The Tiger In The Woods

The whole Tiger Woods incident with the car crash,  lacerations caused allegedly by his wife beating up with a golf club , the consequent confession and then reports of multiple “girl-friends” has shaken the world and seriously dented Tiger’s image as one of the most corporate-friendly sportsmen. While companies for whom he advertises have kept a studied silence, we got some exclusive pictures of certain other not-so-famous products that he has now started endorsing.

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25 thoughts on “The Tiger In The Woods

  1. Ha! Good one. I love the Accenture one. 🙂

  2. Yeaahh Accenture one was the best

  3. First time in top three!!!! phew..

    P.S.: Bhai GB i was trying to locate an older post of yours. It seems you have removed it. URL:
    needed the post to argue the fact that Kolkata will never face a terror attack.

  4. fourth… and review for ‘fruit and nut’ and ‘radio’ plz…

  5. The whole fiasco about Tiger Woods just reminds me of the Poem by William Blake –

    Tiger Tiger, burning bright
    In the forests of the night,
    What immortal hand or eye
    Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

    BTW, The Accenture one is awesome.

  6. voted for best blog 🙂

  7. Tell me GB….how much of this post was because u envy his power,money and ease of getting women?

  8. I voted for you. Did you see Son of Bosey made a reference of you in his blog.

  9. GB, on an unrelated note, you simply must do a post on this Abhijeet vs Atif Aslam – Bhatt camp issue, it’s been going on for some time now…

  10. Ha ha…Tigers seem to turn into pussy-cats when their wives come out swinging a golf club. And his Swedish wife is now working on a new version of their pre-nup. Poor bastard.. he had it coming.

    Very creative of GB. The Onstar and Accenture spoofs are priceless.

    Tiger Woods certainly likes to live life on the edge. Just look at Tiger – He had everything going right for him – a seemingly perfect life, an enviable reputation as a role-model for young achievers, a successful sports career, stable family life with two kids, over a Billion dollars earned through endorsements and advertisements (according to Forbes magazine)… and yet Tiger chose to f*ck it all up needlessly by f*cking around. What was he thinking?

  11. men need variety QED

  12. U Rock! But I did’nt VOTe 4 u…I voted 4 The Secret Journal Of rakesh Jhunnjunwala

  13. Nice. But the funny thing is that the sponsors will now move away. What a blunder did this man make!! One of the girls there is Derek Jeter’s leftover. But noone will say anything to Derek Jeter. But cheating on wife etc is a big thing here…and so the sponsors will be forced to curtail some of the money, thereby hurting him where it hurts most- financially. A man like him could easily get any broad in this country. He could have just divorced and done all that stuff. Now he has to pay a huge huge alimony and a humongous child support too if his wife calls for quits. Divorce attorneys would be on their toes.

  14. Did you read on news items that he is agreeing to pay $ 5 million for this infraction + agreeing to re-write his pre-nuptial agreement with super model wife?
    Man… this is fun.

  15. Paa review please-and if you bash it-there’s one less reader you have-and one less book you sell…:)

  16. dude you cant blame tiger… after all its a 18 hole game 😀

  17. How much time will it take before his country club friends dump Tiger. Do it but don’t get caught. Notice how nt a single black sportsman out of football or basketball has bothered about Tiger. and the queens of tennis the Williams sisters? Silence. Tiger has lived in a bubble for too long delirately kicking away the ladder that he used to climb up. Now he receives his comeuppance.

  18. What beats me is how this Tiger fooled so many people for so long! I mean he is a serial cheater!! Well, apparently the only people he fooled were the media as a lot of people who knew him personally were aware of his indiscretions!

  19. GB,

    you might want to edit the accenture poster again,
    in the details it still reads visit “”.. ur in US where this just might be trouble. 🙂

  20. Leave him be…He is a golfer..remember him as one.

  21. Two words- Ch0d00 bh@g@th

  22. Hello Arnab,

    really a good piece . Humorous and crisp too. Well, I wonder why all pounce on him when he has already made a big mess out of his life. Also, what happened to all the years when he entertained and inspired millions as a ” Brilliant Golfer”. I never understood this game, until I came across the very word in the book ” The monk who sold his Ferrari”. Then I started watching it on the Sports Channel. Tiger was everywhere in the Golf Arena…Man, I must say, he is great in this game. Hope in all this muddy waters around him, we don’t forget the Pure golf he gave us…


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