The Return Of Apu

[Picture from this movie]

That’s Claudia Ciesla, the lady in the news recently.  No that’s not why I posted the picture.

It’s seldom that in a picture with 2 ladies and that too when one of them is as fantabulous as Claudia that my eyes wonder over to the gentleman in the center, playing the role of a don.

But in this case, what else can one do?

Yes. When Thakurpo sung “Ami chini go chini tomare o bou-thakurani” many decades ago in Charulata who would have thought that the he was not being figurative about the bideshini? And who would have that when Mastermoshai was getting harassed by “Sir aapni kichu dekhen ni” in Atanka that he would give it as bad as he got.

Indeed who would have?

Of course not that the man was never bad-ass. He sometimes was as good as Bangali Bachchan in angst and anger , but in a very different way, as this scene with Bikas Ray from Baghini amply demonstrates.

Go Feluda go. Topse is a fish and Jotayu is a bird. You however are a legend. (The man’s next movie is interestingly called “Sugar Baby“)

We have and will always love you, no matter what avatar you be in.

And as to the marvelous Claudia all I can say to her is:

Samne ja dekhi jaani na se ki, ashol ki nokol sona.

[For non-Bengali readers, apologies for this very Bangla cinema post]

36 thoughts on “The Return Of Apu

  1. Hara Hara Bom Bom June 12, 2009 — 1:14 am

    If this is the fate that can befall the great Soumitra, God knows what old age has in store for the likes of us !!

  2. Soumitra is my most favourite actor in the whole world bar none. And he’s a consummate actor – now that he’s older, why should he be typecast doing the same old niriho baba type roles all the time?

    The film is billed as a comedy – a very self-conscious farce. I read the storyline in their Facebook group and it sounded quite interesting.

    I’m actually bummed I never got to see Soumitra when he was acting in jatras – my cousins did and couldn’t stop raving about how amazing he was.

  3. Second!! on a post i cant understand!:(

  4. Samne ja dekhi jaani na se ki, ashol ki nokol sona

    hmm.. arnab, ami ja bhabchhi tumio ki tai bhabchho?

  5. Oi “Jibone ki pabona” dekhe amaar meshomashai boley – Uttam da “Chhoti si Mulaqat” e anek kora mejechhilo, Soumitra o ei ganta te besh bhaloi kora mejechhey :).

  6. @Rishi…something wrong with the website cookies..shows your name instead…(Welcome back Rishi Khujur (Change))


  7. @ EMC3

    I dont know why my name showed up like that?
    I dint bake that cookie.

  8. @Hariprasad,

    I am sure tumi aar arnabda ekdom eki kotha bhabchho…moment I saw the picture i was like “eta ki?” and yes it did not miss the Great Bong too … 🙂

  9. And yes, to confirm the optician, the question about the “asol” and the “nokol” sona wasnt asked innocently.

  10. Google says she’s Claudia, not Caudia.

  11. OMG is it the same man?
    *Silently Mourns the slight, agile hero of yesteryears and refuses to identify this monstrosity with him*

  12. To Greatbong and all ….

    ” Ashol shona chhairaa diye nokol shona,
    Shayjone shona chene naa… ‘

    At a first glance at the pic, this looks like horror of horrors, after ‘Kaaka’s much publicised comeback (saw the Youtube videos) but now that, more info has been given , thanks to the commentors here, will look forward to this movie.

  13. Am crestfallen and stunned!

  14. but yes… what films and what memories he has given!!

  15. Who’s the dame on the right?

  16. I miss Utpal Dutta ….. with his brand of acting that he did towards the later part of his career in hindi movies..

  17. Caudia Ciesla = goodness of Ayesha Takia – fat phoren origin !

  18. goodness of Ayesha Takia – fat phoren origin !

  19. there is a bug ..does not show ” “

  20. Cut that old genius (Shoumitro) some slack.

    Maybe its the bad global economy, maybe its Tata’s exit from Singur. There are so many things that could have led this master to get down on his knees (possibly literally).

  21. Why does the link to the old man’s new movie ‘Sugar baby’ take us to a TOI interview of the Claudia babe?

  22. Manushtake Dekhe strange feel hochhe.
    Ekbar mone hochhe, what is he doin is correct again feeling sorry for him. He deserves better treatment (Not like just sleeping in bed in “Bong Connection”).

  23. This is almost as embarrassing as his intoxication scene in Aranyer Din Ratri. And that is one Brando-esque paunch he has!

  24. Is Saumitra shooting Claudia? Is that a subtle visual clue to the plot of the movie? Is that his real paunch? Is this movie going to get past the censors if Claudia goes topless?

    I’ll be in Calcutta for the next two months. Hoping to catch it in the theatres.

  25. I can’t understand the dissapointment at seeing Saumitra in a seemingly B grade movie. But why can’t we see it as a move up for the two heroines?

  26. Hi GB,

    On a seperate note, From
    In a statement, she said Rahul’s mingling with the Dalits was a sham.
    Going a step further, she said this was a sham Mahatma Gandhi put up his entire life.


    Is this any less crime than Varun’s? comments plz.

  27. me non-Bangali raeder

  28. Hi…

    You must see the Abhishek Bachchan caught ‘oggling’ at her at the Cannes at the above mentioned actress.. later he made a bigger (read worse) story .. hoping that Aisharya has picked up rudimentary Bangla and therefore snarling ” Baarite cholo, dekhkhachchi mojaa..”

  29. Would like to see a big post from you on this Bengali living legend!!
    [Dont even dare to make fun of him ;)]

  30. cant understand… may be a bangla philosophy 🙂

  31. GB, fans like me are waiting for your diagnosis of India’s T20 loss!!! Where art thou???

  32. Give it a break guys….
    what do u expect Chaterjee Kaku (soumitra, in this case) to do… keep harping on being Apu all his bloody life? He is at an age and stage where he has nothing to prove… why shouldnt he experiment? Why shouldnt he act in movies where there is a role for his age? At least he is not running around trees with this Claudia babe… He is acting his age…. no harm in that… and its a film…

    why are we bongs so obsessed with these things…. dekh dekh… soumitra kemon chhobi korchey…. jaah baba… lokti kothay thike kothay pahunchey gelo…. eto boro actor… emon chobbi korbey khokoney bhabhi ni… give it a bloody break yaar…. being the only community that goes to watch movies such as Bow barracks forever and madlee bangalee and bish and kanta taar and other such crap we have lost the right to judge someone of Soumitra’s calibre.. leave him alone.

  33. India crashed out of WC and yet no “Mahindralock is bullshit, bring back dada rant”???

  34. The great actor…it’s sad to see the state to which his acting abilities have been reduced. This has nothing to do with him but to do with the decay and fucking stinky decay even in the regional cinema. Soon we will all be eaten by Bollywood. U, Me and everyone we know.

  35. Man, I have seen Soumitra Chatterjee do worse. Remember there was this Liver tonic ad which he was endorsing?

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