Pak A Punch Once Again

Whether it be in claiming in their history books that they whipped the asses of India in all the wars that they fought against us ( including 1971 and Kargil) or whether it be in not giving up a match even when logic dictates otherwise, there is one thing that has characterized Pakistan—-their stubborn refusal to accept defeat.

If their pale surrender in the 2007 ODI World Cup and their final choking act in the 2007 T20 World Cup in front of the perennial losers India had tarnished this reputation, the 2009 T20 World Cup victory has asserted it once again.

With this victory, I hope, that the old Pakistan is back once again—-temperamental, nasty, supremely talented, the guys I grew up hating, loving and feeling jealous of.

Because with the colorless Kiwis and South Africans around and Australia looking a pale shadow of its old self, the cricket world needs some drama, some brilliance. The kind that only the men in green can provide.

Unlike most of the “politically correct” people in the press, I am not going to say that Pakistan deserved the trophy due to  a cosmic scheme of fairness, a kind of compensation by fate for how their country has been at the receiving end of terrorism for the past few years and how its cricketing infrastructure has been ruined as a result. Frankly, terror is like perfume. One cannot spread it around without getting a few drops on oneself. So Pakistan’s present travails in the political sense are totally due to its policies and I have no desire to link their murderous politics with the fortunes of the cricket team. In any case, Pakistan is being well-rewarded for their bogus war on/of terror by a tripling of US aid and so no tears for them there.

No I am happy because of the potential revival of the old Pakistani spirit, their unique ability that made them be at their most dangerous when all looked lost.In the 80s,  time and again, they would demonstrate this power of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, throwing up one hero after another at times of crises. Even men of moderate talent like Salim Yousuf, Manzoor Elahi, Zahid Fazal would be able to do a “carpe diem” in a way that left us Indian fans breathless and green with envy with the culmination of their Houdini act being the World Cup of 1992 when facing elimination, a sprightly lean man noone had ever heard of entered the pantheon of legends with a couple of the most spectacular “burning rubber” innings you would ever see, a man who would subsequently be known as Mr. Potato-head, who would lose his sprightliness but never his ability to entertain. It was a trait that one saw less and less off from Pakistan as the years went by as the men who stepped into the shoes of the Pakistani giants (and I am not just referring to Inzamam) never quite filled them up.

Well perhaps they now have. At least in spirit even if not so much in raw talent.

And yes I am happy for another reason. Or more precisely I am happy for another person. Shahid Peter Pan Afridi. The fact that he finally “came off age”, perhaps many years too late but better late than never. Doing justice to his enormous talent, he was finally able to see Pakistan home, something he was never able to do ever, with his most tragic failure being in the finals of the T20 World Cup where at the height of his form he dropped the ball for his team, and not for the first time in his life. In 2009, his personal battle was a microcosm of the larger struggle of Pakistan as a team as Afridi overcame a horrible slump in batting (he looked like he had gone totally blind) and a possible end to his career as an all-rounder to emerge as not only the single biggest star of the team but also the front runner as a future T20 captain.

Afridi is an old favorite of mine simply because he is the last representative of the archetypal Pakistani cricketer—supremely talented and totally in-your-face “I rule and you suck, you puny Indian”, the kind you loved to hate. Like Imran Khan who when he got hit for a four would stand and look at the batsman with an arrogant smirk on his face as if to say “I bet your wife makes love to you at night thinking it is me”. Like Javed Miandad who made every performance personal and derived so much unalloyed joy from rubbing India’s face in the ground that for many years he was a greater threat to the nation’s sanity than his samdhiji. Like Saeed Anwar, Ijaz the Kasai, Slimy Malik and Awesome Akram. This is a breed that has died out over the years with the Pakistani team consisting  of nice guys like amiable Paddington bear Inzamam and smilingly benign Younis Khan (a true gentleman), non-entities like Shoaib Malik who get caught in an Indian marriage con and the “is he Yousuf Yohanna or is he Mohammed Yousuf or does he play for ICL or does he play for IPL” dude who is so lame that he allows himself to be pyschologically intimidated by,of all people, Anil Kumble.

Of the old school, there are just two left. Mr. “Thunder Down Under” is one. But he is still scratching his wounds and will be for some time. Which leaves us with “bad boy” Afridi from the devilish class of the 90s, the kind who is likely to say “Pahele tujhe six maroonga phir teri g*****” as he takes guard.

This T20 victory has given this charming man a fresh lease of life. As also to the team of Pakistan who with the return of Popeye the Sailor Man “spinach-eating“Razzaq and Imran Nazir from ICL and the emergence of Gul as a top notch bowler for the shorter versions of the game are beginning to look formidable again. Perhaps not 1990s strong but hopefully getting there.

And I am happy for that.

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  1. Me first

  2. And for someone like me who actually supported Javed when he hit that last ball six only to be forever scarred by the realization that we never ever won a match against Pakistan after that, I really don’t see *why* you want the old Pakistan back. That they kicked our asses made *us* losers, not them winners. 🙂

  3. good thing the pakistanis won… hope the media gives our guys a hard time

  4. Idris Baxamusa June 23, 2009 — 2:33 pm

    with the old pakistan.. i think the gud ol’ Bong is back too… jsut eh perfect mix of not too politically correct n not biased against any one side…
    all of the below sentences are soooo verrry true………….

    “temperamental, nasty, supremely talented, the guys I grew up hating, loving and feeling jealous of.”

    “World Cup of 1992 when facing elimination, a sprightly lean man no one had ever heard of entered the pantheon of legends with a couple of the most spectacular “burning rubber” innings”

    “supremely talented and totally in-your-face “I rule and you suck, you puny Indian”, the kind you loved to HATE.” .. definately hate…..

    “Like Javed miadad .. more then his Samdhiji”.. dats super comparison

    “Like Saeed Anwar, Ijaz the Kasai, Slimy Malik and Awesome Akram,”.. a few more too saqlain mustaq, that fellow who took 7 wickets against india in sharjah forgot his name… then aamir sohail who gave us OUR fav moment in 96 world cup quater final in banglore, waqar younus, etc etc…

    but mr bong i hav not heard bout these guys… “Salim Yousuf, Manzoor Elahi, Zahid Fazal “.. mabbe i was too young then…

    neways all in all a nice article… keep it up

  5. Very nice article by GB. Congratulations to the winning team. This was a cricket victory well deserved. Pakistan may have won the T20 Cup, but it’s a pity that they are losing the battle at home. When fireworks went off in Karachi, many rushed into the safety of their homes thinking it was gunfire. My only fear is that the Taliban could seize control and ban cricket in Pakistan.

    Imran Khan may try to sell Cinthol to Indians and Miandad may jump up and down (imitating his samdhiji)….but it still rankles them to admit that the euphoria of a cricket match will evaporate quickly, while they watch Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad sliding into a quicksand. As they look across the border and wish their leaders had never sowed the seeds of hatred and partition, I bet some of their saner minds are wondering how they could undo history and revert to a bygone, peaceful era of truth, auspiciousness and beauty.

  6. @ GB

    Grand post…

    @ Idris Baxamusa:

    “that fellow who took 7 wickets against india in sharjah forgot his name ” – Thats Aaqib Javed.

    With this Pakistan cricket team, and with hope that the Pakistan government starts behaving rationally, we can expect one of the greatest rivalries in the history of cricket to be rekindled.

  7. Ditto is what i always thought. Thanks for expressing it so beautifully. BTW, Shoaib Akhtar also has that spirit you are talking about. i really want to see him playing for Pakistan.

  8. They were always hot hunks with atrocious accents unlike our chaps who were Unhot guys with atrocious accents – except the luscious Dravid of course!

  9. @Kushal: I did mention Shoaib.

    @Gaby: “Always” Hot hunks? Lets see. Imran. Akram. Yes I understand. But Saeed Anwar? Javed Miandad? Salim Malik? Ijaz Ahmed? Inzamam-ul-Haq? Hot hunk?

  10. Felt sorry for SL though. They were playing so well !

  11. Nice article.

    Still remember those good ole Sharjah days where we will be drubbed batting second invariably in the finals with the likes of Sidhu, Prabhakar, Amre, Kambli etc .. Still remember those images of our trembling batsman against the likes of akram, aaquib javed, waqar younis in sharjah..

  12. Agree with every word here…a Pak team playing with passion is surely a “I love to hate” sight for indian fans!!! But making Afridi the captain is too much optimism from the Pakistan board I feel!!!

  13. Making Boom Boom Afridi captain is too harsh. i mean give that guy a break he has just found what he needs to do. also i dont see a captain him. he can not lead. he needs a captain to assess the situation and ask him how to play. He himself can not do that.
    in the Final also i will give full credit to Shoaib-Damaadji-Malik who stood there and kept talking to Afridi. if he wont be there the result would have been different.
    anyway well played Pakistan.
    it will be interesting to see how this team performs in Champion Trophy in longer version of the game.
    i would definitely like to see a India-Pakistan nail biting Final there in SA.


  14. Yes I did get carried away- ot every single one – Imran, Akram, Afridi, Shoiab Akhtar- real hunks. I was talking more of the pulsating and RACY cricket they played that was bordered on recklessness & brash arrogance. This bad boy image made us girls forget they lost a lot of times and their limitations in the looks department and indeed communicative limitations and made them Hot. Compare this with the insipid Ravi Shastris and pretentious Sandeep Patils ( Rahul Dravid is the only exception of a sexy, academic and great cricket player from India). Trust me a lot of Madras Mamis I know were totally fida over Miandad’s boldness and Aamir Sohail – trust me!

  15. Nice to hear some of India’s old nemeses being remembered again…

    I remember that game in Sharjah (in ’89 I think?) where an amazing display of ODI batting by Mohinder and Navjot was brought to nought by Zahid Fazal’s pinch-hitting.

    And the ’87 WC league match against WI, where Salim Yousuf and Abdul Qadir engineered an unreal win for Pak, is a cult-classic. I watched that one live and still remember the last scenes of the encounter – images of Viv Richards lying down on the turf and looking towards the skies in introspection, after Walsh was hit for 10 off 3 by Qadir.

    The worst defeat for India must be the Eden Gardens one in ’86, where, chasing 38 runs in 12 balls, Salim Malik (ably assisted by Kapil’s lack of acumen) took them home to our absolute disbelief!

  16. @Gaby,

    Which Madras Mamis? The ones that are locked up in Kilpauk Mental Hospital? 😉

  17. @Gaby,

    Which Madras Mamis? The ones that are locked up in Kilpak Mental Hospital? j/k 😉

  18. Totally agree about “the revival of the old Pakistani spirit”. It was as if the Pakistan we all knew had lain dormant for a long while and suddenly exploded on us this tournament – and again, no coincidence that Shahid Afridi was at the center of it.

    Incidentally, I (a kiwi fan, by the way) had written about the manner in which NZ had been whipped by Pakistan in a way which was a throwback to the 1990s – and how perversely refreshing it was to have the Pakistan of old back. It’s an article on my site titled “The Inscrutable Pakistanis”. You might be interested in reading it.

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  20. Arnab –

    This post has a “guilty pleasure” reading value!! While you want them to lose and lose badly – just the intensity and raw caliber of these Pak players, makes you want them to win!!

    I agree with your interpretation – the team in the 80s/early 90s was a maverick team if any. Only a Pak team can comeback from a innings defeat loss to Zimbabwe, while getting their houses stoned, to then have Wasim-Saqlain share a 300 run partnership.

    Btw, I watched the IPL finals alongwith Wasim Akram, in a sports bar in Hyderabad 🙂

  21. I totally agree that too much is being made of the romantic story of joy to nation currently caught in a war against terror (Similar to how too much was made of the “youngistan” last time we won). Victory was purely a bunch cricketing reasons comming together in a happy co-incidence (similar to our win the last time)

    1. they had an average start but good a easy draw and once they faced and whipped a depleted Kiwi side – semi-final was always a given
    2. their only player with the old “never say die” unpredictable spirit – afridi rose to occasion to crush the SA (always favorite but most likely to choke under individual brilliance)- after that they were always the favorites to win the final
    3. lot of thier crunch matches were against sides against whom Pakistan always have the psychological edge (SL, NZ)
    4. they really gor whipped in the warmups (losing to India is their lucky charm) and the flawed selections were corrected in time (replacing average players like tanvir, rao, butt, arafat, shehzad with aggresive options of razzaq, aamir, shahzaib)
    5. one reason common to Indian victory – captain lowering expectations to the level that just reaching the semis was considered an achievement and from then on they just enjoyed each match they played.
    6. finally – Pakistan (as well as India and SL) would always be one of the favorites in this version where raw talent matters more than temprament and technique.

  22. Arnab ,


  23. Heh. I don’t usually like reading stuff favoring the Pakis, but this is fair and funny.

    I don’t think we are in any danger of losing Afridi to the “nice-guys” because he still has at least 20-30 years of cricket left in him 😉

  24. GB
    Twenty20 is nothing but a coin toss, with the game changing complexion on the basis of a solitary over. I think you are reading too much into the Pakistani victory, just as most Indians read too much into India’s 2007 T20 win. Read “Fooled By Randomness” By Taleb to understand how dumb luck is often mistaken for genius.
    My money will still be on a South Africa or a Sri Lanka when they next face the Pakistanis.

  25. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  26. Exactly the points I was putting in the lunch-time discussion today. Of course they are presented in a very well decorated manner.
    There was a huge contrast between a team that played Venkatpathy Raju vs the Pakistanis. The current Indian ODI corp (include Ganguly please for the drama & Dravid to match the skill levels) vs the past Pakistanis would have made a great spectacle.

  27. great bong to be true didnt admire some of the parts of this post..

    i guess pakistanis must have hated sachin a lot more when he raped the best of the pakistani bowling line up ever in world cup 2k3.. and there are a lot more instances where they would have hated other indian players..

    talking about afridi first thing that gets into my mind is his swing of the bat after playing 2-3 deliveries, the ball going really up and he been caught inside the 30 yards circle.. surely he played a few good innnings this season but m sure he will return to what finally he is in a few games.

    i strongly feel t20 is just a chance game and class can never be estimated by it. nothing can ever be compared to test cricket. and i found something in u which i found in most of other indians.. like the qualities and curse self rather than respecting what we have in ourself… the views are just personal and no hard feelings.. m still a huge admirer of ur blog with many landing as my gmail status messages 🙂

  28. Nice article. I think it may not be completely accurate to say that this team is the Pakistani cricket team of old. Yes, they have won – but they have won because they seemed to have realized that in today’s age raw talent is not enough and winning games require palying to a plan and good temparament.
    And Afridi was finally able to win games for Pakistan but when he played very unlike Afridi.

  29. @ Gaby

    u are a 46 year old paki male virgin who sleeps with photos of aamir sohail under your pillow….admit it

    madras mamis impressed by miandads boldness & aamir sohail..shoaib, afridi handsome hahahahaha

    this can only be the product of a happy & ‘gay’ paki imagination..

    as they say in Seinfeld- Not that theres anything wrong with it

  30. Bengal Voice, Shouri et al…

    I don’t know who Gaby is, but I can sure see a lot of Indian male insecurity at play here 🙂

  31. I agree with GB. With the Paki bullies back in business, the old colour and fun is back in cricket. Now our kids can also grow up with the insecurities and inferiority complex associated with watching their team being thrashed by the Pakis in every game. BTW, here’s the real reason why the Pakis won the T20 world cup — apparently they were hypnotisedinto doing so!!! Here’s the link:

  32. @ scipio,

    Perhaps it is possible that some readers are suffering from a classic case of the Stockholm Syndrome, right? How else could you admire someone who despises your country and proudly justifies the killing/dishonour of your fellow Indians? 😉

    – Imran Khan smirked and proudly in an interview that historically speaking, whenever his fellow Pathans had an urge to rape women, they got on their horses and rode south into India.

    – Javed Miandad is less popular than Imran (in Pakistan) because he is dark-skinned and speaks Urdu nasally like a Gujarati (well, his parents hailed from Kathiawar in Gujarat). Miandad hates India so much that he openly made Dawood Ibrahim his samdhiji in July 2005 by getting his son (Junaid) to marry Dawood’s daughter (Mahrook) … yes the same Dawood who masterminded the 1993 Bombay Bombings by blowing up 13 car-bombs in crowded civilian areas (257 dead Indians, 713 maimed Indians) … yes the same Dawood who provided logistical planning to the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

    Yet you adore them and have the hots for them. If the Madras Mamis have escaped from the Kilpauk Mental Hospital, then you can join them and relocate to the Vandalur Zoo i.e if you still don’t get the drift. 😉

  33. relax Bengalvoice
    They are just girls…these Madras Mamis.
    They dont think about serious stuff.

    Why else do you think the Afridis and Miandads keep them in Burkhas?

  34. Bengal Voice,

    “How else could you admire someone who despises your country and proudly justifies the killing/dishonour of your fellow Indians?”

    I think there is no problem here. People are allowed to admire someone professionally and not personally. I admire Mianded the batsman and the player (he was a great fielder and runner-between-the-wicket also). Not so much the person, to put it mildly.

    Souri and Chillax,

    Can we please not have sexist and personal attacks here please?

  35. Dear GB,
    Like I wrote previously, I liked the article and I wished the Pakistani cricketers on their victory. No problems there.

    My latest comments were strictly meant for the Indian readers (like Gaby, Scipio) that blindly worship Imran – the person & Miandad – the person. How strange is it that some Indians worship those who hate us… how scary is it that some Indians have wet-dreams about those that want to wipe India off the face of the earth?

  36. alas….only if we cud reach finals this time…cup was our again…aftr all it were pakis against us in a WC….
    GB…like u read too much in india’s performance in this cup, u r doing the same for pakis….

  37. A thoughtful, if somewhat long, piece quite relevant to this post…

    Journalist Nadeem F. Paracha asks in Dawn whether Pakistan’s winning of the T20 World Cup is due to the declining influence of the Tableeghi Jammat in the team.

  38. @Bengal Voice – Don’t get carried away with’s jus cricket we are talking about!!! Take a chill-pill dude!

    @GB – Awesum read as always!!
    “..greater threat to the nation’s sanity than his samdhiji…”
    “…is he Yousuf Yohanna or is he Mohammed Yousuf or does he play for ICL …”
    “..Pahele tujhe six maroonga phir teri g*****…” ha ha PRICELESS!!!

  39. Things would have been SOOO much more different if Sehwag had been around, with Rohit Sharma back to the middle order, where he is good at. Short ball or wide ball, they all would have ended up in the stands, the opposition bowlers would have been demoralized and the Indian batting performance would have been so different.
    Most people are writing poetries about Afridi, all I can say is, he is a good bowler, as a batsman, he is like lotto. So all the paki fans should enjoy his batting success while it lasts. His abilities have really been overhyped. I still remember him tampering the wicket, such a pakistani trait

  40. Greatbong,

    If anyone is wondering what happened to the Pakistan of old – well this is it. India happened to them. An experienced third – Trinity Laxman; a sheet anchored next Gen – Sehwag, Kumble, Harbhajan etc., and a floating crowd of lean, mean, nasty, lances – some of whom rip thru the oppositon and fade away like Balaji, and some others who stay like Dhoni is what happend. The current Indian captain Dhoni was not around in 2004 when India toured Pakistan and knocked the stuffing out of the hosts! That’s how much better India has been. Of course Pakistan has never beaten India in an ODI World Championship or now T20, but usually does bounce back very well after losing badly to India, like tey did this time!

  41. Super post GB. Could have been written only by you.

  42. Excellent article GB!

    Just like Pak you are also back in great form. Agree with every word about Imran and Samdhi Ji

  43. Just one series victory for them and you start writing such articles? Just one series defeat for us and you start to use every sarcastic bone of yours for us? Wow..this series definitely gave a lot to chew on to writers like you!!

  44. “Frankly, terror is like perfume.”

    you can say whatever you want about quoting it out of context, but this has got to be the quote of the day!! the same textbooks that claim pakistan won all those wars will put this up saying ‘greatbong says so.’

    “Like Javed Miandad who made every performance personal and derived so much unalloyed joy from rubbing India’s face in the ground that for many years he was a greater threat to the nation’s sanity than his samdhiji.”

    he still is!

    “nice guys like amiable Paddington bear Inzamam”

    i bet some aaloo-baiting spectators up north will beg to disagree!

    – s.b.

  45. i’m sorry but i just hate everything about pakistan.I know i’m being racist, politically incorrect ..etc etc. … by equating the common people/cricketers of pak with the terrorists …but i just can’t anymore try to be rationale about everything they do..while india gets screwed by them.
    hope they’re all boycotted by everyone until they cleanup!!!
    screw the men in green ..screw ’em all !!!
    i kinda agree with bengal voice. you can admire someone professionally even if in personal life they’re like Shane warne etc. but when someone makes comments about an entire country like imran khan did we need to condemn that person… and not go gaga about how awesome they’re professionaly… at the LEAST !!!

  46. You really shouldn’t write on cricket as your views come across as uninformed and undercooked.

  47. I wonder when SA and NZ will go beyond Semi final. SA is like Spain in football. They can win everything in league but when it comes to last stages they can easily lose to nonentities like USA.

  48. @ Arbit Bond, MumbaiMeriJaan,

    Many of us Indians sincerely wish that cricket be considered just a sport, but sadly, for some of the cricketers/coaches across the border, cricket is more than just a sport.

    Do you remember the innocent days when Saeed Anwar was clean-shaven – once upon a time? Now the same Saeed Anwar is heavily bearded and a full-time proselytiser for the dangerous Tablighi Jamaat. With his brainwashing sermons booming through loudspeakers, Saeed Anwar has dedicated his life to preaching and has proclaimed that his aim is to convert the rest of the world to his religion. His first target was his fellow cricketers. Due to his constant hectoring in the dressing room, many cricketers have become extremely radicalised and having started growing long, religious beards – including Salim Malik, Waqar Younis, Inzamamul Haq, Shahid Afridi, Mushtaq Ahmed …the list of radicals in the Pakistani cricket team is growing. The most compelling case was that of Christian cricketer Yousuf Youhana, who succumbed to peer pressure and Tablighi indoctrination, and converted to become a Mohammed Yusuf (while continuing to pressurise his Christian parents and siblings to also convert). With such a mindset, it is hardly surprising that cricket is not simply a game for such cricketers/coaches, it become a religious war against India.

    The Indian cricket team has, for a long time, been free to of such communal mindsets. We have had cricketers, captains and coaches of all religions. In fact, we even had an “Amar Akbar Anthony”, I mean, Ashish Winston Zaidi, play in our national team. But in all fairness, I feel that a communal mindset has also crept into the Indian cricket team lately.

    – India picked Mohammed Azharuddin to play in its National Team for 16 long years (1984 – 2000). Azharuddin was also captain of the Indian cricket team for most of the 1990s. Yet, when the BCCI investigated and banned him for match-fixing, Azharuddin claimed in media interviews that he was being targeted because he was from a minority community. Only someone with a communal mindset could have been so ungrateful to the sentiments of a billion Indians who supported him whole-heartedly as their captain for such a long time.

    – I am disturbed to see more communal talk in the Indian cricket team these days, especially in post-match interviews on the cricket ground or in the media. I am quite shocked that when Irfan Pathan speaks in such interviews, nearly every sentence uttered is laced with an “InshAllah” and MashAllah” and “Allah ki marzi”. Such a communal mindset should not be condoned in cricket or it will divide the Indian cricket team. So far, I am relieved that we never saw Abbey Kuruvilla invoke Jesus even once, nor did we ever see Mahendra Singh Dhoni thanking Bhagwan in post-match interviews. But who knows how long this communal trend will remain one-sided? What if the other Indian cricketers catch on and reciprocate?

  49. C’mon dude,
    Stop jacking off over these religious fanatics and warmongers.
    T-20 will prove over period time that as you reduce the number of overs from 50, the probablity of talented team vs not-so great team would diminish to a point where it would be nothing but a matkaa.
    Agreed, Pak made it twice into finals, but I doubt if they will remain a formidable cricket team in coming years or even decades.
    And no-one is to blame them but the little idiotic afridi underneath every pakistani.

  50. “Due to his constant hectoring in the dressing room, many cricketers have become extremely radicalised and having started growing long, religious beards – including Salim Malik, Waqar Younis, Inzamamul Haq, Shahid Afridi, Mushtaq Ahmed …the list of radicals in the Pakistani cricket team is growing.”

    Obviously Bengal Voice has been living under a rock for the last few years. All of these people, except Afridi, have retired and have no impact on the current team!!!

    It’s apparent the people like BengalVoice and mumbaimerijaan are conflating their hatred of Muslims with the Pak cricket team.

    Cricket lovers however, should not confuse their view of the country with the undeniable ability of the team. Both can, and should co-exist.

  51. Hara hara bom bom June 30, 2009 — 12:35 pm

    @ Shan : “All of these people, except Afridi, have retired and have no impact on the current team!!!”

    Oh, I don’t know. They still keep touch with the game.

    SALIM MALIK : aka Miyan “Match fixer”.
    Was selected Chief Coach for country’s National Cricket Academy in Nov 2008.

    WAQAR YOUNIS : aka Abu “Ball tamperor”
    Appointed as the bowling coach for Pakistan in Mar 2006 (resigned later).

    INZAMA UL HAQ : Only retired from International cricket at the end of 2007. aka Ghazi “wannabee skull-cracker of Indians”.

    See how he mentions ‘affront to religion’ even when there was clearly none, and fans had been cheaply both Indian and Pakistani players !!

    SHAHID AFRIDI : aka Huzur “Pitch Tamperer”. Still hangs long.

    MUSHTAQ AHMED : Appointed assistant coach of team in Dec 06. Acted as interim coach at end of World Cup 07 following the MYSTERIOUS & SPOOKY (wooooo) death of Bob Woolmer.

    Are we sure these players have had no influence at all on the current team?

    @ Shan : “It’s apparent the people like BengalVoice and mumbaimerijaan are conflating their hatred of Muslims with the Pak cricket team”.

    I’m not so sure. BengalVoice merely pointed out the reason behind the hatred of the Paksitani team towards India, and why it has accentuated recently. Is Shan so blind that he cannot see this?

    @ Shan : “Obviously Bengal Voice has been living under a rock for the last few years.”

    If directed to me, I would have said “Shan, seems like you haven’t managed to crawl out of the dung-hole beneath your rock yet”. But I’ll let BengalVoice respond to ad hominems himself.

    Incidentally, I was the first person on this blogsite to congratulate the Pak team for their brilliant victory. Luck or no luck, they “pak’d” a spectacular punch. Clean KO. Good on them.

    We should learn from this. Instead of being the perennial and sickening wishy-washy “cowardice passed as secularism”, back-bending, front-bending, AC/DC, fish and fowl, cringing 24/7 apologist “yes sir, yes sir, three bags full”, “thanks for kicking me” butt of international ridicule that we have reduced ourselves to.

    There. I’ve got it off my chest. 🙂

  52. Dear HHBB,

    Thank you for pointing out the relevant facts and shutting up the clown. It looks like Shan has been hiding in his communal dung-hole for so long that dung has permeated his every pore, filled his brains and blocked his eyes, ears and mouth. Hence his impotence to face the truth, hear the truth and speak the truth. I will ignore his ad hominem attacks for now – just as an elephant ignores the barking of a dog and keeps walking (“Kutta Bhaunkta Hai; Hathi Chalta Hai” – old jungle saying). We should take this discussion offline. Do send me an email at the address mentioned on my blog. 😉

  53. bhara bhara pom pom June 30, 2009 — 6:00 pm

    HHBB / Bengal Voice / Assorted jihadis:

    What, no connection to Bangladesh genocide??!!
    You guys are losing your touch!

  54. Hara hara bom bom June 30, 2009 — 10:59 pm

    Bhara bhara pom pom is AC/DC !!

  55. Hara hara bom bom June 30, 2009 — 11:34 pm

    Bhara bhara poom poom’s cricket celebrations in Pajistan turn ugly

    Oh dear !! 😦

  56. bhara bhara pom pom July 1, 2009 — 12:41 am

    You should really brush up on your gaalis…that ac/dc bit was positively archaic…c’mon HHBB…pre-teen schoolyard repartees? We deserve better from you!

    About that gem of an article you linked to, I know, our poor ignorant brothers in Allah’s-own-Country. They should stick to effigy burning and demolishing cricketers’ houses like us. Guns?? Bloody amateurs!!

  57. Hara Hara Bom Bom July 1, 2009 — 1:22 am

    @ BIBI PEE PEE : “You should really brush up on your gaalis…that ac/dc bit was positively archaic…

    Archaic, but still a classic. Yeah? FYI, “AC/DC” is the new streetname name for seculars … they swing both ways as their ‘urges’ demand.

    @ BIBI PEE PEE – … Allah’s-own-Country … should stick to effigy burning and demolishing cricketers’ houses like us. Guns?? Bloody amateurs!!

    And thus per your masterful argument, murdering a 10 year old with guns is a rank amateur antic, while demolishing a house is hardcore professional thuggery!!

    Therein lies the crux of the problem between sane nationalists and bizarre AC/DCs.

  58. HHBB yaar, what makes you think that this BiBi PeePee is secular? No way José … You are making a mistake. BiBi PeePee belongs in a “third” camp that is at Cross-purposes with the Hs and Ms.

  59. bhara bhara pom pom July 1, 2009 — 6:06 pm

    Ok, now we’ve got guns, pakis, murder of a 10 year old, nationalists…
    We’re one more iteration away from a link to 1971.

    C’mon, you can do it!

  60. @ Bhara Bhara Pom pom

    If you are so eager to know about 1971, please read my previous posting.

    You remind me of the door-to door Jehovah’s witness fellows 🙂

  61. bhara bhara pom pom July 1, 2009 — 8:31 pm

    @rishi khujur: “You remind me of the door-to door Jehovah’s witness fellows ”

    Really? You mean like peddling ideology, “reaching out” in every available forum, and hunting recruits for the ’cause’?…:-)

  62. hi Chota Chota Ding Dong …

    There is an obvious difference between Rishi’s noble goals and your door-to-door peddling …. Rishi seeks to protect India’s 5000-year civilization from the likes of you book-thumpers (who are bent upon destroying India’s spiritual ethos and supplanting it with your obnoxious, non-Indian dogma.)

  63. @ BB Pee Pee
    Yeah!! you see there is a difference between repeating 3 sentence 20 times and actually talking substance with the ability to respond to questions and counter-arguments.

    You wont see the difference sitting in your little well. Change your ID again and come with more substantial material.

  64. bhara bhara pom pom July 1, 2009 — 9:40 pm

    Ok. TKO…going down…

    Let’s move on.
    Though I’m disappointed HHBB didn’t live up to his potential…:-/

  65. hi Chota Chota Ding Dong …..

    HHBB does not want to stoop to your level. You can keep baiting though. 😉

  66. JM 2 brothers, if I were HHBB I won’t stoop either. With his reputation, even a chota chota ding dong might prove irresistable…

  67. Pankaj Roy and others,

    Okay this obsession with sizes has reached the lower levels of juvenility. All further comments in this vein shall be deleted.

  68. Understood. This vein shall stop throbbing immediately.

  69. MumbaiMeriJaan July 2, 2009 — 12:34 pm

    My post doesn’t even mention muslims. I do dislike Pakistani cricketers a lot… hope you are able to comprehend now.

  70. @Mumbai Meri Jaan
    Shan will bring in the M card where there isn’t any. At this rate, he must be hopeful of getting a Samajwadi Party ticket from Bhiwandi for the next assembly elections. The poor chap’s suffering from a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. Just ignore his whining.

    @Brother Pakeezah Razi,
    Better hurry up. You must be running late for your Madrassa lessons. Your fellow Talibs are eagerly awaiting your return with open books.

  71. Hara hara bom bom and Bengal voice (you are not voice of Bengal at all) you guys are sick in your head and have heart full of hatered for muslims, either you guys are active members of Bal thakaray sick party or are just mentally sick, dude here we were just trying to discuss cricket not how much you hate muslims (well you guys are trying to cover your hatered for muslims by using pakistan as an excuse) its because of people like you that our country is still not gelling together, if Irfan pathan says inshallah and mashallah in his interviews then what exactly is your problem? you sicko! thanks god or shall i say thanks bhagwaan that extremists like you are in minority, True Indian Voice

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