The Ten Most Awesomely Awesome Movies Of The Decade [By Genre]

Some movies are so wildly original, so stupendously fantabulous that they transcend all definitions of aesthetics and define greatness on their own terms, providing wholesome though perhaps unintentional entertainment.

This decade has seen many such works of art.

In this post, I shall try to give them their just deserts in terms of awards, one award for each genre.

Disclaimer: To qualify for these awards,  movies have to have a budget greater than Rs. 5000, have recognizable movie stars, have had a nationwide release in major theaters and have had to be watched by me (which explains why for example Boom is not in the list).

[Long post]

Most Awesome Patriotic

Award: The pacemaker batteries of Asok Kumar from “Clerk”.

Winner: Gadar–Ek Prem Katha (2001):  Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) has come to  Pakistan to bring back his wife Sakeena to Hindustan when her evil father played by Amrish Puri (he is after all Pakistani) decides to convert Tara Singh to Islam. First, in front of a crowd of Pakistanis who look like they are straight out of a Taliban training camp, he makes Tara agree to become a Muslim. He does.  The crowd cheers. Then he makes him say Pakistan Zindabad. He does so. The crowd cheers once again.

And then he asks Tara Singh to say “Hindustan Murdabad“.

Big mistake. Big fucking mistake.

Tara Singh bellows in a voice that can be heard from Rawalpindi to Lahore.

Hindustan zindabad tha, zindabad hai aur zindabad rahega.

As the crowd looks on stunned, Tara Singh further thunders:

Agar main bibi bacchon ke liye sar jhuka sakta hoon, to main sab ke sar kaat bhi sakta hoon.

Withing seconds, the evil Pakistanis starts running towards him thinking they can finish him off.

Big mistake. Big fucking mistake number two.

Sunny Deol with his bare Jatt hands yanks out a handpump from the ground. One Pakistani comes rushing in. Within seconds he is airborne. Another attains escape velocity a second later. And so it goes on as Sunny Deol with one handpump fights off a city full of Pakistanis, in a display that would make Neo of Matrix say “He, not me, is the chosen one.”

In the meantime, Isaac Newton comes in to say “Bete this is against my first, second and third laws.” Sunny cracks Newton’s ribs and says “Phir se bol !” And just for fun he reverse-slaps Einstein and yanks off his mustache with an earth-shaking “m c square naheen, m c  round hai” .

Coming back to Gadar, Sunny-paaji boards a truck with his wife, kid and cleaner and they start driving for the border. The Pakistanis hurl grenades at the truck. And the one thing you don’t do is to mess with a puttar’s truck, specially one that has been fitted with anti-mortar armor in Ludhiana. A series of grenades detonate on the lorry but nothing happens to it. Several cars come in front of the marauding truck though and they are ma-behened. Soon of course the entire Pakistani army is behind Sunny-paaji. No matter. All he has to do is to scream and their First Division is in full retreat. Soon their President is asking for three billion dollars in non-military aid from Obama and our Prime Minister is weakly catapulting in Sharm El Sheikh.

Gadar is brilliant. No more precisely Sunny Deol is brilliant. Whether it is fighting a village-full of Sikhs with a stick or a town full of Pakistanis with a hand-pump or singing “Main nikla gaddi leke” or flexing his muscles or belching out lines that echo in eternity, this is the most powerful “Veer ras I love Hindustan”  performance you will ever see. This decade or the next.

Most Awesome Horror

Award: The lantern used by the nighwatchman in “Khooni Panja”

Winner: Jaani Dushman–Ek Anohi Kahani(2001): Simply put the last word in horror. Monisha Koirala, all many dhai kilos of her, jumping on a mountain and triggering an avalanche. A Christian priest adjudicating a boxing match. Sunil Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Monisha Koirala as college students. A man inside a tree. Suhaag-raat fornication with skeleton. Electrocutions. Bargain basement special effects hacked from Matrix and Terminator. Sonu Nigam as the second heroine with his disquieting girlie “Bhaiyya Bhaiyya” screams . Snakes. Mouths that open to the ground. Monstrous bad breath. Producer’s son as the hero. A song that goes “Javed bhai so raile”, a dig at Javed Miandad, the second greatest Hindi horror movie song (the first being “Ladki kaisi phasai jaati hai, baat tumhe batai jaati hai” from Saamri)

Jaani Dushman. Horror can indeed never get as horrifying, terror as terrifying, possession as possessive. A movie so macabre that you cannot hope but wonder what sinister spirit must have taken control of the big-name actors who signed on the dotted line.

Most Awesome Desi Sanskriti

Award: A tin of  Dalda

Winner: Vivah(2006) In the midst of Emran Hashmi and Payall Rohatgi, of “Flirt Mere Dil and “Topless” Sooraj Barjatya has kept the lamp of Indian sanskriti burning through the stormy nights, as he has continued making movies, in his own words, for the “hardcore middle class – my son’s tuition teacher, my maid, not South Mumbai residents.” [Link] in the process etching a most marvelous world of purity and of values, a world brought to life in Vivah.

A world of rich men with no worries in life except planning weddings and vacations in London. A world where “beti ghar ki laaj hoti hai” and “ghar ki bojh”, especially if she is not that fair. A world where women quit working after having babies voluntarily. A world where young women from the village (the only place where purity resides) grow up preparing meals, doing Puja and playing in the fields singing simple songs of nature, come home before sundown to remind their father to take his medicines, keep their eyes downcast, sharmili and respectful while being referred to as “Jagatjaniyaan”. A world where lovers do not use the phone to initiate naughty conversations but instead whisper to each other  “Kya aap mujhe prem kartein hai?” A world where lyrics go “Neeche jo dekhoon to ocean hi ocean hain, upar jo dekhoon to tu akash main roshan hain”. A world where the doctor, on seeing a badly burnt lady in his chambers says “Nayee dulhan ko operation main laiye please“.

And most importantly a world where Alok Nath, the father depot of human kindness, rules supreme.

So awesome was Vivah that there was a similar-themed movie made by the Barjatiyas in 2009 called Ek Vivaah Aise Bhi, a story of an all-sacrificing female and her holy non-consummated love for her adarsh purush (Sonu Sood). Though I have not seen the full movie (only one hour) making it ineligible for my award list, I was most amazed by the casting against type of Isha Koppikar as the Barjatiyan heroine, an artist most memorable in the public mind for dancing wet in “Khallas” , for locking in passionate positions with two men at the same time (Sanjay Kapoor and Arbaaz Khan) in Qayamat and for “that” girl-on-girl scene with Amrita Arora in “Girlfriend”. Had I had the moral fiber to sit through Ek Vivaah Aise Bhi , it may very well have won this award. But I could not. Which makes Vivah the undisputed champion.

Most Awesome Romantic

Award: One of the red heart-shaped balloons from Chand Ne Kuch Kaha from “Dil To Pagal Hain”

Winner: Chingari (2006): What could be more romantic than Prabhuji Mithunda as Bhuvan Panda saying Nirvastra ladki mere jaang ke upar baithke mere vasna ki aag bujhayegi or Basanti (Sushmita Sen) telling a male customer— Let ja, Basanti a rahee hain? What indeed can capture the joys of a relationship than dialogs like Kitne doorgandh a rahi teri shareer se and Manjoranjak Kutiya? If you want to see lovey dovey romance and the same old same old watch Johar-Chopra. But if you want to see true love in its smelly, bitchy avatar shorn off all fluff then do not look further than Kalpana Lajmi’s “Chingari”.

[Detailed review here]

Most Awesome Historical

Award: The Best of  AK Hangal DVD brought to you by the Museum of Natural History

Winner: The Rising—the Ballad of Mangal Pandey (2005) A great historical movie is one which makes history come alive from the old dusty pages, allowing us to interpret some of the most significant events of the world in a totally new light. In that respect, there are few which can match Mangal Pandey which paints a vivid picture of the events that led to the first war of independence. Namely wet-nurses breast-feeding, a madam called Lol Bibi (Kiron Kher) in whose acting’s honor “LOL” (Laughing out loud) is now a part of everyday jargon, voyeuristic servants getting aroused seeing their memsahabs, slave traders auctioning women in a wanton manner, white saheb making love to comely widow, water being poured on bosoms carelessly, two women doing a hot girl-on-girl dance in the Barrackpore cantonment.

No wonder, given all that was going on, there had to be a “Rising”  followed equally predictably by an eruption of passion that ended pre-maturely.

Everything about “The Rising” is top-notch. There is Ketan Mehta’s deeply symbolic direction where for instance the wet-nurse who suckles the British child having no milk for her own son representing India being ravaged by imperialists and having nothing in the tank for her own children. There is Amisha Patel’s “Oh my God I have gone back in time. Where is my make-up kit?” expression. And finally there is “I am the Kamal Hassan of Hindi movies” Aamir Khan engaging in his passion for “dress up” in the most expensive Halloween costume ever.

History has rarely been this exciting.

Most Awesome Musical

Award: Preetam’s photocopier

Winner: Classic Dance of Love. (2005) What do you have when you put the Dance Dance team together again—-B Subhash, Mithun-da and Bappi-da? You get a classic. Or more appropriately a “Kelassic Dense”.

A musical journey of a supremely famous individual Dr. Ramgopal Acharya ( who explains relativity as There is no time, no space. Only zero.” and is played by Mithun-da) from the heights of honor to the depths of depravity (Dr. Acharya ultimately becomes a “crazy man” who dances on the streets for laddoos) all because of lust (And no this is not the Tiger Woods story), “Classic Dance of Love” is simply timeless, a tandav on celluloid. [Original review : unfortunately the pictures accompanying this post is lost]

Most Awesome Science Fiction

Award: Yoda’s underwear

Winner: Love Story 2050 (2008) Love Story 2050 wins this over tough contenders like Rudraksh (which to its credit had Bipasa Basu as a University of California professor with blonde skimpily-clad research assistants)  because of the Jules Verne-like vision of the present and the future it gives us.  A Darth-Vader like voice exerts total control and Sith knights brandishing Laxman Sylvania tubelights as light sabers act as enforcers. Rampant product placements that would put movies in the past like Yaadein to shame. A clone army exists, identical copies of Hrittik Roshan, collectively called the Harmans who speak in a hep and happening ways with often unintentional consequences—Tumhara life hain na, it’s like hotdog without a sausage”. A droid keeps on saying Bootie Bootie whenever Priyanka Chopra is around. And over-precocious kids, of the type first seen in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hain” still abound.

Disturbing. Yes. But then so is some of the greatest science fiction.

Most Awesome Action

Award: Dialog cassette of Elaan-e-Jung.

Winner: Ghajini (2008) Who would have thought that the whimpy teenybopper Aamir Khan from his Raakh days, getting bashed by all and sundry, would transform himself into the moving-head-rapidly-from-side-to-side muscle-bound cross between the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine, looking and most importantly acting like Suniel Shetty, crushing in his bare hands the skulls of evil people and anything closely resembling sanity? Ghajini is another searing victory for the perfectionist Khan,this one was so “memorable” that people had to tattoo “Avoid this movie” on their chests with a red hot iron lest they forget.

Most Awesome Thriller

Award: A surprise gift from Pussy Galore.

Winner:  Asamabhav (2004) Arjun Rampal playing commando Aditya Arya, on a mission of great national importance, barges in and asks “Where is the president?”. As if answering that question, the next scene begins with a tight close-up bang between the  spread-out legs of terrorist hottie (played by Anupama Verma). The camera slowly moves up to her bust and then to her face. We discover we are in the villain’s lair where the President is being held captive. In the background, the music starts, very appropriately, Ho…..  Right on cue Mumaith Khan enters shaking her stuff , moving herself sensuously as the villains try get a “feel” of the action while at the same time, in split screens no less, Naseeruddin Shah, playing a double-agent drug dealer,  is wearing a ski-mask and shooting people who jump back in anticipation before the shot is fired.

Top that.

To be honest, there was huge competition for this award from Sunny Deol’s “Hero: Love Story of a Spy” wherein Sunny Deol donned various mind-boggling disguises (like a hat and a beard)  that left desh ke dushman stumped. But ultimately how can you stop a movie that has a lissome female interestingly called Ms. Bra-r French-kissing Sharat Saxena at a climactic point? How can you stop a movie where a terrorist organization called the Al Hamas (who have stashes of hummus in their backpacks) allied with an ISI colonel Milind Gunaji take the Indian president hostage in sequences that would make you laugh till you cramp up? How can you stop a movie where Naseeruddin Shah, who says “Mia tulchi” to show how badass evil he is,  pops out of the bottom of the screen, says “Boom” and then dives down again?  And how can you stop a movie with Amisha Patel’s male version Arjun Rampal as the hero, the man whose face is a blank canvas of supreme beauty and isolation?

How can you indeed? It’s ashambhav !

Most Awesome Mythological

Award: A place in heaven.

Winner: Aap Ka Surroor–The Real Luv Storieee.

Aarti utaroon main. Jai Jai Himesh-baba Jai Jai Babaaaaaaannnnnnnn….

Aap Ka Surroor is the holy tract of the cult of Himesh, in the same manner that Jai Santoshi Ma was for Santoshi Ma in the 80s. Each frame of the movie, every spoken line exists to establish His divinity. The hero’s name is Himesh. Every few minutes people, usually young girls,  fall at his feet extolling his musical talent, his fame and his essential goodness going wild like moths in front of fire the moment he makes his “antry”. He pouts like Lord Zeus, holding the pose for the cameras. He shows as much male cleavage as Aphrodite. He bites the air like Neptune. He commands ghosts like Hades. He dances like a rockstar, hacks keypads through his musical sense. He is the patron saint of autowallahs in Germany. And finally he uses the words “Bhagwan ka screenplay” to leave no doubt as to His heavenliness.

I believe. Oh lord. I do believe. In Aap Ka Surroor.

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  1. Pity, Deshdrohi missed out.

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    awesome list .. really well put…!!

  3. 1/10. I am not worthy.

  4. Arnab, two thumbs up for the Gadar piece.

  5. lolss 🙂 awesome collection.. 🙂 aap ka surrorrr beats all

  6. SuperB List Da ! 😀

    If you ask me Aks, Om Jai Jagadish and The Hero: Love Story of a Spy (among others) are also some of the equally “Awesomely Awesome Movies” that must have missed this list by a whisker !

  7. This is a gr8 comeback for Aamir Khan…2 movies in the list 🙂

    “m c square naheen, m c round hai” Take a bow!

  8. Delicious post replete with all the usual targets – Alok Nath, Himesh, and of course Prabhuji (twice !!) and some not so usual ones – Aamir Khan (twice !!). Ma … ma … mind blowing as usual, Greatbong. I wonder, have you ever considered shedding light on the crapfests that Dev Anand churns out every now and then ? I totally respected the man until he decided to piddle on his reputation of decades by making films such as “Love at Times Square”

    Here’s a missing category that is just as awesome as the most patriotic or the most mythological, if not more …


    Bollywood is only beginning to openly appreciate the human form in it’s natural glory and engaging in the most important biological act for the species (from a strictly Darwinian viewpoint). Leading the way in this journey of discovery are the Mallika Sherawats and Rakhi Sawants and Sherlyn Chopras of the industry. With superstars of yesteryears like Rajesh Khanna joining the skin flick brigade, the genre has certainly come of age (double wink ;b) and deserves a category of its own in blogs such as this.

    … and the nominees are …

    Let the award be whatever is the secret behind Dev Anand’s libido … or perhaps a decade’s supply of “Vitamin Sex” from that celluloid epic we know and love.

    Let the award be presented by SRK who, by his own admission (,prtpage-1.cms), has always wanted to be a pornstar.


    ps : Did you notice the double entendre here : “A world where women quit working after having babies voluntarily.” ?

  9. Awsome list!!
    Agree with most of them.

    No wonder, given all that was going on, there had to be a “Rising” followed equally predictably by an eruption of passion that ended pre-maturely.— Speechless!!! 🙂

    Sunny cracks Newton’s ribs and says “Phir se bol !”— Just imagining the situation makes me laugh so hard!!! 😀

    Some small mistakes:
    #Jaani Dushman–Ek Ano(K)hi Kahani
    #villains try (to) get a “feel”

  10. sunny paaji is best!

  11. It’s a good thing you made that clarification about the over Rs. 5000 budget and the recognizable stars. Otherwise I would have been devastated at the non-inclusion of the movie that spawned the most cult classic dance moves of all times – Khooni Raat – whose immortal soundtrack contains the song – “Jab se hui hai mohabbat, ik pal ki nahi fursat”.

    I thought I might finally gather the courage to sit through Mangal Pandey if only to catch a glimpse of Toby Stephens who is part of my trio of “inexplicably hot Brit actors I have a huge crush on”. Your inclusion of the film on your awesome list makes me think ki mujhe yeh idea drop kar dena chahiye.

  12. By the way Arnab and Biig Fan, when you write Jagatjananiyan in Hindi, it can also be read as – Jagat-janaaniyan, which would mean something else altogether 🙂

  13. Sorry, I meant when you write it in English. Doh!

  14. @Thalassa

    The video was awesome. Wild gibbons have more graceful mating rituals and also better hand-eye coordination than the lovestruck man in the video. At 1:44 it looks like Mr. Miyagi’s “Wax on, wax off and don’t forget to breathe” routine.

  15. Jagat-Janaaniyan!!! LOL 😉

  16. the gadar piece and himesh piece are good. rest is not that great (or i havn’t seen those movies to get the pun)

  17. three of the best:

    3.”Several cars come in front of the marauding truck though and they are ma-behened. ”

    2.Aarti utaroon main. Jai Jai Himesh-baba Jai Jai Babaaaaaaannnnnnnn….

    1.The hero’s name too is HIMesh (probably that was unintentional)

  18. Hey G.B!

    You dont have to wait for another decade to to predict the winner for the best musical of the next decade (and more), cause it’s releasing next year!
    ‘Tentatively’ called ‘Rocking Dard E Disco’, the rocking film stars Prabhuji (who else) AND Bappi Lahiri as DK aka Disco King. Wondering if they will introduce Bose surname.

    Also vying for your atttention, would be KRK’s Deshdrohi Part2 and well… SRK’s next ‘My Name IS Khan’.

    BTW, the attention you pay to SRK’s body of work, somehow gives me a nagging feeling that you have a huge crush on him , much like the yesteryears heroine who would secretly love the ‘rowdy’ hero but will keep up the catfight!

  19. Glad that you mentioned the audio cassette of Elan-E-Jung. I do not know, for some reason, during our childhood, the audio cassette of that movie was popular, and I have also listened to it several times.


  20. Hey GB, you forgot ‘What’s your Rashee’ for the Romance genre, man. ‘Chingari’ might be ‘good’ [I did not watch it], but I’m sure ‘…Rashee’ too would have made the cut. If you’ve not watched it, just go and watch it. Just go [:)]!

  21. No dice for Singh is Kiing or Yuvraaj – come on these genre bending movies were really fantabulous 🙂 Great list BTW – Jaani Dushman should qualify for the funniest movie of the decade award

  22. Great list Arnab! I watched 6/10.. rather tried to watch would be more appropriate. And AND i watched Ek Vivah Aisi Bhi.. the greatest movie from Barjatya’s stable. He made action hero – Sonu Sood – that mini-srk Shahid Kapoor’s clone.. and almost succeeded in making “urmila maartodkar” into Ms. Standard-expression Amrita Rao.

    I think you missed on one other Great movie of the decade.. the movie on which the next 50 years will be judged.. the ulti”mate” Dil Bole Hadiappa. At least give it a “critic’s award” please. pleeeaaasseeee…

  23. @ thalassa
    The meaning changes only if you switch from Hindi transliteration to Urdu transliteration.

  24. GB, a mistake here, its Manisha Koirala, not Monisha

  25. Abhishek Chhibber December 25, 2009 — 2:46 pm

    I have just watched two of them…..seems like a valuable decade is lost [sigh.]

  26. Rishi da – that is not correct. Janaani is originally a Punjabi word, not Urdu. And it is widely used in Hindi as well these days. So the transliteration is absolutely fine.

  27. Where is Shakalaka-boom-boom?

  28. @ Thalassa
    It is a Urdu word that has origins in Farsi.

    @ Greatbong
    Unfortuantely, I have to say I havnt seen any of these awesome movies.
    Have to see then now.

  29. we have seen more pathetic movies than good ones. this seems to be a never ending list.

  30. Rishi da – I respectfully disagree – zanana, zan, are all Urdu words with roots in Farsi. Janaani is a Punjabi word with roots in Farsi.

    Anyway, trust you to be the one to ruin the joke by arguing about semantics.

    Arnab – Don’t tell me you managed to get your hands on some of the most valuable memorabilia in Hindi films – the Kalark pacemaker batteries!

  31. @ thalassa
    🙂 atleast we agree on the Farsi part then.

    Aaah..arguing is the fun part on this forum.

  32. You are GOD. I mean it, just loved the post.

  33. Great Bong, eagerly awaiting for the Avatar review. Your list is quite exhaustive. Would have like to read your thoughts on a collective ensemble of Akki-Kat romaantics.

  34. @pratish Gandhi
    I think priyanka acted well and looked terrific in Rashee. The only problem was film’s runtime.


    I am also looking forward to GB’s review of Rashee!!

  35. Gadar – Ek Prem Katha is the politically incorrect movie to end them all, just for its one memorable effect that had the Vinay Lals, Vijay Prashads and every two bit tenured hack in US academia lying shamelessly that the hero refuses to say Pakistan Zindabad. Gadar put the the SAARC bootlickers in a terrible bind and its success drove them mad, until Aamir Khan said that this was the role he would have liked to play, when the professors went ApeXXXX.

    Vivaah is a classic, an aspirational classic. This is thew kind of life Indians would like to lead, an understanding and considerate boy’s family. My favourite line in Vivaah is when the groom-to-be meets the bride to be and asksher what she reads, Tolstoy, Dickens etc., and she demurely replies, “Bankim, Sarat Chandra,” and so on. If even 1% of Indian families were like the families in Vivaah we would be a rich nation by now. Vivaah! What a great movie!

  36. This leaves us wanting for more. A second (and even a third) list of the 11-20 (and 21-30) would have been great.

  37. Very Off-topic.

    @ Rishi and Thalassa

    Does look, like the rest of India and Pakistan, you guys are a little confused about Urdu and Hindi, and you believe that they are fundamentally different languages. Hindi and Urdu started out as a common language (variously called Hindustani / Ordu) and with lineage from Khari boli prakrt of the Ganga Jamuna doab and Parsi (or Persian, and yes not Farsi). And the divergent vocabularies of the two languages (tatsam words of Hindi, and Arabic words and phrases in Urdu – for example Iyom instead of Din for day) are largely a development of the last one century. A lot of ardha-tatsam and tadbhav words in Hindi have also come into the language from contact with Eastern languages like Bhojpuri (which contrary to popular belief, are closer to Bengali and Oriya and are not Hindi dialects at all).

    The very word Farsi is Arabized, and the Iranians prefer to call themselves Persians and their language Parsi.

    And finally Punjabi drew a lot of influence directly from Persian, and not via Hindi / Urdu.

    Janaaniyan can be read exactly as Thalassa intended it to be read. (But there is still a twist – a lot of folks in the west pronounce a double a – aa – as ‘a’ in apple rather than ‘a’ art).

    Interestingly zenanah (persian) and janani (sanskrt) are cognate – the one that gives birth.

  38. @ Joe Pesci

    You are quite right sir.

    Persian Zananah and classical Sanskrit Janani both originate from Vedic Sanskrit which also happens to be the origin of many other Indo-European languages.

    Thanks for the detailed view.

  39. @ Joe Pesci

    You are quite right sir.
    Persian Zananah and classical Sanskrit Janani both originate from Vedic Sanskrit which also happens to be the origin of many other Indo-European languages.

    Thanks for the detailed view.

  40. Agha Joe Pesci, chi migi? Che ro doroogh migi baba. I spent a wonderful Monday evening at a Shab-e-Yalda gathering at a friend’s house with some wonderful Iranians. The reading of Hafez and Molana’s poetry was involved. It would be very amusing to tell them that apparently they prefer to call their language Parsi.

    Anyway, if you want to debate this matter with me, please take it over to my blog and let’s not pollute Arnab’s comment space any further.

  41. Awesome list……you are right…. I couldn’t even sit through the first half hour of the movie….. BTW… why couldn’t Karzzz… make it in the list?

  42. Thanks for the Excellent article.

    “…our Prime Minister is weakly catapulting in Sharm El Sheikh”
    GB – Did you mean ‘capitulating’ ?

  43. GB,
    Have been reading your posts for years now. Yeah… I am getting old (and so are you… lol). This one figures in my top favorite list. This post is just freaking awesome.


  44. gadar is the best ..

  45. hey GB… awesome…
    just a question… was RGV ki AAG not good enough to be here… havent seen it though, but then it also gets a place in IMDB 250 BEST movies…!!

    anyways, too good…!!

  46. Just ten? It’s barely scratching the surface. May be you should do a “The Ten Almost awesome movie list”. Then it’s probably a little more balanced
    :-). You missed such classics as the Red Swastika or Dhoom-2, or pretty much anything created by RGV

  47. “m c square naheen, m c round hai”

    .. as Einstein screamed in pain “eeeeee”..


  48. Made My day…
    “Dialog cassette of Elaan-e-Jung”

    I completely forgot that something like this existed long long time back… 🙂

  49. Hie Gb and other commentators ..

    I know this is a wrong platform but….

    Their is a group on FB Called “I hate India” made by pakistanis. please join this group though their are many Indians who are taking the shit out of the Pakistan’s but we need more intelligent people like the one present in these blog.
    thank you

  50. Thanks GB…Finally I found Ghajini in the list…I am so happy…

  51. RGV ka AAG should have been there.

  52. Loved d post, karzzz and rgv ki aag are eligible for special jury or lifetime achievement awards 😉

  53. ha ha ha, classic post.. loved the part about mc square nahi, round hota hai, the rising and vivah… overall an awesome post

  54. Nice one… but you couldn’t fit ‘Main Hoon Na’ anywhere in there? That is a true masterpiece, but I must admit I have not seen even one on this list 😦

  55. SRK’s 4 movies in the worst list and AK’s 2 movie in this list. good balancing act. If AK had done same no. of film as SRK done then may be it it is 4:4

  56. iam sorry to say, this obviously shows how limited (only hindi & box office movies) is your initial list to pick from.!!

    Lagaan, Dil Chahta hai,– are some of movie which changed indian movie industry profile & storylines.
    Hey Ram –outstanding historically movie.

  57. 🙂 What can I point out? Chingari? Me imagining Neo saying “He, not me, is the chosen one.”? “Disturbing. Yes. But then so is some of the greatest science fiction.” for Love Story 2050? And of course our college classic – Jaani Dushman!

    This post made me remember movies I tried to hard to forget.

  58. you got me shuddering with every new movie title.


    Good Job I guess I need to say

  59. seema like Yuva’s missed the sarcasm completely!

  60. Isnt Himesh a genre by himself ?

  61. for the most awesome thriller for the next decade – what if the president is played by ND Tiwari? He is free now and will surely give the most convincing performance in such a scene !!

  62. cool post…

    GB, I liked your amir’s description in ghazini.

    fandoo reading as always… cheers

  63. Where is “Drona” ???

  64. Brillfuckingness!! Kickass this was 🙂 Excuse the French please 🙂

  65. Here’s a “rAmen” for the list. However I’m compelled to state that some of these movies provided ample fapping material, so they weren’t all bad. I went through five boxes of Kleenex with Vivah alone.

  66. btw m sure ‘Ek choti si love story’ can fit in somewhere too!!

  67. U missed the movie on national integration “Deshdrohi”

  68. Hey Bong babu
    You apparently missed nearly 900 movies.. It would have been better if you selected a few which were worth watching, which is rarity in Indian Cinema oops.. Bollywood (for our ‘National’ media, Bollywood= Indian Cinemaaa)

  69. Check this out Only Jaani Dushman can imagine a laughing skeleton with biceps coming out of a “Dulhan ka Joda”

  70. ha ha ha h…
    nice written.. after so many days.. got very good list.
    jai ho himesh baba ki… he he he …

  71. had to fill in a learning styles questionnaire as part of an assignment – could not decide on the q – do i prefer watching tv or reading something. well,i chose this blog over the super bowl and was able to finally answer the q. moral of story: shukriya for the wit 🙂

  72. The Gadar-piece is making me laugh to tears sitting in my office !!

  73. Not bad but honestly, didn’t like your taste with respect to the word “original”

  74. “The patron saint of autowallahs in Germany.”


    P.S. first-time reader, newly converted. Will be sure to buy the book.

  75. Reading these reviews really made me laugh out loud especially the Aarti utaroon main. Jai Jai Himesh-baba Jai Jai Babaaaaaaannnnnnnn really funny man thumbs up to you

  76. Greatbong, manna padega… You knew about the greatness of Alok Nath way before everybody else realized his virtues… You have an eye for talent (and sanskaar.)

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