Thank you !

The Webevent was a great success ! It went on for three hours which was about two hours more than I had expected it to. The conference got interrupted in the middle (i.e. connection dropped) because it was set for two hours and apologies for that. Many of you re-connected and we started chatting again.  Thanks to Saurav Mohapatra at Dimdim for the facilities and thanks everyone for attending. It was a most lively and interesting session.

23 thoughts on “Thank you !

  1. It was perhaps the most engaging and fruitful video conference I have ever been a part of! Was great meeting you and wishing you all the best for the book!

  2. as soon as i logged in around 11:30 IST the conference was over.. or was that the disconnection?? i thought i was late and i didn’t reconnect.. u were talking about india and china at that time..

  3. excerpts from the web conference??

  4. GB,
    There are some really funny pics on your blog. Can I save them for my future use? I will take care not to save pics which look to be copyrighted and will give credit wherever you have done so. Will you mind if I do so, and do I have the permission?

  5. Prashanthi Vaigunth January 31, 2010 — 12:46 pm

    Arnab da, i had a great time interacting with u!your answers were spontaneous n as witty as your blog..looking forward to the next web con!

  6. Hi GB,
    Please put up a post with selected discussions that took place in the conf

  7. Arnab,,

    It was fun meeting. I wish you will keep doing it after you become famous. You made me your fan yesterday and your blog is permanently bookmarked.


  8. Hey we had awesome time 🙂 All the best with the book launch 🙂

  9. GB, where is the review for Rann?

  10. GB, where is the movie review of Rann?

  11. GB, you are extremely patient to have replied to all so spontaneously. This event was one a kind and I’m happy to have been part of it!

  12. Oops. I meant – patient to have replied to *all* questions and that too spontaneously!

  13. Hi GB,
    Thanks for setting that up and taking time to patiently answer all the questions.Good Luck with the book !
    I am surely going to buy your book.
    Bada aadmi bankar apni praja ko bhool mat jaana :).

  14. hi GB,

    Is there a recording available of the conference? i missed out.



  15. What happened yesterday was just amazing! GB captivated a bunch of us like people like Beyonce etc. steal the show at the Grammy Awards, or the Superbowl or the World Series does to sports fans. He spoke in such an measured manner, choosing his words like a shrewd poker player. Even the silences between his words seemed so attractive. Wearing a stunning black T-shirt and an even more stunning black pantyhose, GB glowed. His hair slanted down his forehead like Conan O’Brien. At different moments, he looked like either a good boy, a womanizer, a media analyst, a murderer, a lunatic, SRK, Alok Nath, Sourav Ganguly, a cinema hall ticket blacker of the 90s, a WBJEE topper,Mithunda, the voice of our generation and a sex symbol. One thing that was constant was the sly, sardonic smile that he wore on his face, like the Joker. Was it the lighting of the room, or was it the webcam, or was it us? As no single apartment in the US has ever looked as stunning as his did yesterday. The carpet looked so inviting that if you stole it and put it beside the red carpet at the Oscars, most stars would rather walk on it. You could almost smell the LifeBuoy soap from his torso. It was engrossing, enthralling and compelling stuff. Even if Rakhi Sawwant shared webcam space with him, you would have thought that she was part of the furniture. People from different time zones logged in and were witness to a seminal moment in history. Media will never be the same again!!!!

  16. Hi GB,

    Been your reader for 5 years now.You have been a sterling influnece on me and I hope to evolve into a writer from being an engineer soon. I wish you a lot of success with your first book.

  17. Arnab, nice meeting you 🙂

  18. it was strange meeting you because you are not as exciting as your blogs! I guess you do have a demented mind. But your demented mind is the factory of the great blogs that you have created..often funny and often sarcastic but all in all a great experience. I am sure an individual like you lacks social skills and am more than sure that you are experiencing more awkward moments than the other mentally challenged people; but the society needs creative people like you to fill in the empty spaces with your satirical rhetoric of a blog called ‘Random Thoughts of the Demented Mind’. Keep up the demented…err…good work!!

  19. It seems you do have some gay fans…watch out for ‘youfan2′ above…’if you become bulla who keeps everything khulla’ you will become a victim of ‘youfan2 lambu atta’ who will say ‘chatri hoti hain kholne ke liye, chadar hoti hain odne ke liye aur GB hoti hain chedne ke liye’

  20. I hope yourfan2 is a girl

  21. Aryan above-

    “I am sure an individual like you lacks social skills and am more than sure that you are experiencing more awkward moments than the other mentally challenged people.”

    Interesting. Why would you say something like that? He was in front of a webcam, not a social setting.

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