May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss Contest 1

[The contest is now closed]

Here is the first contest for “May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss”.

The rules.

1. On your blog, provide a link to this page. ( Embedding the above picture in your blog would be nice but not needed.

2. Then write down your top 10 Hindi movie lines or top 10 English movie lines (You can do both if you want. Only one set is required for the contest). If you cannot think of top 10, make it top 5. Cannot think of even 5? Make it top 3. No problem. Only restriction: no two lines from same movie. This done to make it fair for other movies so that they dont get swamped by Gunda or Loha or Sholay.

3. Tag five friends to do the same.

4. Come over to the comment-space of this post and post your blog’s link so I can go and read it.

Remember: Before starting the tag, paste points 1 and 4 on your blog so that the rules are available to anyone who wishes to pick the tag up from your blog.

What if you dont have a blog? Put your “Top list”  in the comments section of this post and tweet the link to your friends (No need to tag specific people). Please use #MIHYAP so that I can pick it up. No twitter? Link to your comment from Facebook/Orkut status message and add me as a friend @Facebook or at @Orkut so I can see the message. [Prefer Facebook if you have accounts in both places]

Prizes:  Two prizes will be given. One prize will be the post I like the most. The other prize will be a random drawing among everyone who picks up the tag. Note a blog entry will be considered valid only if a link to is provided AND 5 people are tagged [They do not need to pick the tag up for your entry to count though], a “comments-in-RTDM” entry will be considered valid only if the link is tweeted with #MIHYAP tag or posted as status message on FB that I can see.

And what’s the prize? No it is not an iPod, iPad or [insert fictitious prize item here]. Prizes will consist of a copy of my book “May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss” which will be sent to the winner once  it is published.

Note:  Very important. The prizes will be delivered by Harper Collins ONLY to addresses within India. If you are outside India, you would need to provide them with an Indian address.

And yes this is a shameless promotion stunt. I have a book to sell. So bear with me please.

My favorite Hindi movie quotes. For the tag you do not need to put the explanations i.e. in what is in the []s—just the lines.

1. Mera naam hain Bulla. Rakhta hoon main Khulla (Gunda) [Simply the greatest line. Ever.]

2. Main dhobi ghaat pe tuteli khaat pe leta leta ke maroonga. Tuje aisi ulti palti kareka marega ki tu khoob ki ulti karke marega (Loha) [Poetry and violence have seldom met so beautifully]

3. Main aap ka dard baatne aaya tha Mr. Shankar. Aapko mohabbat dikhanein. (Mohabbatein) [Multiple meanings]

4. Pushpa, aye Pushpa I hate tears.(Amar Prem) [I say this to myself whenever I am depressed]

5. I want to hit somebody, I want to eat somebody (Waqt Ki Awaaz) [Strictly speaking, a song line. But then again its a Mithun-da flick. ]

6. Yehi ma kaheti thi–Beta, ro naheen. Dudh peeke so ja. Le duddu le duddu. Ro rahe bete. Dudh peeke baccha jab shant ho jata tha to ma usse jhulati. Baccha phir rota to phir se dudh deti thi.  Hai na Ma? Aur woh baccha phir se, phir se aaj bhi ro raha hai. Lekin aaj is chaati mein dudh naheen rahe gya. Khoon sirf khoon bacha hai… (Agni) [Link] [No comment]

7. Aaj humme bahoot bade dakoo ko pakdna hota. Takle ko. Roti khata. Is liye boo ata aur badhajmi hota. Ab hum abhi jaata jhaadi ke peeche. Tum peeche mudke naheen dekhta. Varna shame shame ho jata. (Teen Ikke)[Follows beautifully into the famous Lota dance]

8. Kelerk poonjipatiyon ki tarah beimaan naheen hote. (Clerk) [The West Bengal government made us memorize this line in Class 8]

9. Main chota sa, pyara se, nanha sa baccha hoon (Chalbaaz) [The joys of childhood]

10. Kahaan chupayenge humare ma behenon ko?” (Teesri Aankh–the Third Eye) [The eternal problem]

1. Oh, in the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!  (Dr. Frankenstein (1931))

2. Emily: Really Charles, people will think-…
Charles Foster Kane: – -what I tell them to think.(Citizen Kane (1941))

3.You know you’re not too funny today, fat man(On the Waterfront (1951))

4. What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you got little save pitiful, portable picnic players. Come with uncle and hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited.((Clockwork Orange (1971))

5. I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart! (Godfather 2 (1974))

6. I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor… and surviving ((Apocalypse Now (1979)).

7.I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to die.(Blade Runner (1982))

8.What you lookin’ at? You all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? You’re not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don’t have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. (Scarface (1983))

9.The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. (Usual Suspects (1995))

10.I’ma get medieval on your ass (Pulp Fiction (1995))

Ok one more.

11. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you’re that pissed that so many others had it good.(As Good As It Gets (1999))

94 thoughts on “May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss Contest 1

  1. do you really give out ipods i need one badly 😀
    best of luck on your book.
    i cant wait to read will go read post

  2. scarface was my fav 🙂

  3. shouldnt’ we have an orkut option as well for us non-‘facebook’ish kinds ? 🙂

  4. Ho hum ! Get over it, Arnab.

  5. Hey GB,

    First up, best f luck for the book.

    Secondly, go have a look see here:

    Comment! 🙂

    Have also tweeted the link to the blog with tags #MIHYAP and #win 🙂

  6. “gilori khaya karo miyaan, zubaan kaboo mei rehti hai…”

  7. woud love to know why such a distinction between hindi movies and english movies?

  8. What kind of distinction? Why Hindi movies are “so bad its good” and why English movies are “good”? Well..meri marzi 🙂

  9. I would have taken part in this contest but the prize(s) are being sent only to India.

    SO no for me

  10. @GB – r u brave enough 2 have a “so bad its good” segment 4 english movies ?? 🙂 movies like battlefield earth, robot monster, catwoman, Friedberg/Seltzer movies or hilton/lohan movies ??

  11. haan bey ye galat hai, ghulam aadmi ho bey tum, english me achha aur hindi me “bohot achha”
    you never reach out for the awesome english movies. jason biggs, adam sandler, sab log ruke hue hai.

  12. i am too intellectual to consider hindi movie lines any good.

    i am real ‘bodhdha’ to pick great lines from great english movies.

    sorry but after reading so many potshots at srk could not resist myself 🙂

  13. @Tejaswy,

    I can forward it to your bangladesh address if required…:)

  14. waiting for the afridi post…

  15. I was hoping to find the Afridi-eating-ball post here!

  16. Does not qualify as film quote but Afridi’s “I was trying to smell the ball” surely breaks into your top 10.

  17. You are generous as you are divine, O King of Kings. Such an offer only a madman would refuse. But the, uh, the idea of kneeling, it’s… You see, slaughtering all those men of yours has, uh, well, it’s left a nasty cramp in my leg, so kneeling will be hard for me. – 300

    I know what you’re thinkin’, punk. You’re thinkin’ did he fire six shots or only five? Now to tell you the truth, I’ve forgotten myself in all this excitement. But bein’ this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and it’ll blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?! – Dirty Harry

    Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have fucked with? That’s me. – Gran Torino

    I believe in two things — discipline and the Bible. Here you’ll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord. Your ass belongs to me. Welcome to Shawshank. – The Shawshank Redemption

    Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! You know…I just do things…. – The Dark Knight

    Goodspeed: I’ll do my best. Mason: Your best? Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen! – The Rock

    The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. – Wall Street

    Get off my plane! – Air force one

    An old man dies, a young woman lives. Fair trade. – Sin City

    You don’t throw away a life just ’cause it’s banged up a little bit. – Seabiscuit

    Lt. Dan Taylor: Have you found Jesus yet, Gump? Forrest Gump: Uh, I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him. – Forrest Gump

    The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. – Wall Street

    This is the life we chose, the life we lead. And there is only one guarantee: none of us will see heaven. – Road to Perdition

    The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you do NOT talk about Fight Club. Third rule of Fight Club: someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule: only two guys to a fight. Fifth rule: one fight at a time, fellas. Sixth rule: no shirts, no shoes. Seventh rule: fights will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight. – Fight Club

    Done…couldnt resist overshooting the required 10.
    I will be posting the link on both Orkut and FB and sending you a request….thanks

  18. He watches Gunda and Loha, and Clockwork Orange too. Or at least googles for their lines – the english ones that is. Good work.

  19. you owe it to yourself to check out a show called Emotional Atyachar on UTV Bindass. it could cause you to make revisions in what you consider ‘Reality TV’s finest hour.’

  20. Do check out my entry for the contest.

    Warning: Long post !!
    Request: Also do read the Chance Pe Dance review 🙂

  21. and my entry is at
    i will not be counting my butter chickens before they roost and will wait before sending a postal addy for India.

  22. Firstly, Wish you all the very best for your book !!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    Secondly, Here is my entry.

    Added a few Bangla Dialogues of Prabhuji as well ! 🙂

  23. So I take it that your book is not available for sale outside India at the moment ??

  24. Dibyo, its not available for sale anywhere at the moment ! Please read

  25. My Facebook friends are my only blog readers, so I’ll post a link there.

  26. hi,
    I am probably showing my ignorance here but how i do find you on facebook. I searched for Arnab Ray and found 64 of them

  27. Here’s my list, in no particular order. I was able to check up on the exact words for many of the English lines but the Hindi ones are mostly from memory – bar Mughal-e-azam and Kabhi haan kabhi naa, which i was able to check


    1. Kaneez ki majboori ko aarzoo na samjhiye, zille-ilahi. Saahab-e-alam ne mujhse vada kiya ke vo mujhe apni mallika banayenge. Main nahin chahti ki unka vaada jhootha ho …aur Hindustan ka hone wale baadshah zindagi bhar ek adhna kaneez se sharminda rahe – (Mughal-e-Azam- Anarkali to Akbar when Akbar taunts her about not being able to get rid of her heart’s desires even when at Death’s doorstep- after she had expressed her final wish to be queen for a day before being walled alive)
    2. Ye ramgarh ke vaasi apne betiyon ko kis chakki ka aata khilate hain, re (Sholay)
    3. Chinoy seth, jinke apne ghar sheeshe ke hon, vo doosro par pathar nahin phenka karte (Waqt)
    4. Teja Main Hun, Mark Idhar Hai !!!
    Ye Teja-Teja Kya hai, Ye Teja-Teja. (Andaz Apna Apna)
    5. Bhai, tum sign karoge ya nahin (Deewar)
    6. Kaun kambakht hai jo bardasht karne ke liye peeta hain, main to isliye peeta hoon ke saans le sakoon (Devdas-Dilip Kumar)
    7. Bosco…yahin kahin aaspass, koi saala bahut sad hai re…very sad…very sad…Note mat karo. Feel it, feel karo..feel karo…
    Yes Boss, Yes Boss (Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa)
    8. Ab to main aa gayi hoon, na (Barsaat -Raj Kapoor)
    9. Waise bhi perfection ko improve karna bahut mushkil hai (Dil Chahta hai)
    10. Fan chalu kar
    A/C is on sir.
    Kya bola?
    Munna wo keh raha hai ke AC chalu hai.
    Haan to usko bol ke moonh idhar ghumaye.

    1. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. (A Few Good Men…perahps the more dramatic line is “you can’t handle the truth” but i believe this expresses very well what the Colonel really thinks)
    2. I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner (Silence of the Lambs)
    3. I’ll have what she’s having (When Harry met Sally)
    4. Well, nobody’s perfect. (Some Like it hot)
    5. One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas,I don’t know. (Groucho Marx in Animal Crackers)
    6. Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.(Annie Hall)
    7. You think of yourself as a colored man.I think of myself as a man. (Guess who’s coming to dinner)
    8. It’s good to be the king!(History of the world part1)
    9. I am big! It’s the pictures that got small (Sunset Boulevard)
    10. Major Strasser has been shot…round up the usual suspects (Casablanca)

    Actually just Casablanca could have probably given five out of the top ten lines…but the restriction on one per movie rules that out. Was quite difficult for me to select just one from it…narrowed it down to 2 and finally just picked one. On another day, I might have chosen the other (“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine”)

    Will link it from facebook shortly


  28. Didnt really expect this marketing gimmick from you in form of this contest. You are growing and may God take you to places you want to be,but dont give up on your originality. To me ( I can say most of your followers) you stand alone and spearate from the rest of the world coz of your bold writing and who you are. This whole marketing scheme you have devised brings you down to be one of those bloggers searching for success. Your book will do great just like that, believe me when I say this. Dont be “one” of “them”.

    Thanks & regards.

  29. mere mann ko bhaya mai kutta kaat ke khaya

  30. Hey a big fan of urs…and books too..
    so plss let me know when the book is on Sale…in India….
    and u might consider a visit to Pune….u have quite a following here.. 🙂

  31. I am reading your blog since many years, but commenting first time to congratulate you and to take part in the contest. I always liked your posts, but this time dialogs from hollywood are not in the same league as our bollywood gems, so I tried to collect some good but not so popular gems from hollywood too. Here is my post for this contest
    Don’t forget to comment if you like those.

  32. I have been following your blog for sometime and I think its awesome!!! recently I loved your Thappad post. All the best with your book launch. Here is the link to my entry for the contest 🙂

    PLease comment if you like it as most of the dialogs are relatively newer….

  33. My entry for the contest :

    could come up with only top 5 as i’m in middle of my end terms !!!!

  34. My top 10:

    1. Chipkali ke bacche kabhi magarmach nahin bante mahakaal ( Rajkumar to Danny in Marte Dum tak)

    2. Bhains puch uthayegi to gana nahin gayegi, gobar hi karegi ( PremChops in Rakhwala)

    3. Arre mere gulshan ki bulbul, mangal ka khoon koi lemon soda nahin jis se vijay jaise onge ponge apni pyas bhuja saken ( Shotgun in Kala pathar)

    4. Shant, gadhadhari Bheem Shant ( Jaane bhi do yaaron)

    5. Sara shehar mujhe Loyan (Lion) ke naam se janata hai ( Ajit)

    6. Dong kabhi wrong nahin hota. uparwala wrong ho sakta hai lekin dong kabhi wrong nahin hota ( Amrish Puri in Tehelka)

    7. Jhakas ( anil kapoor in Yudh)

    8. Do aansoo ees aankh se gire, phir do oos aankh se. Phir do ees aankh se, do oos aankh se. Phir do oos aankh se, do oos aankh se. Kitne huye?…Nau lakh ke haar ke liye, Barah lakh ke Aanso? Daddy hote to kehte, Vijay tumhe business karna nahi aata? ( Big B in Sharabi)

    9. “Pura naam, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, baap ka naam, Dinanath Chauhan, Maa ka naam, Suhasini Chauhan, Gaon Mandwa. Umar Chatiis saal,noun mahine, ath din, yeh solwan ghanta chalu hain ….” ( big B in agneepath)

    10. Ham khairat nahin lete Veer singh. Hum tumhen marenge aur zaroor marenge. Lekin woh banduk bhi hamari hogi, goli bhi hamari hogi aur waqt bhi hamara hoga” ( Rajkumar in Saudagar)

  35. Have to add this 11th one:

    “Hum koi chota kaam nahin karte. Khatmalon ko mar mar ke khoon jama karne se blood bank nahin ban jata ” ( shotgun in BETAAJ BADSHAH)

    This movie was perhaps made for Shotgun and Jaani to keep hamming without any interruption.

  36. Hey no witty posts on “massacare at Nagpur” and potshots at coach Gary Kirsten? Or was that only for Greg Chappell? 🙂

  37. Would like to add one more to my above list in the Hindi film section… I know it takes my tally to 11…this can be considered as a non participating entry…
    This is from Jaane bhi do yaaron…Ahuja (Om Puri) to Editor Shobha (Bhakti Barve) after Tarneja’s (Pankaj Kapoor) bridge has collapsed

    “Kya hai Shobha ji, hum contractor cement me ret milate hai. Tarneja to ret me cement milata hai…pul to tutega hi!!”


  38. Hi GB. I was extremely disappointed to not find the book anywhere in Pune. I am eagerly waiting for it to be available in any bookstore here. Any clues from you?

  39. Aveek,

    The book hasnt gone on sale yet !!! Please wait till beginning of March for it to be available everywhere.

  40. I did this too.. I didnt read any till I did my tag… I just read the one done by goofy mumma ! here is my posts link :

  41. Greatbong,
    I hope I am the first one to ask for this,
    but I don’t want a free copy, I would like to pay for it.
    On condition that it needs to be autographed by the author.
    And I am in US.
    How do I get one?
    Sounds cheesy, but if I get signed copy from someone who gives such a cool perspective to the thoughts of my generation, I think it is ok to pay for it.
    In case someone thinks this is a scam from mr. greatbong himself, I can not prove it easily, because, I am not on facebook or any other sites. Nor do I want to be for any reason. (yeh meri bhishm pratigya hai!).

    With that said, I would still like to give my 10 quotes in Hindi just for fun:
    10.Tumara Kaam Mardo ki vaasana boojhana hai, Unke bistar pe chadhanaa hai,
    Unki cycle pe chadhanaa nahi! -Mithun in Chingari
    9. Main kyaa bolaa thaa, Kanchaa seth. Topi Sambhalo. Havaa bahot tej chal rahaa hai. Samjha kya? -Bachchan in Agnipath
    8. Yeh Dandaa dekhaa hai, andar kar dungaa!
    -same bachchan in Shahenshah.. didnt expect such a devolution
    7. Chhod de Kamine! Chhod de Mujhe!
    -Any 80s movie
    6. Kripya Jaraa Dhire Mariye!
    -Gulshan grover in Vishwatma
    5. Kaun maarta hai, Kaun martaa hai, mein nahi kehtaa Geeta me likha hai
    -Bajpai in Aks while mounting raveena
    4. Mere man to bhaayaa, maine kattaa kat khayaa!
    -Tiwari in China gate
    3. Kamaal kaa aadami hai yaar tum bhi! Ek, Ek aur pappi lene do, please!
    -Bachchan giving pappies to Amjadkhan in Satte pe Sattaa
    2. Tutak Tutak Tutak Tutiya
    -Chunky pande in Ghar ka chirag. Never obscenity became a better household jingle
    1. Utpal Dutt: To kaho! Main baagwaali kothi ki taraf munh kar ke pishab tak nahi karoonga!
    Shatrughan: Main baagwali kothi ki taraf munh karake …Umph.. nahi karoonga!
    -in naram garam

  42. would like to change no. 9 to the same movie but different dialogue:
    Hey! Humaraa south kaa majaa udaataa hai! Abhi Dekho!
    Main tumko lungi uthaake, Disco Nariyal Dikhaayega!

  43. Apurbo, Whether the book will ship to US, I am not sure yet. Autographed copies will be available in India, if people want.

  44. Greatbong,
    Have mercy on your US based supporters.
    Being married with children and stuck at work most of the weekends,
    I wish I could work out the logistics for all US based admirers. But I am going to run away and hide from such a noble gesture.
    One way would be if there is any internet site where I can buy this book to be shipped to US, I wouldn’t mind spending extra two way postage to send it to your mailbox or real address where you can sign it and ship it back at no cost. You have my email address. Pls do let me know.

    BTW congratulations on being a published writer. After half hearted attempts over years I have learnt that writing is like an iceberg. If ten percent of the stuff one may write/create may see the eyes of others, that must be a talented writer.

  45. Hi Arnab,

    Now.. in your post you pick hindi movies that are trash, and english movies that are classics. Why is this? A case of “naak unchu” as bongs say? Hmm?

  46. When is the result coming out???? Need to decide on Pre-ordering though the highly optimistic me says aaya hun kuch to le ke jaunga…

  47. Sid, Patience sir. Want to see some more entries. Yes shameless promoter here. What to do? Book to sell. Pliss to bear.

  48. Oye spam me gayi kya.. please check great bong thanks, congratulations and best wishes.

  49. Here’s my entry!
    Did we have to name the post after the contest?

  50. No you dont need to. Not a problem.

  51. hi,

    I was wondering …when do you publish results of the content

  52. Anonymous, The winners have been notified some time ago

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