space and go off on his usual rant)

    but bringing in the ‘conspiracy to dethrone dada’ angle is a bit strong – even for someone like me who loves and admires dada.

    i think it’s far more likely that buchanan is every bit as hopeless a goose as warne called him.

  15. KKR has a crappy team. The only decent batsmen that we have are McCullum, David Hussey and Chris Gayle, who will be gone after 3 weeks besides Dada and now there are all sorts of doubts about whether he will play or not. The only bowler that we have is Ishant Sharma. Our local players like Dinda, Shukla and Saha are good but definitely no match winners like a Shikhar Dhawan or Swapnil Asnodkar. We did absoluetly nothing in this year’s auction except waste some more money an another sub prime mortgage called Mortaza who happens to be the best player in Bangladesh. That sure comforts me. In such a scenario, we are staring at last place and really do not need more embarrasment in the form of multiple captains. I suppose, Buchanan being the visionary that he is, is just making sure that the blame will be equally shared at the end of it all. Now that’s team work for you!

  16. “Though of course husbands are known for their double-speak, letting both sides think they won, when it comes to mediating between mother and wife.” — takes the cake.
    & regarding the decision…this is not going to work. What do we have next? Sperate captains for setting fields for the off-side, legside?. Preposterous !!!

  17. Somebody should tell John Buchanan to just shut the f up. In Buffet’s famous words, “When the tide goes down, you get to see who was swimming naked.” Btw, in 99, Geoff Marsh (dad of Shaun Marsh for the young gen) was the coach. In the case of Buchanan, he was the coach of teams in 03 and 07 which were, to put it simply, “high tide”. This time he needs some performance to back up all the philosophical musings that he has been airing. Warned talked and backed up that talk magnificently during last year’s IPL. And we all know that he is not a fit cricketer.

    In a way, Ganguly not being captain may benefit KKR this time. Ganguly is an icon player and should always be captain if the matches are held in India as that is what an icon player is all about- a magnet, someone who renders a local taste to the team. But the biggest problem is that if he is captain, he may want to open the batting. I think that Gayle and McCullam is a better choice. The 5 captain issue issue may be spicy and salubrious, but is hardly significant cricketing wise. Instead of 5 captains analyzing from their own vantage points for only 20 overs, it would augur better for the team if they made the best use of their skills cricketing wise. A solitary captain willing to consider the inputs of all around him should suffice. Too many captains sounds good on paper, but can easily become too many clash of egos in real life, resulting in confusion and anger. KKR is doing a lot of korbo and now lorbo too, but will they win? (jeetbo?)

  18. Great post Arnab!!

    My good friend Ram’s post gave me a plot for a great bollywood movie on ‘Team with 5 captains’

    Tatendra Taibu and Jitendra Taibu, 2 bros, lost in a mela. One got shipped to Africa, the other wandered around to the sunderbans. One grew up playing cricket, becomes the best wicket keeper batsman in the world, the other grew up playing with tigers. Along comes SRK(guest role), with a new cricket team for Kolkata . John da (the coach and villain) swoops up Tatendra for a couple of millions while SRK appoints the bengal tiger Dada(hero) as captain despite protests from John da.He hunts for a guy to play Hoogly- the KKR tiger and spots Jitendra for the job!!
    One fine day at a practice session, the brothers meet , via Dada, and break into an embrace.Dada, overjoyed with the fact that he was the cause for reunion of the Taibu family lets them have two days off to catch up, and recommends coach John da’s name to fill the shoes of Hoogly. Thus, despite protests, a very angry John da finds himself dressed as a tiger in KKR’s next match.But he declines to dance and a playful Dada goes to the extend of dropping a few roaches into the tiger’s skin, thus making the tiger dance.

    KKR’s losing streak continues and John da, now out of his tiger skin, is anxious to pin the blame on Dada. He complains to SRK that Indians are emotional, and dada was the cause for the reunion of brothers, which affected the team’s unity and Tatendra’s performance.He demands that dada be sacked and a non-emotional creature by the name Hodge be his replacement.SRK being an emotional Indian himself declines and asks John da to search for an alternate solution.
    You know what happened next!

  19. @ Martin
    Wonder which country you come from “mate”? And how can you be so sure of the “Standard Indian mentality”? Dont feel so free to pass a comment about a race or a country just because you feel like.
    Their are lot of choice words which come to my mind which I would like to address you with, but see it is again the Standard Indian Decency which stops me.

  20. Gayle – McCullum – Dada

    Gaand – Mein – Dum

    SRK has decided this will be the new tagline for KKR and John da has graciously agreed. But, SRK does not want to reveal the surprise to the people of Entally, Topsia and Sealdah as yet as it shall provoke a unique frenzy at Mohd. Ali square. Also, Dada wants to figure out a suitable Bengali tagline for followers in Behala, Dum Dum and Ranihati.

    So, John da was requested to just give some spiel about captaincy and new gen cricket. If you noticed, Dada leant back, raised his hand and scratched his left earlobe. That meant, “Listen well, he may not be able to say all this anymore as when the cry “GMD” goes will be an outcry against all form of repression, oppression and depression!”

    SRK is right now in Mannat and is toying with the idea of doing KKR ad with a KJo, the tagline here, “SRK ke GMD”.

  21. @Martin:

    “Just like the way he sits a 1000 miles away and complains about everything that is wrong abt the India (politicians,government etc).All the while working in a foreign land for a foreign economoy and a foreign country.”

    You obviously have either not read Greatbong’s posts for long, or have not understood them. In fact Greatbong is rather far away from the kind of bloggers you are talking about (I admit there are those as well, including some of the expat commenters). Whatever issues Greatbong has raised are topical, and warranted. He does indulge in not frivolous complaints and even in his amused exasperation, his love for his country shows through pretty obviously I thought. But obviously not to dense people like you.


    Buchanan has lost it. Truly so. Even Mickey Arthur has criticized this wacky plan. I hope Sourav plays well though.

  22. Dada must have thought controversies would be history once he retires and he can peacefully admire at the beauties at knights and angels(with his pet Murali Kartik(Wearing the kutte ka Patta) by his side….and there you go!!
    Dada would wish he is born as shib sunder das (shib sunder das who??)
    next janam!!

  23. I think Buchanan (and ofcourse SRK have figured out the incompetencies of Dada in the long run for a high energy game like 20-20 and the fact that they have actually gone to KICK Dada out (its been a SHEER PLEASURE btw!) from a KOLKATA based team – should speak for itself!)

    You cant take such a step as a nice to have thing. They have seen some serious flaws for sure.

    And its not too hard to figure that out (except for GB and other morons of Ganguly fan brigade) …

    In the end IPL is not just petty hogwash for money – but a REAL tournament that they care about, and want to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility into these foreign cricketers who would be more than happy otherwise to just take their pie and go back home, in the normal run.

    So a moronic post again, but well – I got to say hi to you guys – and Sourabh Somani 🙂

    DIE DADA DIE! woo hoo hoo .. IM LOVING IT!!

  24. I agree, keeping Ganguly out of the ‘main’ captain position is just a way to make sure that he’s not an automatic inclusion. I know he’s a classy player and all that, but that still doesn’t warrant someone with his strike rate to be an automatic inclusion in a T20 tournament.

    On a another note, is relevant blogwhoring still blogwhoring?

    The real reason why Dada was rotated:

  25. Problems happen very everywhere, what I dont understand is why people have to chant against the coach and everyone in media has to salivate and make merry. If we cant handle foreign coach and then why recruit them in first place, was Greg Chappel not enough.

  26. ROFLMAO – ROHAN (wonder where have you been man?!)

    I absolutely LOVED THAT!

    And more than the climax, loved looking that stooge’s expressions in the snippets..

  27. Aussie coaches have been Dada’s bane….
    This is not a very good marketing move from KKR.
    Can hit them badly.

  28. GB,
    I guess you should not post such posts under “Cricket” category, rather creat a separate category called “Dada” or “Sourav”, because usually your posts like these, lack severely on cricket and more on your bias for Sourav.

  29. Martin,

    You know what’s worse than someone who sits 1000 miles away and complains about the country? It’s someone who presumably sits in the country, does nothing for the said country since he is busy trolling, then comments on the blog of someone sitting 1000 miles away with the complaint that he does not do anything for the country. Someone just like you.


    What Buchanan is trying to do here is simply to concentrate all power in his hands. Many captains = No captain. My belief is that SRK is well aware of what Buchanan wants to do since I do not believe that Buchanan is such a big ‘goose’ that he will go ahead and take this kind of decision without a quiet word with the owner.

    This dropping of Dada I believe is not a disaster for SRK because of how he wants to move forward with the franchise. I remember reading reports that KKR plans to drop the Kolkata from its title. I think the reason for that is SRK is looking for a pan-Bengali appeal that encompasses Bangladesh and Bengal. Nothing else can explain the purchase of the useless Mortaza. This is why SRK has decided to drop Ganguly whose appeal is more Kolkata than it is Bangali. People in Bangladesh could not care two hoots for him. The reason of course we know but then again I do not want to drag religion into this discussion. 🙂

  30. Curious. Why is this piece “anti Australian”?

  31. Clarification for previous comment:

    Why do 2 comment-makers perceive this post to be anti Australian? Why is being against an individual imply that you are against his country?

  32. it looks more like SRK wants to shave off some of the costs in the form of Dada as the icon player so that they may think of sucking a few big shots like Chennai has been able to.

  33. Exclusive!!! from the strategy scribbles of J Buchanan.

    the next big one…
    all 5 captains lead in the same game. the ground is divided into 4 quarters. if the bowler goes over the wicket one captain decides the bowling plan, if the bowler goes round the wicket then the captain for that quarter takes over.

    other captains guess what the field placings should be.

    so what about the fifth… say dada? he will be captain-in-chief. chairs will be placed around the sight screen for a captains conference during the game. since a ‘black-board’ is already available colored chalks will be provided to draw out strategies and field placings (during test matches we can have markers on ‘white boards’).

    or maybe all captains and players can have blackberries with a reply all as a standard option to share strategy. the bowler in the middle of his run up can get instructions on change of plan.. (or mostly, a cc which is irrelevant / spam / santa banta joke).

  34. on an unrelated note:

    look at the names of some cricket boards: Cricket Australia, Pakistan Cricket Board, etc

    and our own: Board for Control of Cricket in India.

    Controlling cricket? Do they think they are regulating the stock market?

    which explains their authoritarian attitude.

  35. I knew it GB, when I was seeing this ‘breaking’ news that there will sure be a post on it.

    Thankfully, you choose to comment more on the stupidity of the decision rather than Anti-Dada people Bashing.

    Of course, it seems that this has been done to prevent Dada’s automatic inclusion in the team. He can’t be dropped from captaincy you see, or people will go and burn buses in London (Kolkata), so Buchanan assured the people, that he’s just being rotated ie. he will be ‘rested’. You can’t of course ask him to go take a walk.

    But two things in this IPL;

    Firstly, after foreign location, now two more teams have chucked their Indian captains Dravid and Laxman in favour of Foreign captains, and now even KKR. Are the foreign players becoming too dominant on the Indian circuit?

    And secondly what this tells you that these guys (Rahul, Saurav and Laxman) are no longer wanted in their teams. If it was the BCCI, they would’ve stuck but here in the IPL, its all about performance and huge money. So the capitalists have got their selection policies right I guess. No performance, no selection.

  36. With the players KKR have, i don’t see this team in semifinal. they have batsman but no bowlers. Ishant has yet to prove himself. He can’t bowl good consistently. In first season he was flop. KKR have Only one decent bowler umar gul baut it is not clear will he play or not.So you must be happy that there will be many captain yo share the faliure.

  37. @ Mohan
    “I think the reason for that is SRK is looking for a pan-Bengali appeal that encompasses Bangladesh and Bengal. Nothing else can explain the purchase of the useless Mortaza. This is why SRK has decided to drop Ganguly whose appeal is more Kolkata than it is Bangali. People in Bangladesh could not care two hoots for him. The reason of course we know but then again I do not want to drag religion into this discussion”.

    Thats a very pertinent point you bring.
    I always wondered why the “Kolkata Knight Riders” were not named “BENGAL Knight Riders” to begin with. I guess Kolkata’s stature as a metro won the day.

    I dont claim to be an expert on cricket, but from what I understand, Bangladesh is still far from producing quality cricketers, those that can be competitive even at the local levels in India. Even Mortaza is not worth the money he is being paid.

    SRK it seems, is targetting the viewers more than the players. Bangladesh has a “middle class” twice the size of West Bengal, and that is a cash cow in barn for SRK.

    [edited by GB]

  38. Here comes the asshole Dhruv again, in his usual form. Expecting a lot of entertainment in this comments section, as we normally do in the rediff message boards.

  39. @ Abhinab and Shan

    Standard Indian decency doesn’t apply for assholes like Martin

  40. Gee thanks Dhruv. 🙂 Ok that’s enough whoring.

    GB, there’s a bug with the commenting code on the site. Instead of remembering my last-saved details, it remembers the details of the last person who has commented.

  41. I think the something similar was done when Dada was captain during WC03. Kaif/Yuvi were our field captains, Srinath was bowling captain etc. May be Bucha Bhai is trying that out.

  42. Rakesh said :
    “And ya, I think, IPL is going the NRI Way!”

    Whoa ! Thanks for the news flash dude.
    And the rather subtle self-promotion of your rather tasteful blog was done real slick.

  43. Several captains seems to be an intriguing idea. 20-20 cricket is a joke after all, chakke maarte raho, wickets gayi to koi baat nahi, 20 overs hi to hain. Might as well go all the way as far as gully-cricketifying is concerned. Every match can have a different captain, hopefully thodi jealousy etc aur badhegi, cricket will finally attain what it has been heading towards – Soap operadom! Even Ekta Kapoor can’t come up with all this.

  44. Yup Pappu Pager, Can’t help it! This is an awesome place to advertise (or some relevant blogwhoring as they call it) 🙂

  45. Ok, it seems to be working fine now.

  46. Since this is the era of coalition governments, BuchaKhan have also decided to give it a go and have a coalition captaincy. I am anticipating that one of the 5 captains will do a “Mayawati”, i.e. play a game as captain and then withdraw support to the coalition when its time to relinquish the captaincy to some other bloke.

  47. Dada has only himself to blame. If he was foolish enough to get another Aussie as coach after the Chappal saga, then he probably deserves this. And so do franchise owners who cannot think beyond whitemen to coach their teams. I think Dada should now threaten to resign (no Dada, no KKR fan following, no revenues) unless Bookay-noon is booted out with a kick in the rearside. Compromising with Bookay-noon will bring more heartburn as the tourney goes underway.

  48. wasn’t “mott” the hopple in Juno?

  49. Not related to the post but had a question for all … Who bought Akash Chopra for kkr ?

  50. For all dada bashers, its fun watching his replacement (yuvraj) in test against spinners, against swing bowlers….even bhajji looks a better batsman thn him….

  51. Even red-bottomed simian Dhruv can bat better than Yuvraj. He can definitely catch better than Yuvi with that big mouth of his.

  52. I dont understand the hype and hoopla around uv. HE IS NOT A TEST BATSMAN. if someone couldnt establish himself in the test side in 9 years, he could not do it when ganguly was almost forgotten, he is not a test batsman. ganguly didnt make a comeback just because he was good, he did it because yuvraj is terrible in tests.

  53. GB,
    Awesome introduction, as usual.
    I guess your viewpoint is biased in favour of SG. Though I cannot fathom what Buchanan is trying to do, but he still deserves a fair trial.
    And I guess (yours is as good as mine), the intention is to wrest control from SG, which I think might be good enough reason, because SG is definitely a misfit for T20 (now don’t go raising your brows – in my view, so is Dravid or Laxman)

  54. Arnab,

    You should have seen the practise session of KKR at the Eden post the famous press conference. We all knew who was the BOSS.

    Buchanan should thank his stars that the IPL this year is not in India. Or else —–

    By the way, why is that the only Indian retired/senior players who are being tampered with whereas Hayden, Gilchrist, Pollock carry on unhindered? Something to do with our wild aping of the West? Or ‘ghar ki murgi dal barobar’?

    For the Sourav bashers, relax or you would develop ulcers!!

  55. @yourfan2: Did you use to post on as “Sid” in the late 90s? Just curious …. 🙂

  56. @daddy yankee: Sid (or rather Sidin) is here –

  57. Serious Issue guys. Offtopic but important.

    “Chinese hack into Indian embassies, steal Dalai Lama’s documents” hack into Indian embassies, steal Dalai Lama’s documents

    How can these morons in the Congress and the BJP fight China, when they don’t even have it on their radar. The advantage of Pokharan has been lost.

  58. g.b.:

    “ham paanch paandav aur guru john bachchan” is a future song from a movie *ing srk. aamir khan will be given the role of ekalavya, the opponent who reveres your coach!

    – s.b.

  59. @ T
    “How can these morons in the Congress and the BJP fight China, when they don’t even have it on their radar. The advantage of Pokharan has been lost”.

    Pokharan never was an advantage vis-a-vis China.

    Military power cannot deter China.
    China will become India’s friend again, if Buddhism is revived in China.

    Where are today’s Kumarajeeva.

  60. LOL!

    Amazing correlation. From the “paanch patiyowali daastaan” to subtly making fun of T20 by mentioning – captains frequently change in “gully cricket” – and calling it a saas bahu khitpit. Too good!

  61. poor dada .. why doesn’t he just go back to behala and participate in dancing shows (maybe nach baliye 5) 😛

  62. GB,
    You may find this interesting –
    And what a superlative effort to save the test. Hats off to Gambhir. Boy, he is really charming a lot of hearts over the last couple of years!

  63. @GB,

    I am tired of waiting for a review of ‘GULAAL’. I thought it was a brilliant effort with a great sountrack and possibly the best lyrics and dialogue I have come across. When can we get your thought arnabda?

  64. News just trickling-in boss .. gangs is relinquishing his captaincy ok KKR .. !! so buchanan’s “Plan” is coming to fruition .. i think this was the mission all along . they wanted to remove dada as a caption hence this big charade of multiple captains etc etc im sure SRK is also behind this move of getting DADA to relinquish the captaincy -a la dravid at bangalore .. instead of all this drama . SRK could hv called DADA to mumbai and told him straight to quit instead of all this “jatra ” !!!

  65. Hilarious post Dada, just what one expects from you..lovely.

  66. Boss .. just came across this picture in
    pls do have a look ..surely a topic of discussion !! have to say nita ambani really looks hot .. !! (F)&sid=3

  67. sorry .. i dont think that link came through ok
    its on and the title of the article is
    “without luv or money” written by arindam mukherjee. The photo shows VijayMallya almost kissing Nita Ambani who surely waiting for the “Kingfisher smooch” .. wonder what mukesh ambani makes for all this?? (F)&sid=3

  68. Was not expecting an outburst from Sourav; he sounds desperate to hold on to the position of captaincy, in a format of cricket he himself doesnt love that much! I love dada, but this seems like a bit too desperate.

  69. Martin,

    Kindly SHUT THE F^%&* up man! Please!! Just because someone lives in a ‘foreign land’ and works for a ‘foreign company’ does not mean he/she should have no interest in India!! Please do not read these blogs any more! They are not for mypoic indivuduals like you!!

    Thanks Great Bong! Keep up the good work!!

  70. I don’t think Arnab da has to apologize for being a Sourav fan. When Bengalis praise Rabindranath or Netaji, they are living in the past. When Sourav is admired, its highlighting the so-called only sports star from the state.
    It amazes me that inspite of captaining the side over the years and effecting a total turnaround in team fortunes and attitudes, every Ganguly action is looked on through the prism of Bengaliness.
    If Arnab chooses to write about Sourav’s sidelining and not Dravid’s removal from captaincy, that’s bloody his prerogative.
    As for the anti-Aussie taunt, readers may try to remember the choice epithets John Buchanan has invited from his countrymen, some, like Shane Warne, with more than adequate knowledge of the game.
    Especially with regard to IPL, regional considerations cannot be removed from consideration. That’s the reason behind the city-format. When SRK has tried his utmost to play up the Bengali quotient (as have other teams with their own regions) he should realize that without Dada, his support base will drastically decrease.
    By the way, I have encountered Dada in person at an event and found him quite unfriendly. But I will always be a fan. Because I’ve seen what a man, universally written off, can do on the minefields of South Africa when so-called legends of Indian batting were looking flabbergasted.
    I am proud to be an Indian, a Bengali AND a Dada fan. I don’t think being one in any way negates the other.

  71. I think Buchanan has done a great job and he may indeed play a hand in promoting sports other than cricket, like darts and Archery for example. Just set up a board with all 5 Captain on it and chance your arm to decide the Captain of the day!
    In fact Bookies should set up bets on “Captain of the Day” and there could a good deal of profit in it for Buchanan. Oh wait… he isn’t as enterprising as the Pakistanis now is he!

  72. Hope this is the season when the IPL farce – simply a money making racket for Pawar and his toadies and their cronies – breaks down. Our owners don’t have the guts for repeated knocks. And this year, if the pompous owners have another losing year, they may decide to exit this business once and for all. When a sham like SRK criticises Gavaskar, you know that all sense of proportion has vanished.

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