Thanks For Attending

For all of you who attended the Asha quiz on Saturday, a big thank you. A special salut to my wonderful hosts at Asha and my apologies that I could not stay back for the Karoake since we had to rush back to Manhattan. And a sincere “shukriya” to all of you who came from off-campus—Pankaj, Anantha, and Gaurav Sabnis’s team. A heartfelt shout-out of gratitude also to my old Stonybrook pal Puloma who came with her entire family.

The quiz was a close affair with Anantha’s team edging out Gaurav’s by a mere 5 points. My favorite moment of the quiz was when the audience whistled “lustily” at the video of Manoj Tiwari creating a truly subaltern Chapra zilla mahaul in the academic climes of Rutgers. Topics covered included male exotic dancing, strategic bathroom breaks, exorcisms, “lota” dance, Mithun-da, Night Lovers, singing chuckers and presidential roommates. Many of us have asked me to post the questions online.The only reason I do not do so is so that I may repeat a subset of these questions in the future.

Thanks again and hope to see you all in the future. Now back again behind the blog wheel.

16 thoughts on “Thanks For Attending

  1. Wow.. 1st time commenting and to be the 1st..

  2. Love ur blog btw.. started reading it bout a month ago.. and have been nagging my hubby to read some of ur posts too.. ur fantastic.. kudos!

  3. a youtube link with the goings on maybe? at least in part?? Please???

  4. Thanks for a great quiz, Arnab. My first quiz in 3 years, and thoroughly enjoyable. Your favorite moment of the quiz was my most ignominious – how the hell could I forget the great Manoj Tiwari’s name?

  5. not a word yet on indian elections? here’s waiting for your take

  6. Arnab
    You are loosing form. Come back to what you are best at.

  7. You can think of more questions for the future… do reconsider sharing the questions that you asked. We would love that.

    Tapas Paul on the banner looks post VLCC slimming session, which he is not currently. So how about showing your fans the ‘real’ him. And add the ‘Laalpaan Bibi’ , the neo-MLAs.

  8. Hi
    if u cud post here on ur blog some of the interesting questions of quiz

  9. Oops , that was moi!

    And banner of Mamata & her MLAs!

  10. Apparently, Trinamool Congress thinks that driving the Tatas away from Singur did the trick for the party in LS elections. Do you really think the people of WB voted for the digressive politics of Mamata Benarjee? What is your take on this without drawing parallels with Narendra Modi government?

  11. Yep the shoshur badi really enjoyed the quiz..and were all praises for you. Me loved it too except a certain embarassing moment ! 🙂 A certain someone is never going to hear the end of it, needless to say.
    Hope to come again to your next quiz…:-)

  12. Thanks Arnab, for the blast from the past. I havent been a competitive quiz since ’01 and this was a good outing. I totally loved the special rounds for obvious reasons! LOL!

  13. I would love to be in one of your quizs some time.
    this time i had to fly back to india for some urgency other wise i would have get the chance to meet you.
    any way may be next time.
    this time you were so close to my place.. 😦


  14. a few questions please….. GB u owe it to your friends!!!

  15. Arnab,

    would like to see the qns. It would be great of you can host it somewhere

  16. Some day you ought to post at least a subset of questions. What about us Still-residing-Indians??? This is pure racism!!

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