Sidhuism Number 73

In an interview on Samay, the Patiala Pegg-head says:

Visa provision should be made easier. The bus services between India and Pakistan should be continued. And Sikhs should be harassed unnecessarily on suspicious ground.

Now normally I would have put this down as a typo but then again since this is Sidhu we are talking about, I withhold my judgment.

[Link: Courtesy Abhik Bhattacharya]

10 thoughts on “Sidhuism Number 73

  1. My 59th Ipod maybe…unless this gets moderated.

  2. My few seconds of fame….first 🙂

  3. Sidhu and his dumb ass jokes….sidhuissm…..damn

  4. Good catch, hawk-eye..though this was probably a slip of the tongue that can only occur when one has too many Patiala Pegs. 😉

    Typo or no typo, anyone who makes fun of a “raging bull” better be warned…. He can show you how his fists and bat can fly Patiala-ishtyle (when he gets hopping mad) and then he can laugh at you loudly (which he does all the time on the Great Indian Laughter Challenge). J/K 😀

  5. You are biased. Siddhu is not all that bad – He laughs at each joke with the same intensity irrespective of the quality of the joke

  6. This is so funny, making fun of a typo in the newspaper report, also implying that Siddhu is an imbecile. Fakeipl player is so not funny.

  7. You know what’s funnier than a Sidhuism? It’s this hilarious, must-see parody of Indian politics.

    I just watched this comical, side-splitting video from Sony TV’s Jhalak Dikhla Ja…and yeah, I did turn up the volume. Boy, was it funny!!!

    PM Tujhe Banaya

  8. [GB edited: Abusing someone while staying anonymous. Very classy. Hence removed]

  9. just couldn’t resist GB.
    but you gotta agree, [edited]

    GB adds: One thing I can agree with, if you are incapable of talking decently then silence would be a good option. I do not agree with a lot of the comments and I am sure many people do not agree with each other. But using invectives or asking people to “shut up” isnt going to get you anywhere.

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