The Last Cowboy

Ek to kam zindgaani, us se bhi kam hai jawaani
Jab tak josh mein jawaani
Jab tak khoon mein rawaani
Mujhe hosh mein aane na do


Josh. Zindagi. Jawani. Attitude. Style.

Feroz Khan.

He didn’t suck up to second string politicians. He didnt have to do a gameshow. He didn’t dance at weddings.

Instead he did things old school. Like the stars ought to. He drove fast cars at breakneck speed.Β  He partied hard and without apology. He made Mukesh Khanna, about as old as his son, act as his father in “Yalgaar”. He shot from the hip. He dressed flamboyantly. And in the final years of his life, he gave a memorable sucker-punch to the Pakistanis and their apologists on this side of the border for which he promptly got banned by the Jihadi General.

Goodbye Feroz Khan. Goodbye you old cowboy.

I don’t know what happens in the great ranch above but I sure do hope you always keep your hat on.

[Images courtesy Rediff and here]

32 thoughts on “The Last Cowboy

  1. Yayy !
    Sending you address for iPod shipping.

  2. Me 1st .. πŸ™‚

    Me 1st .. πŸ™‚

  3. Grammatically incorrect, but I wanted to be the first one !

  4. nice ode .. πŸ™‚

  5. A true cowboy amongst us Indians πŸ˜› (Slurpee, not Casino)

  6. The last movie I saw of his (I guess it is his last movie) was Welcome. And there he was in his signature Feroze style. RIP. Mr. Feroze Khan.

  7. He was the real King Khan..
    unlike some sissies who pass as Kings by virtue of owning a franchise or being sugar daddy to k-jo

  8. farewell style bhai….. i think he was the first one to wear attitude on his sleeves…. he lived his life to the fullest.. dont think he wud hav many regrets….

  9. RIP
    Will miss you cow boy 😦

  10. @Kaunteya,
    Thanks for the e-o. I always wondered why he is called King Khan, thanks to you, I know now.

  11. Idiotic iPod freaks. Won’t even pause for somebody’s death before coming out with their drivel.

    Nice tribute GB. RIP Feroz bhai. You were one of my favorites.

  12. The orignal dude. Pioneer of stylish Hindi films. At the same time, he could also do some serious stuff (eg – Dayavan which was a good adaptation of the orignal Kamal film).

    I may be in the minority but Janasheen remains one of my guilty pleasures just because of FK’s awesomeness.

  13. Goodbye Feroz…you said it like it was! Very few people have style like that!

  14. No one would ever be able to say this dialogue ‘Bike to hai, maut ki kuan dhoondh raha hoon’.
    Thanks for the homage GB.
    RIP to the immortal maverick.

    ps: The ‘me first’ freaks doesn’t even have respect for the dead. Sad.

  15. I am speechless. He was an icon .. Qurbani is my ALL time favorite movie. I will miss him.

  16. Goodbye, FK. You have summed it up –
    “I don’t know what happens in the great ranch above but I sure do hope you always keep your hat on.”

    My fav was Qurbani.

  17. Sure one of the most stylish actors of his time. Apradh, Qurbani, Dharmatma were all way ahead of their times, technically.

    Even otherwise his movies were quite bold, live in relation between Feroze and Zeenat in Qurbani, the hot bedroom scenes in Jaanbaz, Dayavan which unlike today’s sanitized family friendly porn, were raw, earthy and passionate. He had his own style of action, unlike Dharam or Vinod’s more hot blooded, macho Punjabi style action, his was more sophisticated, more Clint Eastwoodish style.

    Also most of his movies have had great songs too.

  18. Beautifully written. Was never a Feroz Khan fan but reading this made me feel I should have been.

  19. The original Indian cow boy! He used to ride a horse to school…

  20. He lived life king size! Lived n died like a true star!!! Hats off to your style and flamboyance that shall be followed years on… You rock! Live on…

  21. India’s answer to Clint Eastwood. Really old school. Well said.

  22. Prateek – Exactly my feelings. Never was a great fan of his but I especially liked his Qurbaani, Khote Sikkay, Dharmatma and of course Jaanbaaz. These films have a timeless appeal and don’t look tacky even today because of his style and flamboyance.

    GB – Gave me goose bumps reading “I don’t know what happens in the great ranch….” Perfect ode to a great style icon.

    Good Bye FK

  23. An awesome dude..uncompromisingly stylish and very glamorous…still love watching FK movies..a pioneer if there ever was one..i bet he would be sayin…

    see y’all

  24. Nice. I had a very different perception of the man until I watched a program on a local Bangalore channel yesterday. His School mates, Nieghbours and even a Mechanic were unanimous in declaring him a very down- to- earth person who mingled with all and loved people in general. The Showman ship, Style and flamboyance was all there as a school boy. Some anecodtes about his passion for horses at a young age was amazing to hear. For some, Class is an acquired trait, but it seemed it was inherent in this guy! Adieu!

  25. I watched Welcome this weekend, never knew that this uber cool guy would be gone.

    I wish Fardeen is reading this lovely tribute.

  26. He truly was a gr8 Star!! RIP Mr Khan..

  27. Great star. And like you said, he lived like one. Definitely had class.

  28. What do I say? He was a great actor, an even greater film-maker, and much more than that an even great person. Mahmood and FK would casually stroll around Tom’s Restaurant near Johnson Market simply to startle the patrons, and could be as always stylishly simple. Class, style, flair, flamboyance, are all words that were created to describe Shri Feroze Khan, who gave those words a new meaning, as he always will.

  29. RIP Mr.Feroze Khan..
    Thanks for that wonderful tribute GB!
    My uncle studied with Feroze Khan for sometime at school in Bangalore, and he had some really nice things to tell us about him. A class act..


  30. lol

    i remeber – when interviewed , bout fardeen’s wedding , and asked wat he thought about marriage he said –

    “its a great thing , its not just sex ….”


    though lukd cranky , luvd how he refused to be made into a pin up poster ……….

  31. Mahaans like Feroze Khan remind us what it means to be a Khan. And cowards like SRK remind us how farcical the nakli can be.

  32. Mayuresh Gaikwad May 4, 2009 — 11:30 am

    Flamboyance! Style! Attitude!

    Great qualities to have if you have a decent amount of cash in your hand. Ofcourse, Feroz Khan was not quite the stylish arrogant bastard in real life, and there lies his greatness πŸ™‚

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