Sugar Sweet

Many people blame calories which are actually not the real culprit. Had that been the case, sugar would have never been considered fattening since it contains only 15-20 calories per teaspoon. Says dietician Honey Shah, “Going by the calorie count of sugar, people having sweets should never be fat. So it’s not the calorie count, but the ingredients present in the food (carbohydrates, fat, protein etc) that really matters.


A dietitian who disses sugar —her name is Honey Shah. And that my friends is what is known as “irony”.

On an unrelated side-note, here is a riddle.

What does SRK have which is referred to as his “vanity toy”, reduces in size when it is in motion and then doubles its size when stationary?

Answer: A van. [Link]

And in further unrelated sugar sweet stories, Choti Shetty’s room has been ransacked by baboons.  When simians start rifling through the private belongings of pretty women (perhaps with an intent to deplete further their already minimalist possessions), that too of a starlet known to embrace her natural instincts a “low point” has definitely been reached.

News that “kala bandar” monkey suits like the one used by Abhishek Bachchan in Dilli 6 have been discovered in the rooms of certain players however could not be confirmed.

14 thoughts on “Sugar Sweet

  1. 1st again!!! 😀

  2. fakeiplplayer May 6, 2009 — 4:43 pm


  3. 😀

    may be losing weight doesnt mean becoming thin, its working out that makes one thing 🙂

  4. 4th!
    …..and you really have very little to say these days.

  5. Dietitians and nutritionists keep changing their opinions every other day… Let us ignore them.

    Why worry about sugar, salt and spice? Just try to live your life according to ancient Hindu philosopher Charvaka’s interesting philosophy:

    “Yavat jeevet sukham jeevet, rinam kritva ghritam pibet”
    (As long as you live, live happily. Borrow money and drink Ghee.) 😉

  6. Awesome !

    AlphaQ: Seems the intellectually bankrupt person here is you. Someone who comments on a post that has “nothing to say” what does that make you?

    GB I am sure you know but Dil Do has started dancing at weddings already.

  7. and i believed in sanjeev kumar and keep on buying sugar free 😐

  8. That news about “certain players” was exclusive to the fake IPL player. Putting two and two together confirms that the fake IPL player is indeed you 🙂

  9. Ugh!

    I swear the “Lifestyle” section of the Times of India online edition is home to the scum of the (journalist’s) universe.

    They make me angry day after day. So angry that even paan pasand has no effect.



  10. nice blog
    Are u ready for exchanging blogroll links
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  11. Sh. choti shetty !
    unedited pic link at an article at

  12. Shahrukh joke .. (since you started it).

    Why did Devdas die in the film Devdas by Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

    Becaz, both Chnadramukhi & Paro were dancing, while singing ‘Dil-do laa re.. ‘

  13. GB

    I am not sure what prompted you to bunch the three independent/unrelated incidents into one post and under the title sugar sweet? I am still thinking whether there is any co-relation…

  14. Losing, weight…lol!!!!

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