Kite Riders

My second article at Cricbuzz.

Addendum: In the line ” Maine Kol-Kanta ko chhoda” I did not know whether to spell it with one “h” or two “h”s.

45 thoughts on “Kite Riders

  1. I have not read my scripts – Awesome

  2. brilliant! “Vintage GB”!

    Congrats on the freelance bit GB!

  3. GB, hand on your heart, are you or are you not the fake ipl blogger?

  4. I constantly face that dilemma when sending e-mails in hindi…
    I prefer chhodda for leaving and chhodha for #$%*@#$ to distinguish between the 2.
    I use “dd” for the hard “d” sound and “dh” for the soft “d” sound…

  5. Hey GB, some intellectual moron in my office decided to block all Sports related sites on the network in addition to all the social networking ones. I’m sure he had a very terrible childhood.

    But the point is i’ll have to wait a long time b4 i get to read this or the prev post. So u got any ideas to help me out?

    Ohh btw in case i didn’t tell u, blogging sites are blocked too..

  6. Nikhil, you missed the pun — GB’s dilemma was over single ‘h’ vs double ‘h’ as in, would “I &^%$££? Kolkata” be more appropriate?! Given that SRK is actually ^%%^&*ing Kolkata with his subservience to Boka-nun.

  7. I think the number of h’s do not matter much!! One H is as much appropriate as 2 H’s… Bad Shah has done both to Kolkata!!

  8. lame…
    fakeiplplayer is much more interesting!!!

  9. This is the height of witt, humor and sarcasm!!
    Its simply awesome..keep rocking GB!!!!!!!!

  10. that was predictable and boring

  11. Not boring actually, but yes predictable. May be the sheer length has robbed this piece of the usual GB factor. I still fail to grasp the logic behind the selection of Ajit Agarkar and Sanjay Bangar. Sorry choices, any day! And about the fake IPL player, it’s turning out to be a haven of blog-whoring and spamming. Surprisingly enough, no posts after the match against Rajastan Royals. Laptops banned? Or is it the blogger’s creative juices have dried up? Then it’s definitely not you, GB…

  12. i failed to see the humour in the misspelt names. reminded me of bad laughter challenge spoofs.

  13. A few questions… Where can I get this book “The Art of Making High-Fat Chicken“? Is it there on the Amazon ? Is General Tsao the cousin of General Dong ?

    But this was priceless… => “Look here kaun kambhakt jeetne ke liye khelte hain. Aare hum baazigar hain.

  14. I did not know whether to spell it with one “h” or two “h”s

    It cannot be more pervert 😛

  15. i failed to see the humour in the misspelt names. reminded me of bad laughter challenge spoofs.

    This comment is not mine :0

    [GB adds: That comment was made anonymous. It was not your IP address.]

  16. Sanny,

    You can try subscribing to my blog’s feed using a feed-reader like Google Reader. The blog contents will then be delivered to you unless even Google is blocked (unlikely).

  17. GB.. this time its hats off to you ! The way you came out as fakeiplplayer and made so much news , so much of entertainment , u have brought a revolution of sorts in the world of demented minds…

  18. Sourasis,

    Kindly desist from your unsubstantiated allegations. I have not and will never “blog anonymously” about real people. I do not approve of such kind of blogs where allegations are made about real people behind a veil of anonymity.

  19. GB, good in parts but predictable, as has been pointed out… but the names you choose are not a patch on what Fake did. Poor Appam C is branded for life.

    It seems you are still trying to figure out your target audience on this Cricbuzz site. The posts do not have that killer punch in them…

    There is so much happening around IPL, Elections, etc. Get back to RTDM and get back in form.

  20. Excellent write-up!!!

    And great new look GB. My wife who is also an avid reader noted you look really hot.

  21. Piyush,

    Thanks. And your significant other has a great sense for sarcasm 🙂

  22. okay, GB… never meant to be an allegation at all or put you in any kind of spot, But it turns out that you are quite serious about any kind of reference with Fake and I do have maximum respect for such concerns on your part. Because as you are seeing it , it might draw some legal action somewhere down the line on Fake. I understand that. Thus let me tell you I don’t mind you deleting my comment. And to complete the cleaning up process you should also remove my comment from Cricbuzz on your post “Kite Riders” if you wish.

    I acknowledge the fact that you have no connections whatsoever with Fake in full faith and there is no reason to question that either once GB himself has said so. But, you can not deny that there is a thin line between your style of humor and that of Fake. And that is the line where humor seems to have crossed the line of decency. As you can see that the stakes are high , Fake can draw legal action for crossing that line , I think it is time we draw the lines and understand them properly. I think it will be great if you can write about “blogging and the the line of decency”. I believe it is quite an important topic , and it will be great to have the opinion of a great veteran[I hope I can call you veteran now] blogger like you.

  23. and.. yeah … forgot .. you are looking great out there ! 🙂

  24. Sourasis,

    My main problem in this case is not any legal action but the possibility that some dittohead might pick these comments up as a story and run it (a remote possibility but you never know). There have been at least two speculative stories about the identity of the blogger and I am sure the circus will go on with “newer” and “newer” suspects.

    I do not think there is a “thin” line between my sense of humor and that of the fake. What I write, I write as myself. While when the fake writes, he is shooting from someone else’s shoulder and then enjoying the spectacle as innocents are suspected. When I write, I make sure that it is clear from the context that what I am writing is spoof or sarcasm. The fake keeps the tone ambiguous at best and at worst makes it appear that what he is saying is the truth. This might be a matter of opinion but the fake I believe writes from a sense of malice which I never do. The fake, if he be a KKR player (which I doubt), writes about his colleagues and his employers using his privileges as a member of the organization. This I believe stems from a most unprofessional and unethical “Bite the Hand that Feeds” type mentality. He is not “whistle-blowing” from a sense of “conscience” but just putting out gossip and innuendo. So there is no heroism here too.

    I do not think the fake blogger is being indecent but yes some of the stuff he writes might be considered to be defamatory as in when he makes statements of the type: “I was at so-and-so place and I saw so-and-so doing so-and-so” in a manner that sounds like it is the truth. Thats the crucial point. Am I presenting something as the truth or am I presenting something that is very clearly a fantasy? I am sure you will agree that for most people who follow the “fake” blog it is enjoyable because they feel they are getting privileged “inside dope”, with the enjoyment being predicated by the believability of the posts. Over here, noone can say my spoofs are ever written so as to appear “believable” even to the most credulous.

    Coming back to the main point, I believe there is a big black line between what I do and what the fake does.

    Thank you.

  25. This website claims that the culprit has run out of luck.
    you are indeed looking cool on that website 8) .

    And thanks, for making that comment anonymous. 🙂

  26. The title is the best part of the article.. hehe.. Kite riders.. n Chris Gayle is set to go back beginning of May and till now the Kite Riders haven’t even played the stronger teams in the competition..

  27. Has anyone seen Buchanan smile? I think he can give competition to Jyoti Basu in this respect. He also never smiles

  28. Hi Bro,

    I have posted some of your writings on my page. Hope you don’t sue me.
    Have been visiting ur blog since February 2005. U r champ m8.

  29. Hey Great Bong evr tried your hand in writing film scripts?

  30. Have been following the FakeIPLPlayer blog and the comments on your website, both with enormous amusement.
    Arnab, ab lagta hai aapke chayn ke din gaye. Blog likha. To khoob famous ban gaye (hugely deservingly so but, I have a feeling, in an originally unplanned way… socha nahi hoga ki guts aur style mein bada dam tha, mere khyal mein showk se shuru kiya hoga, apne potential ki khabar nahin hogee). Ab aap book bhi likh rahe ho. Khaatir aur badhegi. Log-baag aapke hotness pe bhi comment karne lage hain (naya photooo jo chhap diya Cricbuff mein). Misaal ki baat yeh hai ki ab rumours shooru huen hain aapke baare mein. Kuchh log thoda humorous cheez likhenge aur janata sochegi ki humorous hai to zaroor aap hi honge uske pichhe. Yeh waise convoluted way mein hi sahi, par aapke popularity ka hi anjaam hain. Bechaare uninitiateds pe gussa na karen. Waise, mujhe yeh samajhne mein pareshanee ho rahi hai ki in logon ne kaise socha ki FakeIPLPlayer aap hi ho. Amaa bura mat maano, par, aap thode se swollen headed ho, to begin with, to post as anonymous, no? Yeh to meri kabhi ummeed hi nahin hogi ki aap capable ho anonymously post karne mein. Iss baat ko Appam Chutiyon ne zara gaur nahin kiya hoga, mere khyal se, before making the allegations.
    Par aap apne upar zara dhyan dein. Ayse allegations, din par din sirf badhenge, jaise jaise aapki khatir badhegi. Aur tab aap kya karenge? Aap hum jaise fans pe bharosa karenge (ham bahut hain) aur sirf ek baar apna disclaimer dalenge, par baar-baar nahin. Once is more than enough.
    Aap hamein maaf karen par humein laga ki yeh baaten Hindi mein kehna bahut zaroori tha. Hum Angrezi mein in baaton ko karaare taur pe zaheer karna nahin jaante hain.

  31. Bangalore Royal Challengers v Kings XI Punjab
    RR Bose 2 0 24 0 12.00

    Is this the same Ranadeb “57 wickets in 7 matches” Bose?? Who went to England, got to play 2 tour games (one in which he took 5/51 on a flat pitch).

    Can anyone confirm??

  32. @RichAndFamous: point your browser to and figure out yourself.

  33. Not upto your class GB… comparison to fake ipl player was inevitable given the same topic/concept/content and your post looked like Sanjay Gupta’s Kaantein Vs Old Boy!

    I will revisit your blog in a hope that you will get back to your own great class once again. 🙂

  34. Really not as per your standards and a better rip-off would have been expected of you. Why did you go for this not at all original idea anyway ??

  35. I liked the article, but was a wee bit dissappointed with your take on the fake blog thing. Malice, ambiguity? Come on, GB, this is definitly a case of pot calling the kettle black! Yes, he doesnt have an identity, other than that I strain to see much of a difference at all! All said and done, hes so clearly called himself a fake player and thats where he starts from!For anyone with decent intelligence, it pretty clear the whole blog is some kind of a spoof! And then, hes got a disclaimer in as well. While I agree its about perspective, I dont think anybody whos new to your blog would get a lot your sarcasm/double entendre either! I wouldnt be surprised if some of them take offense. I still see a lot of the newer readers trying to figure out whether you liked a movie or not whilst reading your movie reviews!

  36. i agree with vivek

  37. Has my previous comment been moderated?

  38. Aylamrin,

    None of your comments have been moderated.

  39. Sorry, actually my bad! I had posted the comment to your earlier post… but insisted on thinking that it was this post instead… LOL !!!

  40. GB,

    this is not related to this post, but about one of your previous posts: ‘Parnab–A Beautiful Mind’. It’s giving a 404 Error with the message: “Oh no! You’re looking for something which just isn’t here! Fear not however, errors are to be expected, and luckily there are tools on the sidebar for you to use in your search for what you need.” both internet explorer and google chrome had d same errors. what am i supposed to do here? can u plz try reposting it?

  41. Hi Arnab,

    You would get the “Insider Perspective” from .

    The million dolalr quesiton is, whos this guy 🙂

  42. Funny and Awesome as alaways.

  43. This was a nice interview. The reason it appeared blase and the humor as contrived to a lot of the readers is because of the underlying bitter truth.

  44. Thanks a ton!!!

  45. KKR – Khan-ki Knight Rider

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