Lassie Come Home

I had tweeted this yesterday after Rajnish, a reader, sent me a reference to this Punjab Kesari story which I am sure you shall all agree can definitely be called disturbing.

Titled descriptively as “Nirlajj Ne Nashe Main Luti Kutiya Ki Izzat” this piece informed us of a horrific act of man-beast interaction that cannot be described in English, an act that led to the dog refusing to eat or drink and ending with the police assuring concerned citizens that the said kutiya will not be produced in court.

Now I would normally just kept it at this tweet and filed it away in a corner of mind, to use this as a cautionary tale to people who are drinking too much, but then thanks to Gaurav‘s Facebook status messages I stumbled across two priceless videos on this incident brought to you by the fearless reporters at Mid Day, the newspaper eulogized in the song   “Suraaj Hua Madhyam”, two videos that so impressed me that I felt I needed to make my point in more than 140 characters.

So what was it about the videos that so moved me? Simply the dedication of the newspaper  in covering the story from all angles. First of all, in the first video, the heroic lady who saved the dog from the man’s amorous advances is asked to give a blow-by-blow or more precisely ungli-by-ungli account of what she saw, all for the purpose of a higher truth.

And then in an even greater Pulitzer-worthy (or at least Howitzer-worthy) bit of journalism (must watch video), the brave crime reporter goes to the police and asks them not only hard-hitting perceptive questions like whether the policeman saw the perp’s trousers unzipped (” Trouser wouser…… kahe rahe ki zip khuli hui thi. Sir kya aap ne khud ne aapne aaankhon se dekha hai?“) but also tries to get into the mind of the criminal. For instance she asks the police officer whether the man’s canine-love act can be explained by the fact that he was missing his wife who was away in the village delivering a baby ( to mere khayal se woh miss kar raha hoga usko yeh ek wajaah ho sakti hain) and tries to investigate whether some movie inspired him to do it (ek do din pahele kuch phillim dekhi thi kya) and lastly asks whether the man was a “psychic” (“yeh pyschic hain kya kuch dimaagi problem“) —-in the process giving a 360 perspective of a story so lacking nowadays.

Since I am not a psychic (nor for that matter a psycho), I wont be able to say whether the bitch triggered off some remembrance of things past or whether the man can read minds or see the future but I may conjecture that he might have seen the movie “Chingari” (review) starring Prabhuji as Bhuvan Panda, the lustful priest where he repeatedly refers to Sushmita Sen (playing his paramour) as a “manoranjak kutiya” before consorting with her in the most bizarre ways possible.

In any case, this has been an incident most foul and all one can do is sum it up with that line from Kaminey “Yeh duniya badi kutti cheez hai”

38 thoughts on “Lassie Come Home

  1. i have heard of engineering colleges doing that to people >.>

  2. The thing is bloody disgusting. Slightly less disgusting is the coverage. The reporter covering this seems to think that she got the scoop of her life.

  3. I am speechless. Is this really true? It is so disgusting.

  4. Really sometimes men and media alike are unfathomable! Strange are their ways!

  5. ha ha ha. i knew you will bring up the “manoranjak kutiya” thingy, by the time i finished reading the first para.

  6. Has it just touched the rock-bottom?

    Perhaps not, they could have shown a reenactment, blurring the face of the bitch of course.

    What are the laws on bestiality in India? Perhaps, this will come under the act against indecency in public space. I wonder tho’ – did they misplace the vaginal swap from the bitch too?

    PS: I loved the dog barking in the early part of the first video. Like it was adding to the bits of what it saw too.

  7. A blog on a very dirty topic!

  8. I am not sure who should be hanged first – the guy or the journos from mid-day?

  9. I read about this on mid-day 2-3 weeks back.
    Its a disturbing story for sure.
    But i thought even ur take was bit insensitive ;spl the last para. just an opinion.

  10. Where’s Maneka Gandhi when you need her most???

  11. Ok you guys thought that was disgusting…now read this up…from today’s Bangalore Mirror

    [edited by GB: Sorry a bit too explicit for this comment space. Just the link will do]

  12. Engineering colleges? They are worse. At least dogs have a season. Those professors don’t.

  13. when is the book coming???

  14. There should be retribution
    For Humping such a lass
    Just shove a large hot-dog
    High up his ***

  15. OMG ….. I read this news on Amit Varma’s blog this morning ! How frust can someone be to do something like this !

    I remember an occasion when somewhere in the middle east a guy had done something similar to a goat. Now in that case the owner of the goat went to court where the great the offender was made to pay “dowry” to the goat owner for his act.

  16. From the interview between the diligent reporter and the police inspector:

    Journo: “Sir aisa cases aapke liye bhi pehli bar hoga.”

    Cop: “Mere bees saal service mein bhi pehla dafa hai. Lekin humko bahut afsos laga ke kutta ke saath aisa hona bahut galat baat hai …”

    [aurat ke saath chalta hai]

    Cop: “Kitaab mein hum to padh chuke hai … kyonke aisa case to humesha hota hi rehta hai India mein. Lekin jab kutte ke saath aisa hua to humko bahut laga ke aisa hona bahut bekaar baat hai. To hum tabad tod iske upar action leke ….”

    OMG … this man actually thinks it is ok for a woman to be raped but not a bitch – that’s when he loses all capacity to be consoled and does a “tabad tod karwayee”.

  17. Married men should start wearing chastity belt when their wives go to their parents’ place.

    And this [edited]

    Anyway …[edited: GB adds: I missed this part of the comment. Kindly keep the regional garbage out of this comment space and keep it confined at Rediff comment boards]

  18. Wtf! This makes me think though, we complain that the media should not focus on such sensationalist news, but stuff like this should be reported too right? What is the forum for such news?

  19. Thank god you are back to your old ways! I didn’t particularly like your advisory avataar! This is vintage GB.. Good to see you back!

  20. I was disgusted when I read that question on B’Mirror that Hellboy has mentioned in his comment. But I always thought that these incidents are more likely to be written by Mirror journos for fun and to be taken as a joke. But now it seems like real!

  21. @ G.B

    I have heard several people calling sickos as pychic but actually meaning psycho! These are very strong words considering the original psycho Norman Bates only loved his Mom. If that’s a crime then most of the Bengali men should be locked up and ‘chaabi kho jaaye’.. 🙂

  22. Some causes:Availibility of porn CDs on roadside, Titillating vidoes. Poor man-woman ratio. Easy availibilty of Alcohol/Drugs. Lack of Morality. Social taboos on Man / Woman interactions.Recession.Unorganised sex trade.

    We can only guess the plight of women in households of such people!

  23. nice article. lara lappa ek kudi.

  24. Lols .. somebody call PETA ..we need one more nude parade on this issue 😛

  25. All this reminds me of a joke I heard a long time ago:

    [Sorry Debangshu thats a very “racial” and offensive joke]

  26. Years back, I was holidaying in Darjeeling and found a scrap of newsprint with a story that some man in Meerut had “violated” a donkey (jenny-ass I guess). Fast forward several years into the youtube age, I saw a video in which a donkey (surely a jack-ass and visibly and gravity-defyingly aroused) runs after a man and nearly manages to shove it up his you-know-what. And surely wasn’t the same man.

    Now we have a story of a man violating a bitch. For all you know, it could be a bull-dog or grey hound chasing a hapless male down some time pretty soon.

  27. Bete Arindam, [edited]

  28. Sorry GB for my explicit regional comment. Was aimed at specific few only.

  29. Mainka Gandhi kahan hai????

    Kya uski Ruhh nahi Kaanpi yeh dekh ke

  30. Disgusting! Laws any? In future?

  31. The background sound in the ‘first video’ is so damn apt – something bollywood can learn from 😛

  32. Random Timepasser September 21, 2009 — 6:23 pm

    That homosexuality is illegal but bestiality is not is a classic India-only situation. We are such f***ing hypocrites

  33. This is freaking disgusting….

  34. …..or the bitch triggered off some remembrance of things past or whether the man can read minds or see the future ………….
    ‘future’ part was hillarious!!

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