27 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. 1st finally!!! Waited to be one for sooo long!!! LOL Will read th post now… Way to go Arnabda… Wheres my iPod

  2. 1st one!!!

  3. S**t…lost by few seconds!!!

  4. 5th. atleast in the top 5! 😦

    Arnab da,
    when would you return to RTDM? We miss you.


  5. GG,

    But when did I leave RTDM? I would have posted this stuff here itself otherwise.

  6. Hello Arnab,

    I posted the same on Cricbuzz site as well, and I will try to repeat it here.

    Well, I am a die hard fan of your blog and this is the first time I take the audacity of disagreeing with you. When you say that the ‘near unanimous verdict’ on IPL 2 is boring, I really would like to know what population you are considering… If IPL 2 till date were to be retelecast, breaks included, there would be quite a few takers for it.

    I would readily admit that DLF and CITI Bank lost my business (and that of several colleagues) for ever, but according to my universe, it is being followed very keenly and I just don’t know how many serious cricket lovers would call KKR vs. RR boring (super over and all)!

    For the sake of your fans, please get a grip of yourself…

  7. Hi GB,
    but I am enjoying IPL2. 🙂

  8. Nice articles on Cricbuzz. I enjoy reading them ….IPL Cricket, TV and movies provide my only source of “escapism from reality” these days.

    It’s good that smart Indian chaps have left the shores of India and have become successful NRIs. I am happy for your success…The rest of us, who got left behind, have to live under the constant threat of violence every day.


  9. Arnabda, so are you becoming a part time journo now ? Good post btw.

  10. How about an ode to the legendary Feroze Khan? And here’s the link that I was talking about…

    GB adds: Please stop trying to hijack the thread with links to “communally-sensitive” sites.

  11. The only problem with GB writing on cricbuzz is that all that dirty stuff, the innuendos, the links to raunchy videos, naughty pics etc are gone.

  12. i am hyderabadi and i am loving ipl 2.0. hated it the last time around though.

  13. I agree with Skeptic ! LOL !

  14. Does anybody remember an old Hero Puch ad:

    Zarurat hai do, lekin phir bhi one…
    Yaaniiiiiii….., two-in-one……….

    Needless to less who featured in that ad… yes the two-in-one owner of Khan Knight Riders…

    Another timeless dialog:…

    babuji ne kahaa gaon chhod do,
    sabne kahaa paro ko chhod do,
    paro ne kahaa sharaab chhod do,
    aaj tumne kah dia, haweli chhod do,

    Now its time that we should start yelling “Yeh, club chhod do

  15. Greatbong, I’m a great admirer of yours but seriously, your cricbuzz articles are just not happening. Get back to RTDM mode please.

  16. Excellent article GB.

    Do not take comments of blog-whores like Ramesh Srivats to mind. Hey Ramesh, I wonder why you did not put a link to your own posts as you always do. It’s not happening when you behave so out-of-character.

  17. I agree with some of them regarding this article. Its not like what is written on this blog but nonetheless fun.

  18. Badshah D deserves to lose every match. Last year he had filled up his team with Pakistanis. This year he has more Phoren Babas in the team. Does this guy even trust Indians to do anything right? If at all, it only betrays his lack of confidence in Indians and shows him for what he thinks about Indians. But of course it is not entirely his blame also. He knows that he turns out crap movies and sees the Indians fall head over heels to watch all that drivel. If he then comes to the conclusion that Indians are good for nothing then it is the fault of Indians, not D****’s

  19. If it is boring, somehow it is not showing in the tv ratings. Take a look at http://www.audiencemap.com/ – the table on the right side of the page.

    After first 9 days, IPL1 had cumulative ratings of 44.5 from 12 matches (avg 3.71) and IPL2 has 48.5 from 13 matches (avg 3.73), not counting the 2 washouts.

    Looks like someone forgot to communicate the “nearly unanimous verdict” to the Indian public.

  20. It is not that bad. People are talking about it. The last few matches which went till the last over has surely helped. It is just the journos who are being too pessimistic about it.

  21. hahahah… Knight riders got their pants whipped by mumbai last night. Shahruk Ghann and ghatiya coach. bbwwaahahahah….

    chalo sab teams KKR key against toh points pakka hai.. just plan strategy against other teams.

  22. “the strategy break has done for the enjoyment of the T20 game what a phone call from one’s parents during an intense session of love-making does for the rhythm and the flow of the act.

    Yep. It’s that bad.”

    If you were to deliver this line on Laughter Challenge even Sidhu would not laugh. Really. This was not the case with you always. You would always deliver a killer punch in such situations.

    I am not sure if IPL2 is as interesting as IPL1 (though I am enjoying ver 2.0 as well). What I am sure of is that you were in great form during IPL1. I started reading your blog regularly during IPL1 and quickly lapped up all past posts as well.

    What I miss is not always the humor part of it. Not everything you wrote was funny. Your posts on 26/11 and the economic crisis were really good as were a lot of film reviews. I miss the strong and well reasoned central argument and, of course, the fun quotient.

    As a regular reader I am taking the liberty to register my concern. I would tend to agree with Ramesh that your cricbuzz thing is just not happening. Article 2 was close but otherwise it has been very flat.

  23. yup…at cricbuzz, its just boring….

  24. Any tournament which features a team like KKR cannot be boring. Badshah Dildo has been financially raped by Buchanan and others from Australia. Compare that with Priety Zinta. She may seem naive and perpetually inebriated, but behind those coke shattered eyes, one cannot miss the gleam of a woman who is careful about how her moolah is being spent. Indeed, she may even give her body to a player who is performing exceptionally well, but never will she waste money like SRK on excessive coaching staff and redundant players. Indeed, her maneuvering of the strings from behind have been such that the Punjab outfit have played like a well trained pack of dogs. The KKR players look as listless as cattle on a picturesque Montana ranch. And this bunch of cattle does not have a good shepard to guide them. He is busy reading Sun Tsu and trying out other costly experiments using Dildo’s money. But I don’t particularly blame him. He got the idea that this is a person that can manipulated and milked. In Dildo’s pecking order, the gora is second only to the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis as far as trust is concerned. No wonder KKR is being slaughtered. They are a tardy outfit, wrt both and body language. Even their excessively covered up cheerleaders seem so tasteless and repulsive.

    Having said that, I do not mind the slightly subdued crowd in IPL2. There has been some good cricket on show and I anticipate more to follow. That of course will be dictated by whether some teams manage to change their current fortunes. Eight teams competing for 4 semifinal positions should have kept the league stage interesting, provided that they competed equally. But two of them can be safely betted as goners, already. KKR and Bangalore will not bounce back. Of course, they can and probably will raise false hopes from time to time with a startling win here and there, but that is exactly what Zimbabwe and New Zealand have done so well over years. That leaves the fight amongst the remaining six to not be amongst the two that will not make the semis. Then, it is anybody’s cup.

  25. SRK’s money is the “aam aadmi’s money. He can splurge it on Australians, Pakistanis..whereever he wants.

  26. IPL 2009 is boring and it IS showing in the TV numbers.


    Maybe Mohan, you would like to do your research a little.

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